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  1. I know this is going to be "one of those questions" and I understand if Chancebrahh isn't at liberty to answer. But realistically are we going to see this map released soon? Or is it being reserved for the British Faction later on.
  2. Insurgency would be much more fun if there were maps specifically designed for the game mode. Currently the maps are a one size fits all type that never really tap into what makes a great insurgency game. Some of the best insurgency games in PR come from maps that have been designed around the game mode like Fallujah West, Al Basrah, Karbala and Ramiel. On top of that currently the insurgents arsenal is severely limited. In PR they have IED's, Bomb cars, Bomb trucks, traps, mines, Roadblocks which make gameplay an infinity more interesting and different experience than AAS. In short, INS will get better over time.
  3. I agree. However the issue that we are going to have with v9 is that russia and militia are going to be heavily buffed by all the new the vehicles they are getting, not to mention the HAT kit that will likely kill the stryker in two shots. I would far rather see the M2 Bradley implemented. It's a US Army asset and is a good mid range between full blown tank and APC.
  4. 21mid

    Reserved post for future use.
  5. Welcome to the 21st Mechanized Infantry Div. Battleground Server! Server Information: Physical dedicated server based in New York. 80 slot server (Will be updated as Squad implements server size increases). Regular reviews of server rules and map rotations. Large administrator pool based in both NA and EU timezones. Comprehensive asset rules (will be regularly updated to conform to current Squad systems). Who we are: The 21st Mechanized Infantry Division are an international tactical realism community that have recently transitioned from Project reality to Squad over the course of the new year. We are a clan that emphasises teamwork and cooperation between all arms of the team and aim to reflect this in the way we administer and dictate the rules for our server. If you would like to know more about us, please don’t hesitate to visit our website found at the bottom of this post, Or visit our post on the Squad Clans and Communities forum found here: Server Rules: . A comprehensive list of rules for our server can be found here: If you have any suggestions or ideas that you feel will improve our server, please feel free to drop us a message on this thread or on our website! Administrator Contact Channels: Official Website: Discord: Teamspeak Server: 21MID Teamspeak Server
  6. Firstly Apologies if this has been mentioned before, I had a quick look on the archive and the last time these issues were mentioned were nearly a year ago now, and having assumed the devs had dealt with this problem, it seems this may be a new issue. Squad starts up fine, gets past the Squad logo and then goes to a black screen, from here it will stay on this black screen for a good two minutes at least before getting to the key-bindings load screen and eventually getting to menu. Adding this all up, it can take squad nearly five and a half minutes sometimes to load up and it just seems a little excessive and potentially a bug. Also an interesting aspect is that after starting Squad a second time in a single session, the load times seem to be cut down to around three minutes overall; whilst this isn't ideal, it's obviously something to take into consideration. Note: This is not an issue with loading into games. Loading into games themselves do not take any longer than they would on any other game, this issue is pertaining to starting up Squad to get to the main menu. System Specifications: OS: Windows 10 CPU: Intel i5 4670k @ 4.2ghz RAM: 8GB DDR3 GPU: GTX 1060 6GB HDD: 2TB that is barely half full and regularly cleaned/defragmented. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  7. Could be an idea that could be implemented as a Squad realism event. Combined with a PRTA-like One life event, you could get some seriously intense action!
