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  1. I can understand both points. I play for the fun and overall experience as well, but what's wrong with wanting a little progression in the game? And nothing is stopping you from waiting until your friends join your server and leaving a SQUAD to join them. The only SQUAD that can rank you is the one you're in. And if you switch SQUADS even though you; and the SQUAD you're in is doing great, then that's on you for switching. If you're getting along with your SQUAD mates, that usual means your getting along with your SL. If his mates join, he'll probably just leave and make a new SQUAD. This system definitely has holes in it, but it's nothing that can't be fixed with trial and error. Is a ranking/rating system absolutely necessary, no; not at all. This game is great the way it is, however. Progression is never a bad thing, unless it's like CoD.
  2. Every since I started playing, I've always tried to think of a ranking system; that didn't make it just another FPS multiplayer "CoD" copy cat/rip off. Some had to do with only lvling up when you win a game, while losing a game would either do nothing; or you'd be penalized and face the possibility of being demoted (similar to how ranked matches work in MOBAS). The only problem with this is some times, you'll join a game and it'll be close to being over and would make joining each server a bit risky. A good offset for this would be not counting those matches, but there are times when you'll join an almost full server, and when the game is over; everyone disconnects, which in return makes that server baron and boring. Obviously this could be possible further down the line, but who knows. Aside from that one, I recently just came up with one that isn't a ranking system, but a "Rating System". This is great for every class, but mainly SL (Squad Leaders). There are many times where I'll get into a game, and I'll recognize SL from a game I had played with days, if not a full week ago; and know he is a good leader. There have even been times where I've been recognized (some good and some bad). What if there was a way, where at the end of each match (unless you were only in the game for 10 minutes or less) everyone gets the opportunity to rate their SQUAD members and ONLY THEIR SQUAD members, on either a scale of 1-10 or even custom titles (that pass a profanity filter) i.e: Great SL, Horrible Medic, Troll, Follows Orders, Team Player, Crap Mic, ext., While SL can rate other SL. Then once a title is made (Green being good ones, red being bad ones) it appears next to there name when scrolled over it in the player menu or at the end of a match. At which point, if there is a title there that a player likes and agrees with, the can give it a +1. If they don't, they can give it a -1, good or bad. For example, if you had a great SL and you see someone gave him the title "Great SL" you can +1 that, but then you see "Bad SL" or "Bad Mic" and you didn't see any of those to be true, you can give them a -1. If a negative title gets enough -1s, it will be removed. This would be great for any player/class. Good Medic, Great Scout, Team Player, No Mic, Lone Wolf, CoD Player (lawl). Adding something like this makes it so we have a ranking system with out any type of XP. Players can maintain a their "Rank" in being a good medic, SL, or just a good player in general. And if a player has a negative (red) title they want to get rid of, the have know exactly what to focus on. Whether its buying a new mic or simply realizing THIS ISN'T FREAKING CoD!! There's a lot of room for trolling, but I feel like a majority of the community takes this game pretty serious and it wouldn't be taken advantage of. Please give me your feedback on what your thoughts on these ranking/rating systems and even some ranking systems that you've thought of.
  3. I feel like the lack of scopes on some weapons w/some factions (everyone besides Americans) creates a slight disadvantage. I understand scopes/sights are not a common feature with every single gun/faction, but some kind of customization with grips, sights, and stock would be a great addition to balance out the battlefield. By all means, it does not need to be to the extent of... *throws up in mouth*... CoD... *throws up on keyboard*. But somewhere between what it is now and Insurgency. As far as unlocking the attachments, I don't have any MAJOR ideas but would love to hear others.