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  1. Meanwhile though... The 15,000 lbs. elephant in the room still exists. Here we're talking about mitigating the effects of ticket loss due most times to someone being downed with small arms and that's great and everything.




    What about the entitled shitlords losing mutiple choppers and getting to claim them again and again, over and over because "our squad is named "HELI"?


    This is total garage that the game is now essentially rewarding mediocrity. Has everyone forgotten the hard coding of personal vehicle claiming cooldown timers in previous versions of the game already?


    Remember this punishment? It was linked to you and your whole squad and when you lost a big ticket vehicle you couldn't just bebop back to Main and grab another one. Let's bring that back and give other's a chance.


    Better yet, exponential spawn timers and vehicle claiming cooldown timers need to be in Squad but I've got the ultimate built in punishment game mechanic idea that would be the icing on the cake.


    So just like the game is hard coded to automatically kick you from the match at a set amount of team kills how about also it now kicks you for losing the team a set amount of tickets regardless if they're give up deaths or vehicle tickets?


    30 sounds about right.

  2. Great idea in theory. However, your average low IQ Steam drone only wants to get back into the action as quick as possible and would care less about gold stars.


    That said, how about instead the exact opposite in the form of an exponential punishment system that actually increases your spawn time after every time you don't wait for a medic? If you wait the full bleed out and nobody bothers to revive you then no punishment but after each time you give up a minute gets added to your next respawn time.

  3. 2 hours ago, Thr34t said:



    You don't understand the simple point of it not being realistic to just magically get an asset back because a button is pressed.


    It IS realistic to be forced to not have an asset due to it being captured / abandoned.  


    I really don't understand how you can think otherwise because it takes absolute backwards logic. 


    My logic is that if a team abandons an asset then they need to recover it in order to have it back. That is logical.


    My logic is that if an asset is captured the team that lost the asset will no longer have it. That is logical.


    Your logic is that if a team makes a woopsies and no longer has an asset they can press the magic undo button and have it back. Not logical, not realistic,  and straight up shit gameplay which doesn't reward a team for capturing an asset and gives 0 consequences for wasting assets. 


    Why is this difficult for you?

    Agreed. For the time being at least this paradigm is still one of the last few remaining non-Arcade attributes left in Squad. I could see that easily changing though at some point in the future to more warm tummy rubs and soft pats on the head to placate the hurt feelings crowd on Discord and Reddit.


    Honestly as embecmom always pointed out regardless of vehicle ticket cost values players treat the vehicles as disposable anyway. Case in point, I was playing a match this morning on a fairly popular server and over the course of match one loudmouth flyboy lost 4 Blackhawks and not only played it off in command chat like it was nothing but was honestly upset when I asked him after the third one if he realized how many tickets he'd lost our team.


    This is the demographic [OWI] is up against so its understandable that the game will inevitably continue to get dumbed down simply to accommodate these kind of folks.

  4. 5 hours ago, Nightingale87 said:

     I couldnt care less about those other features you mention. That doesn´t affect the gameplay I want to see.

    That's illogical. All of the more realistic attributes I mentioned plus many more used to be in Squad before and are exponentially more detrimental to realism than "Buddy Rally"


    Full Gib headshots, much higher ticket costs and longer respawn times for vehicles, SL and 2 other teammates to place a FOB and much longer respawn times just to mention a few. Have you forgotten about those things?


    Instead you're obsessed with your Buddy Rally fetish. Don't you understand that "Buddy Rally" has existed from the very beginning with the clans cheesing it and all [OWI] did was simply legitimize it but nerf it with persistent ammo so noobs would have access to it as well?


    What part of the rally point meta don't you get?


    Say tomorrow Buddy Rally was completely removed from the game. You know what's going to happen next? All the clans in their Discord or TS chats are simply going to go back to doing their little workaround cheese where they TK each other, apologize in all chat, then join the new squad that has the strategic rally point on the objective flag, spawn in, create new squad, change their kits off the transport/logi truck and then drop other new rally points. Its shampoo, rinse, repeat, shampoo, rinse, repeat just like it was before.


    You'll solve nothing by removing Buddy Rally and not addressing the latent problem.





    5 hours ago, Nightingale87 said:


    2- Name tags: just by delaying the appearance of name tags and getting rid of them beyond...say....50 meters… would bring IFF into the game.







    Personally I've always played with all friendly name tags completely off so I'd be totally down with forced removal of them.

    5 hours ago, Nightingale87 said:


    Observe as many economic laws as you want just do that in another post or even another forum, because here it is off topic.

