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  1. YESS SIRR! You got it right.
  2. Not if i have to pay for the same re-skin twice.
  3. V10

    I heard that it will come in summer.
  4. ^ Some armed groups in the Syria are using regular size UZI''s in very limited numbers. It would be nice.
  5. it really needs a bigger bullet drop, i can land accurate shots with it past 200m quite easy little too op
  6. Yaboi, i hope that you jump on too someday. Lots of fun.
  7. I am literally doing this every darn game man.
  8. i play around 5-10 Bashar's every day on the INS side it was 2 out of 2 games today for me, we had some people with brain playing today
  9. random fob's placed hell knows where go down even faster 30-40% is a great success in my eyes I was born for this cqc chaos.
  10. lul, Americans didn't even bother to fortify stairwell, nobody was properly defending it, very sloppy Shoulda seen my games, sandbags everywhere, at least 3 people watching 1 entrance, heavy mg's covering every side, our FOB's last till the end of match around 30-40% of all games, Join RIP Bashar server some day or that 2fjg w/e it was called, even with randoms you can work something out there.
  11. I won 2 fing games today by camping inside Courtyard fob, 99%'s my arse.. I know what im talking about. I love this map and all, good job & thanks for making it, but damn.. think twice about what you type yo
  12. It's still faster to get into the game than b4.
  13. Insurgency mode bugs fixed IED's/Mines added optimization Mortars would be nice too
  14. Good for him, but he's talking out of his arse now. Have a squad that listens to your orders and nobody will be able to get past your defences. I had MANY games where this tactic worked great. Don't play with random strangers, end of the story.
  15. you clearly haven''t played enough