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  1. How 'bout desctruction?

    only destruction most people really want is small tree one
  2. Resolution/UI problem

    a) always rolling on 100% b) never had it like that So much time has passed and this still haven't been fixed, come on guys. V10, PLEASE.
  3. IF

    No. **** triple A and everything what they stand for.
  4. What maps/places would you like in Squad?

    I want something based in Syria, outskirts of Aleppo, Deir-Ez-Zor, Palmyra, maybe north Latakia mountains. Modders will probably beat devs to it.
  5. MLRS/Field artillery tank ?.

    current maps we have are just too small for the big pieces
  6. M16A2 for insurgent forces

    ISIS uses a lot of 16's captured from the Iraqi army, add it to their forces but only as a limited kit, maybe give it some kinda optic or smth
  7. August 2017 Recap

    lookin forward to twin 23
  8. Allow IED place on player/suicide vest

    i tried to place it on my dude but it didn't work
  9. Gas attacks?

    Yes, i want to gas Americas with Sarin as Insurgent. +100 ples add
  10. MLRS/Field artillery tank ?.

    Smaller artillery pieces like Type 63 Grad-P 2B9 Vasilek these ones with shorter range could work in the Squad but big boys witch you listed there won't
  11. Resolution is screwed

  12. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Yo guys, did you fix that super annoying Squad menu bug where you couldn't kick anyone because of the map that overlaps that option? EDIT: Seriously, how is this still not fixed? It has been years. >.> can't even lock the squad, end me now, not everyone is baging with a huge-ass monitors, what about the laptop gamers etc?
  13. Mortar overheating.

    nerf ROF, problem solved