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  1. hi i pozdrav, im part of a balkan community that plays many many different games and squad is part of that the communitys games, we are called Balkanclan you can find us here; www.balkanclan.com or join our discord https://discord.gg/taHN9wm how ever currently im the most active Squad gamer in our community but we have nearly 100 members that are part of the community. welcome.
  2. Squad and Google's Stadia?

    hi all, to give my opinion to the topic as stated before i believe more ppl would be able to play or gain access to squad, with that allot of mature gamers that like to communicate and play as a part of a team. I also believe that the Stadia Platform would enable squad to be the game it wants to be with True epic sized maps with all bells and whistles like tanks, aircraft, maybe even boats and infantry to a whole new level instead beaing limited to a server of 100 players this has a potential to enable squad to have a playground of 1000 plus, and it would truly make Squad a Revolutionary game "Franchise". As for the comments that it would attract immature gamers i agree with Thegreenzzz that Squad is like a onion to a Vampire a no no, simply because the game is slow tactical and team oriented and we all know what happens if you rush in Squad you end up kissing the ground before you see where the shot came from and we all know how the kiddies love getting owned . But these are only one gamers thoughts it would be interesting to hear what the Devs think about this and if or how this platform could help them to take the game to whole new levels.
  3. Squad and Google's Stadia?

    Hi every one i have a thought on making Squad the worlds first and biggest multylplayer game ever created and here is how, i dont know if any of you have seen this announcment form google about their new game platform or tool called Stadia. i think if the Devs incorporate or use this platform squad could enable Thousands of people to be able to play in the same "server" at the same time making it truly the greatest and revolutionary FPS multyplayer of all time, and it would open the doors for more ppl then ever to enjoy Squad without even needig a good PC. What do you guys /girls think? Have the devs seen this new google platform? And would it be a option for Squad for the official release?
  4. Squad for Steam Awards!

    yea i wanted to select The “Better with Friends award too but i guess we can only select it once for one award!
  5. Squad for Steam Awards!

    Hi all The Steam awards are coming and you can nominate your favorite games for prices in different categorys, This is a opportunity to Show Offworld industrys and Squad the game some Love so vote and lets show what an awesome community we have here! And if you are voting Post it here if you like! Here is my Voting! To vote go here; https://store.steampowered.com/SteamAwardNominations/ PS; You might have to manually search for squad or Offworld industies for your nomination! See you all on the battlefields my brothers and sisters! Peace out!
  6. Live streaming Squad!

    Hey another day another Stream here we go ppl! What a great super fob wall!
  7. Live streaming Squad!

    Hey another day another live stream ongoing. youre welcome to join.
  8. Any one seen something like this before!

    ok cool i was worried there a little bit that my GPU / memory was on the brink of braking but now im satisfied that its a map specific graphics rendering bug!
  9. Hi has anyone seen a smilar thing like this happen to them, Its the first time and the only that it happened to me: I have not seen this except this one time so i dont know exactly how it happened or how to recreate the problem!
  10. Live streaming Squad!

    Another fine day to stream squad live on youtube in HD! https://www.youtube.com/user/MrNikooo111/live Some excerpts from todays live stream
  11. Live streaming Squad!

    Now live on Balaya https://gaming.youtube.com/user/MrNikooo111/live https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=0bNY6U6Rgls&feature=share
  12. Live streaming Squad!

    Hey ppl i joust started Live streaming squad but im a long time gamer and been here from the begging of squad! Check out my Channel and Videos at; My youtube channel; Nikooo111
  13. Backer & Founder ranks gone?

    hi im wondering what happened to the forum icons that showed who supported this game since the beginning? i used to have both Founder and the other one below Founder lvl?
  14. Press play, game launches the exits right before intro

    uninstall thru windows control panel this vid might be helpfull.
  15. Press play, game launches the exits right before intro

    try installing the game in a new directory "folder" location that is not in the same as before! and download the whole game.