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  1. Making death have consequence

    Thanks Obama. I wouldn't mind a Wave system, like in RO2, where there's a fixed interval between waves of respawns, obviously you would extend the time from 2 minutes to 5, or even allow servers to chose that time for themselves depending on the game speed they're aiming for.
  2. Resource-based Spawning System

    Yeah that's what I was getting at Moszeusz, it would only really need to be done on maps that are 8km2 or even 16km2 to try and keep the game moving but I understand your points on it Tartan and for the most I agree. Honestly I would like to see it implimented as a trial (assuming it's done) during the alpha/beta stages, that way it's a no loss test and could just be thrown away if people think it's shite.
  3. Resource-based Spawning System

    It adds a secondary set of objectives and on big maps makes resupply trips for small land vehicles more managable. It also gives a team the chance to get back in to the fight quicker if they lose all their foward emplacements. It adds an element of area control making it necessary to look after both the primary and secondary objective. It removes the complete reliance of there being a competant logistics squad at all times. It adds a contingency plan in the case of the server not having enough players to manage a logistics squad. Hell you could even implement it so the cap on the amount of material it holds is dependant on the number of people on the server. It's also an indestructable, constant but limited source of material for the team that controls it, similar to the FOBs you would have in a real warzone, but one that can also be overrun by your enemy.
  4. In-depth logistics

    Good point
  5. Resource-based Spawning System

    In adition to this how about points on the map that can be captured and used as forward resupply points, same theory as the one at main base just at strategic points on the map between objectives. The point wouldn't be spawnable, no vehicles would spawn there and you couldn't build a FOB there but you could build emplacements to defend it, these would use the stored material. This also brings up the possibility of making those points depletable but they will automatically replenish over time so it would start at 2000 material, that would be it's cap aswell so it could never have more than it started with, then it gains 50 back per minute so a fully utilised point would take 40 minutes to fully replenish its material.
  6. In-depth logistics

    I'm not entirely sure that would be the case, not if the interface is simple enough, either that or it could be, and I hate the expression, a Hardcore mode? Servers can chose to use it or a simple one crate fits all system?
  7. Alpha map - Logar valley - Overview image

    That vegitation system is going to make maps of the grassy persuasion so much fun to play.
  8. In-depth logistics

    So you would have the crates limited in size aswell making it necessary to take multiple crates? Maybe a weight system like the one in DayZ where everything has it's own weight and the crate has a weight limit, that gives way to priotising what crate you take first too. I like it, the poor sod loading the crate up will get some stick if they get the loadout wrong though
  9. Vehicles & tank simulation

    My suggestion was something i would find cool, not something i would like to see in the game, probably should have made that clear. I do like the using a mouse wheel to turn in/out in RO2 so if they were to take any inspiration from that that's what I would like to see.
  10. My Reaction to SQUAD

  11. If presented with the opportunity. ..

    It wouldn't hurt to find a smaller scale indie publisher who is willing to bankroll the development but there are numerous reasons EA would never get involved, not least the fact its on UE4, the competeing engine to two of their products, CRYENGINE and Frostbite. Theres a certain level of creative freedom you need while creating a game like this, any large publishing house would take that away in favour of following well practiced design principles that they know would sell, and as far as I can tell this is a game for the fans not the masses, EA hate that.
  12. Vehicles & tank simulation

    I could see this being very immersive in modern vehicles like the Bradley where you are mostly looking through computer screens... Having all the buttons on those screens simulated accurately would also be pretty cool, that does meen esentially writing the entire control system for each individual vehicle from the ground up though XD
  13. Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage

    The wink lives on...
  14. Where do I submit a job application?

    Sent you a PM
  15. Basic Training -ground Map

    No reason there couldn't be a completely scripted bootcamp mission that you could skip through to get all the basics.... I'll look in to it.