  8. Are we even living in the same plane of existence? The standard PR squad name rules per asset and role are: Inf Mech Inf Mortars APC Armour/Tank Trans CAS I read through this through a few months back, and I disagreed with it because it tries to make a complex solution to a very simple problem. It tries to replace simple respawn timers with points accrual. Secondly balancing this is going to be a nightmare. When squad introduces more and more vehicles, that is literally more and more variables that the squad team is going to have to take into account when developing new assets. What if they spawn an ATGM stryker on Kohat? All they would have to do is find a hilltop far from the field of battle and they would have a laughably easy time sniping all of the assets from the enemy team. The point is this: People will find a way to achieve victory with the easiest layout possible. Instead of teams having to adapt to a situation, the teams will end up just finding the easiest set of vehicles that works for that map and use them. There will no variables for comebacks once a team has the upper hand, furthermore in the event that a slightly overpowered vehicle comes out, what's to stop them from just spawning that vehicle in and focusing all of the teams points on re-spawning it? Edit: Expanding on this, this idea doesn't work because it means if a team gets a bad choice of assets at the start of the game it will literally condemn them to defeat. The enemy team will gain a distinct advantage simply because they chose a better choice of assets. It doesn't make sense to penalize a team because they didn't get a good choice of assets at the start of the game. This is why PR had asset lists for each map, because they knew what worked and what was balanced on each individual map. It works in Planetside 2 because in Planetside 2 there is a selection of vehicles that are based around three or four very big maps. This system would not work on Squad where there are a set number of maps which are vastly different and have completely different game play dynamics and size. You have to remember that the standoff distances between tanks and other heavy assets is going to be huge. What's to stop a tank driving up the hill on Sumari and getting a direct shot on the entrance to the opposing sides main? It's inherently unbalanced. Honestly I think its best we agree to disagree at this point. I honestly don't think the idea of having heavy assets peppered around the team is going to increase interoperability because I feel (and know) that heavy assets never have the same objectives as the regular infantry. As said before for tanks their primary objective is to destroy other tanks, then support the infantry. Transport heli's primary objectives are to ferry troops to their initial drop zones and then bring in supplies and move squads around. Why on earth would you have a single transport helicopter attached to a squad? You might as well have them all in one squad with an ATC directed them to where they are needed. But again, agree to disagree. But they already do. For example any map with BTR's. they will get snatched by the first squads that get to them, it's not because they are looking to waste them, its because they know that BTR's are a potent force when mixed with infantry and therefore their squad can get a distinct advantage. The same applies to the CROWS humvee. It's rare that you see a CROWS sitting in main because usually a squad will get them as quickly as possible. So new players shouldn't be able to use vehicle assets? I get that it's annoying when a tank squad on PR does a bad job but just excluding them from the equation doesn't solve anything. In fact it fosters elitism which will lead to even more toxicity. I get that have competent players in control of heavy assets is favorable, but having that one guy teach the newbie in PR on how to properly play the tank is something that made that game special and it fosters a nicer community where people actually try to help each other out in stead of ostracizing each other when things don't go to plan. Furthermore my suggestion isn't designed for stopping unskilled players getting assets. That's not the point.
  9. It works in PR because it was implemented when the mini mod was made up of a tight nit community of a couple hundred players playing a slightly modified version of BF2. You do realize that my suggestion is almost a mirror image of most current PR servers? The only difference is that in PR you create an asset squad and lock it, my suggestion is you select the squad you want to make instead of just naming it. This way you spawn in with the kits you need instead of picking them up in PR. So the alternative would be to allow any squad get in an asset? Yeah, let's see how that works out and how long it takes for smart players to gather together and create squads full of heavy assets. The thing is that you keep chirping on about variability yet have yet to explain what this variability is. I honestly disagree with this to my core and it shows you have completely misunderstood as to what squad is aiming to be as a game. Griefing happens because trolls. Asset "waste" happens because of inexperience. The beauty of PR was that it was an easy game to get into, but a hard game to master and that's what Squad aims to be. I quote: "Remember that squad is a unique game seeking to fill a unique genre, bridging the gap between games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Insurgency with more mil-sim games like the Arma series." PR already has issues with elitism amongst CAS players, If you start suggesting that we limit new players from getting in heavier assets because they might cock it up, then you will end up creating a cadre of elitist players that will haunt Squad as they do in PR and cause more problems than good. Squad is supposed to be accessible to everyone, but hard to master.
