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  1. Serious V12 Problems

    Honestly I've been playing these type of games since their inception in 1998 and hands down Squad has the most realistic & grounded gunplay ever... the ADS, the movement & the time to kill all spot on... so yeah I can assure you the AK is perfectly fine bro...
  2. I think it's a step in the right direction but not perfect though. It still hasn't incentivized more players being Medics though. The good thing is if there's an ammo crate around it's always an option to switch to Medic, heal yourself and quickly switch back hoping your role didn't get snagged or lost because of the numbers game. Just like if you're an SL and you want to quickly get something dug you have to run back and forth switching from SL to Rifleman, dig and then switch back to SL. Medic needs some major perk or skill to get more people to play the class and SL needs a shovel.
  3. Better yet since it seems to be modeled loosely on a real place it would be cool to have the Zigguraut of Ur in the map.
  4. New "Ping Marker" Should Be Removed From The Game

    I personally like the new UI, the redone maps, the new map features and the new markers including the individual gesture ring. Somebody put a lot of effort into it and it's also very technical looking which I find appealing. If anything, these new changes enhance and compliment "teamwork and communication".
  5. Finishing Touches

    1. Commander Role 2. Engineer Role 3. Choppers 4. MANPADS 5. SE Asia Coalition Faction 6. Jungle environment maps Short of the blacklisted sniper and fixed wing aircraft I personally think a final patch with these things would finish the game. Thoughts? What am I missing?
  6. Awesome Squad pictures

    Phantasm X: The ball is back!
  7. Serious V12 Problems

    "Pressing enter to see the deployment map no longer centers the map on your player." I love this feature. I always thought the map should return to what I was previously looking at so this was a pleasant surprise that it was implemented.
  8. You can tell so much time, effort and creativity went into this lastest upgrade of Yeho. Talill is very cool as well but this is legitimately the best map in the game now. Kudos to this artist.
  9. I'm hopeful you've got a chance to play and render your verdict on the suppression. Personally I feel it's right where it should be now.
  10. FREE WEEKEND´s are out of control

    Try being an ambassador instead. Last night I took some noobs up to the ridge on Kohat, made them a TOW and supplied them all match. In a few other matches I did some other similar tutoring. Maybe if enough people help them instead of writing them off as malcontents we can get the normal daily peaks out of the 2000-3000 range.
  11. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    Yes. What was I thinking? Why on earth would we possibly try different things to maybe fill up the 260 empty potential servers that people are paying $100 a month for? https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/squad Instead lets just keep doing exactly what we've been doing the last three years like some digital George Costanza and simply hope the next patch or some "Free Weekend" will bring back all the players.... Seriously dude, when I wake up at 4am PST there is one server active; West Coast Tactical and maybe a few people trying earnestly to populate another NA server on the east coast. That's it.
  12. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    Considering there are somewhere around a million Steam key holders and daily peaks hovering around the 2000 range after nearly 3 years one could draw the opposite conclusion. That's a dismal percentage of 0.2%. If Chevrolet made a million 2019 Mommy Missile XLT's and sold them to dealers and only 2000 customers bought them that model would be gone the following year. Logically then, those key holders are currently playing other games they find more suitable to their tastes, most likely at the opposite ends of the spectrum than the hybrid game Squad. Giving existing key holders who were otherwise alienated by Squad for a wide variety of reasons the opportunity to re-join and grow the community couldn't be a bad thing though now could it? Certainly observing how many choices other similar highly successful games within the genre give their community could be an indicator that offering both an Arcade and MilSim experience would grow not split or disrupt the community.
  13. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    Considering the inclusion of the testing branch which means basically there are two version of the game currently running it seems like it would almost make sense at this point to evolve the game into two different versions; a realistic MilSim version and an Arcade version to make everyone happy and regrow the community. You could give each version some flashy name like "Squad Elite Competition" and "Squad Platinum Pro". Squad Elite Competition would be the version to satisfy all the competitive MilSim folks with a focus on realism. All the roles would be restricted like they are currently plus the vehicles would have seriously high ticket value and no re-spawn plus the rush meta would be added back in. Of course there would be many other realistic elements added in as well. Elite Competition mode would also have ranking, stats and vote kicks etc. On the other end of the spectrum, Squad Platinum Pro would be a complete arcade game with a focus on pure fun for everyone including new players. No role restrictions, no ticket value for vehicles with instant re-spawn, infinite fob supplies and all the traditional TDM, CTF & TKOTH modes in addition to AAS, Insurgency and Invasion modes.
  14. Vehicle ticket count

