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  1. As a former mapper in the Novalogic Delta Force games community I've personally been dabbling with UE4 on a complete hobbyist level for over 5 years now simply for educational purposes and recreational amusement. So yeah, I would still consider myself to be a complete novice however I have learned a considerable amount of information about how the program actually works. Especially about this particular subject of texture/polygon quality and how it relates to PvP replication.


    That said, every single time one of these "graphics" threads comes up you can easily tell who has actually used the vanilla or Squad SDK and others who are simply throwing out jargon that they Googled prior to posting.


    Needless to say, it's my opinion that before anyone can even have a valid opinion about the graphics quality either pro or con of Squad or any other UE4 game you should experiment with the editor for yourself and I guarantee you that your opinion would change drastically.


    In this respect though whilst people are correct in noticing that over the timeline of Squad the graphics quality has been incrementally degraded and then given the silly term "optimization passes" it should be noted there are much bigger issues at play here.


    I think the biggest problem here is that from a PvP perspective Epic Games is evolving their UE4 game engine very rapidly for their own flagship product Fortnite which on one hand is a good thing however its rapid pace is leaving everyone else in the lurch.


    For example, in a few weeks UE4.24 will improve open world PvP performance greatly plus add an entire assortment of other exciting features however think about it from a indie developers standpoint. By the time they're able to actually migrate their entire project over to the newest greatest version they're already a couple versions behind using an obsolete version.


    This must be frustrating.


    So yeah, download vanilla UE4 and any number of the 8k textures and high poly models that are available for free, make the absolute smallest highly detailed forest scene you can in cinematic quality, cook it off as an executable, run it and you'll be lucky if you get 60fps with an i9 RTX2080ti.


    Honestly this is just my opinion but Unreal Engine always has been an arena game engine and no matter what they do it will never be a true open world platform. It will still be an arena engine with a bunch of smoke and mirrors loading and unloading stuff user sees in the world meanwhile pretending that it's not by giving you a janky reach around.


    The dev posts on their forums from around 6 years ago are long gone now but I remember them saying this exact thing that UE4 will always be an arena engine and that UE4 PvP replication maximum number should never exceed 32 players lol.


    Only a voxel engine can ultimately achieve the true open world experience in my opinion.





  2. On 9/29/2019 at 8:41 AM, pigsoup said:

    then that should be "fixed" as the game is finalised. This is the first good example of another graphical exploit that is pretty significant (mentioned in this thread). I can't imagine there are a thousand other ways to manipulate the setting to one's SIGNIFICANT advantage. no shadow was the only thing on my mind since it is clearly exploited by people with good machines (anecdotal evidence from the subreddit gifs). 

    Locking the gamma slider is simply a trivial annoyance when NVIDIA GeForce Experience allows the user full customization.

  3. 3 hours ago, Nightingale87 said:

    I have come to think that you are VERY pessimistic. It´s like you don´t even want people to be happy playing the game they like, or even hope for a better gameplay. Where does that take you?


    Imagine Devs releasing a YouTube video with a lost of "upcoming supported mods" …. that would get people interested in new options and gameplays. The saky is the limit. But being this negative doesnt help anybody.

    There's nothing "pessimistic" about pointing out the simple fact that the first mod that got whitelisted by the development team has been completely and utterly blacklisted by the private franchises that actually host the front end of the game to the general public. It's simply an observation of an occurrence.


    It's also not "pessimistic" either to point out the fact that with every patch the development team takes a lot of time and effort to create many different and unique layers and yet the only thing that gets hosted for public consumption is the same old rotation across pretty much all the popular servers. What's the point of even having Destruction and Insurgency modes in the game if nobody is going to actually host those layers?


    Compared to pretty much every other similar previous title in the genre which had officially hosted servers to me it's always been incomprehensible why you'd want nothing but a bunch of private individuals representing the face of your company to the general public.


    So yeah, again it's not "pessimistic" to go read that 99.9% of the negative Steam reviews always make reference to a less than satisfactory gaming experience related to the server hosts and yet typically praise the game itself. OP is correct about somebody lacking care but its certainly not the game itself.

  4. 6 hours ago, Nightingale87 said:

    For example, whitelisting (and hopefully supporting) mods with different settings.

