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  1. 23 minutes ago, Nightingale87 said:

    Nobody argues that. The point for people who do want to see flyable jets is not whether the game would be a Good flying simulator, but how everything comes together. The combined arms aspect plus the "everything is player made" gameplay PR has is what makes them "work".


    When people say they "work" on PR, they dont mean the flying experience is realistic, not for the pilot, nor for people on land. But when you add everything together, you get something that you Will never get in Warhtunder, DCS, etc.


    Basically when an AA missile is shot from the ground, you just "KNOW" it was a player firing at you. When a Squad leader uses laser desgnator for the CAS to fire at an enemy tank behind a hill, you just KNOW, there eas a player, a human being in every step of that process. 


    That is what people want to see when they argue in favor of flyable jets.


    In my opinión, adding an AI controlled jet adds nothing to the game. After the third time I see it and I´ve Heard it,...its just immersion. Its a scripted algorithm and period.


    I would sacrifice some realism for a more "realistic" general experience of the battlefield.

    Agreed. All this automated JTAC stuff seems disconnected from the "DIY" spirit that made the game unique. It was kind of cool at first until a few weeks later its just another "me too" novelty feature like some other similar games. Like everything else in the game you should have to physically setup something, aim it and fire.


    A mobile artillery vehicle for conventional forces or perhaps a howitzer you build on a fob fits more into the paradigm of Squad instead of this lazy automated stuff honestly. I hope its just a "crutch" until real hands on hardware can make it into the game.



  2. On 12/25/2019 at 7:02 AM, Covalent said:


    The drone they're using in game wouldn't be able to get off the ground with the payload of even one IED, considering typical drones that ISIS and such have used can barely lift over 10 pounds.


    Considering that the IED in Squad has TWO 81mm mortar rounds taped together, that's 30 pounds right there alone.


    The only drone that can lift that, is a drone that costs thousands for special purposes in movies.

    Destroyer's of fun... Let's just make the game like Toy Story Woody and give everyone an empty holster...


    Jeez... why not let people just have fun? In a game where you can barely get someone to dig a HAB up let alone coordinate anything else together as a team and do something simple like even just defend a flag and yet you're complaining about something that is rare as hen's teeth anyway and needs several people to coordinate?


    People play this and any other game for entertainment purposes not reality. In real life when you get fragged you don't rematerialize in a pile of backpacks in 120 seconds instead your giblets get swept up into a body bag and you go home in a flag drapped coffin on a C-130. So yeah, according to your realism logic that should be in the game too.


    Insurgents should have these ied drones and even more diabolical stuff like suicide vests and trucks too like this Garry I heard about. Or perhaps kill even more fun and just drive away another million key holders from the game...

  3. 7 hours ago, hades said:

    I vaguely remember kickstarting this turd. Where are the jets?


    Stay positive. Unreal Engine is evolving rapidly especially in the area of extremely large open world maps and multiplayer replication. Maybe there is a future potential to implement fixed wing aircraft into the game after all simply by upgrading the entire game to the newest version.


    You have to remember that only a few years ago the top developers at Epic Games were saying on their forums that UE was only an arena engine and recommended a maximum of 32 players in replication. But look how far it's advanced since then.



  4. 1 hour ago, virusman said:

    if game in alpha it doesnt mean u should design it like shit.
    how does it alpha related to 4k grass ? who thought it was good idea ? who need 4k grass ?

    Idk, honestly you can't blame them for being ambitious in the beginning and trying to make an elegant looking game though can you?


    I'd be perfectly fine with art style textures if it meant getting rid of the hideous fogging which is only there to hide the LOD popping anyway.


  5. 7 hours ago, Nightingale87 said:

     Now make rallies NOT PERMANENT.... next step...

    Better yet simply go back to the old 9 rally system and ditch the wave system. Also completely eliminate all ticket bleed and also bring back the 1:1 ratio for uncaptured flags to allow for rushing/blocking in AAS & RAAS and the game will be pretty much strategically perfect.



  6. 16 minutes ago, Bigpapajohnson said:

    Please if could add a topographical map alt. layer that we could switch to would make planing a lot faster.  i love everything the DEVS have done.  If at some point we could add this it would be super cool.  Keep up the good work thankyou for making a great game. 

    I've made shaded relief topographical maps for all the maps except for the CAF and they're all on the wiki if that helps you any.





  7. After months of playing of RAAS now its pretty obvious that there is kind of a predictable path in the programming that could perhaps use some tweaking. It seems like there are lanes and everyone that has any kind of time in the game is able to guess where the next flags are going to be. This kind of defeats the whole principle of "random".


