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  1. 1 hour ago, LaughingJack said:

    lols, yeah. why'd it take em so long? funny what some miss, ay.


    Yeah, its funny how the more things change the more they remain the same.


    Honestly Squad has basically evolved into Joint Operations AAS with side quests.


    And nevermind the fact that Joint Operations AAS actually incentivized playing on the flags more than Squad because once you captured the point it then became not only your new spawn point but also your new ammo resupply.

  2. The funniest thing about this is how surprised you guys are acting regarding how the whole situation with Helicopter claiming is going down. If you're getting the SL pilot role and claiming the helicopter but then getting kicked from the server because the admin and his buddies want it you have zero recourse due to the fact that they aren't actually doing anything that is against the server licensing agreement. Funny how that works.


    It's exactly the same as when the tanks were released so I can't imagine how you'd think it would be any different in this case.


    Let's be realistic here, the entire front end of the game since day one has been nothing but private franchises that basically call the shots and do as they please. On the other hand, they pay the server hosting bills and comply with the super vague server licensing agreement so how can you blame them? 


    So yeah, until a universal set of rules are applied to the server licensing agreement and/or official servers are provided expect a "our tree fort, our rules" gaming experience that is rife with cronyism and favoritism.


    On a side note, my opinion is that the game should be reprogrammed down to only a couple or so pilots per faction similar to the HAT restrictions. It would still boil down to who has the fastest connection, SSD and clicking ability however the system should be hard coded for the first come first serve paradigm instead of a bunch of pilots hanging around the main base waiting for the next chopper to spawn thus losing the game for your team.


  3. 1 hour ago, drfreee said:

    İ asked this feature at feedbacks section but devs didnt added there is program can do this ? i dont wanna hold w and shift when i am going to walk big distances and if i use that program will i be banned ? 

    Razer Prolapse will do stuff like this all day long.

  4. 19 minutes ago, Jevski said:


    So tk'ing is fine by you? If I need the logi more than some random player then its a feature to get to use the asset for a more important hab.

    Or if the anti-cheat does not catch an aimbot, thats also ok since the game allowes it?

    Maybe you're not up to speed but the game is programmed to auto kick at 5 now down from the previous 7.


    What an external 3rd party program like EAC does or doesn't do is irrelevant to the programming of the game related to the topic.


  5. Based on the title I thought this thread was going to be all about the new clan meta that cropped up this weekend where as soon as you get the choppers you suicide ram them into the opponent's choppers and then just keep doing it over and over, match after match. I bet nobody anticipated this genius strat. Good times, reminds me exactly what everyone did in Joint Operations.

  6. 18 minutes ago, Jevski said:

    The point im making that Zyl does not get is that just because its possible, is not reason to do it. Its called having a high level of integrity and moral.


    Its still possible to be glitched inside buildings, but that does not mean you should take advantage of it. It has nothing to do with global server rules or if devs has said its a glitch or not. But people like Zyl have this missing link somehow, having a hard time knowing the difference between right and wrong.

    I used to have a friend much like him, that had same behavior towards others, both in text and social interaction. He is currenly serving a life sentence.

    You're hilarious. Virtue signalling "Integrity and Morality" in a first person shooter video game where for entertainment you drive around in little toy cars gunning down mud hut dwellers in capri pants. Yawn. You can't be serious.


    Bottom line, guys like John Carmack, John Romero, Gabe Newell, Wes Eckhart, Tim Sweeney and Cliff Bleszinski all managed to make completely stand alone video games that didn't require "Mother" to hang around and watch. And they had entire armies of QA minions to fix bugs as well.


    That said, if there is a simple error in a video game that has been completely known about for over two years and not fixed at some point the only rational conclusion user's could come to is that it isn't actually considered an error but a feature.


    Anything the video game allows should be considered fair gameplay. As of this weekend the new meta is to suicide ram the other teams helicopter at the soonest possible chance and keep doing it the entire match. Quick! Better make new "no Heli ramming" rule Jevski!







  7. 29 minutes ago, Nightingale87 said:

    I don´t think so.


    That isn´t the reason why buddy rally came to be. And that is one of the reasons some people are frustrated. Nobody asked for it. It came to fix something that wasn´t broken for ONLY DEVS really know what reason.


    And we hit this point again. Some people think buddy rally came to keep people in the action all the time. Making the game more addictive and appealing to a broader audience. As you said. They want to make money. 

