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  1. Yepp thanks that did work thank you for you reply
  2. Well autosnap did not help maybe can someone tag any dev
  3. Okk bro i will try that sad thing that i like this feature but if this solve my problem then i should turn it off
  4. September 2017 Recap

    Rpg7 ammo type or grenade launcher ammo type changing should be one of the most important things that should made better keep up the good work
  5. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    Please can you make a better lebanese one or give the blank png template thanks
  6. I am running it fullscreen @1080p with no scaling i am using a tv monitor so when this happen the tv notificate that it is running at 1368x768 then i alt-tab it twice so it goes normal it is like when i move the mouse towards the top left corner this happen or when i click hope i can record a video today and share it when i get back from work Sorry for my bad english
  7. Hey guys i kept posting this on steam no one did reply squad zooms to the top left corner by itself when i am playing so i have to alt-tab twice to get it back normal it happens all the time i am playing like every 5 min or sometimes earlier Thanks.
  8. Server connection timed out

    im sending you pms bro
  9. Server connection timed out

    ok bro ill do
  10. Server connection timed out

  11. Server connection timed out

    no bro not all server give that error as i said some of em get me back to main menu and notify me with server connection lost
  12. Server connection timed out

    something authentication failed