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  1. How to increase supply point to build

    AdminAlwaysValidPlacement 1 is what I was looking for! Thanks for suggestion, I see it on Console Commands but I didn't realize that could be the option that I need!
  2. Is a Rcon Admin Tool planned for Squad?

    There is any news about this tool? I can suggest to develop a web-tool ( php should be fine )? I'm usual to deploy a web-based admin tool for all other game server that I host to allow the admin make a quick action from everywhere! Thanks!
  3. Hi all, We're running a training server and we would like to know if there is a way for SuperAdmin to increase via Console Command the supplypoint. We would like to use this feature for our training session. Thanks in advance.
  4. Linux server build progress update?

    UP - I would like to receive update about Linux Server build! There is any ETA? We can hope to see our server hosted on dedicated Linux machine or we simply have to waste money and resource with Windows machine? Thanks for any info
  5. Server Feature Requests

    Linux Host