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  1. Pr0nSt4rs Community

    Over at Pr0nSt4rs (est 2002) we host a variety of game servers, Squad, RS2:V, Arma 3, ARK, and Minecraft FTB. Our primary focuses are Squad and RS2:V. We are a tight-knit community of players, ranging from casual gamers to competitive gamers. We are based out of NA and have our servers in Chicago. Hosting competitive and team-work based PUG (pick-up-game) matches, we welcome a wide range of players. We welcome anyone and everyone to be apart of the community. We have spots open for admins and members alike. Join us on Discord, https://discord.gg/9qYXBB3 if you're interested, or wishing to participate in our pick up games. Our pick-up-games consist of members, clans, and individuals that are willing to work closely as a team to achieve a common objective. Clans are first come first serve, but we always welcome individuals that are ready and willing to fill the ranks. If you don't have Discord, we also have a Teamspeak we use primarily for Arma 3 (ACRE) pr0nst4rsts3.ts3.nfoservers.com:5690 http://pr0nst4r.com
  2. [2.FJg] Fallschirmjäger

    From above, squad clan list.. 2nd Fallschirmjäger - [2.FJg] Language: English Description: The 2.FJg clan is a relaxed Tactical Realism clan that values friendship, camaraderie and having a good time first and foremost. Members: 40+| We also play: Red Orchestra 2 (flagship game), Insurgency, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Star Citizen We are recruiting mature players that are willing to use teamwork competitively. Our teamspeak is ts.2fjgclan.com Our website is: https://www.2fjgclan.com In other news, on December 18th 8 PM EST, we will be inviting people (that have talked to any 2.FJg member) to a pick up game. The map played will be Kokan. The server will have a password, which is why we ask you to talk to a member of our clan, make a post in our forums, or talk to us on Teamspeak.