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  1. 47 minutes ago, SHO-SHIN said:

    Likley to do with loadouts as opposed to anything else, look pass the flags it's a game!

    Lol! Canada and the USA are allies. The whole premise is just silly is my point. Such a matchup even deviates from the stated authenticity and realism mantra's listed in the Kickstarter. Very cool map otherwise even though finding a server that's hosting it is a rare as hen's teeth.

  2. Canada vs. USA? Really? Who even thinks this up? Everybody even has the same Logi & Transport trucks... Ridiculous. Why even whitelist such a dumb matchup? Even Canada vs. INS would make more sense. The only thing stupider was USA vs. the British on that Kamdesh layer...

  3. 4 minutes ago, LaughingJack said:

    i was thinking about this today and came to the conclusion that Squad may not need a Commander role.

    my idea is this: One 3-man squad of 1xSL and 1-2xDMR (or roles with bino's) that call themselves Command/Intel squad. That SL can sit back, send out his DMR "scouts" to report to him and then he can do all the map marking and comms to the other SL's.

    could this achieve the same ends without needing to add the whole Commander role and associated stuffs to the game? 

    just a thought :)

    Commander and several air crewman are simply going to add to the vehicle crewman that are already off the flag. Naturally the clan meta that will certainly evolve right away will be no commander, vehicle crewman and air crewman and simply have more bodies on the flags with strategic rally placement.


    They will be winning all the matches while everyone else fiddles around with the new gear off the flags.

  4. 20 hours ago, Slavinkje said:

    You're telling me that I should logically conclude that a tank bouncing off a treestump and flipping on its back is intentional? Now if the tracks broke and I was able to fix it like I would a broken track from a mine or something then I would follow your reasoning, but what you're proposing is nothing short of absolute nonsense.

    My observations have absolutely nothing to do with reasoning. I'm simply saying that based on the fact that since the very first vehicle they've always been programmed to get stuck in ditches, high centered on logs/stumps/rocks and flipped over on inclines just like in real life.


    How is it so hard to understand that the game is intentionally programmed to make you understand that going off road can have unintended consequences? Especially when you can go look at all the parameters in the SDK and see that with a few simple mouse clicks vehicles would never get stuck and if they flipped they would self correct.

  5. I really liked the CAF package from the start but this first patch has made it even better. Outstanding work. The Nanisivik lanscape is much smoother allowing for easier cross country travel and the updated landscape textures look seamless & realistic with no visible tiling. The new map looks good as well. Hopefully I can find a server running Manic and Nanisivik this evening as people still aren't that jazzed about those maps it seems.

  6. 2 hours ago, drfreee said:

    can u talk without uk/usa measurements world using metric system. İ cant post a video to here but u can look youtube or other sources it is possible and i know and we doing that exercises with equipment

    I'm not the one making the assertion that the fall damage in the game isn't realistic, that was you remember?


    That's fine if you want to deflect by saying you're incapable of Googling what 14 feet converts to in the metric system, you don't understand how tall one storey typically is throughout the world, you mysteriously somehow can't post videos on YouTube and I simply should search YouTube myself to prove you right. That's no problem. However, none of those things validate your assertion though.


    I still maintain that the fall damage is not only modelled correctly but the resulting bleeding and bandaging is the best system available.


    Until you and the other previous five or so people that have made similar "fall damage isn't realistic" posts actually make videos of yourself jumping from high places with 70lbs rucks and rifles I'm going to trust the advisors that helped make the game.




  7. 20 minutes ago, Slavinkje said:

    An option in the vehicle interaction menu would suffice. Vehicles flip for all kinds of nonsensical reasons atm so approaching it like a feature instead of a bug by adding some kind of digging mechanic misses the mark imho.

    Considering the fact that the way the vehicles interact with the game environment since day one hasn't changed significantly the only logical conclusion anyone could come to is that the programming is intentional so as to simulate realism. Essentially the player is being conditioned to stay on roads but learn that leaving them has significant risks as well.


    IRL you're not going to be bushwacking cross country with the majority of the vehicle's and if you did you'd certainly have the potential to get stuck in a ditch, high centered on a log or flip your vehicle over on an incline.


    Honestly, if you look at the parameters on the vehicles and the collisions of assets on the assets in the maps with a few mouse clicks you could be driving around like Michael in GTAV driving up the side of Mt. Chiliad but is that what you really want from this game?