    Of course they can but they'll lose the tank so they just chill at main waiting for the one they just lost to re-spawn. I suppose once the novelty wears off most sane people will respawn and get back to work but 8 minutes is just enough time to kick it back at main and wait thus tipping the balance of the squads on the actual flags so then flags get lost because of this. Either make them instantly respawn arcade style or make it some extended time whereupon people won't wait at main.
  15. That's my whole point. If I had to pick only one weapon to use in Squad it would be the iron sight M4 with the vertical foregrip. Its the best weapon in the game. Assuming everyone is going to fill out squads with nothing but MG's or LAT's just "because" is ludicrous just like the supposition that nobody wants to play Medic because its "boring"... Hopefully once the game is finished the nannycam will get turned off and the SL will get to decide his/her squads loadout depending on the mission.
  16. I understand the concept. But I also see the numbers game of up to 18 crewman in locked squads off the flags and only 22 other players on your team with boots on the ground in the flags. Thats 2 full squads and a partial squad. You probably missed my main point though and thats the fact that the game is programmed to trust two randoms grabbing a totally OP Abrams or T-72 and go do whatever with it but yet we can't trust an SL to make smart choices about the composition of his/her squad. Thats a complete contradiction.
  17. Vehicle ticket count

    So instead of 8 crewman standing around waiting at main for their vehicles that they got destroyed to re-spawn now we'll have 8 people or more completely off the flag being useless for 25 minutes. Great idea. Over the last 5 days of the v12 playtest I've seen so many people being absolutely useless in the matches doing this and many other goofy things.
  18. What happend to ticket bleed

    Simple hypothetical scenario. Layer has 5 flags. Both teams start out with 500 tickets each. Team A does nothing but superfob their first flag which is in an elevated position with a TOW, 2 mortars, misc. machine guns and their armor is behind hasco walls. They might even have time and resources to get up two additional adjacent TOW fobs on the flanks. Meanwhile Team B captures the other 4 flags uncontested. So the engagement now begins with Team A with 340 tickets and Team B with 580 tickets. So at this point what would occur is hypothetical and certainly Team A has a lower ticket count however I wouldn't say they they were at a disadvantage at all.
  19. Now more than ever with the inclusion of additional vehicles there are even more reasons now to eliminate the kit restrictions and let squad leaders determine the composition of their squads loadouts. I mean think about it, at the beginning of v12 playtest matches immediately you'll see the creation of 4-5 locked vehicle squads. At which point this only leaves around 2/3 of the team to have boots on the ground in the flags. Its a completely illogical rationale to think you can have a 1/3 of the team using the OP vehicles yet on the other hand think that the rest of players aren't capable of making sensible choices about their roles.
  20. What happend to ticket bleed

    And in the v12 playtests over the weekend superfobbing the first flag always won the matches and they lasted almost the entire two hours.
  21. Vehicle ticket count

    Elad I'm guessing here but I'd say the devs are trying to relax all the restrictions and make the game slide a bit more towards the arcade side simply to make it appeal to the general public plus also give the average player more opportunities to use the vehicles. I mean its all about people having fun right? In contrast the game could go total MilSim with the tanks costing 100 tickets, no HAB's or Rally Points and many other "realistic" features but then we'd drive off even more potential players than we already have with all the prior shenanigans. Making the game more accessible and growing the community seems like a good thing.
  22. What happend to ticket bleed

  23. Squad_JO [game play modification]

    Here is a video of somebodies random gameplay of the level. Without a doubt this is virtually the beginning of this genre.
  24. Squad updates are slowly killing the game.

    Agreed. For me and a few of the other members that come from the original Delta Force communities Squad is absolutely the closest game that truly captures the nostalgic spirit of the game that essentially started this genre in 1998. Nothing else comes close.
  25. Lots of Waiting Around for Nuthin'

    I personally hate all the literally thousands of EAC false positives I've gotten over the years. I think everyone is simply numb to what a piece of garbage it is by now though and just deals with all it's antics. That said, what's the alternative? Remove it and have all the script kiddies head shotting you with full auto rpg's? Is there any other viable product on the market?