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  1. On 10/21/2019 at 4:24 AM, Hunam394 said:

     Link to a video showcasing it. I really think that squad has a lot of moments where I'm struggling to fire over obstacles or through windows due to stance limitations compared to said obstacles/windows height and I think this would make the game so much better. What are your thoughts??

    A ton of effort was put into the animations on v10 and the movement & gunplay is perfect in my opinion. My vote is leave it alone. ARMA3 animations are the obsolete ones not Squad anyway. So what you have all these other body positions etc. but at what expense?

  2. 1 hour ago, Nightingale87 said:

    "The PR clones we guys want" Errr….no.


    We have been asking for different game modes for quite some time now. And you used to be against having different modes. I´m happy to see you have changed your mind.

    I think you're mistaking me for someone else. Either that or I was simply mocking someone by parroting the narrative that's been pushed from the beginning that alternative game modes would fracture the player base.


    Right from the start I gave the suggestion of including the classic modes like TDM, CTF & TKOTH and was flamed by a bunch of PRaphiles that are long since gone. And as recently as last month I made the suggestion of splitting off a "Classic" version of the game that was Infantry only.




  3. 6 hours ago, Nightingale87 said:

    Claims and requests like this are proof that SQUAD has attracted a more arcade oriented audience and now struggles to find its identity.

    Its only struggling because of the exact opposite reasons in my opinion. The game could easily be programmed for diversification to satisfy the Competitive, Casual and PR communities. Consider CS:GO as the model with its many different modes. Thousands of people playing freestyle rap surfing all the way to hardcore competitive for real money.


    If tomorrow the game was changed to nothing more than the exact clone of PR that you guys want the daily peaks would be lucky to crack 500.

  4. P

    2 hours ago, Nightingale87 said:

    Claims and requests like this are proof that SQUAD has attracted a more arcade oriented group of players and now is struggling to find its identity.


    There´s also some people asking for "smaller maps" because they are the "most popular" since they have instant action.


    There was even somebody asking for the logi truck to be driven by AI and some others who wanted things to be built automatically, so no "gaming time" was spent away "from the action"

    On the other hand though from a true "realistic" standpoint pretty much all of the simulations in both Squad and PR are completely made up fantasy engagements that would never occur in real life though. Especially regarding the supposedly "symmetrical" matchups between Russia and the USA for example which make very little sense at all considering key elements of CAS are completely missing, nevermind the tiny scale at which they're occuring.


    And that's completely disregarding the fact that in both Squad and PR you Star Trek materialize all over the map in Arcade fashion as well.


    Needless to say, the only engagements that would even remotely make sense within the context of a 40vs40 conflict  would be an unconventional battle between heavy armed special operations forces and local insurgent forces.


    Bottom line there are no conventional units consisting of this makeup. That's why at least the Delta Force games kind of made sense in that respect.





  5. 1 hour ago, wavefunction said:

    Not only is Squad basically in a different genre then PR, OWI has been using the QA team to twist the knife in PR vets for years now. At first I didn't think it was intentional/a conspiracy but after reading some very good insights on the subject I now believe that it is.


    Even if a great PR mod comes out I might still leave Squad uninstalled out of spite. The devs loathe this subset of the community and have made it abundantly clear that they want us gone. It makes me wonder why we should stick around, even with modding. If only there were another game we could attach to.

    I'm no OWI sycophant for sure but in my opinion you're delusional. First off I've played both PR and Squad and aside a few subtle differences its basically the same game. Again, as I've reiterated many times I've scrutinized the Kickstarter page carefully and they never promised you a PR clone.


    Nevertheless, regarding your "twist the knife", "intentional/ a conspiracy" etc. why don't you please cite your sources of these "insights" you've been reading? I think everyone would like to see that instead of some vague baseless assertions.


    In either case I've got no dog in the fight for either Squad or PR but certainly truth, integrity and honesty should be of the utmost importance.