    For example that current Gorodok layer typically for Russians goes Fruit Farm, Yard Apartments, Akim Upper or Lower and then down to the Radio Tower or across the river. Some extreme variations would be nice.

  8. 33 minutes ago, Smee said:

    Wasnt meaning end of the round. It's just a reminder for the commander. End screen that's a different conversation. But can understand where your coming from.

    Yeah, I get where you're coming from but considering there are knuckleheads frittering away your teams tickets without a care in world maybe an onscreen UI widget of gains/losses for everyone wouldn't be such a bad idea either. Plus displayed in the tab scoreboard as well.

  9. Why stop at just the Commander's ticket costs for the team? Most of the statistics displayed at the end of the match are completely trivial and meaningless anyway within the context of whether an individual player was an asset or a liability to the team.


    I'd personally like to see a complete overhaul of the end of action report that removes K/D, points etc. and replaces it with a simplified system that shows how many tickets you were responsible for during the match; negative or positive plus still retain medic revives.


    As it stands now ticket wasters are mostly shielded from exposure for their inefficiencies and players that did real work during the match don't get the recognition they deserve beyond their K/D.


    For example, this is especially apparent for a locked two man squad that rolls a BTR82 the entire match and never loses it, kills 35 enemy, downs another 27 and destroys countless MATV's, Logistics Trucks and finishes off the occasional Bradley none of which show as tickets taken.


    This is ridiculous to rewards slackers and griefers and don't give credit where credit is due. So duderino goes 15/10 and you think "oh that's not so bad" but upon further examination you investigate and see that along with those 10 deaths was a corresponding high ticket value vehicle asset loss as well. Plus then the dumbo builds a mortar right next to the back FOB and gets shot off it and essentially loses the 10 tickets for the FOB too.





  10. IRL a helicopter pilot doesn't jump out of his bird and mess around with ammo crates and supplies. As a pilot in Squad you shouldn't ever leave your chopper and have an infantry squad on the ground. It's completely illogical.


    I'm the last person to support any supplemental rules in any video game. Instead, the game should be reprogrammed so that there are only two pilot kits available and they both need to be in the same premade heli squad. So in that respect whatever server this is at least understands the simple logic of how many numbers are available on the keypad for direct SL to SL chat.


    Along with that something similar needs to be programmed for the armor as well, perhaps creating a single premade squad for two tanks as well. The same goes for mechanized infantry and regular infantry.


    Bottom line in every match there are way too many small squads and they quickly add up and exceed 10 so then they can only talk on global SL chat instead of direct which defeats the whole purpose of the built in chat. That's not only illogical, it's just plain stupid.


    You don't need two squads named "Heli" & "Heli2" and then "Tank" & "Tank2"... this is just silly. Also reprogram the game to cap the amount of squads you can create to correspond with the keypad as well.


    On one hand you've got the highly restrictive kit system that doesn't initially allow you to choose the role you want but on the other hand you can have 15 locked squads all with vulgarity and memes in their title which is totally Jr. High. Reprogram the game to create randomized premade named squads with standard military phonetic alphabet words and numbers. As example "Whiskey Five One Armor" or "Zulu Two Seven Infantry" make a lot more sense and keeps the game more in line with the professional realistic element it's trying to portray.



  11. 7 minutes ago, kubikiri said:

    What is the external mortar "calculator" doing for anyone?

    Absolutely nothing. It's a waste of time, a distraction and it breaks your immersion anyway. Plus it's just an external nuisance and completely unreliable on maps with elevation changes especially when everything you need is already self contained within the game itself. 


    To even make the inference that somehow its a cheat especially considering the developers made it a sticky in the forum years ago is just kind of silly. I've got some custom printed maps with specific mortar placement grids and exact ranges to specific targets, are those cheats as well?

  12. 13 minutes ago, Ruplay said:

    There are a lot of problems in Squad, for sure, but you have a real problem with generating offtopic in forum threads. Btw, you can solve it easily. Try to start asap.

    Mortar Calculator has been pinned in the forum by the staff since mortars were put in the game and yet you claim its "cheating"... Do you see how myself and others could perceive your claim to be somewhat illogical? The other poster pointed this out as well.

  13. So much ignorance here. The Insurgent models are fine.


    The dress code defined in Islam comes first from the Quran and then the Hadith. I'm paraphrasing here but first and foremost the Quran says both men and women need to cover their private parts. That's all it says. The narrative about females needing to wear head scarves is a mistranslation.


