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  1. I play it because it's more hardcore and rewarding.
  2. Sorry, totally blanked. The m249, the SAW. Also, I was referring to the CROW/Stryker when you fire from inside. I don't know if it's because you're inside the vehicle and the sound is supposed to be muffled, but it sounds flat and repetitive. Could just be me though.
  3. My game does the same thing sometimes after V9.
  4. I think the m329 sounds a bit too much like a pop-gun, but it sounds amazing in the distance. AK's sound fantastic! Absolutely love it. M4's sound great! The only sounds I don't like, are the new 50. sounds, and the old 50. sounds. The new one sounds super shallow and just like a single shot on repeat. The older 50. sounds shallow as well, but better than the new. I love how the SKS has a very distinct sound , I dig it.
  5. I play it for the experience, and I play BF1 for the experience. Since BF1 is kinda shallow in the overall gameplay, it uses unlocks to keep players occupied and working towards something. I don't think Squad would benefit from this.
  6. What do you mean "flashes on my screen"? Like you can see them through walls, or something?
  7. Had this happen today, but it went away after about 5 minutes. Still getting small rubber-banding and stutters after the update though.
  8. One version closer to the Abrams. Great work, I can't wait!
  9. I've seen my share of soldiers running with broken ribs, but they're just as easy to shoot. No difference to me.
  10. Use the search on the forums, there have already been posts made about this. It has dev responses as well.
  11. Is there an admin command that allows me to see third person? I want to use it to study animations and such, but can't find anything on the forums. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Did you not see the post on Facebook? The top comment it literally " t's actually next week. Just got confirmation from Roy. Someone forgot there was still a couple days left in the week. " So yes, they did communicate. And yes, they are active on the forums and Reddit. Specifically Reddit, they answer a lot of questions and participate which is great.
  13. They accidentally released the "coming this week" announcement three days too early. It was supposed to be released yesterday, and come out this week. It was a simple human mistake. The V9 will be coming this week.
  14. @MauserGDog Thanks man, I'm definitely looking forward to it. Using the Thermaltake Corev21, and man, do I hate it. Can't wait for an upgrade. My goal is all about cable management, and having a presentable computer to sit on my desk.
  15. @MauserGDog Damn! That looks amazing! If only I had around 3k to spend on my setup... About to purchase the S340 Elite actually, can you give me your thoughts on the case?