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  1. Enhance the realism of radio communications.

    +1. Simple change but a big win for immersion imo.
  2. Please no raised weapon as default

    +1 too. Would add a lot of realism to the game, as would vibration in vehicles, higher billowing smoke from explosions, and filtering the audio for voice Comms so it sounds more like actual chatter.
  3. Minor tweaks but for me they would really help with realism and immersiveness. add vibration animation in vehicles (ie a low level of general camera shake, plus more significant shake when going over bumps and crashing). high billowing smoke - all smouldering vehicles and destroyed items have smoke which stops at a very low altitude. I though BF series did this well with smoke billowing up hundreds of metres into the sky and added a lot of scale and drama to the battle. radio Comms - could every players voice come go through a filter so that it sounds more like actual chatter? At the moment some voices sound authentic, others sound like they're playing in a recording studio with crystal clarity. im after a simulation I guess, but for all the great features adding to the realism in this game, I haven't played in too many squads so far where they are committed to promoting realism although USA squads are very good and their knowledge is excellent. I wish people would refrain from using general gamer abbreviations and make an effort to be clearer in their Comms to make it easier for all players. This would help with squad cohesion and prevent lone wolfing.. anyway i I am very excited to see what's next. Squad is awesome!