  6. 30 minutes ago, daniboyrulez said:

    So I find that when I play in pretty much any server, I get around 60% of the time is either America vs Russia, or Britain vs Russia. I don’t know why there can’t be more Militia and Insurgents team per match, or hell, even Canadians. I feel like they don’t get as much love as they should, and I find they are so much more fun to play with, since you got more vehicles to choose from, along with your weapons. And even the tactics change a lot to really get that Militia/Insurgent feel. I don’t know if anyone else agrees with me, but what would you guys suggest? More or less Insurgents/Militia

    Agreed. Not only that, go into the console and see the entire myriad of wonderful creative layers and different game modes that are never even hosted. The private servers are completely biased to give you the general public a myopic view of the game in this respect.


    This is what happens when you let private individuals be the front end of your game for four years instead of hosting official servers and showcasing all the great creative work your team has accomplished though. You can't blame them for having their own personal bias though.


    Not only that, since the beginning after every single new patch I've always make a special point of going into the console and spending hours going into each and every layer simply just to check out the coll environments. Needless to say, subsequently those layers get removed with each patch so unless you checked them out in the console you missed your opportunity. So much lost potential, I don't understand why official layers aren't allowed to accumulate.


    That's just the nature of it though. There is no [OWI] corporate store, only the franchises hosting basically the same old Sumari layer for seeding purposes and then switching to the same old tired rotations.


    So much lost potential to showcase the game with official 24/7 servers of every map and mode which could potentially increase playership but instead you only get this limited view of the game.


    Take Skorpo for example. That is one super creative map with all kinds of potential for different strategies and tactics yet you hardly see it hosted anymore. Same with the CAS maps. Poof, gone.





  7. 1 hour ago, Geebus said:

    Stacked teams are a huge problem. I see them even more commonly during the player peaks after updates and sales. Most of the time there is nothing to be done as most experienced players will leave or change teams after a couple of these stomps. There for sure needs to be a vote system implemented in order to give the teams an opportunity to start fresh on the next map.


    Even though this problem might be solved by active admins, you run into the problem with many servers not having admins on all the time or admins that don't care. This too could be solved by simply finding a good server with decent admins, but this is a short term solution. It would be much better to give dedicated tools to the community in order to solve this issue. 

    How do you hard code an auto balance feature or vote system into game like Squad that doesn't have a conventional aggregate in the game modes like other fps games?


    Certainly you couldn't base it on K/D or the points you accumulate simply by sitting in a flag. Nevermind the fact that even if you could devise some Rube Goldberg balancing system into the game what's going to stop clans from simply switching until they're all back together again?


    Needless to say, many times you'll see a team with more kills actually lose the match so yeah, there's that to consider as well.


    Besides, in reality you should actually prefer to have all the members of a particular crew all on one side because of the potential for ghosting.


    Instead people should focus on learning how to play better and anticipate that any decent clan is going to pull some deep flanking meta on you right away so counter it and catch them.




  8. 2 hours ago, Guan_Yu007 said:

    Considering how OP a heli can be in terms of winning the match, i'd say it's quite a bit more than a glorified buss.

    Again, my point is once the novelty wears off you're going to have to draw straws to get people to shuttle you around in your OP flying Uber for entire hour plus long match. I played a round last night where the four dudes that were doing it stopped after they lost the first two and the choppers sat in Main for half an hour before some new arrivals grabbed them and quickly crashed them. After that they just sat in Main for the remainder of the match.


    Same thing with the tanks, often times they just sit in Main now for different reasons though most likely because they're so slow to drive across the map and then they're completely vulnerable because you have to get them in close now because of the excessive map fogging. Who wants to spend 12-15 minutes driving a tank from either Main on Yeho to the middle of the map only to get your ass handed to you because of a HAT?

  9. 2 hours ago, MrPapaBearFreddy said:

    I will always be a pilot cause that's my job in real, as for glorify bus driver?

    Within the context of an fps game eventually players tire of not being in the position of getting kills is my only point.


    Certainly flying IRL is just a wee bit more exciting (10 hours in my log book in Cessna 172) but I wouldn't say in translates to Squad though.

