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  1. No Shadow has to go quick

    I was too emotional when I said "just up the minimum requirement". But I consider no shadows as equivalent to disabling grass in some games. I have yet to encounter any settings that give the aforementioned two tweaks' level of visibility gains. Maybe I am not aware?
  2. No Shadow has to go quick

    that in theory makes sense but that example is quite weak (difference in advantage gained in both scenarios is too drastic). low graphics also helps spot everything better except in the case of indirectly spotting a moving vehicle through dust clouds. I am not suggesting every little adjustment to the settings so that somehow any mixture of the setting have same "visibility advantage" or whatever. No shadow specifically gives you wayyyyy too much of an advantage in high foliage map inf vs. inf, and that is why I think that alone should be 'fixed'.
  3. I am sick of browsing squad's reddit and seeing gif or vid of people going rambo (which is hard even without shadow) with high settings except shadows. I am also sick of 'it sucks but everyone does it' bullshit comments, too. Bake in the shadow or just up the minimum rig standard.
  4. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    That we still have people drive vehicles in the middle of the enemy team. That I see no evidence of community "maturing" at all.
  5. Agree with rally point. I wonder if going back to PR rally would be better where it lasts for a minute to just ensure that a squad can regroup per rally drop. Buddy rally is just too easy. I have definitely have noticed killing enemy attack FOB does not s.ow down enemy's momentum due to buddy rallies and infinite spawns. HOWEVER, I feel killing a FOB is very easy at the moment and I do not wish rally to be nerf without FOB getting some survivability buff maybe? Like two c4 to radio to kill it? So you need an engi and a rifleman to sneak for FOB to go down. In terms of vic... not sure if I agree. I am lucky that the server I play at has consistent high-quality games every night after dinner time and during weekend nights. So we usually see 3 full inf squads, vics and a logi squad. Upgrading to 100 men squad without adding more vehicles will do a lot to help with INF vs. VIC player balance. In terms of generalising people who rush vics as non-cooperative players, I have very little experience of this in the server I play at.
  6. Hello, I have been watching Generation Kill again and whenever I do, I want to play squad. This time, my thought got focused on the almost barebone Humvee that the Force Recon Marines cruises in. On a related note, I have been running "light infantry" squad - 4 men, where we primarily hunt down FOBs, reconnaissance, and light skirmishes and capping if the team at large are bogged down. So we have been using MRAP and BDRM (maps that feature militia are too small for me to enjoy this gameplay) as transport and ammo supply roles instead of their fire support role. Back to the barebone Humvee, how would you guys feel about being able to customise the vehicle loadout? From very basic things to SPG Techincal or Tanks choosing more of one round than another to more extreme things - doorless/unarmoured MRAP and no 50 cal. but more ammo supply? The MRAPs will spawn as normal and when you get in, the driver will be able to customsie via command options. Just a thought I had. Maybe it is not authentic due to there being no MRAP or BDRM in service that has no main gun / even if they exist, they are reserved for special forces etc etc... I am NOT envisioning arcady customisation where you trade armour for speed etc etc on every vehicle Thanks.
  7. Drop left or right as an evasive manoeuvre.

    i think these kinds of features are needed. what I mean is that shooting is just way too easy in this game. I don't know about in real life, but gameplay wise (especially in a game like Squad, where double tap kills 99% of the time) I would like to rush behind a cover less than 10 feet away as soon as I get engaged double time - Not go through initiating run animation and turn towards the cover to get behind it. e.g. If I am in the middle of a door way and i hear a crack, I should be able to 'jump prone' towards the wall next to the door way. May be this can be done through first person cover system? Or even alternate prone animation that isn't completely stationary. i.e. you fall forward to go to prone.
  8. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    Re-watching the video again, the warrior in the beginning clearly had almost perfect intel into what they were getting into. And it stayed on the road, able to quickly turn armour around and not get stuck whilst doing so. So I would disagree that the Warrior did "everything wrong". Only thing I would have disagreed with the crew would be how close it was to the cap point but I sense that the crew knew from other SLs that their flanks were relatively safe as far as they knew. On the other hand, the first RU vic scout car, obviously had NO INTEL from his fellow SLs, although rushing into a cap zone with RU scout car is a bad idea always anyway. The second RU vic - 30MM engaged the warrior's front armour and had the chance to fall back behind a building but did not, and instead decided to close in which proved tactically fatal - especially after his fellow 30MM decided to smoke up and fall back itself. The first 30MM could have used that smoke to disengage easily since its engine was still fine. The third BTR that went down, the BTR80 should have not even engaged in the first place - especially at that range. The last 30MM was in the best position but overestimated their guns' capabilities and engaged close quarter and when their engine was down, they were doomed. What the video shows is that Warrior is clearly more powerful and easier to use that BTRs especially in the map like that where it is hard for vehicles to maneuver. It also shows that instead of RU vics trying to help out at the defend point where at the end of the vid, it was getting completely surrounded, they decided to go aggro, overestimated 30MM's performance, and lost the team at least 43 tickets with however damage the RU vic could have done for next 10 min. We had this kind of vehicle balance for quite a while. So I do not think the video shows anything of significance except bad plays.
  9. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    This is why I rather argue to have RU "underpowered" than have it fixed the way so many people want the RU to be fixed. Whenever RU player loses vehicle battle, it's always "RU needs BMP so bad". Like in the end, all factions should basically be a mirror image with different skins. And the RU vics in your video basically did everything wrong. With recent handheld LAT / HAT nerf, using RU BTRs has never been easier. It is an effective infantry sniper capable of going 100km/h on a paved road which also translates to best offroad performance in game. Engage and displace. I guess BMP would be added in the future anyway so I can be arguing for a moot point but solution to RU vic being different / harder to use is not giving RU bigger vic with bigger ***.
  10. inconsistency with tank armour profiles?