    Unlike PR which is a charity modification Squad is a for profit business. I think you're one of the only people here who doesn't understand that and thinks a profit model is an off-topic subject. Especially from the perspective of the development team who wants to turn a profit and pay their bills. Get real.


    Certainly maintaining publicity hype on Steam, YouTube, Discord, Twitch and other social media platform translates into cash sales each and every day which in turn creates capital for the monthly payroll. 


    This means continuing to develop a viable and sustainable game that will be accessible and desireable to the younger adult casual demographic and not be some ultra realistic niche title that has daily peaks of under 100 like Tannenberg for example.


    You're failing to see the bigger picture though. I don't have a dog in the fight but certainly I recognize that like every single previous title in the genre eventually Squad will dwindle in popularity and be rendered obsolete by the next greatest thing.

  5. 2 hours ago, Nightingale87 said:

    So you think basically that removing buddy rally is imposible because they would go out of business.


    Ok. So why do you suggest for it to be removed in other posts?


    Because that´s all I am saying. Remove buddy rally. THATS IT!.... do you think that Will destroy their income? 


    They can also add SERVER OPTIONS. As simple as that! everybody happy.

    In some respects you've got buddy rally "tunnel vision" though. What about all the other attributes that have been added over the timeline that also contribute to a drastic reduction in realism as well?


    Certainly many other things such as reducing the amount of players necessary to drop a fob, reducing vehicle ticket values, decreasing vehicle spawn times and making players nearly invincible also contribute to the arcade paradigm as well.


    Again, my point that an ultra realistic fps game isn't economically viable or sustainable isn't my personal opinion. I don't know why you keep making that myopic supposition. I'm simply observing what the law of supply and demand of the marketplace have dicatated since the beginning of the genre in 1999 with DF1.


  6. @Nightingale87


    You're preaching to the choir. I'm in complete agreement with most of your points. No matter what you call your flavor of gameplay though I'm just telling you that slow, brutal, unforgiving and realistic gameplay isn't a viable or sustainable economic model especially when essentially a bunch of arcade clans are the front end of your game so you can disassociate yourself with the financial burden and liability risks of hosting it yourself.


    By your own admission regarding the cherry picking of the Buddy Rally results in the recent polls you've already come to the conclusion that the inmates are essentially running the prison anyway so to speak. The arcade clans bear the financial burden of being the virtual storefront for the Squad "service" so essentially they get to decide the direction the games goes. 





  7. On 11/7/2019 at 9:10 AM, Guan_Yu007 said:

    It just needs more content i guess, and some rebalancing. Apparently the CAF are quite OP generally, but it's also far from finished, having less to play with than official factions, and ofcourse, helicopters are also taking a lot of attention away from mods in general.

    In my experience playing the few remaining CAF levels that are even hosted by the clan servers on maps other than Nani & Manic the CAF faction seems balanced to me. If anything CAF is at a disadvantage on Kamdesh because of their green dominant color.


    The bigger problem is this rampant clan hatred of the Nanisivik and Manic maps in general which is completely counter productive towards modding the game. I mean from this point on what's even the incentive for example the FFL mod team to finish their entire mod? Say they get it added as official DLC and then have it showcased but then only a month later you can't even play it because the front end of the actual game is hosted by a bunch of biased arcade clans who use excuses like "it looks like the surface of the moon" or "the hills are too steep".



  8. 8 hours ago, Dubs said:

    There's two changes in v17(Beta 1) that I came across
    - Single man Squads can no longer utilize the BR system. You need at least 2 people(SL + 1 other) for your Squad to have the ability to utilize the BR system.
    - You can no longer freely and instantaneously bunny hop from rally point to rally point using the BR system, as a 150 second cool down is present after your first BR use.

    This does absolutely nothing to remedy the actual cheese which is the strategic placement of rally point deep behind enemy lines on the next flag by only a two person squad.


    Nerf one or the other. Get rid of buddy rally entirely or make it so you need considerably more people in your squad before you can even place a rally point.





  9. 10 hours ago, Nightingale87 said:

    Well. Now it might be player´s feedback. But when v13 came out and that first survey, OWI was respinsible because they tailored the interpretation on the negative results on -BUDDY RALLY. 4 surveys later, the mechanic didn´t get a single survey in which it came on top. Still, there it is. Accelerating gameplay, lowering the value of life in SQUAD, rendering real tactics pointless.


    By now it´s obvious. The accelerated gameplay, tempting COD/BF players, more casual players to buy the game and stick to it, tu Increase the volumen of players. Making it less painful, most forgiving made it more attractive to the casual player and the general audience, but alienated many of us. To some people this hybrid is working, to some, it just isn´t. 


