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  1. From what I've seen over time you can observe how particular maps typically play out in this game. The gameplay is usually quite consistent. These are normal games but then there are the games where you feel like the opposition knows your every move. That's because in my opinion several people on the opposition do in fact know your exact location. In this game especially on the bigger maps if you think you're completely prone and concealed in building and somebody sneaks up and magically gets the drop on you or you're very far from the main action in a remote location in dense foliage and somebody intercepts you and instantly knows where you're at its highly likely you're being Metagamed.


    That said, I'm not going to discuss how its actually done but suffice it to say you play Squad long enough it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure it out when its happening to you and how its probably being done if you simply use your imagination. My only suggestion is just be careful what servers you play on and pay special attention to the player rosters.

  2. I have a fix for pretty much everything related to TK's, vehicle destruction and acquisition in Squad. You could even remove the buggy EAC if it was fully implemented. That would be if official OWI approved servers all linked together with persistent stats and reputation linked to the individual game key starting on the day the game is officially considered "finished"....


    This will stop pretty much all the douchebaggery. As your stats build up both good or bad so do your privileges and options in the game. Proper gameplay will be rewarded with instant approval of vehicles and advanced weapons whereas stats that show you're a knucklehead will basically reduce your abilities by making you unable to start squads, acquire vehicles and leave you with an iron sighted rifle and 3 mags until you improve your stats again.


    People only understand things that effect their pocketbook essentially. Basically you could ruin your key and have to buy another copy of the game if those were the choices you made in the game.





  3. 1 hour ago, 40mmrain said:


    as opposed to a noob and his two friends? It's a completely useless mechanic.


    The three man requirement makes no sense and should be two.

    My point exactly. I posted something to that effect close to a year ago. I do get the idea behind it however. On one hand you've got experienced players that can utilize the assets carefully and properly and on the other hand you've got to somehow implement a method of preventing wanton vehicle destruction and whoring. Trouble is, the system doesn't stop griefers from cow tipping a bunch of vehicles at main nor does it prevent a solo squad leader at main asking a couple of blueberries to join his/her squad temporarily in order to get a vehicle.

  4. 5 hours ago, MINTY said:

    What is funny to me is that Squad devs accomplished as much in a year as DayZ devs did in 5. 

    Agreed. Plus the devs are open to feedback and continue to improve the game with every patch.