  8. 4 hours ago, drfreee said:

    in military i did worser jumps and nothing happend to me but in squad if i jump from one storey house i have dress my self i think thats too much and not realistic

    Post a video of you on YouTube jumping off the roof of this one storey house. That's 14 feet down. I'd like to see that. You don't even need to have the 70lbs. ruck or rifle.

  9. 9 hours ago, Alfihar said:

    So im a lefty and use numpad for all my movement but lean isnt working at all. Is there any chance this will be addressed soon as it really restricts my playability. 



    Pretty sure its because a couple of numpad keys are still bound by default to SL to SL chat and you need to clear them and then rebind.

  10. 1 hour ago, pinko said:

    These are great, thanks Zylf! Out of curiosity, what's the workflow to create this? Does UE4 have a DEM function? Or is it an aerial of a retextured & relighted original?

    The heightmap is exported from the SDK then imported into World Creator 2. Topographical view is enabled, all the color nodes are changed to a light green, line spacing is adjusted to where I think it looks good then both a grayscale relief image and a topographic are exported as PNG files. Then I drag the relief image into GIMP, drag the topo image over the top, reduce opacity to around 50% then export.



  11. 44 minutes ago, Stom said:

    That being said, I think it is important to keep some vehicle variants with limited efficiency, such as the two MRAP M2 variants.

    I agree. That particular MRAP can get you quickly and quietly behind enemy lines going cross country where you could get a rally down for the team and possibly engage a few infantry or poach a Logi or two though. However, the Bulldog doesn't have a single redeeming feature that you could utilize within the framework of the game to do anything of the sort. Not one. That's why they mostly sit at Main and cause a disparity in any map they're in. Especially that one layer Russia vs. Brits on Kohat.


    Like I said before their only current use is basically for noobs to create battlefield scenery with their scattered burning smoking husks strewn about the map.

  12. For all intents and purposes this thing is completely worthless within the gameplay of Squad. There isn't a single map its in where it actually has a defined purpose other than littering the landscape with its burned out husks.


    Pros: none



    *Noisier than a Monster Truck Rally - people hear you leaving main from across the map...


    * Slower than a bread truck - useless for any kind of group transportation as the match will be over before your squad reaches its destination...


    * Maneuverability of a skateboard on an ice rink covered in beef lard - this doddering old girl has to stay on roads as any kind of ditch, log or incline gets it stuck...


    * Paper mache armor - pretty much takes damage from kids with slingshots...


    * Wider than the Grand Canyon - ends up getting caught on pretty much anything that sticks out near the road...


    * Gunner protection sucks - Gunner gets shot out basically on departure from main or soon thereafter...


    My vote is replace it with something actually useful or a different version that  maybe has the 30mm cannon. Or just simply remove it and put more transport trucks in the maps.






  13. 1 hour ago, Imortaldragonx said:

    I just think that a topographical map would enable better planning if one could know the terrain in advance before getting there as high ground is always important but it is also important to know how to get there and if your position is being overlooked by somewhere else I just think that most maps can do it and it would be useful so why not.

    All of my shaded relief topographical maps are available on the Wiki under each map heading. If you have another monitor you can just have it open there.




    They are somewhat plain at this point so I may improve them into proper topomaps with roads and rivers etc.

  14. 11 minutes ago, Xeinar said:

    With the sad departure of the Operation First Light map and the contemporary inclusion of tanks, we see a growing attitude of rushing to heavy veichles and playing as loners.


    Skirmish maps are a way to have infantry-only battles, forcing the SLs to play together as a team and possibly improving the overall experience on the other maps.


    That said, I still do want more infantry-focused maps, in thight urban or dense forests setups, where veichles are mere transports rather than battle influencer.

    Yeah, and something else to consider is OPFL was actually gone a patch or two before the increase in sprinting speed was implemented so now imagine how fun it would be to play with zero vehicles right?


    I think there was talk on the modding Discord about bringing back an overhauled version of OPFL idk. Someone was making the standard map only more HD whilst someone else had expanded the playable area.

  15. 15 minutes ago, suds said:

    I think there should be no hard stop (magical barrier) just increasing visibility of enemy as they get closer to main up to a point where simulated systems start shooting at intruders. Could simulate infrequent UAV, simulated guard posts, guard dogs. All this should be removed or reduced when the final flag is down for a full base assault.


