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  1. RTH in Gorodok AAS 1
  2. RTH in Chora AAS 1
  3. RTH in Fools Road AAS v3
  4. german

    Here a little cutted Gameplay from a HUMVEE Round where we were on BTR hunt, destroying 5 BTR´s and 3 FOB´s. Hope u enjoy, spoken language is german.
  5. RTH in Gorodok
  6. deutsch

    Mittlerweile konnten wir unsere erste CCFN Teilnahme realisieren. Für viele weitere und andere Events suchen wir weiterhin neue Rekruten.
  7. RTH (Release The Hounds) in Yehorivka AAS v1
  8. deutsch

    Kleiner Push auch hier mal, es ist wieder der eine oder andere neue dazu gekommen und der Spaß am Spiel ist ungebrochen, wir freuen uns weiterhin über weitere Mitstreiter.
  9. deutsch

  10. Good idea, i dont know how often people abuse switching teams, but anyways its good to prevent spoiling in any way.
  11. deutsch

    Wir sind immer noch voll dabei, mittlerweile haben wir einige Neuzugänge und sind auf um die 15 Mitglieder angewachsen. Es gibt auch erste Überlegungen mal an der CCFN teilzunehmen. Wer mal sehen will wie es bei uns ab und an so zugeht, kann sich gerne das Video hier ansehen. Spaß steht bei uns im Mittelpunkt, auch wenn jeder immer die Runden gewinnen will, so wird drauf geachtet das der Spaß nie zu kurz kommt.
  12. deutsch

    We made a few compilations about the fun we had in this game. Mostly we speak german, sorry for that. Hope u enjoy anyways.
  13. We discussed that in my clan a lot also, we had a few boring games in the last weeks, some especially cause they were pretty over after a short time. In my opinion three changes would make the matches more attractive again. 1.) The already called fact about the longer discussion time at beginning of the match, in my opinion we would Need 100 sec and than about 50 seconds where everyone can spawn but not leave the main base, in this time squadleaders can go on communicating and already can sort out who gets which car and starts how. We often won rounds just cause the other Team needs to much time to leave the base, so we could rush their last flag and than block their whole game. 2.) In our opinion logistic trucks shouldnt spawn before minute 10 or 15 into the game, we have like a meta on our Server, where one squadleader just runs to the first or second flag from the other Team and build a fast FOB there, where all other squads except one which caps the other flags spawns, it not works every time but 9 out of 10. The best way to pretend this is to do the same, what also happens some times and than leads into half a game fight at flags noone even owns. The later spawn time for the logistic truck would make it way harder and would take the risc in our opinion to high. 3.) This idea i got from you @Verdin , what if the spawn of the enemy base would be a random from around 3 possible Locations. i think on most maps ist possible to find 3 of them, on other they maybe would make a few changes on the map design, what shouldnt be that hard. The enemy team shouldnt be able to see where the base is, so they never know if they are maybe close to the first or close to the second flag. In real combat u also not always know at the beginning where the enemy comes from and need to sort it out. The idea is like also from strategy games like star craft, where u always not know at the beginning where the enemy starts, u need to find out and cant make a complete strategy before u know it. Sorry for the bad english sometimes, its not my main language.