    You missed my point though. The clans which basically run the whole front end of the game were cheesing the old rally point system way harder than the buddy rally system ever did. If anything, persistent ammo and buddy rally are nerfing their meta now.

  8. 5 hours ago, Nightingale87 said:



    And dont forget… in all those "surveys" buddy rally always had more negative than positive feedback. Still...there it is.

    The thing is do you guys actually remember why "Buddy Rally" and persistent ammo was implemented in the first place? In my opinion it was simply a reaction to the clans cheesing the original rally system for so long. Essentially with their technique though it was actually a "Super Buddy Rally" in a sense.


    So remember the timeline? First a rally point only had 9 spawns so as an SL you'd really need to worry about life preservation. Still, with that system a two man vanguard could push ahead to the next flag and drop a rally, unlock the squad and seven more dead players would quit their squad, join and spawn in fully armed and speed capping the flag.


    If you get rid of buddy rally the clan meta will return only this time they'll simply supply off the transport.


    Every single major change in the actual game mechanic thus far has been a reaction related to the clan meta. First it was the "Rush Meta", then the "Meatgrinder FOB Meta", then the clans were cheesing the role system by joining a squad until everyone got the good roles, crappy roles then quitting and forming another uber squad.


    The only real fix would be a complete overhaul at this point. Make it so you need to have a full nine man squad to even drop a FOB, three people to drop a rally and the rally is limited to 9 spawns again.


    The catch would be those rally spawns would only be limited to those specific nine squad members when the particular rally was dropped and you would only get one respawn per person until it was refreshed again. So no more a la carte musical chairs rally point for cheesing.







  9. 4 hours ago, tzaeru said:

    There's a bit of a problem in actually finding a full'ish server at the moment. Right now all ping- and setting-wise appropriate servers have +10 people in queue or no people at all on them.


    If we could see how long the current map has been played on a server, it would make it easier to decide where to go to queue.

    Battlemetrics shows you how long individual players have been in the match if that helps.





  10. 12 minutes ago, Jevski said:

    But its still a glitch since you knew it was unreachable when you placed the radio so far under water that it was impossible to shovel down, as you admitted yourself shortly before you got banned for placing  2 radios under water.

    As someone who often attacks and is condescending to players here on the forum, you sure set a low bar on your own integrity.

    Lmfao! What does "integrity" have to do with the programming (or lack thereof) of the game? By your own admission you're actually proving my point strangely enough. In fact, several other "competitive" servers not only condone placing FOB's underwater but many many times I've watched their own members participate in this "tactic". Needless to say, a lot of other servers have no specific rules regarding the subject at all. 


    Needless to say, you've only further validated my point that there needs to be a consistent set of rules across the entire server browser instead of this hodge podge of ridiculous supplemental rules that are imposed arbitrarily on the general community. Thank you for helping reinforce that concept.


    That said, I think the OP had a completely valid question that's especially relevant considering the fact that its been known about for over two years. So in that respect your assumption thats it's a "glitch" is technically incorrect at this point until we hear otherwise, correct?


  11. On 10/27/2019 at 11:12 AM, Nightingale87 said:

    Just get rid of buddy rally altogether!!!!

    At this point helicopter's make the buddy rally redundant. Trouble is, they're not on every map. Buddy rallies kind of keep the momentum of the match upbeat and filled with action in order to keep players engaged. If it was up to me I'd not only get rid of buddy rallies but also HAB's as well.

  12. 1 hour ago, Comm@ndo said:

    We don't need anymore 'nanny rules'.

    "Nanny Rules" give private hosts and their entire staff a sense of purpose and self importance though. The old "My Tree Fort, My Rules" paradigm. I mean think about it, if Squad was actually programmed to be a completely modern stand alone game with officially hosted servers and matchmaking it would be far too successful with thousands more of the over a million Steam key holders actually playing. We can't have any of that nonsense.

  13. Arcade style self destroying vehicles have been discussed here already ad nauseum literally years ago. However, everyone is simply too lazy at this point to chime in and be "that guy" that tells you to use the search function.


    That said, it's safe to assume considering the amount of time that has transpired since the inclusion of vehicles into the game the "persistent" nature of abandoned vehicles is actually a feature and not some overlooked mistake.



  14. Stop and think for a minute. Name another current PvP military shooter game that has the attributes of personnel organization & hierarchy, 64 square kilometer maps, a logistical system, AAS mode (plus others), limited HUD with no crosshairs and all built on a CAS framework. You can't. ARMA 3 with some mods can come close but that's about it.


