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  1. Surprised that no one mentioned T-Mode yet. If you are not aware there is a setting that you can turn on in the Squad Server Files that effectively regulates the Video settings on Squad. That means that you can't tweak any Ini files outside of the Standard Squad settings and requires a certain level of detail checked on your game and will refuse any client connection that doesn't meet the requirements of tournament mode. If competitive Squad takes off then I imagine that this gamestate will be more detailed in the future. But currently there simply isn't the demand there for an in-depth competitive scene - IE: This isn't CS:GO, and most of the tournaments are community hosted and rely on the goodwill of the community. Something that I personally find far better than some faceless corporation trying to turn a game into a football match.
  2. If anything the animations will make it worse. IMO this whole animation overhaul should have been done a long time ago.
  3. As much as I want to see bomb cars and garys, the official word is "maybe" once the core game has been completed.
  4. 21MID In! Chora AAS V2
  5. Because not every Squad will be a standard infantry squad. 9 man infantry squads are all nice, but having 9 guys in a mortar or logistics squad is pointless. This is obviously compounded tenfold when dedicated asset squads start appearing when tanks and helicopters eventually come out. You wouldn't want to be playing in a dedicated tank squad to find an extra 4-5 guys are just lone wolfing in the squad and taking up comms space.
  6. According to the Squad Roadmap on steam they already have confirmed that a Commander/Team leader position will be implemented. It works in PR. Good commanders can turn the tide of a battle with timely Area attacks (artillery/JDAM strikes) and it clearly identifies a higher position of leadership which is currently desperately needed in Squad. Currently in 90% of matches Squad leaders are left to their own devices as to how to execute a round and often enough the initial plans fall apart fairly quickly as Squad leaders are often focusing on leading and fighting their battles instead of looking at the bigger picture.
  7. 21MID in!
  8. Bump!
  9. Reply to 4): Sure, but they are rarely jumped into in the middle of a firefight. For me being able to jump into any vehicle just breaks realism. What would be cooler would be tailor made custom "captured" vehicles that are spawned in instead of just jumping into whatever vehicle you like. Reply to 5): I was more talking about being able to shoot from the cab of a truck or the inside of a techy or Humvee. If the real life counterpart has weapon ports then I have no issue with it. Reply to 7): No it doesn't. For actual armies often picking up enemy weapons is the last resort in a desperate situation where ammo has run dangerously low. Picking up an enemy weapon doesn't solve the issue of ammunition and this doesn't even confront the issue of said weapons being booby trapped or being completely unfamiliar with the weapon. Yes this is a game, but from the realism standpoint it simply doesn't tick any of the boxes. The Militia faction simulates the capture of enemy weapon dumps far better by implementing a couple US weapons, Russian weapons and Insurgent weapons like M4's, SAW's and AK74's.
  10. 1) They already are in my opinion, yes maybe the AK could be a bit better at range. But in CQB the AK will normally always come out on top. The M4 is better at range and the AK better at close range. Seems fine to me balance wise. 3) The AK47 isn't in use by the Russians any more. The AK74 has pretty much replaced them all, having AK47's for use by the Russians wouldn't make any sense realism wise. 4) It would be really complex to implement due to the vehicle claiming system, wouldn't serve any gameplay benefits and simply doesn't happen in real life. 5) I agree, however it should only be allowed for guys sitting in the back of trucks or technicals, it shouldn't be allowed for folks sitting in the interior of vehicles. 6) I think a better idea would be to implement the Ammo bag drop from PR for a specific class, this would enhance the current system by having a dedicated Squad member with spare ammunition that you may need in a pinch. If you could pick up ammo from fallen comrades then the idea of building an Ammo box on FOB's would become increasingly redundant. 7) Not a good suggestion IMO. Simply wouldn't work with the class system and also very very rarely happens in real life. 8) It's fine as it is.
  11. I know this is going to be "one of those questions" and I understand if Chancebrahh isn't at liberty to answer. But realistically are we going to see this map released soon? Or is it being reserved for the British Faction later on.
  12. Insurgency would be much more fun if there were maps specifically designed for the game mode. Currently the maps are a one size fits all type that never really tap into what makes a great insurgency game. Some of the best insurgency games in PR come from maps that have been designed around the game mode like Fallujah West, Al Basrah, Karbala and Ramiel. On top of that currently the insurgents arsenal is severely limited. In PR they have IED's, Bomb cars, Bomb trucks, traps, mines, Roadblocks which make gameplay an infinity more interesting and different experience than AAS. In short, INS will get better over time.
  13. I agree. However the issue that we are going to have with v9 is that russia and militia are going to be heavily buffed by all the new the vehicles they are getting, not to mention the HAT kit that will likely kill the stryker in two shots. I would far rather see the M2 Bradley implemented. It's a US Army asset and is a good mid range between full blown tank and APC.
  14. 21mid

    Reserved post for future use.
  15. Welcome to the 21st Mechanized Infantry Div. Battleground Server! Server Information: Physical dedicated server based in New York. 80 slot server (Will be updated as Squad implements server size increases). Regular reviews of server rules and map rotations. Large administrator pool based in both NA and EU timezones. Comprehensive asset rules (will be regularly updated to conform to current Squad systems). Who we are: The 21st Mechanized Infantry Division are an international tactical realism community that have recently transitioned from Project reality to Squad over the course of the new year. We are a clan that emphasises teamwork and cooperation between all arms of the team and aim to reflect this in the way we administer and dictate the rules for our server. If you would like to know more about us, please don’t hesitate to visit our website found at the bottom of this post, Or visit our post on the Squad Clans and Communities forum found here: Server Rules: . A comprehensive list of rules for our server can be found here: If you have any suggestions or ideas that you feel will improve our server, please feel free to drop us a message on this thread or on our website! Administrator Contact Channels: Official Website: Discord: Teamspeak Server: 21MID Teamspeak Server