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  1. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    As far as 'ammobags' go, I've already voiced a concern that it seems rather arcadey. Feel free to rip into me if you disagree after reading this. Thing is, the idea seems to be quite popular, as well as the devs having hinted at it. So lets discuss. As implemented in battlefield, they initially seem dodgy because what if someone needs more frags, a different member needs more 5.56, another one still needs a rocket, etc. Does only one person get to 'use' this ammo bag? This means that you get the situation of "hey, can I have some more 5.56 mags mate?" ... " No, sorry, I already gave LAT another rocket". Like, what? That would be very jarring, at least for me. What if, instead of a 'Merry Poppins' bag of whatever goodies you need but that is single use, the ammobearer class had a well defined selection of kit? For example, he may carry, say, 4 extra mags of 5.56, 2 spare frags, 2 spare smokes, a spare LAT tube and a few belts of 5.56 (or 7.62 if/when get the GPMG). That is enough to keep a firefight going, or help keep the squad combat effective for another engagement, right? But then you realise that, given that the ammo bearer has these things, would he not get to use them too? Does that mean ammo bearer effectively as an LAT tube, 3 or so frags, like 12 mags of 5.56 etc etc etc. He's a one man army then. That's gotta be wrong too. We'll have to see how CoreInventory works, but this is why I think an 'ammo sharing' system is the way to go. Do some members of your squad desperately need replenished? Why not do what you would in real life -- gather around and sort out who needs what and divide it up. Every soldier should be able to donate a magazine, or a bandage, or a frag etc. Every soldier should be every other mans 'ammo bearer'. This has got to be the simplest way forward, no? No 'ammo ex nihilo', just scarcity and sharing to get the job done. No "don't worry if you run out of something guys, I have whatever you need, just go nuts", but a collective sense of 'OK, we, as a squad, have X resources to use, lets put it all to its best use". Besides, we all know that ammo replen is, for the most part, barely a problem on the scale that would justify ammobags. Being totally honest here, we have to admit that it's pretty much just for the LAT kits, right? I mean, bandages do run out, sure, and some people do goose all of their primary ammo, sure, but resupplying right now is 99% of the time just to give the scout another mine or the LAT another rocket to get that pesky armour. I'm prepared to be completely wrong on this one, but I think its worth questioning, at least, what good a Merry Poppins bag or a walking armoury will do, without assuming off the bat that it would be at all.
  2. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking. Moreover, making supply points recoverable from a FOB opens up a whole heap of gameplay scenarios, as well as making it less of a pain if you want to move the FOB, or wish another FOB had your supplies. An ammo spawner class would be pretty grim, imo. There are so many more subtle and intricate ways of doing that. The thing that's really got me impressed with offworld is their ability to resist making a game that is a mile wide, but only an inch deep.
  3. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    @protocol... No need to cause a ruckus from nothing. I was simply stating my opinion... sorry if it came across as a personal attack on you. 1) Individual tool, yes. Maybe I don't understand what you're saying. It seems like you're suggesting that an individual tool cannot be used to support the rest of the squad? I don't see how you could possibly mean that though, so I must be going wrong somewhere. I mean, LAT, grenadier and marksman can, in the right situations, support the squad more than a medic can. They don't call them fire support roles for nothing. 2) Magazines for what, every type of ammo your military uses? Also, if you're going to go down the route of a spare rocket (or even whole disposable tube?) then you would also reasonably expect explosives in there too, right? I mean, rockets are still explosives... larger than IEDs too for that matter. 3) Purpose of the thread is not that FOB ammo crates are useless, it is in fact the opposite. They're OP and cause this very odd meta because they are used too much, and somewhat 'cheaply'. Making this meta a role in the squad is, I suppose, one way to 'fix' it... 4) Of course 5) I'm not saying the ammo bearer class isn't legit either... I must have been completely incomprehensible above, sorry. What I'm saying is that he hasn't got a Merry Poppins bag. RPK gunner carries a bucket load of mags already, and I'm suggesting he should be able to share them. Don't see who's helping or hindering here... I thought we were just having a discussion.
  4. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    AR gets a bipod. I'm pretty sure that's gonna be a complete game changer. I, for one, am more of a fan of "ammo sharing" rather than "ammo creating". I think you can leave magical ammobags full of ATmines and Rockets and every type of bullet under the sun for Battlefield games. Much better to have an ability for every solder to donate a mag to a fellow squaddie if they have run out, provided they use the same ammunition. Otherwise, you'll end up with FOB ammocrates being pretty much useless. The frequency with which people die and respawn already keeps a basic trickle of ammo coming back into the squad. Multiplying this effect when the "ammobearer" class respawns so that he can then ALSO resupply another solider, every time, and regardless of whether its a marksman or LAT or Scout, gets a bit "arcade" and "Ammo ex nihilo" again.
  5. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    I would really like to hear what people think of this, especially if you can see why it would be rubbish. I totally agree. FOB placement should yield 0 ammo and 0 build points. Here is another video of just how ridiculous this can all get: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDPd2wA6fdo . Right now it makes little sense (where did it all come from?), it becomes the meta if exploited (see link) and promotes an arcadey way of playing. Fix?: IF one wanted to try the tactic shown in the video, there is one easy way of making it a) make sense, b) allow strategy but not exploits and c) allow for a more of a realistic or "roleplay-ish" way of doing things.. Moreover, this goes for FOB strategy in general. 1) Assume that all fobs are placed with 0 supplies of any kind when created. 2) The use of a logi vehicle then becomes necessary for that squad to create their ammo crates 3) NEW Feature required: allow logi vehicles to load back up the supplies that have been dumped at a FOB. (perhaps SL can hold Q when looking at the radio, like he does for F to unbuild... whatever) 4) A group of INS can take a logi-technical and drop a fob, place their mines and then take out the ammo crate and resupply, pack back up the FOB and move on. Benefits: 1) Logis would no longer be glorified delivery boys, but a crucial element of supplies mobility and allocation/reallocation of resources. 2) Logis will, on this tactic, atrophy resources until eventually a full resupply at main base is needed. 3) Destruction of the logi will render the squad unable to resupply and up a certain creek without a certain paddle. 4) Logis could be required to come and salvage a FOB under attack, quickly packing up what isn't bolted down and retreating. Tension, strategy etc... improved gameplay. "We almost have their FOB... digging now. WAIT they're trying to run -- Don't let that logi leave!" etc. 5) Added emergent gameplay elements, for example: Supply lines are being harassed at main and roads are heavily mined. You are losing logis. You have one near the front line by a fob that desperately needs ammo to defend itself. You have an unused FOB in the middle of the map, full of ammo and supplies that is no longer useful, but it is a useful safety net so you left it there for the HAB. Take the logi at the front and repurpose the supplies at the unused FOB. This has cost/benefit decision making, rather than just "get to main and have free supplies". It allows the enemy to follow your logi and find another FOB, if they are clever. Layers... Lots of layers. Possible drawback: - "what the hell I just put supplies here who stole all the supplies off my FOB?!?" This could be easily avoided though by requiring an SL to do it. Furthermore, this kind of 'problem' already exists with vehicle stealing, but somehow we all seem to get along just fine and cooperate.
  6. Warning before squad kick