  10. 19 hours ago, Guan_Yu007 said:

    Also, first ones who make the heli squad, get the heli, no matter who gets to the actual helicopter first. Anyone else caught flying gets kicked.

    Again I think servers with this whole "naming" convention are absolutely silly. The game is programmed to allow a "first come, first served" paradigm and it shouldn't boil down to who has the fastest naming macro.


    Not only that, this ridiculous rule requires constant a administration presence otherwise you have a bunch of whiny little babies screaming and yelling at each in SL chat about "I was Heli Squad first" blah blah blah and I have to go mute them. Just like when tanks were new.


    Besides, it's not like it's an attack helicopter anyway. Once the novelty wears off and people figure out you're basically a glorified short bus driver with an even lower life expectancy than a normal Logi driver plus you're not getting any kills there will be limited competition for this asset and pretty soon you'll hear people in SL chat asking "who wants to shuttle us around in the chopper?... anyone?" silence...

  11. 15 minutes ago, Peerun said:

    Are multi-lane AAS layers gone or are servers simply not running them? What happened to PAAS? Single lane AAS and RAAS is getting pretty boring at this point. Would be nice to have them for maps like Gorodok and Yehorivka, atleast, especially now that helis are in the game.

    You can always go into the console and starting with the first letter and see what variations are currently available in each map. I do remember that the Fools Road layer was bugged out. Seems like other ones were bugged out too if I recall.

  12. On 10/15/2019 at 1:03 PM, Guan_Yu007 said:

    This is why i'd like to see HABs pushed away from the objectives in general.. Just increase the no-spawn radius a bit, like 50-100m depending on how many enemies, and then you can actually have a good fight over the objective. The defenders could still dig defences and stuff, but would have to spawn a bit further away, which solves another issue, the meatgrinder... It'd be a lot less common to see a mindless meatgrinder, and a lot more possibilities for proper flanks.

    It's a Catch-22. Put the Fob/Hab directly on the flag and eventually you get either A. surrounded and cut off from resupply or B. the Fob/Have gets proximitied and then you lose it from attrition. On the other hand you put the Fob/Hab far enough from the flag then you have to fight your way back to the flag and also everyone is now trying to protect the Fob/Hab instead of pushing to the flag.


    All this redundant silliness could be fixed by removing all forms of flag bleed, completely deleting the proximity Fob/Hab disable and accordingly decrease the damage threshold on the player and/or increase weapon lethality. Then the fight over the flag is more about who is actually the better shooters and destroyers like it should be.


    Too many steps have been to "baby proof" what is supposed to be a realistic military murder simulation game.



  13.  @SinisterGlitch


    Part of your statement I agree with, the other part I don't.

    One of the only reasons I still play Squad is the simple fact that it has a strategic element to it that requires planning and tactics to win a match. There is currently no other game in the genre that possesses this kind of gameplay.

    That said, it's completely illogical to fault people for organizing in groups and getting good at the game. That makes no sense to me.


    On the other hand though, what is completely and utterly wrong is the simple fact that from the very start the game itself should have been programmed with a built-in set of universal rules.


    Instead, what was implemented was a lazy set of "server guidelines" which are a virtual gray area that has not only allowed organized groups to create layer upon layer of pointless supplemental rules but ironically has also stunted the actual growth of the community itself.


    How else would you explain the fact that there's over a million concurrent key holders and yet daily peaks around of around 3000 players? Across the entire timeline you see a complete stagnation with basically zero growth in the playership.


    When one compares sales versus playership it becomes readily apparent that the game is initially found to be appealing to the new purchaser. However, clearly it appears as though they play it past the Steam refund and then for unknown reasons move on.


    You can draw your own conclusions as to why that is but it's my opinion that not having a built-in set of consistent rules hard coded into the game that allow for a fair and balanced experience have literally driven away a million players and will ultimately be the demise of the game.

  14. 31 minutes ago, Comm@ndo said:

    + Helicopters are too fast and take too much damage (interim thing?)

