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  1. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    Great to see this server getting the promotion and recognition it deserves. Its a great community of new players, Vets and people just looking to come for a change of dynamic of the usual squad gameplay. Its fast paced, heart pounding action from start to finish. See you all on the battlefield!
  2. Finding a player

    So i was playing squad last night and had a question about finding players that you enjoyed playing with. Our squad leader at the time was fun to play with and had great communication and teamplay and was just wondering is there any sort of tracking like AAOtracker for americas army(old game ino but i ****inh loved that game) just to see where other guys are playing in whats servers etc so that can join their game.
  3. new pc spec . need advice

    Yea it woulda sucked! Lol gota pick a headset up today on way home and il be all set , was still able to play last nightand take orders from squad lead but couldnt report in enemies or request rally points or medic . But yea straight home from work today and play the shit out of it lol. Thanks for your help again! @Psyrus
  4. new pc spec . need advice

    [email protected] yea il get a screen shot later of the way i have itseems with some maps it needs slightly adjusted ... but mostly its shadows on medium effects on high foliage high and cant remeber the other one but its on medium.. then antiailsing off and sampling off the graphics arnt 4k by any meand but there still at a very good standard for playing thr game ive no issues with lag or slow mouse targets are clear in the distance so cant complain
  5. new pc spec . need advice

    @invisible.nin/SINEyea lock her down . I got my pc yesterday the i5 3570k played about with some setiings, as long as shadows and 1 or 2 other things are kept medium thr game is running between 35 to 50 fps so for now il good to go played for like 3 hours last night. Was awesome! @Psyrus
  6. new pc spec . need advice

    @Psyrus have to get your gamer info of you we do some shootin up lol how does your game play with your graphics card? I also havethe best boradband available in my area and im using a pretty good ethernet cable so i should have no issues woth broadband speed ahould that help with fps/ gameplay?
  7. new pc spec . need advice

    @[email protected] just a bit of an update incase you guys are interested. So i uped the budget a little but ive left room for improvnent. I got a pc with a GA motherboard 1155 socket it can handle a few of the newer i7 CPUs. It comes with an i5 3570k 3.4ghz the graphics card is in the middle of the spec requirments gtx 560 ti. Even if ive to start with low settings in the nee year i can grab a better card. Seen a 770ti for a good price new so even aomething like that. 16gb ram 1 tb hardrive Artic freezer pro 7 cooler i know it could be better but ive done some research and it can be improved with time and money. Cheers again lads for all you feedback learnt alot
  8. new pc spec . need advice

    Cheers guys for all the feed back yea it looks like thats goingto be the outcome learned alot past couple of days and im going to have to raise the budget. Golf clubs going to have to be sold lol.
  9. new pc spec . need advice

    Lol this is proving to be harder than i thought, why is the AMD computer not good? The guy said it will work fine for the aquas spec requirnents i sent him. thanks again @Psyrus
  10. new pc spec . need advice

    Amd athlon x4 880k wuad core 8gb ram 120 gb hd Asus gtx 750ti oc 2gb or this? @Psyrus
  11. new pc spec . need advice

    @Psyrus socket 1156... does rhat make sense?
  12. new pc spec . need advice

    @Psyrusquad core intel i5 3.2ghz thats all i know. il get in touch with him here now and find out thanks for your help by the way
  13. new pc spec . need advice

    @Bigsmokeee @Psyrus ok so i took comments on board and done a bit for searching intel i5 3.2 ghz 8gb ram amd r9 280x Windows 7 320gb harddrive would this be better ? I know the processor could be newer but its at the top of my budget
  14. new pc spec . need advice

    would this one be any good @Psyrus @Nikko B https://www.gumtree.com/p/desktop-workstation-pcs/modern-gaming-computer-pc-4ghz-quad-core-16gb-ram-r7-260x-2gb-graphics-lights-up-blue/1202682860
  15. new pc spec . need advice

    @Nikko Bits a guy in my town just that custom builds pcs so i sent him the spec requirements for the game and he said he has one built already with those specs il try find out more today and post see what you guya think. no money has passed hands yet so its still all good.thanks for feedback hope to be gaming with you all soon