    So, realistically speaking Squad is situated in a unique genre in that respect. Dumbing the game down with even more arcade elements than it already has plus more "optimization passes" that even further degrade the graphics quality in order to appeal to low IQ players and/or low performance PC users is a piss poor idea simply due the fact that several other big name titles like Battlefield and CoD do the Arcade thing so much better.


    Only by removing all or most of the Arcade elements from the game and going to a more unique and realistic game style will you attract smarter players that are looking for a more strategic and tactical game experience.


    The game should move in the direction of more punishing and unforgiving gameplay where simple mistakes and poor planning result in abandoned Logi's scattered across the map as a grim reminder of your stupidity instead of a pat on the head and everyone gets a trophy.

  15. 11 hours ago, Nightingale87 said:

    Off topic I have to say it´s very curious how every time you express yourself you sound like you´re talking to somebody else. Like if you had some personal issue or agenda that is hard to relate to the topic. 


    For instance, let´s say you are right. ATHENA mod is hopeless, vanilla will never be a tactical and all that (unrelated) comments. So what is it to you? Why do you care? Why do you waste your time and write 4 paragraphs to put people down? If you are wrong, then you are wring and time will tell, if you are right, what do you achieve by doing this? really. It´s hard to understand where you come from, it´s like you just WANT a certain mod to fail.


    Now a bit more on topic. Well....First of all, you played less than 10 hours, sorry, but that´s not enough. And you´re judging a game from a short experience in only one server. You know that´s not enough nor objective.


    Secondly, all this nostalgia thing you keep commenting, where does it come from? which nostalgia? In v12 SQUAD was quite similar to PR. Almost the same actually. Why?


    1 No buddy rally.

    2 No buddy rally.

    3 No buddy rally.


    From v 10 to v12 they increased the HAB disable range and added respawn timer. That plus no buddy rally ended up with a VERY similar experience to PR. They were MOVING towards something more tactical. Version after version, things here and there, fewer name tags, smaller name tags, all being able to revive, increased respawn timer, etc. And then, suddenly… V13 with buddy rally and no dead dead. Suddenly, they started moving the opposite direciton.


    That´s it. That´s all your dramatic violin soundtrack speech about NOSTALGIA. V12. Basically 2 mechanics (,rally and hab disable distance increased, (because the dead dead came back)


    You go so far with your words that it´s hard to believe you really know what the requests some part of the community is making.

    Basically every single week there's a new "why isn't Squad PR2?" thread. And yet to this day you can still go play PR and get exactly the experience you think is missing from Squad but oddly enough hardly anyone is playing and my experience was they're all more toxic than anything I ever experienced in Squad.


    I keep trying to find the downside of playing PR vs. Squad and I couldn't. Starting with graphics I had all settings maxed out on my 2080 and the game looks every bit as good as Squad especially considering they've dumbed down a lot of textures to 1k for the toaster's in Squad. In fact, the two maps I compared; Basrah and Fools I thought looked as good if not better than Squad. Furthermore, the building models and textures in Basrah looked way more interesting honestly.


    Moving on to the gunplay I had no problems either with that. The only negative thing I could find about PR was the Command Map was a bit low resolution compared to Squad's map.


    Bottom line, tell me the downside of everyone organizing and going back and playing PR plus also contributing to them on PayPal if you love the game so much? Not a single one of you have ever offered a reasonable excuse why you simply don't play PR and yet thousands upon thousands of you have demanded that Squad be transformed into PR2.


    Funny thing is bluedrake is a Squad founder and yet here he is recently playing PR, so what's stopping you?



  16. 8 hours ago, Nightingale87 said:

    There is a world of difference. IF there isnt, well, then tell fuzz there isnt and that what he posted is redundant and irrelevant.


    You played PR for some hours. how many hours have you got in Squad? 


    If you went with this attitud into any server, just to biased to prove that PR was some nostalgic stupid thing from the past, then....well...you got what you wanted. Still...Im sorry for anybody who missed the fantastic gameplay PR offers.

    I had no attitude. I downloaded the mod overnight on a Friday, installed early Saturday morning, read the manual, got all my settings and keybinds in order and entered the only server available in North America, I believe it was called "HOG".


    I then played off an on all weekend back to back with Squad matches on several different maps. Overall, I found the PR game itself to be very enjoyable. That said, again you've completely missed the point. You guys think that somehow making Squad into a PR clone is going to reverse time and return you to this magical land where everyone drinks Bubble Up and eats Rainbow Stew.