    + Still getting CTD at map changes


    1. Glad I'm not the only one to notice this. Chopper speeds and damage taken are redonkulous.

    2. Crashing to desktop on pretty much every round along with half of my team as well. Sending error report.

  15. 5 hours ago, Nightingale87 said:

    Well... I gave it a try.


    I jumped in a server, and after 20 minutes I realized that the action had never stopped. Everything was spawn here, get in cap, heal somebydy, drop one, die, spawn there attack from the other side, drop one, die, spawn at new rally. 


    20 minutes of pure action, shots never stopped, open the map and it´s headless chickens all over.


    On the other hand, last night there was a ONE LIFE event. I didn´t get to play but it was awesome. So vanilla is not for me.

    Agreed. Choppers are now nothing more than giant fast flying Pez dispensers dribbling out Uber Rally's and Fob/Habs with impunity. As offensive weapons they have minimal impact though which seems odd compared to the choppers in Joint Operations.


    To be honest it's way too much overlap and redundancy to have them carry enough build and ammo for Fobs/Habs. The biggest maps in Squad are still way too small for the silly speed the choppers have.


    I always assumed that once choppers would be implemented they would simply be simple transportation accoutrements with that would basically eliminate the need for Star Trek teleportation Fob/Habs.


    So essentially now there are very few realistic attributes left in Squad and the respawn features have so many layers of redundancy built in that it's even more Arcade than many other similar past titles.


    In the beginning when people dubbed the game "Walking Simulator 2016" the game was unforgiving, grueling and punishing and you paid the price for your mistakes. However, that was the elements that ironically made it strangely appealing.


    Now the game has been so dumbed down that essentially it's a self fulfilling prophecy attracting mostly low IQ players that need be kept "in the action". All the while driving away people that want to plan tactics and strategy. Whilst certainly I don't have a problem with that concept stop trying to pretend that this game has any realistic tactical elements left in it.


    Besides, I thought the whole purpose of migrating the game away from the Refractor Engine to the Unreal Engine was to improve the visuals but at this point the maps have had so many optimization passes done on them they actually look worse than PR. Especially the two maps I compared in PR when I played in recently; Al Basrah & Fools Road.


    Squad has now evolved into what I now call "Baby's First Battlefield"...

  16. Choppers are way too OP in my opinion. Both speed and damage taken need to be reduced by around 50%. Anytime you look at them in a scope they do the old jr high slide show desych plus they take way too much damage.

  17. Honestly after the 5000 hours I've played Squad the community is basically just like high school; Jocks, Nerds and Stoners.


    Jocks are the "Competitive" crowd, Nerds are the "MilSim" people and the Stoners are just the "Casuals"...


    If people start nagging or griefing you just leave and find another server because essentially you're an asset not a liability due to the fact that in the community there is pretty much a competition to keep servers populated and accordingly donations flowing in.

  18. Great patch. Lots of great new content, assets and quality of life improvements. I especially like the new map. 


    That said, its too bad there aren't a few official vanilla servers available in each region because as usual with every new feature the devs work hard to put in the game the private hosts again feel the need to contradict it with some hodge podge of oddball supplemental rules.


    I love the newest one "no more than two pilots per squad"... lol...


    Needless to say, the server already has a "no locked squads under 4" rule from that particular patch. You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried. Definitely Mensa members hard at work here.


    So not only do you have to fly a chopper but you've also got to constantly kick poor saps that keep joining your squad plus also take one of the nine available SL to SL keypads.



  19. 55 minutes ago, maze2 said:

    No, lately the population for the westerners can’t even fill one server sometimes and that’s a problem considering that game is made for 100 players.

    That's not the point. He said there wasn't enough servers to play on however if you're inside the game browser or you click "show empty servers" you'll plenty of empty servers worldwide. For me in North America I played on =HOG= but there were also two empty American server as well. The potential to play Project Reality PvP is readily available to anyone in the world with 39 empty servers.