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  1. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    needs a bit more optimisation hopefully
  2. "If the argument is to make it harder to distinguish friend or foe and therefor harder to notice when friendly fire happens, then I don't understand why the nametags are visible in the first place. Having TKs shown would make spotting, avoiding and removing teamkillers a much easier process. It can take quite a while before people notice that someone is doing teamkills and then often enough a confusion starts as to who is actually doing them. Sometimes leading to the "wrong" person getting counter-TKed which makes everything even worse."
  3. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    beta wave tomorrow boys 8)
  4. better than the vote kick system in project reality which took 23 people to vote and was easily abusable (and also no teamkill limit in project reality letting one person teamkill 50 people) and potentially better than the autokick system we have right now which lets people teamkill up to 8 people before getting kicked off a server for one round (since theres no forgive/punish function, then the teamkill limit has to be set higher than in other games with a forgive punish function such as the red orchestra series)
  5. Mortar Squads & Teamplay

    no locked squads = 9 people in a mortar squad = squad leader spots for mortars, 2 people actually firing, one running supply while 5 people running off and getting killed being semi useless to team, especially if one of your medics decides he wants to try out the fancy new toys without switching to rifleman first or 9 people sitting at superfob on HMGs spraying objectives from 500 meters away and getting picked off by insurgent sharpshooters unless you want to spend the effort to kick every person that joins you which is usually against the server rules (for a good reason though) Also they limited project reality mortars to 2 per team, in this new update people can build twice as many mortars as fobs so squad leaders get excited and want to try out the new toys (like someone else already said before me...)
  6. "The problem is that it also gives TKers an easy way to avoid taking responsibility. Especially now with mortars, a really noob mortar crew can keep hitting friendlies and then just stay quiet and let their friends think it was an enemy mortar. You aren't going to get retaliated against if you sincerely apologise and it's just one accidental teamkill. As it stands, very few people apologise for TKs unless they think people saw them do it."
  7. Its hard to report mass teamkillers to admins when there are no admins on I tried reporting 2 mass teamkillers who teamkilled 14 people in spawn with grenades today on separate occasions but without screenshots of the incidents or even a console log I got no response even when I contacted the server owners on their website. The admins probably didn't bother logging on and reading through logs for 5 minutes to ban two people and the report i sent basically got buried in a pile of other random messages talking about food and whatever which is sad. If you give people less accountability for their actions it usually doesn't work out well, such as in Red Orchestra 2 where people were abusing the votekick/mapvote system to try and kick people they disliked on the enemy team for false reasons until the developers showed who initiated the vote which got the abuser votekicked and helped the potential admins online see who was abusing the system.
  8. Just wondering because I've never seen them show up - I know admins can see them but it makes it hard to report said players to admins when theyre offline on a side note, wondering if people can drop a nade and then leave the server, like in project reality where people planted c4 on friendly choppers and then disconnected so the message wouldn't show up
  9. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    i like the crouch running 8)
  10. Had this semi foolish idea hanging around in my head for a while and decided to share it here Mostly when im browsing the server lists nowdays it seems like more servers have 72/80 people with 8 reserve slots however hypothetically speaking if there are 4 or 3 people that belong to the whitelist playing on a 72/80 server it means that theres 4-3 extra slots that normal players couldn't join now i get that whitelist spots are for certain members to join in groups when the server is full but maybe people belonging to the whitelist should occupy their own slot so that games could get to higher numbers of people so make it so that its like 68/72 (4/8) so that whitelist people take up their own slot? that way you can get up to 72/72 (4/8) instead of just 68/72 (4/8) like in the current system so yes this would mean the reserve slots would get filled up more quickly and admins would have to be careful who they give the reserve slots too and every server should have a admin slot for admin cam only in case the server is full AND all the servers are filled up
  11. Exploit or not?

    Maybe they ll remove it when they add crouch running
  12. Alpha Version 9 Released

    no theyre adding helicopters of course