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  1. January 2018 Recap

    First Insurgent in shorts should get some more hair on his legs Those new techies gonna kick some ass, im gonna be all over em. SPG gettin scope too?
  2. How would you improve the G3?

    optic would be great
  3. November 2017 Recap

    Narva getting expanded?

    thanks for the chat man, lots of good things

    Thanks. Here's my review then. Don't play here if you are allergic god complex. Other than that everything is fine, people just running around, blowing stuff up, just doing their everyday stuff like usual. But expect a bad time if you want to take out your good old APC for a spin. You just wont be able recover from that one. I had an internal kernel error up in that poor serf brain of mine. If you don't want to feel the same way, just don't play here man, if you do decide to play here, STAY STRONG. XOXO
  6. The Wrench - October 2017 Edition

    Skrunda-1 haha, 40 min drive from where im chillin at.
  7. Alpha 9.15

    Nobody seems to give a single f about it, this is why it hasn't been fixed for years now. You can't imagine how many times i have been told to buy a new monitor just because of 1 single game bug. Huuuh, this community sometimes. I will buy a new monitor once i stop being satisfied with what i have now. Sure, if you want to donate i'll gladly accept any form of currency. If not stop telling me what to do.
  8. I haven't kicked a single person from my squad since the day that i bought this game Nov 10, 2016. Come on already. I won't be buying a new monitor just because of 1 game any time soon, i can tell you that much. 9.15 with cleared cache, i have tried every single fix recommended on this forum, so please someone start working on this already...
  9. Alpha 9.14

    Any fps improvements?
  10. Release - Alpha 9.13

    No other map runs so shitty on my system, FX 6300, RX 460, 12GB ram My avrg fps on medium/high settings is 35-40~ fps
  11. Release - Alpha 9.13

    15 fps, unplayable
  12. Release - Alpha 9.13

    Finally some new content.
  13. 16x10 Aspect Ration Problem

    This needs to get fixed ASAP. How much longer will this take? Another year? Two?
  14. When is this bs going to be fixed? I want to kick people from my squad.
  15. 100 man server. CHECK!

    srs? O_o