    Camping supply routes is part of the game.

    Yeah, this an idea I had before but everyone shot it down because they somehow classified it as A.I. strangely enough.


    I've mentioned this before but the G.D.F. faction and the overall AAS gameplay of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars shared a lot of similarities to Squad in that it was a team oriented objective based game and the G.D.F. roles were almost identical. That said, it had a very efficient and effective Main Base protection system that utilized an automated turret that would cut you to ribbons. In addition, all the maps in ET:QW were 1 kilometer square and each faction had a single aerial asset; Anansi for the G.D.F. and the Tormentor for the Strogg and the system worked completely fine without any need for oversight.


    In fact, the entire game was completely stand alone and required zero administration so Squad could eventually be programmed this way as well.

  16. 59 minutes ago, Phoenixstorm said:

    Well, think about it.


    First one comes with the increased zone if someone still wants to mine he can do but it becomes more unlikely do to more ways to choose from.


    Seconds the distance needs to be dynamic because each map is different so that the playable area only gets minimal affected.


    Second.2 The restriction of my suggestion is only for explosive deployable mines/IED.


    Second.3 C4 should still be placeable in the restriction area because enough ppl would exploit that with a radio.


    For Example Narva; Fools Road; Sumari; Kokan
    Note: The drawing is far from pixel-perfect but it should give you a more detailed picture of my suggestion.

      Reveal hidden contents

    Blue = Bluefor

    Red = Redfor

    Yellow= Mine/IED Restricted Area (Not C4)












    Vanity mine protection zones in every map for a game that already was supposed to be finished 12-24 months after a Q4 2015 release most likely is an unrealistic expectation.

  17. 4 hours ago, beastyau said:

    recently i've been back playing and i have noticed that you lose about half your health from falling from a wall. Not sure if it's that realistic but I'm pretty sure you can't die from a 2 story fall. what do you guys reckon



    - beasty

    Wikipedia says a story is around 14 feet. So yeah, I'm pretty sure a 28 foot fall would fracture most of your bones and cause a massive brain hemorrhage resulting in a permanent dirt nap. Bleeding in Squad starts at around 5-6  feet if I recall. Considering your virtual avatar has around 70lbs. of gear on the simulated fall damage sounds correct. Just be careful and remember its not Quake.

  18. 1 hour ago, Jevski said:


    So by those statements, If I get glitched(ie the games allows it) into the ground or a building and is able to kill the enemy from within then servers should not put up rules against it since the game isnt adequately programmed and and its the devs need to fix it, not the server rules?


    Same thing could be said of cheat software. If the game does not detect it, then its fine...Your logic isnt.

    As adults I think everyone understands that I'm referring to the intended playable attributes of the game and not exploits, glitching, cheating or 3rd party hacks. Making the condescending inference that I was referring to those issues simply trivializes your point as everyone understands the distinction between the intentions of the game programming and those completely separate issues.

  19. 51 minutes ago, Phoenixstorm said:

    It's still a game and some ppl play tournaments on a competition level, balance and fair play should be the foundation.

    Other said it's kind of a sim and war isn't fair, now it's the question which way we want to play.


    We could play dirty by camping the main with mines/at so no supply's can be delivered, or alternatively, just make sure they can't cap their first flag.

    Both ways are very effective and the mine one is pretty much a passive form of fire and forget (low-risk high reward) but do we really want that kind of playstyle as meta?





    How you or I feel the game should be played is irrelevant though. The Main Bases already have protection and there shouldn't be a need for additional rules above and beyond that otherwise you're basically questioning the intent and competence of the development team wouldn't you agree?


    I mean consider it from that perspective. If you're a private server and you feel the need to create an entire new set of supplemental rules aren't you essentially saying that the game is inadequately programmed and you with your superior knowledge and intelligence above and beyond the development team need to "fix" it for them?



  20. 5 hours ago, Marco said:

    Not much needs to be said about this, I believe trip mines, claymores and other anti-personel Mines would add an element of caution to urban combat. Whilst currently running and gunning into close quarters areas will rack you up easy kills, this will stop this or at least slow it down. I'm surprised it hasn't been added since we have anti vehicle mines already.

    In my opinion they should have been in the game before there were even vehicles. Certainly they would be useful for protecting FOB's as well.