    What good is whitelisting when the clans are basically the front end of the game and all just run the same stock "popular" layers of each map over and over?


    Needless to say, over the last three years only around 20% of the stock layers of the maps ever even get publicly hosted so essentially a bunch of the devs hard work making different layers and modes is a complete waste of time because after each version they all get wiped anyway and nobody ever got to see them let alone play them other than checking them out in the console.


    Not only that, you pretty much don't even get to see the first whitelisted CAF mod which is absolutely amazing. Half of the CAF mod team is devs anyway and yet over this long holiday weekend not a single one of the popular NA servers even have any of the maps or layers in their rotations.


    In theory mods and whitelisting sound "sexy" yet the Steam Workshop is already full of stuff people put a lot of creative energy into that's simply gathering dust.





  5. 1 hour ago, Thegreenzzz said:

    Well some of us aren’t able to buy the ultimate master race machine, and client side optimization will help you get even more frames on your rig, higher frames=better

    @ZXD_Leeis right you know. The game has been around for over three years now. A hobo could have literally collected a dollars worth of cans a day and have an i9-RTX2080ti by now.

  6. In Squad AAS there are only two types of squads; squads with members inside the flag and squads with members outside the flag.


    This is because as a game Squad AAS not only incentivizes but it actually lures players off the flag to do all kinds of wacky side missions that have little to no bearing on the actual outcome of the match. Certainly these things can be fun but Squad AAS always favors the team that avoids these diversions and instead focuses on surrounding and capturing flags at any cost including having little to no medics and basically just constantly respawning and flash mobbing the flags.


    Until the BP is actually removed and an exponentially progressive respawn timer for giving up is implemented Squad AAS will essentially remain sequential TDM with side quests.


    That was the beauty of Joint Operations AAS. It actually incentivized the entire team to stay focused on capturing the position because once your team took full possession it became a spawn point and ammo resupply. In this sense JO AAS was a much more shallow game because you didn't typically have people off scattered across the map doing mortar/tow fobs, fob hunting or any number of other dubious endeavors.













  7. 59 minutes ago, warrior6 said:


    I have the same problem with alpha 17. I7 9700k and RTX 2080 and on skorpo i was getting like 20-25 fps on large parts of the map. Other maps like talil or mutaha has regular micro stutter and lag like every minute or less. I updated my graphics driver so i will try again tonight but im going to take a break until next update if this keeps up. Not playable the way it was when i played few days ago.

    Strange. I have basically the same rig as you and I'm not suffering any such problems. Just an hour ago after the patch I'm getting a stable 120+ fps. Not only that, but there are 3 other computers in the house with GTX970, GTX965M and GTX1080ti all running the game just fine. With v16 my game used to crash on every map rotation whilst everyone else's didn't but that's over now with v17 as well.

  8. 8 hours ago, LetumComplexo said:

    Telescoping Ladders

    Image result for military telescoping ladder"

    Devs said buttloads of times the game is supposed to be about RA units not high speed low drag operaters, hence no Barrett's, portable Mini-Guns, Milkor's, SCAR's and all kinds of other exotic specialized equipment. MARSOC has a dog there too, should we put a first person dog role in Squad too? Maybe also CIA role with blue jeans, khaki fishermans vest and silenced H&K Mark 23? The skies the limit.

  9. Jeez. So much doom and gloom. The game is still unique and fun. Also the game is now 99.9% fully functional which is more than you can say about a lot of games in this day and age.


    Plus now it's essentially evolved into the game that ragingdeath, laughingjack and I came from originally so it's even better in that respect for us.


    I'd personally hoped for a more serious, gritty, unforgiving and way more realistic experience given the origins of the game but I'm not so ignorant to see that only about 500 people in the world would actually want to play something similar to the ACE3 mod in ARMA3.


    That said, youth belongs to the young. Turnover is good for business. Forums are nothing buggy whip factories now with some millennials and boomers arguing over trivial nonsense anyway. After 3+ years of basically flatline growth all that's left is keeping up the hype on YouTube, Twitch, Reddit and Discord thus increasing the possibility of making something that appeals to a younger generation with disposable income.


