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  1. Al Basrah [OSAR] Squad

  2. [OSAR] This is LaserFeesh

    I was playing with a SL from somebody with the [OSAR] clan tag earlier today. They had one other person in there also, I'm uploading a video of our match that we had today to YouTube right now so I'll share it when it's done, but I liked the way things went down so I'm here to see if you guys are looking for more members. /._./ Thanks a lot!
  3. Should the IED remain a tracking device?

    My recommendation is to give the person laying the mine the ability to mark the map once for each explosive they are deploying or to have it show up only where it was originally placed.
  4. EAC disconnect PROBLEM

    Also I just realized my internet speed with the VPN I'm using dropped like crazy for a moment there. Gonna disconnect from VPN and try playing that way while streaming.
  5. EAC disconnect PROBLEM

    I'm also getting this same error. Not sure why. I was playing for a while earlier and then tried to stream some gameplay and started getting kicked. Maybe it's because I'm not using OBS Studio and am using the other version of OBS.
  6. Another one bites the dust

    Do you need a shoulder to cry on? I think there might be one over at the peggle online servers. /._./ really though, this post is pointless. lol. "MUH ENTITLEMENT!"
  7. IED Suggestion

    Just a suggestion on the IED's when they're implemented. I think it would be cool to be able to diffuse them with a tool like the insurgents have a tool to detonate them. That is all. ._./
  8. V6 update not smooth

    Ah alright awesome. Thank you sir. ._./
  9. V6 update not smooth

    Did you change something in the config to turn off the shadows? It wouldn't let me do it in game.
  10. V6 update not smooth

    My only issue with it is I no longer have the ability to turn off shadows which destroys my pc performance. Unfortunately I am now unable to play the game.
  11. Next Major Update

    POWAH /._./
  12. Wait so the 50 cal is not one hit kill???

    I'm about 99% positive it's a one shot kill. If not you bleed out within seconds which is just as good. Also the splash damage hype.
  13. Monthly recap hype!!!!

    ALL OF THE RECAP!!! ALL OF IT!!!! _-_-_-_-/._./
  14. Grenade traps or land mines
  15. What stops you playing squad

    Been getting ready for Black Desert Online launch. Also waiting for some optimization and additional content before I start putting too much time into it. I can't stand listening to people trying to compare this game to others when it's not even finished yet.