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  1. Graphics are pretty nice, honestly. Graphics aint everything, look at PR where the game came from. Also, what's broken? Go look at the description. Full game will be 50v50 with all types of vehicles and factions. Again, what's flawed? All games fade eventually. This one however is growing, and yes, we have a good community. More than some games can say. All I have to say is good riddance if you're this pessimistic and ignorant. And if you like graphics over gameplay so much, go play something else. Later dude.
  2. There has been other topics on this subject. You can always do a search of the forums.
  3. Exactly what I use. Overclocked with riva tuner to keep an eye on all my stats. Overclock actually did seem to help with 80 player servers, though not much.
  4. Agreed. I think we need more time.
  5. Well yeah, but I mean it's pretty easy to do a "Mic check" or simply kick anyone who refuses to answer you/talk at all.
  6. "Bomb Car" and "Car Bomb" are two totally different things. "Bomb Car" is usually a suicide bomber in a car laden with explosives. "Car Bomb" is usually a hidden bomb inside a roadside car that detonates when enemy forces move near it (either automatically or manually detonated).
  7. vid·e·o game noun a game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a television screen or other display screen.
  8. Hmm haven't seen this problem. No, you don't need to be whitelisted on every server. I'm not sure if there is a whitelist (besides the reserved slots). This sounds like a game problem that should be resolved by someone such as a mod/support/player with the knowledge.
  9. Please Devs !! do something about Logar !! Not really clear on what the actual subject is.
  10. The US generally wins on the map, but never too badly imo. Every once in awhile we'll push them back to spawn, or hold them down at two caps, but generally it's a hard thing to do. Most of the time we can just out-camp them at South Something with a super fob. I've been beaten by the militia, I don't think it's unfair or unbalanced. Their camo is pretty bad though, that does need to be changed...
  11. This topic has been discussed so many times you can find answers all over the forums. The game isn't fully optimized yet, so you won't get amazing performance even if you can get great frames on more intensive games. Also, though I don't have any sources, this game is supposedly CPU intensive. So the better the CPU, the better the FPS theoretically. Yup. That's pretty much it.
  12. Not a clone. "...and we are seeking to make Squad the spiritual successor to PR in everything but name." A successor, a better game made on a new game engine. So while many aspects are the same, it's still a different game and not just a clone of a mod with better graphics.
  13. The SAW is great imo. Went on a killstreak just last night with it. Plenty of ammo to spray, not terrible recoil, and it sounds great. Working bipods would be amazing but for now they still work just fine.
  14. What the actual **** dude.