    Bottomline, it´s NOT just players´feedback. OWI is also responsable. But hey, they are making money, good for them. Don´t take me wrong, it´s a GREAT videogame. It truly. It´s just not the videogame I want to see, it´s not the videogame I was promised.

    It's quite obvious at this point that making a completely realistic PvP military themed fps isn't a viable or sustainable profit model. That said, maybe you and all the other PR founders can purchase the Offworld Core like the Post Scriptum folks did and then make your PR2 clone from scratch. Squad isn't even finished yet but they're already cashing in on that sweet sweet Epic Games cash so soon you can probably even get it there.





  10. "Utopia" Squad huh? Sounds like a fantasy. Until the game is actually programmed to be completely standalone and finished like normal video games no amount of paid nanny's will give you this state of perfected gameplay.


    Listen. People mostly play video games for entertainment purposes after a busy day at work or school. Nobody wants to be bossed around all day and then have further obedience training in some half finished early access video game. Let's get real here.


    Not only that who is going to watch your paid observers and make sure they're doing exactly what you told them? Then again, maybe your "employees" will form a union and demand healthcare and higher wages.


    There is a reason one of the biggest and oldest gaming clans in the world completely pulled the plug on their Squad servers awhile back and also their players mostly avoid the game as well. Take a guess as to why that is...

  11. 26 minutes ago, paragonid said:

    Oh shit you don't even know how (most of) combat vehicles work, do you? They are specifically designed to work on steep surfaces unlike civilian cars and are not afraid of flipping.
    You are obsessed with idea that Squad is realistic so you find any excuse to fill the hole with your shit, but it's not. Squad isn't realistic one bit, it's not even trying to be, all the surface level mechanics are laughable and even all the shit about how it could be in your head are much more complicated than how those Squad mechanics are. Unless main Bases round start full of flipped vehicles, or vehicles sent to the Low Earth Orbit due to little collision is what your idea of realism.

    I thank you for you effort into popularizing this thread, I had quite the amusement laughing of you thinking that when you flip in your car, you will start losing health and die in next 30 seconds. But this is the last message I've ever read from you on this forum, still please keep posting <3

    I'm glad you find automobile accidents so amusing and safe. My mother was orphaned at 3 in 1947 when her parents flipped their Buick off an embankment in Kentucky and she was the only survivor. Real funny stuff buddy.

  12. 37 minutes ago, paragonid said:

    > realism attribute in the programming of the game
    > designed to punish the user for being careless
    spent many hours actually programming

    first of all, you still didn't send us a video of you being shot in the head and then revived by a medic, so further discussion with you is senseless.
    second, it's obvious that you aren't a programmer or even remotely connected to it, your ability to evaluate how long it takes to write this isn't even close,
    so why are you even trying to answer something you have no idea about? 

    Hold on a second. Let's go back to your initial statement.


    "If someone tries to unflip/operate it until it's destroyed, he shouldn't die before the vehicle dies from magical flip damage."


    So in real life if you drive recklessly and cause your personal car to flip over do you stay inside pressing the accelerator down whilst your friend gets out and crawls and jumps on the tires in order to unflip it?


    Of course not. You both get out as soon as possible because you know often times flipped vehicles have the potential to catch on fire because of flammable liquids leaking out on to hot exhaust manifolds.


    So again, it doesn't take a Master's degree in software engineering to figure out why this particular feature is in Squad, simple logic will suffice.





  13. 4 hours ago, paragonid said:

    What's the point of a crew taking damage in flipped vehicles?

    Isn't it obvious to you that it's a realism attribute in the programming of the game designed to punish the user for being careless?


    By default in the vanilla UE4 vehicle blueprint the vehicle is self-righting and unable to flip so logically then someone at OWI spent many hours actually programming this into the game.



  14. 3 hours ago, Biologik said:

    Can we have the option to turn down the heli sound in main menu? Soooo annoying hearing it every 15 seconds.

    Actually, it does serve a purpose strangely enough though. You can turn the out of game volume way way down just to the point where you can barely hear it. That way when you're alt tabbed out watching YouTube or whatever whilst sitting in a server queue when you "don't" hear the chopper anymore you know you're in a server. Before it was the lack of a generator sound.

  15. On 11/9/2019 at 11:53 AM, Clayton.Q[3SFG] said:

    Giammotto goes on for some time about this "Lack of care" put into the game, but I disagree with that entirely.

    Agreed. Compared to another sleazy indie studio in the same genre that are basically using their PC community as paying Quality Assurance staff for their upcoming console releases these guys are saints.


     These developers have a tough job, bridging the gap between reality and gaming while still making it fun.