  10. That's a pretty glaring contradiction IMO. Asset waste isn't something that can magically be removed, merely contained and having the offenders localized to a single squad would make things easier for admins to remove the offenders instead of trawling through 5-6 different squads trying to find the one guy who is stealing the asset. Have you actually played PR in an asset squad? Tank squad leaders push and pull their machines like battleships on the high seas, Trans heli squad leaders assume the role of ATC and are constantly making risk assessments for their birds. They are nothing like a regular infantry squad.
  11. PR enforced this from the beginning because it had assets from the get go. You are assuming that the moment major assets come out, all of the servers will update their rule sets to reflect this. I guarantee that if we are to rely on the community, it will take months to see any real movement on asset rules, furthermore some servers may not even introduce any asset rules whatsoever. We've had APC's for months now and hardly any servers have any rules pertaining to mechanized infantry or the usage of APC's. I would argue the opposite. Assets such as tanks, helicopters and IFV's require large amounts of communication with each other and Asset squads are the easiest solution to this. Having tanks and IFV's randomly peppered around the team is in fact going to cause even more disorganization within the match. And finally the kits are supposed to be basic. If you are implying that Asset squads are going to be armed with the full plethora of equipment offered to infantry squads then you haven't read the original post. You've completely missed the point. There will never be a 100% fool-proof system to drive away trolls, however this systems aims to at least try to contain it. Squad leaders can easily kick troublesome players and administrators can deal with abusive Squad Leaders. It eliminates the middle man of trying to explain to someone why they can't just take an asset, and administrators constantly having to deal with the same issue over and over again. As someone who has a lot of experience in administrating PR, I can tell you for a fact that it is a constant issue. As mentioned before we don't live in a perfect world. See: Expanding on this, this could easily be map specific as well. 3 Tanks: One Tank Squad 6 IFV's: Two IFV squads And so on... I specifically didn't mention CAS simply because we don't have any solid information on CAS right now, however you do have a point, I would say then to expand the flight crew squad to have an equivalent spotter kit then. Edit: Also generally why CAS squads have this set up in PR nowadays is because the infantry rarely communicates with CAS. On top of that the infantry element is often used when a member of the CAS squad has gone down. You can't even lock a Squad yet. You are arguing against tried and tested methods, please expand!
  12. The problem with this is that each server will have specific and very slightly different rules on how to name each squad (as is the case with PR). Why not have a single standard that is enforced across all servers? Furthermore, this suggestion is designed to give administrators a bit more breathing space, allowing them to deal with actual troublemakers instead of dealing with the trivialities of squad names. Another reason for the fixed squad idea is that the game is constantly being translated into new languages and having a client side squad selector is much easier than trying to explain to someone via text chat why their squad name is incorrect especially if they don't have the best grasp of english (or the native language of the administrator). The problem I see with heavy assets in Squad currently is that PR from the get go had nearly all of the heavy assets, such as tanks helicopters IFV's and jets due to BF2. Therefore a standard was implemented by servers very early on when the mini-mod was still small. Squad has much larger community that is constantly growing and implementing this SOP is going to be a nightmare and will honestly vary from server to server. For light vehicles most definitely. Heavier vehicles and air vehicles? I could see that being abused.