    Not considering whether this is a bug, which will get fixed, I am not sure if this randomness is all that bad. Wouldn't this kind of randomness be realistic to a degree? Maybe the scale of randomness (2 Kornet to 6 Kornet to kill Abraham under the same circumstances) can be adjusted. If this RNG (random number generator) would be a feature, it would not take anything away from skills because part of having skills would be accounting for the worst RNG situations. If anything, the possibility of lucky ammo carriage shot (apart from skill ammo carriage shots by marathoning HAT crew) is kind of RNG that is way too punishing that takes away skills from engagements in my opinion.
  11. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    Russian's tan sand camo is much more effective than Brit and US's olive tan uniforms which do not have any maps where they blend in as good as Russians in woods or sand.
  12. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    I have never been in games where better or worse teamwork + strategy were not 80%+ reason why teams won or lost. In games like squad where the players' ability matter far more than the tools, I don't think we should basically mirror faction. Some factions just have better shits in certain areas. I mean Russians have great green camo that helps them simply disappear when stationary in woodland maps whilst American and British camo seem relatively conspicuous even in maps that the camos seemed to be meant for.
  13. 5 worst things to do in Squad...

    6. and squadee keep saying "enemy on me. MARK ENEMY ON ME!". say your name and approx location in the map.
  14. About Radio and noise pollution

    i think it is good enough. Personally I feel with games like Squad, playerbase gotta meet the dev half way as in people who run reputable servers should discipline loud mouths so a culture of good radio etiquette is created from ground up. p.s. you know how annoying when your squaddie kept yelling "enemy on ME" like you are supposed to remember all the voices? Same thing when contacting other SLs on direct comm (although to a lesser degree). Make sure the other SL knows he is been talked to by another SL so announce yourself.
  15. Current Map Problems

    I think I first got into Squad during v6 I believe... before the vehicles got introduced. The developers have made huge steps since then. The new maps got gradually introduced as vehicles were introduced but it is almost as though most maps added even after v7 feels like they are treating vehicular gameplay as secondary needs that have to be fulfilled. The obvious exception is YEHORIVKA. I will use that map's design features as I understand them to express my feeling of how maps should be designed as: Relatively flat to allow more freedom to vehicular movement by not punishing offroad ventures. Open spaces for long-range vehicle support for infantry or vehicle to vehicle combat (instead of practically running into each other in maps like FOOLS ROAD.) Infantry preferred combat zones (cluster of buildings where vehicles are more of a burden within) YEHORIVKA allows vehicles to breathe free but is not dominated by vehicle dominance because it balances out with flag points that are within towns where infantry reins supreme. Also, the map is huge! Feels almost too big until you try to sneak a whole squad in your transport truck or BTR behind enemy lines at which point you realise all these "dead spaces" at the edges of the maps are actually there for a reason. (GORODOK is another good example) But then there are all the other maps... Ones that were in before vehicles like SUMARI and LOGAR VALLEY are just way too small for vehicles, understandably. I believe CHORA was in before v7 and it's design reflects that. Every single area of the map, it is filled with infantry scaled covers that god forbid if two enemy squads run into each other, it won't be a bloodbath on a flat terrain with no cover around - completely infantry-centric map design logic. The worst part is that even newest maps that were added have this design logic behind whether intentionally or not: BELAYA, NARVA, KAMDESH HIGHLANDS, MESTIA, and an older map, KOHAT TOI and FOOL'S ROAD. Vehicles are punished above and beyond for going offroad due to just how rocky and hilly every part of the map is (KAMDESH, MESTIA, KOHAT). In NARVA and BELAYA, I believe you cannot really go 'offroad' and the map is too small to actually maneuver, map-wide tactically. In these maps, the only reasonable role for these vehicles is to literally stick to an infantry squad and support them. I know that is the realistic role but come on man, a vehicle to vehicle combat in this game is horrible due to how the maps do not support vehicular maneuvers at all. This also creates a second problem which I believe is complete lack of need for a dedicated transport squad. The maps do not embrace vehicles - they are afraid to be too big, they are afraid to have an open field that will frustrate infantry moving on foot. I remember in PR, if your SL did not like any of the spawn points, there would be a dedicated transport squad which will drive the squad to a preferred location. And SLs would request a pick up after capturing a point or removing enemy FOB on remote parts of the map. I think the need for this squad has to be fulfilled - it will lessen HAB beehive phenomenon and it just encourages bigger strategical and tactical movements around the map. I never see a dedicated transport squad even in YEHORIVKA or GORODOK so it is partly due to the playerbase not realising the potential but I believe the biggest factor why people think it is not needed is because the vast majority of maps either outright punishes offroad or just not big enough to create a need for the squad. TLDR; The vast majority of the maps in current map pools are too small and/or excessively hilly which prevents more tactical and strategical usage of combat vehicles and transport trucks. I believe the developers should 'gamble' with maps that are so big that you need transport squads and APCs should ferry around troops from point to point for the team to fight effectively. Obviously not in all maps. Some maps can have harsh conditions for vehicular gameplay almost as a feature... but not most of the maps.