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  1. Yeah if you search around the forums, you'll find a ton of topics like these. Squad is CPU-intensive and relies more heavily on it than the GPU. I recommend launching Squad with the parameters "useallavailablecores" (without quotes) and see if that helps. Also, you can try this forum post for optimizing the game. Worked for me.
  2. I was thinking of spending some cash on a top-line CPU for Squad, but honestly, an average of 50 fps is fine with me. There will be more optimization patches, and the game later down the road should work better. So I'm happy with what I have.
  3. Looking forward to the new Naruto running. Gonna be great.
  4. Using higher resolutions will decrease your FPS. More pixels to render, more GPU/CPU work, less FPS. I don't know if 1440P will replace super sampling, but I would assume so. Many people claim 1440P with no super sampling/anti aliasing looks better than 1080p with. Test it out for yourself, and find the right mix of performance and quality.
  5. lmao I tried. Took it from another Squad thread, and combined it with some other tweaks. Guess it's useless, and the other tweaks did all of it.
  6. Go to your game library in steam. Right click Squad, and click "properties". Click "launch parameters", and then input whatever command line you want. Used -nomansky in launch parameters and used some game tweaks from another thread, and now get an average of 60 fps on a 60 player server. Finally playing at 60 fps, it's glorious.
  7. Here's a comparison I made. Yes, it's on firing range, I'm going to try and make another one for actual gameplay. But we all know how situational that is...
  8. How many players on the servers, though? I play on 60-80 players.
  9. I'd like to see this. I'm not experiencing any FPS gains so far. What's your in your rig?
  10. FPS seems to be the same on an 80 player server. Oh well.
  11. Hmm launching it now. Going to hop into a full game and see if it goes up. Will update.
  12. How does that differ from -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 ? Is it the same thing?
  13. Squad is a CPU bound game apparently, so everyone says a better CPU is needed. I have an RX 480 and get an average of 45 fps on full servers (70+). Graphical settings don't help at all, it stays the same.
  14. Personally I think that BTR's and Humvees are fine right now. The amount of RPGs it takes are fine with me, but it would be cool if strategically placed shots did more damage, i.e. engine block. I believe they are going to change the vehicle damage system and give it an overhaul though. Don't have the post to back that up, so.