    Fist thing is first, can we PLEASE move the button to "kick from squad" further away from the button to "promote to squad leader". Its actually quite funny when you think about it, but in the heat of battle when you're trying to get rid of the troll and you end up making him the squadleader.... well, no one is laughing then (except maybe the troll).
  7. Screen resolution problem

    Windows settings - Display - Scale and Layout - SET to 100% to fix scaling issues. I know you say its a resolution problem, but I thought mine was too before I tried this. You should at least be able to find the "apply " button again, hopefully. Note, I have had a similar problem on and off since getting into squad. Some days I have it, some days I don't. I like to leave my windows scaling on 125% as my screen is UDH and quite far away, but whenever squad gives me lemons I just change it to 100%, then can change it back later. The issue is not being able t press the "apply" button, as you say. Hope this works for you too.
  8. View on kids playing?

    Lots of people insta-kick if they hear a high pitched voice. This is more likely still when other "red flags" appear, like picking of marksman or if you start talking rubbish. If someone joined my squad and said "hey, I'm only a kid but I wont be annoying. What would you like me to do?", then he's already earned more confidence from me than most older squadmembers usually do. You'll be fighting peoples prejudices, but its easy to put them at ease if you are mature about it.
  9. British Faction: Optics and Ironsights

    So here's where we get a little hypothetical. As I understand it, the devs have already stated that they are tying to extend combat time -- reducing the "first shot accuracy" and so on. The work they are doing to draw out firefights and make weapons not 100% accurate is already underway. Combine this with the fact that we have already seen weapon zeroing (SO GOOD), then the "obvious benefit" to having a scope really becomes somewhat more debatable. ADS being quicker in Squad has also been commented on (particularly in reference to the new animations and when going prone so that ADS takes longer). Essentially, it is still very early days in terms of gameplay and balance mechanics and we will have a much better picture of things post v10. That being said, theres no reason why these systems could not be designed with faction differences like this in mind. You say that everyone having scopes would be OP? Well it can easily be made to not be OP. We'll have to see. All that aside, lets assume they use the SUSAT. That thing is big and right next to your face... probably takes up a large part of your FoV. Its also on an L85, which is the first Bullpup in the game -- if you are concerned about balance, just make reloads take 1.5x longer than the M4s and AKs. Boom, there's your realism and balance right there, working hand in hand for decent gameplay all round. Simply stating that "gameplay > realism" introduces a false dichotomy. These things aren't always competing principles guys... and, where they are in tension with each other, I will obviously admit that gameplay triumphs, as I said in Op, so we really don't need to keep repeating it.
  10. British Faction: Optics and Ironsights