  13. Hey all! So a couple days me and a friend of mine were having an interesting conversation about the upcoming heavy assets such as MBT's as well as air assets like Transport helicopters and how they will be implemented. Now this suggestion is not a "Is X going to be implemented" suggestion, for this thread we will just assume that Tanks, Transport helicopters, IFV's and all that business will be deployed at some point in the future. The real idea of this thread is how they will be implemented into the squad framework. What's wrong with the current system? Currently in Squad, once a vehicle is claimed by a squad, any random player who joins in the squad is able to jump in, gun and drive around the asset without any issues. Whilst this works with techies, humvees and trucks, this simply will become problematic when heavier and much more valuable assets are implemented. This is because heavier assets often come with a larger and much more different required skillset than your average infantry squad, this applies even more so to helicopters and other air assets where a good level of skill will be required in order to fly the vehicle. Tanks, IFV's and Air assets require an incredibly high level of communication and teamwork in order to work together well. A disorganized and fractured tank element of a team will find itself cornered and destroyed piecemeal very quickly and will end up being a waste to the team overall. Often the team that wins in PR is the team that has its assets in order and working together and not off doing their own thing. Allowing any squad to claim a valuable asset like a helicopter or IFV simply will dilute the team-play and make these potent vehicles job a lot harder to have some meaningful impact on the match. Currently in PR it is 10 tickets, add the crew and that is 12 tickets overall for a tank destroyed in combat. Add a 20 minute respawn time and you have a significant setback for the team in terms of heavy fire support and the loss of tanks can often condemn a team to defeat. So what is the solution? Here's where the idea comes in. I propose the creation of a drop down menu when creating a squad, the options for this drop down menu could be: - Infantry Squad - Mechanized Infantry Squad - IFV Squad - Tank Squad - Flight Crew Each squad will have kits that will reflect their role on the battlefield. Furthermore each asset squad will only be able to claim assets within their designated role, for example the Tank Squad are the only squad that can claim MBT's. The IFV Squad will be the only squad able to claim IFV's etc etc. This would encourage teamwork amongst the assets and make them work together, this is because heavy assets such as tanks and helicopters will have specific objectives that will not necessarily be in line with the standard infantry squads objective. For example, the tank squad in PR's primary objective is to destroy the enemy teams tanks, this requires strong co-ordination and inter squad communications. Once their primary objective has been achieved the tanks can move on to complete their secondary objective which is to provide heavy fire-support for the infantry. The same applies to transport helicopters, their job is to ferry infantry and supplies around the map quickly and effectively. Often enough a well dropped infantry squad at a pressure point during the match can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Then comes the final reason for this system, administrating. When heavy assets and air assets come into play on Squad, administrating is going to become a much more involved process than it already is. Administrating currently is a fairly simple process at the moment with only the odd teamkill to deal with, however when heavy assets are eventually implemented, a lot more time is going to be involved in making sure players are not asset stealing, asset wasting and ruining the game for everybody else. As someone who has done extensive administrating on PR I can tell you that this will be an issue literally the moment these assets come out as everybody will want to have a go in the tank. This system could almost eliminate the whole issue of asset stealing through a first come first serve basis. You could even create a limit on the amount of squads, for example only one tank squad, one flight squad and two mechanized infantry squads. The Breakdown of Kits: Infantry Squad No changes Mechanized Infantry Squad Two Crewman kits - armed with an assault rifle, Binoculars and Smoke grenades, the rest of the Squad will be standard infantry layout. IFV Squad Crew Chief - Armed with an assault rifle, sidearm, advanced binoculars (GTLD?) and smoke grenades. Rest of the squad will be crewman kits armed with an M4, binocs and smoke grenades. Tank Squad Crew chief (Squad Leader) - Assault rifle, sidearm, GTLD and Smoke Grenades. Crew member kits - Assault Rifle, Binoculars and Smoke Grenades. Flight Crew Squadron Chief (Squad Leader) - Armed with a sidearm, binoculars and smoke grenades. Flight Members - Armed with a sidearm and smoke grenades. Final Notes: Whilst I know this idea won't be accepted by many, the point of this suggestion is to try and focus gameplay when Squad expands to PR levels of combined arms warfare where each squad has a designated role to play. Ultimately, the goal is to create a fruitful environment where the communications, tactics and teamwork between the different arms of a team can coalesce into truly great experience and I feel that this system would help achieve that goal.
  14. Name: 21st Mechanized Infantry Division Tag: 21MID Link: Language: English Description: The 21st Mechanized Division is a Squad Tactical Realism unit that was originally founded by our current leader A.Finest on the 22nd of June 2015 for Project Reality. We aim to bring a new level of advanced tactics and teamwork that are both applicable and useful to Squad as well as a strong sense of community that has been developed over years of working together. Members: Currently 18 active members. We also play: We only officially support Squad at this current time.