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  1. Tickets on Invasion

    Hi all, I've been thinking for a while now that the invasion ticket system is a bit backwards. Why do defenders get more tickets than attackers? Surely the team who is defending (in theory) will be taking much less casualties compared with the attacking team, thanks to advantageous positioning and well built defenses, plus the lack of a need to perform many counter-attacks in a typical Invasion game. So why do they then get the added bonus of having effectively unlimited tickets? In my view the ticket system should be re-balanced so that either; the attacking team gets say 150 more tickets than the defenders but lose the ability to gain more tickets by capping flags, or, the defending team gets a big reduction in their starting tickets to make it more even at the beginning of the round. As I SL a large percentage of my playtime I will admit that winning an invasion game as attackers is usually pretty epic stuff, however it normally just boils down to a slug-fest on one of the central caps as soon as the defenders have a well built super-FOB up. Personally I just don't think the current system is very fair in it's current state. Discuss