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  1. Community Clan Fight Night

    RTH in Belaya AAS V2
  2. Community Clan Fight Night

    RTH in Chora
  3. Community Clan Fight Night

    RTH in Sumari
  4. Community Clan Fight Night

    RTH in Chora AAS v1
  5. This is a big thing, barely said at the moment and easy to fix. You cant equal BTR-82 against a Warrior or Bradley. And it doesnt make it better to give russia two BTR-82 when they are both nearly useless in this fight. Maps where this is the case are highly in favour of US and British when this vehicles are used properly. Same with the Bradley against T-72 Matchup. When you make vehicles nearly immortal against infantry its really important to take care of an vehicle balance on the maps, cause otherwise infantry is just delivered to the vehicles. Also it is maybe an idea to make the tank death timer even lower, cause at the moment when one teams loses its tanks, the other tanks often can do what they want for nearly 20 minutes. When we win a tank fight we just drive into every enemy HAB noticed on the map and kill the crap out of them, for 20 minutes often enemys cant do than a lot, they can try to place a lucky TOW or Kornet, but with a good team this is often spotted to quick. If the tank timer would be lower, the tanks would need to care for the enemy tanks faster. And infantry is barely getting problems with tanks while they fight each other. In my opinion, its not about buffing the infantry again, its all about balancing the vehicles.
  6. Community Clan Fight Night

    RTH in Yehorivka AAS v5
  7. Community Clan Fight Night

    RTH in Belaya AAS v1
  8. Community Clan Fight Night

    RTH in Kokan AAS 1
  9. Community Clan Fight Night

    RTH in Chora AAS v1
  10. Community Clan Fight Night

    RTH in Chora PAAS v1
  11. Community Clan Fight Night

    RTH in Fool's Road AAS v3
  12. Ticket Bleed

    These are the last 18 Minutes of a clan match from today. The match ended after 2 hours, with no time left, and both teams still have a lot of tickets, even the defending team, lost their fob, played sometimes really bad and had less flags for two hours, they just lost with around 150 tickets. This is what im talking about, this shouldnt be possible! If they would have played this perfectly, or would have been a better faction like the russian side, they would have won this. With the same tactic. Last 18 Minutes/ Squad Community Cup
  13. Ticket Bleed

    Yeah, so you leave your vehicles in base and destroy the other vehicles with your tow and than you are still in the same situation like i was mentioning before, not fighting for flags and not for vehicles, so its team deathmatch again. Also i dont understand why so many people in this thread say there is ticket bleed. There is clearly no ticket bleed (Except the massive bleed) anymore on AAS or PAAS, exept the caping ticket loss. And also, just cause this update was damn good, its not a point to say, that it wouldnt be good if you wouldnt have take the ticket bleed out, like most people doesnt even realise that its out yet. And my point is, that at the point they do realise, the rounds will get longer and more boring. This is happening at the moment, i am realising it as squadlead and just saying that we should stop this process before it ended. Please dont mess up AAS and PAAS before the new gamemode is out. I dont see the point in doing risky experimences, since the new game mode isnt there. There are other ways to make the rounds longer or more interesting than this.
  14. Ticket Bleed

    Its not guarenteed, of cause when your team seems to be better you can push the other team to the last flag, but you could have done that with ticket bleed also. The difference is when the teams are nearly equal, than defending and not losing or even using vehicles is a tactic which will give u most times an advantage, it depends of course on the position where and how u defend, but you can choose it, cause you are not bind on the center flag, like with ticket bleed, as my al basrah example showed you. Im just courious about the problem, that there are tactics like this where you with doing nothing will get an advantage, just believe you do this, it would be stupid for Insurgents to attack, so the best would be to just stay in town and wait also. The team which changes its tactic will than lose, that was different with ticket bleed and shouldnt be like that in my opinion. I had two rounds yesterday where we had like this stalemate situation. And the rounds were going like 1:50 hour and were really boring, with less fighting and at the end the team won, which were attacking less.
  15. Ticket Bleed

    Ok, maybe i get you wrong. But why is it a good thing, when two teams are sitting on their flag, waiting and noone is attacking for two hours? Sounds pretty boring to me. Indeed it was pretty boring when we had this yesterday.