    "Fun" is a relative term though. This genre is already super saturated with several games that not only do the military arcade shooter "fun" paradigm way better but they also look much better because the levels are so much smaller. Plus the big studios have hundreds of people on the payroll to ensure that. Again, even more validation for the concept of doing something that nobody else is doing, which of course is simulating a more realistic experience.



    With all the battle royal and CoD style shooters where it's every man for himself, they have a game where only teamwork will truly prevail.  Yeah, there are a lot of flaws, but short of having experience or education in game development, who are we to tell them that they "Don't care"?

    Exactly. The strongest and most unique features of this game are the built-in framework of teamwork and communication and how they interact with strategies and tactics. Taking the focus away from a realistic simulation where intelligent decisions win matches and instead evolving it into Quake Team Arena with camo skins is ultimately a bad decision in my opinion.







  16. Squad should be the antithesis of Calla Dooty because certainly it fails miserably in an arcade type comparison. That said, logic would then dictate that every single element and system of Squad should be the complete opposite of that type of arcade shooter game and instead focus on the emulation of realistic gameplay.


    Its my opinion that over the nearly three years of development its this hybrid "fence sitting" juxtaposition of both arcade & realistic attributes that have literally crippled the popularity of the game itself because those elements cancel each other out.


    On one hand it's not arcade enough for the players coming from the CoD/BF communities and on the other hand its not realistic enough to satisfy the PR folks and others that are looking for an fps game with strategy and tactics.


    Clearly Squad has evolved into a watered down TDM with side quests and will never grow its playership until it goes in a more realistic direction.

  17. 1 hour ago, Nightingale87 said:



    Finally, take into account that I´m not for eliminating HABs and Rallies completely, but I definetely plrefer that to what we have now (although it Will never happen, because that wouldnt sell. Masses want instant action and clicking pretending they play a "tactical" game)

    In actuality there is supposed to be limited amount of FOB's allowed in a match but that baby got thrown out with the bathwater.




    "and also a limited number of them can be placed around the map."

  18. 3 hours ago, Nossa said:

    Taking HABS out of the picture might make the game too slow IMO. Only spawning from mainbase? We may as well play Arma 3 at that point. I play Squad because I don't have to sit in the back of a truck for 30 minutes to die in a firefight that lasts 30 seconds like arma 3 AAS. However, I don't mind waiting 5 minutes to get into the action. 

    30 minutes is a complete exaggeration. I've done numerous time trials on all the bigger maps in Squad with transport trucks and the longest it takes to drive from end to end diagonally is less than eight minutes. So that puts you back in the action around the center flags in around 3-4 minutes in either a full sized logi or transport. Small militia or insurgents truck shave around a minute off those times as well. Go in the console and try it if you don't believe me.



  19. The CAF mod is awesome yet basically nobody hosts it anymore, especially Nanisivik. A lot of creative effort went into this and it even had inside help plus greenlighted to the official browser and yet its now dead. What's the dealio with that? I mean it got all hyped up and now its nonexistent.

  20. 1 hour ago, giammotto said:

    Last one, the maps are abysmal, sorry for the bluntness but it's true. They're the most boring and mundane maps I've ever seen, and it's not the terrain nor the fact that they are very large, it's because they're so lacking in love and care that it hurts.

    I would politely disagree. Every map in Squad is amazing in its own way. Some are more distinctive than others and some have more character than others but I think overall a lot of creative talent went into them so this criticism is a bit harsh in my opinion. Could they be improved? Certainly. However, at this point they all suffice within the context of the actual gameplay which brings me to the next point you make that I have a major problem with.

    1 hour ago, giammotto said:


    After a couple matches, you start to see how shallow and empty this game would be without it's amazing community, and it's a pain beause this game could be so much more. 





    After only a couple of matches I think you've utterly missed what I feel is the ultimate strength of the game which is the fact that the game is programmed to necessitate that 40 random people form a cohesive unit and work together and communicate in order to win a match.


    That said, it's very easy for people like you to hate Squad. At this point it's sold well over a million copies yet has never really had a stable concurrent population over 5000 across it's entire timeline.



    Needless to say, as you pointed out in great detail its lacking on many elements that are considered normal within the fps genre however in your comparison/contrast you failed to recognize the features that make Squad completely unique over every other game in the genre.


    Those main attributes are teamwork, communication, strategies, tactics and situational awareness. No other game in the fps genre besides Enemy Territory: Quake Wars has even came close to this "thinking man's" gameplay.


    So yeah, Squad looks like trash compared to my shiny new copy of Calla Dooty with its ray tracing goodness highlighting the dust bunnies in the dappled sunlight shining through the opaque window but saying its shallow just shows your ignorance.