  10. 16 hours ago, Jevski said:

    Since the bug have been there a while, they are not bugs but features or so a "wise man" once told me



    Cherry picking a snippet related to what you consider an "exploit" is irrelevant. Everyone else understands the difference between bugs and exploits. Getting stuck in a radial menu would never be considered an "exploit". The game allows me to TK six people and then autokicks me at the seventh one. Were those first six TK's a "feature"? Of course not.


    With use of sandbags and ladders you can crawl into the windows of buildings that have full interiors but are otherwise inaccessible from the ground floor. Whereupon you can put ATGM's in elevated positions or simply drop new FOB's. So is this considered a "bug", "error" or "exploit" or am I simply smartly  using tools provided by the game as a "feature"?


    On the other hand if you truly believe a FOB placed under a water plane is an exploit then why is it impossible to get an official acknowledgement of that fact in any patch notes over the entire timeline? Not only that it's already been discussed ad nauseum here and not a single official ruling was ever made.


    Better yet, you're a server host so go on Discord and ask them point blank, "is it an exploit or is it a feature to put a FOB underwater?" and then copy/paste it here. If they say yes then logically ask why it's been allowed to exist for so long.

  11. On 7/1/2019 at 5:33 AM, suds said:


    I outrank you, do what I say

    The internet:


    heh heh... suds the savant. I've had a couple good matches so far where the commander actually had a plan and people listened but mostly I'm just seeing a glorified JTAC. Especially once they have an entire full squad to deal with as well.


    Clearly the role needs some teeth. The squad should be locked to only the commander and perhaps maybe a commo officer/spotter role. Plus the main missing component is the fact that the commander has to be able to actually demote insubordinate SL's back to "Unassigned".



  12. 40 minutes ago, Beard said:

    thanks for the laughs! 


    teamwork: hardly any, one SL might make a mistake and some squad members will venture off and do what they feel is right. some cases they are right because they have played more. In BF you can see a players rank, this is simply a time played thing but at least you know they are some what capable of the basics. squad doesn't have that which creates mistrust. 


    communication: so far in a lot of my games you might have an SL whose getting an ear bashing from the other SL's which makes him toxic to his squad mates thus spreading more anger. Some SL's are "do what I say or get kicked" and if other squads are full you sort of just float around not able to do anything at all and having to leave the game and go que into a 15 deep server. zZZZzZ


    some players can be very negative from the start to any suggestion of tactics, purely wanting to meat grind the entire squad in the hope/chance of regaining a cap, instead of retreating, regrouping and pushing as one. Again a mention of an idea can lead to arguments and kicking.


    some players play squad to have fun first, some want to pretend they are in Kajaki around 2006 and shout, be abusive and pretend they are gunnery sergeant Hartman and you are private pyle makes playing an FPS game quite unpleasant.


    IV played for 2 weeks now, every day and im seeing similar issues the OP has layered out. some I can adjust to and others are baked into a game that brings random players together into an arena that takes team work above all else to win. 


    I played tons of Overwatch before coming to my first milsim game, squad. Overwatch is kinda similar, you see this amazing teamwork going on maybe on twitch or some youtube video and you want some of it, you join your first game and one guys blasting music out not stop, everyones triggered no ones working together the blame train comes in and shouting matches begin.  


    on one side of the coin this amazing experience that you have to climb Everest, do a 540 back flip in a car and go to the moon to have.

    Everyone else is just in the mud, tramping through the crap one game to another.


    squad has the exact same issues that overwatch has, people. people make or break games like this and for me im having more negative interactions then positive ones, a shame really because I enjoyed overwatch and I enjoy squad but it takes people to really have the best time in these types of games.


    blizzard did a stella job of trying to make overwatch less toxic, easier for teamwork to be at the forefront and the toxic babies dealt with, squad isn't even close to that, servers are like the wild west


    I saw a karmakut game and it wanted me to come to squad and try my first milsim game, after maybe my first 10 games I could see already the abusive nature and server admins who make you jump through hoops or kick you, one game I had muted two other SL's because they wanted me to do exactly what they were doing, throwing themselves and that of the squad into a meat grinder, no flanking no thinking. turns out they were admins this made them keep kicking my squad members making them angry in the process because I wasn't adhering to the quite stupid way of playing. 


    smaller things like playing against a full squad of clan members all talking all playing as a squad is very frustrating, even more so on new player friendly servers, this creates toxicity through all SL's because they cant seem to figure out what to do or whose blame is it we are getting steam rolled or not dealing with this Bradley way out in the sticks spawn camping because no one can get close because hes part of the mentioned clan squad. 


    anyhow ill give squad a little more time but for me I think it needs 2+3 years of work before it can really deal with player issues and basic fps game standards.