    Exactly Frinz, its just one faction. It may help make them different than the Americans. Furthermore, consider the fact that factions like the Insurgents barely have any scopes at all. Iirc, I think it is only 1 (the marksman)? Of course gameplay before realism -- I pointed this out myself in the op. However these are not binary traits, being either fully realistic OR fully fun. Factions are already asymmetrical, and it enhances gameplay, no doubts about it. So why not?
  11. Sorry if this comes across as nit-picky or nerd-levels of attention to detail. Its actually painfully obvious stuff for us, much like US equipment is for the yanks among us. It is standard British Army doctrine to have optics on all service rifles. It's not just a "preference" thing, or based on availability, or "role", but rather a core philosophy of the service. It was one of the primary design principles around the L85 (and even before that, though optics technology was still maturing). All rifles have an optic. Will we see this in squad? Obviously there are a plethora of valid points to make in terms of balance and so on, I understand this. Problem is, an SA80 without optics is correlated very heavily with "cadets" etc in the army. Even then most of them have access to the older SUSATs. It may be rather immersion breaking to use the weapon system and iron sights (for at least those of us who know). Furthermore, we all get issued a sidearm on deployment. Same thing there. They have talked about the L129A1 DMR, so the era we are looking at here really falls onto the Elcan Specter scope, or even the placeholder Acogs, not the SUSAT. Yet the SUSAT has been mentioned in the dev logs along with usage of the L85 with iron sights. Its all a bit higgledy piggledy you see.
  12. @LugNut, I couldn't agree more. Especially regarding prone, I think it is almost unanimously agreed that the suggested changes will be a big improvement. I think any disagreement on this probably stems from a misunderstanding that it is a temporary penalty, not a complete prone nerf, that is suggested. I like the idea of Insurgents being more nimble too. As far as the emergency sprint goes, using it as an offensive tool doesn't seem that much of a problem to me. Again, it seems to make real life sense -- when you decide to push the enemy back, you can rest assured that everyone involved will keep going until they drop. "Speed and aggression saves lives" is the saying in the army. And again, from a balance perspective, we know that weapon stability greatly deteriorates with low stamina. The stamina floor currently safeguards you against experiencing this penalty 100% of the time, which is good, but when you have bullets flying inches from your face, I think it may be good to hand control back to the player on that decision. Example: caught in the open, with nowhere to go but forwards into the enemy? Well instead of hitting your belt buckle (currently), you could decide that the best form of defence is attack -- Charge them down and take the penalty to weapon sway as a necessary cost. Seems legit to me...
  13. This isn't just another post about going insta-prone, although that is part of the picture. What do you do when you take fire while tabbing (jogging) to a new area? There are 3 basic choices: 1) Drop to the deck prone and hope 2) Take a knee and return fire. (aka RTR in the British army -- Return fire hastily, Take cover, then Return appropriate fire) 3) Keep running The situation determines what is best more often than not -- No cover and unknown shooter loc? Prone. 3 steps from a nearby compound? Keep running. Suggestion: Balance the systems already in the game to make these less "game-y" choices to make. We all know the horrors of insta-prone and its lack of penalty to accuracy. Going prone ought to be a self-preservation move, not a cheap tactic. This has been talked about at length and I am confident that it will be resolved, probably with new animations. New idea: On the flipside, tabbing to a new area may leave people with low stamina at the start of contact. What may also help the fluidity of combat is if the "stamina-floor" for breaking into a sprint was lifted when the player becomes supressed. This is entirely realistic: solders often talk about finding those "extra reserves of energy" when bullets start flying. I can personally attest to this. Moreover, from a balance perspective it opens up the option to keep moving, thus making it less likely still that people will want to just go prone and return fire. It looks/feels/plays better when ambushing an enemy squad if some, depending on their terrain, will take a knee and return fire while others will immediately break into a sprint to take more appropriate cover. Some scatter to safety, some must remain. Currently, the whole squad (unless very lucky or very disciplined to always stay above the stamina floor) can only react very sluggishly, thus making it the current meta to just go prone and return fire. I like the current stamina system. Its good and encourages thoughtful planning and discipline on the use of speed when out of combat. Briefly dropping the stamina floor, however, would give people the ability to use their last reserves instantly and improve the immediate reaction to contact. Other, more rested squads will still have the long term edge in agility and manoeuvrability. Furthermore this effect would only last a couple of seconds, and thus when you have effectively sprinted to your new cover you will no longer be able to dip into stamina reserves (as you are no longer suppressed). Nerfing prone is one only side of the coin: opening up another course of action is equally as important. Adrenaline is a powerful thing.