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  1. 1. In all of the videos I have seen of squad sniper gameplay, there is a semi-automatic rifle with an ACOG scope. Will there be a possibility for a true bolt-action rifle with a real sniper scope? 2. Will alpha testers get something to show that they are an alpha tester (A patch on a uniform or something of the sorts)? (Not necessary, but cool). 3. Are most of the servers 50v50? I've been told lots are 35v35. 4. Does squad plan on adding helicopters and CAS in the future (By full release)? 5. How many maps does squad currently have? 6. Are people friendly to new people? For example, could I play alone, join a squad and have people be welcoming and helpful to me? 7. How do kits work? For instance, in project reality there is a sidebar when joining a squad to select a kit, but also a supply crate that allows you to get kits. Please answer as many as possible if you are thinking about replying. Thanks.