    I was referencing the framework of the game itself which is quite solid. I can't stress that enough.


    User experiences may vary though which is why there are over a million key holders but a community of regulars worldwide less than 5000. This game community has a major retention problem and has driven away far more folks than its kept around. Plus, the only streamer that I've ever seen give a truly accurate view of Squad is jackfrags as well.


    That said, you don't need a master's degree in human resources management to understand that cronyism, favoritism and many other negative human traits are present in any organization whether it's a bunch of millennials drinking microbrews and playing dodgeball or corporate life at John Deere headquarters. Why would you expect Squad servers to be any different?


    Needless to say, there are only a small handful of NA server's that don't have layer upon layer of supplemental rules and are fair and balanced in their administration of the game. Hit me up on Steam.


    Over the last three years you won't find a more vocal critic of the manner in which this game is presented to the general public than myself. Since day one my position has always been that any video game should be programmed to be completely standalone with a standardized ruleset that allows everyone a universally equal experience. Instead, as you've seen it's typically quite the opposite. In their defense over the timeline of the game [OWI] has banned several really toxic server hosts and players but it took way too long in my opinion plus most of them just made duplicate accounts and are now still currently playing on various servers spreading their disease anyway.






  13. Huh. I have the opposite experience. v17 runs and looks better plus best of all doesn't crash at every map rotation. The lighting changes have completely changed the look of all the maps I've seen so far and the trees on Goro & Yeho don't look like they're from the Lorax forest anymore.


    Plus the Commander role which I was really skeptical of is actually adding a cohesive element to all the matches I've played so far. I will say the airstrikes and such look & sound badass but are very flaccid in their effects. I'd ratchet that way up. No survivors.

  14. 28 minutes ago, LetumComplexo said:

    You could use the same logic for sand bags, barbed wire, and ammo.

    The whole point is to allow for some extra utility without needing to coordinate an extra 1-3 people, without having to potentially endanger additional assets, and without the added time and ticket risk required to work through a full supply line.

    Yes, you can use the game mechanics as they are to do what I'm suggesting would make it far more practical.

    And I would like to have a constructive discussion on this topic.

    Carrying around a 10 foot ladder is hardly practical though.


    The development team has already logically considered that a 10 foot tall ladder is obviously deployed from a truck and not carried in your back pocket. This isn't rocket surgery. That's why it's already been in the game for quite some time now and is actually quite useful for placing trick FOB's and ATGM emplacements in elevated positions.


    At some point though a line needs to be drawn between fantasy arcade and what is considered to be feasible irl. I personally think they've done a superb job with the objects that you can build in the game and the implementation of the ladder makes sense from a practical standpoint.

  15. Just guessing here but they must have simply added the foliage view distance entry back into the default ini file that used to be an editable setting in the video section of the menu.


    If this is the case then the only logical conclusion is that nobody bothered to follow up with EAC to make sure this and other UE4 settings can't be added back into this game file.

  16. 2 hours ago, tzaeru said:

    Is this really a problem? They lose the majority of their ammo + grenades + extra bandages + AT ammo, etc, doing that.

    2 person vanguard squad that actually put the rally point down can be there with a transport truck or mrap which can easily supply basic ammo needs. They can also leave an ammo bag. Remember, the whole point is simply get 3 or more folks on the fresh flag to quick cap it before the other team can respond because nobody ever defends flags that aren't in play.

  17. Still, what's the solution for the clans cheesing the existing rally point system by "squad hopping" though? Getting rid of BR will do nothing to prevent organized groups from simply switching squads and waterfalling on the strategic rally their buddies just placed on the attack flag.

  18. Suppression is right at Goldilocks spot in my opinion. Plus it's super effective on any map that has verticality and good sights lines like Logar, Kohat or Mestia.


