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  1. Alpha 11 Released

    WOW i have no words ...
  2. Monitors

    Basically this is the equation: Higher Resolution = Higher pixel density = Higher fidelity and better looking and more sharp graphics. Just don't forget that higher resolutions demands more "horse power" from your GPU and CPU to render it with good FPS. This means you need very good and powerful hardware if you plan on playing at resolutions higher then 1080p. The main goal is always find the sweet spot between performance and graphic quality because you don't want to play 4K games at 15 FPS just as you don't want to play 720P quality at 300 FPS. Another important consideration when buying new monitor is the refresh rate of it. For gaming - 144hz is a must (imo). http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/id-1845694/144hz-monitor-worth.html
  3. What's up with fallujah west ?

    fallujah west
  4. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    You guys doing miracles with this game ... Never imagined such things possible ever in FPS game. Keep pushing the perfection standard even further
  5. Console Gamer Built PC To Play Squad

    Welcome to family mate So exciting to see that Squad is such a PC exclusive game that make people buy Gaming PC to play it
  6. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    November is an amazing time for Squad. Wow I love that game so much ...and it's just getting better with every update.
  7. Truesky Plugin not found

    Please try this:
  8. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    yay new map Thank you so much for your amazing work devs! can't wait to see some news regarding Fallujah west
  9. Truesky Plugin

    Just wondering why in some cases players have this folder and some won't ? Is it GPU (AMD/NVIDIA) related ? I'm asking this question because my little brother also play Squad on his PC (amd gpu) and he had the same issue as OP described while on my PC (Nvidia gpu) I never had this error or folder in my Squad's folder. Any clarification would be much appreciated.
  10. grass foliage indeed need some love but it's not a game changer just an eye candy
  11. Steam Free Weekend & Sale

    Great news.
  12. Guesses on "surprises" for free weekend

    Kill streaks and zombie mode!