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  1. Difficulty Joining Server

    Hi! It's always difficult to join a server even if the ping is low. Also, when I switch from server browser to custom server browser and back to server browser again, It won't load the list of servers even if I refresh the list over and over. Please help. Thank you!
  2. Filipino/Pinoy/Pilipino players, comment here.

    Hi brother! i'm already playing squad. let's make this happen HI bros! i'm up with the game now. my player name is Radical steam name: Strato_Alpha HI bros! i'm up with the game now. my player name is Radical steam name: Strato_Alpha
  3. JUMPING OVER GAPS from roof to roof

    oh? there are available mods for the game? wow
  4. JUMPING OVER GAPS from roof to roof

    Tactically, from a safe vantage point, i was supposed to displace to a secondary vantage point to support my squad. It was ideal to cross over that roof to get to the position in a crucial timing. I think that gap is actually can be reached by a big step-over (reaching step) ?
  5. JUMPING OVER GAPS from roof to roof

    Sorry, i forgot I was in the automatic rifleman role when I did the screenshot. But even with the m4, a person who is physically fit can jump over that little gap. and that gap is actually can be reached by a step-over, no jump needed (in reality). Well, i forgot about the gears tho. Been trying the hold W+sprint+jump. Still fails to jump over that small gap. Maybe there's something wrong with my game? I tried it in all of the roles.
  6. Hi Team! You're doing a great job. However, i noticed that no one is allowed to jump over gaps of the roofs. While in reality, it is tactically important and it's physically possible. Please refer to my screenshot for the sample of the gap. Thank you! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=832644801
  7. Release: Alpha Version 8.9

    This game is really phenomenal! I can't stop marketing it here in the Philippines!
  8. December sale

    Hi guys! is there any upcoming sale this December? Thanks!
  9. Filipino/Pinoy/Pilipino players, comment here.

    still don't have the game bro, but once i get it i'll put my IGN here
  10. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    I was about to change my mind and not to buy the game, but then I saw this and realized how this game will be phenomenal ! so, please ? let there be another sale this December???? though I would freakin buy it even in the regular price but since it's the season of smile haha let there be sale!
  11. Filipino/Pinoy/Pilipino players, comment here.

    Bro im not familiar with the interface of steam yet. Please add me instead Strato_alpha. Thank you Bro, what country are you from? Decent connection with the filipino players getting into your servers? If you happen to encounter one, please inform them of this thread thank you! Hoorah!
  12. Filipino/Pinoy/Pilipino players, comment here.

    Thank you @topper @jpv21 hi bro! I know just one, it's @Garensterz. i will buy it on their sale on dec 15
  13. Filipino/Pinoy/Pilipino players, comment here.

    Pag ka bili ko add ko kayo mga paps, sa dec 15 siguro may sale daw. Anniv kasi ng release last yr. ayos na ba yung sa connection mo @Garensterz? Or lagger?
  14. I missed the 35% Nov 29 sale

    Hahaha thank the you!
  15. Filipino/Pinoy/Pilipino players, comment here.

    bro how's the connection with you? the ping? What internet are you using?