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    i wanna join

    link expired
  3. ranking up in squad forum

    hello, just wonder how the ranking system are working in squad forum. im very excited to squad forum but im a little bit confused about ranking system. how do you rank up?
  4. new project

    i agree, people wanna know about project before joining it.
  5. possible tester?

  6. possible tester?

    not many hours. just 15 but love the game. how many hours do you need to be a tester?
  7. possible tester?

    hello, just asking if someone know the possibilites to be a squad tester. i love testing!!!
  8. ehh, skipping animation?!

    in the update videos animation when hes walking, its look like hes skipping
  9. eh, what, it looks like the character are skipping in the update news. why? it looks so wierd!!
  10. hello, im looking for someone to make a squad clan called Insurgent battalion ops made for teamwork and be better at squad!! the group reqiuerments on disocrd https://discord.gg/cuKbfXB 1 be nice 2 no flame war you can be a beginner at squad, that dosent matter!! HAVE FUN!!
  11. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    love it!! so awesome
  12. hello, im looking for a team want to make a futureristic usa mod. you are fully welcome to watch and our group on discord ,the mod includes hud that show your teammates and you can spot enemys. you will have jets and uav in the mod also futuristic helicopters, anti vehicle turrets that can shoot down vehicles, you also have a bomber jet and new maps, it will be destructive mountains and the stone can damage you when it falls from the destroyed mountain and more. THIS WILL BE A BIG PROJECT AND IF ITS HEARD LIKE SOMETHING FOR YOU AND YOU THINK YOU CAN DO SOMETHING THE YOU ARE FULLY WELCOME:) https://discord.gg/Va9wN5p