    Case in point, sustained suppressive fire often times drives the opposing team bonkers as well to the point where they'll literally send an entire squad after a single person in an MRAP or Technical perched up on a hill at the edge the map just to get them to stop it. Hilarious.



  19. 35 minutes ago, John Wick's Dog said:

    This could be done through increased weapon sway (like when injured) from low morale if you’re >100m away from another squad member, a respawn time penalty (like the one you get for suicide/TKs) if you die >100m from another squad member, or by some other means.

    What if I want to drop my HAT guy off on the enemies MSR with a 3000 ammo crate and let him do his thing? What if I want my Marksman to scout ahead or provide overwatch? 


    The penalty for insubordination of any kind including but not limited to going "Lone Wolf" is simply kicking them from the squad.

  20. I've been noticing these QOL bugs for quite some time now.


    1. First one is whatever class you first pick you get stuck with that character model in the 3rd person view for the rest of the match unless you completely disband the squad. So for example I choose SL pilot, fly a bit then change to SL or SL crewman and I still look like the SL pilot with the visor helmet etc. Sometimes it works the other way too. My sons see it both ways on their screens too.


    2. Anytime I get out of a Logi an ACOG and another attachment are suspended the air about 10 feet up in the air in front of the truck. Also whatever the Russian optic is too btw. My sons also see this. Only seems to be the SL ACOG though. It is persistent as well so if I pass by the same place a little later it's still there. This only happened a few time but I've also got out and all the sudden there is an entire giant 10 foot long M4 suspended in the air.


    3. A lot of times when I exit any type of vehicle out on the battlefield I hear this random fully automatic staccato burst of gunfire super loud in my right headphone. At first it was a bit disconcerting but I've become accustomed to it now. Sons don't hear it at all.


    4. Anytime I'm driving the normal trucks in pretty much any faction if I turn my head all the sudden I'm looking down inside my empty character model body.


    5. Stuck in the F radial menu. Sometimes when entering/exciting vehicle or using the menu to move supplies or ammo it gets in this persistent stuck version where it just sits there in front of my screen and I can't do anything. That's why I always drop a rally because only respawning fixes it. Also can manifest itself whilst switching seats as well.


    6. A lot of times when I open the command map and then close it my green movement line and everyone else's blue movement lines still display on the screen after closing the map. Quickly opening and closing the map fixes it.


    7. Starred favorites in server browser go bye bye as soon as you close the game.


    None of these bugs are terribly overwhelming or anything but I thought I'd mention them at least and see if others are having similar experiences. And btw, to this day you can still clip into the top of the tallest buildings on Narva.








  21. 1 hour ago, Doperwtje said:

    Lol... I owned a 4x4 jeep and drove around offroad a lot. I could easily drive over small trees (drive them flat to the ground). Also tree trunks, 3-4 meter deep dry river beds are obstacles that a jeep can manage. A tank weights a lot more, but has a shittonne more traction. There is litteraly no ****ing way that a tree stomp will flip over a tank, ever.


    I think this discussion is missing the point. Getting stuck on big boulders or a deep ditch (which are kind of absent in most current maps) is fine by me. Getting shot in the air by a tree stomp and flipped over for no reason is not. That is a bug, nothing more.


    In support to what Slavinkje mentioned, I would love to see a towing/unditching function in the game. Just so you can tow or wrench a vehicle out of a ditch. This solution would also be usefull as a workaround of this flipping bug.

    Pretty sure v17 has a vehicle reset function. Don't quote me on that, I think I saw it in the radial menu when I was playing the test though.


    33 minutes ago, paragonid said:

    Don't worry,  Zylfrax791 has been programmed to say that water exists in the game so people can lay down under its surface invisible and shoot others because realism

    Mediocre. If you're going to try to personally troll me across multiple threads at least try to not only keep it on topic but make it coherent yet sardonic.

  22. 2 hours ago, suds said:

    Display ticket loss on scoreboard vs cost to enemy. It will have the same psychological effect as KD.

    Yes. Instead of K/D the first two columns heading of the scoreboard should show a ticket icon with a + sign and then another one with the - sign. This way at the end of the match you'll be able to see who actually won or lost the match for your team.