    That said, everything else related to dress codes comes from the "Hadith" (external supplemental writings created  over 200 years after Muhammad's death) and specifically "Sahih Bukhari".


    Needless to say, men's pant legs need to be above the ankle but below the knee. What we in the West call "Capri's". I could provide you all kinds of links but you can easily look it up for yourself.

  14. 4 hours ago, Ruplay said:

    As you know there is an issue in Squad that makes it possible to cheat with mortars through well known special software - mortar calculators.

    The real "cheating" in Squad has always been unassigned AFK's with full access to the command map feeding FOB locations and other intelligence to their buddies on the other team over external 3rd party VOIP programs. Heck, they could even set up their iPhones on tripods and use FaceTime. That's the real cheating problem in the game.


    It's certainly not some mortar calculator that's not only deprecated on the bigger maps but doesn't even work on any maps with any verticality.



  15. 12 hours ago, Beard said:

    I find it hard to really think this game could propel its self to any further then beta, a mass online fps game that has very little player anti abusive systems in place.

    The concept of the game and the creative effort that's went into it thus far is absolutely incredible but relying on private franchises to be the front end or the actual face of the game so to speak has not only stifled growth but it's turned thousands upon thousands of people away. That's not my opinion either, it's a simple fact backed up by statistics and negative Steam reviews. People love the game but hate the servers more often than not..



    instead relying on server admins and owners to deal with you in any toxic way they can, servers are like the wild west and this makes no sense to me at all.

    why should new players like me or any player really invest time into this game if it can be spoiled so easily by such little effort?

    Well, the game itself is enjoyable on several different levels so just overlooking the negatives and simply playing without drawing too much attention to yourself is probably the best way to approach it.




     I feel its a clash between players just playing and those who want to pretend they can make it to some big contest, by which you have to be harsh and a d@ck to gain entry to. 


    IDK, you'll find such behavior in any game of this type honestly.



    iv had my fair share of toxic dirt bags on overwatch, which I had mentioned a few times on this forum, that's fine I mute them, but the way in which playing the game can lead to kicking and bans purely because you don't play a certain way is by far the most stupidest thing iv seen in a game in ages. 

    Most servers require you to stay in the AO and play the active flags. That inherently isn't a bad idea on the surface however booting folks out because of micromanagement seems a bit silly to me unless it's blatant griefing.

  16. @Beard


    Squad server's aren't democracies you know? As long as they uphold the terms of the server licensing agreement they can pretty much run their personal tree forts any way they see fit. Trust me, in NA we have one server owner in particular that is extremely verbally abusive to the point of making hundreds of monetized videos of himself micro managing, verbally degrading and then banning ordinary players for his personal enjoyment and satisfaction.


    That said, as a normal player that wants to just have fun and play the game you bought you are an asset not a liability. Vote with your presence somewhere else where you're treated respectfully and these knuckleheads will just sit around in their empty servers whilst in Discord begging for donations in exchange for whitelisting.

  17. The general consensus for quite some time now is that the game mode is extremely one sided which results in steamrolls, rage quitting and then servers getting depopulated. This is why the franchise hosts always play it safe and mostly all have the same map rotations.

  18. 1 hour ago, paragonid said:

    Broken English. Meant radius.

    With a few exceptions the diamond icon on the map pretty closely matches the spherical volume typically used in the SDK. That said, it would be nice if eventually they were all switched to square or rectangular trigger volumes that followed the edges of compounds or buildings exactly but honestly is it such a big deal?


    On the other hand though, I personally would like to see some verticality added in the form of flags being at the tops of the taller buildings so you actually need to go up and clear the upper floors.

  19. On 12/6/2019 at 4:26 PM, virusman said:

    yes but the driver view is just total garbage.

    they should implement PR driver view

    All of the driver and gunner views are  heavily restricted in a tunnel vision keyhole fashion that seems confining and unrealistic. Your first person FOV should take up at least 100% of the width of your screen with two dark bands above and below in a letterbox fashion in my opinion. Plus, I never understood what's the deal with a bunch of the gunner views already having magnification on the normal view. Seems quite silly to not be 1x in normal view.

  20. Sounds like you're passionate about the game. Apply for a new server license and then poach all the other adults back to your camp and let the children sit in their soiled diapers while you host fair and balanced matches in a professional manner.


    Letting children be the front end of Squad is a terrible business decision and will ultimately be it's demise. Proof of this is the fact that 99.9% of the negative reviews about Squad on Steam revolve around less than satisfactory experiences of new players on these private franchise servers ran by immature individuals drunk with power.