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  1. I'm running an i5-6500 and an RX 480 and get about 40-50 FPS on Al Basrah on full servers. I have no issues with it.
  2. Perform an exorcism
  3. Mac

    Honestly man, the game runs so poorly right now for low end gamers, I don't even think a beast of a mac could do very well on low settings. Wouldn't be worth it imo.
  4. Looks awesome! Can't wait to be a tanker in Squad, it will be glorious
  5. Peer, we've talked about this. We can't add rambo into Squad. I'm sorry.
  6. I agree that the US seems too tanky. For instance, two or three body shots doesn't seem to drop them, and the AKs feel very inaccurate. What damage do the AKs do to the chest, and how much health does each character have?
  7. Same. Loading times are fine, but I can barely connect to any servers and I get small frame stutters frequently.
  8. I'm getting worse performance as well frame drops, stutters, and connection issues. It's unplayable atm, I'm just waiting for patches as well.
  9. I play it because it's more hardcore and rewarding.
  10. Sorry, totally blanked. The m249, the SAW. Also, I was referring to the CROW/Stryker when you fire from inside. I don't know if it's because you're inside the vehicle and the sound is supposed to be muffled, but it sounds flat and repetitive. Could just be me though.
  11. My game does the same thing sometimes after V9.
  12. I think the m329 sounds a bit too much like a pop-gun, but it sounds amazing in the distance. AK's sound fantastic! Absolutely love it. M4's sound great! The only sounds I don't like, are the new 50. sounds, and the old 50. sounds. The new one sounds super shallow and just like a single shot on repeat. The older 50. sounds shallow as well, but better than the new. I love how the SKS has a very distinct sound , I dig it.
  13. I play it for the experience, and I play BF1 for the experience. Since BF1 is kinda shallow in the overall gameplay, it uses unlocks to keep players occupied and working towards something. I don't think Squad would benefit from this.