    What I'm telling you is you can never go back in time no matter how much you want. Ironically, the same type of experience is happening to all the younger Squad community right this minute and ten years from now they'll be searching for this same magic quality that you guys have imprinted in your brains from PR.


    Get over it. No "Athena" mod is ever going to fix your nostalgic fixations. Besides, modding Squad is a dead end. Just look at the custom browser, its essentially empty save some clans private scrims. Fascinating community members have spent countless thousands of hours making extremely creative and wonderful maps and mods and yet they sit on shelves gathering dust.


    Heck, even look at the CAF mod that got inside help and greenlighted yet everyone in the clan scene hates it and won't host it so its mostly dead which was a real shame because I really appreciated that Nanisivik map.





  17. 9 hours ago, paragonid said:

    not worth it, wait release/discount or Planet Side 3, or you will wait in server queues for hours of your life

    I've got 5k hours in Squad and doubt I've ever spent more than a few minutes in a server queue. Most servers have whitelisting for both regulars and contributors.

  18. 15 hours ago, Chompster said:

    The pace of the game has rooted itself and has set it far too apart from PR. transports are meaningless, tickets are meaningless, staying alive is meaningless, teamwork is meaningless in squad.


    Thrive? what? what?? where the hell did this come from? at no point did it thrive nor will it ever. Squad's focus has shifted to none-stop combat/action, with teamwork being secondary. 

    Stop your delusional exaggerations. Like I said before I got so tired of listening to you guys wax nostalgic and pass off a bunch of half truths about Squad I finally downloaded PR a few weeks ago. I played both back to back Al Basrah and Fools Road on the same day in both Squad and PR.


    That said, there isn't really much difference in either plus I'd say if anything the vehicles in PR are way more Arcade with their speed, maneuverability and not getting stuck on things. Nevermind the fact that in PR several times some shitlords TK'd me on purpose which rarely happens in Squad, I was never revived by Medics even once, zero teamwork with hardly anyone on SL chat and people were Zerg Rushing and wasting assets left and right.


    It simply boils down to the server and the people you play with honestly. I was playing both Squad and the new CoD off and on all weekend and had some great matches in both plus some really crappy ones as well.



  19. 22 hours ago, ZXD_Lee said:

    now the devs have to waste time downgrading graphics to suit your pc, upgrade so we can speed up development time and have better visuals 

    This. It was a subtle process over time. In the beginning nearly 3 years ago the textures on the landscape, foliage and buildings used to look great. Now after all these optimization passes it's basically stylized. Especially Yeho and Goro. Setting everything up to the high levels makes zero difference anymore either. Oddly enough frame rates drop but the textures look exactly the same. On an RTX2080 I might add.


    That said, oddly enough if you notice the visual quality of the character models, weapons and vehicles look incredible now which is kind of an odd juxtaposition. Especially when a gorgeous Abrams is sitting next to this goofy looking oak tree that's all over Gorodok which looks like it's from Fortnite.


    This is why I like to play the desert maps anyway because they look much better and don't have to draw call all those crappy looking trees. Players like Laughing Jack, Raging Death and I are used to pixelated looking graphics so it doesn't bother people like us however it must bother younger folks immensely.

  20. lol... If you're going to make a duplicate account for your cool kids club vendetta at least put a little more effort into not plagiarizing yourself. Secondly, maybe space out the time between posts and thirdly maybe go full 2600 and use Starbucks WiFi for the other account.



  21. Honestly the game is already overcomplicated for the vast majority of the community. Seriously...


    People can't even understand the most simplistic concept of actually defending the defense flag in AAS let alone the complexity of claiming an enemy vehicle. Stop trying to educate and enrich low IQ Steam Drones when all they want to do is Zerg Rush across 2000 meters of open ground on foot to the next flag.

  22. On 10/22/2019 at 4:08 AM, Guan_Yu007 said:

    Wish RPAAS would become a thing, then again TC takes care of AAS's shortcomings imo.

    My problem with TC is the arbitrary hexagonal grid which makes very little sense with regard to the terrain, structures and other features of the actual map. In this respect there is another small Indie game called Tannenberg that has perfected the mode in my opinion. In that game the capture points are similar to Squad AAS however once you capture the strategic point your team takes control of an entire region which then unlocks spawn points. The trouble with Tannenberg however is the fact that all the maps are very small in comparison to Squad.