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    Yup. Deleted v12. I'd rather mess around in an empty v13 server or in the console than play anymore v12 because it crashed so much. V13 is way more stable, looks better, sounds better, plays better and gets a way better frame rate.
  2. Ping or No Ping

    "Different views"? I thought there was only one reason for its removal because it was being glitched/exploited... Other than that it seemed pretty benign to me.
  3. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Honestly from a performance standpoint v13 is way more stable and runs much better than v12 which for me had been plagued for the last couple weeks with many many random disconnects, buttloads of crashes to the UE4 window and even a couple of blue screens crashes. With v13 I only had one UE4 crash before the first hot patch and zero since then. I actually uninstalled v12 because its not even worth the hassle anymore.
  4. Towing vehicles. (Not the weapon)

    In theory might be the case however the reality is 99.9% of the time players aren't "careful" with vehicle's because A. They're having fun or B. They were being cautious however they got ridiculed into bringing the tank in close and got it blown up. Either way, because of the long respawn times I often see 3-4 crewman doing parkour around the main base for 20 minutes in order to reclaim their "precious"... Now we're right back again to embecmom's mantra that players that could care less about ticket losses have more of an effect than those that do. Might as well just take tickets and respawn timers out of the equation completely and bring back the vehicle claim penalty for the individual and squad. Bottom line you lose a Abrams or Bradley you're done claiming vehicles for the rest of the match.
  5. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    In Squad a one person locked squad sneaking around "Lone Wolfing" can literally be devastating and also play a decisive role providing key intelligence and also taking away enough tickets to literally win the match for their team. That's one of the intrinsic qualities of the game that is often overlooked. I could make an entire Powerpoint presentation of personal examples of my experiences but suffice it to say a when a single savvy person can steal 40-100 tickies from the other team in my mind Charlie Sheen winning right there. Hopefully the JTAC Commander role will expound on this paradigm.

    ...tkoth was cool in 2002 but RAAS with fog-of-war offers a much more interesting and unpredictable gameplay experience that most players enjoy more.
  7. I would agree that after playing quite a few rounds of Destruction it tends to favor the offense. Too many times the defense is simply playing catch up. Not one time playing did I ever see the defense hold the first or second sets of cache's. That said, the strat of the defense super fobbing one of the last cache's closest to their main seems to work reasonably well allowing time to fortify it. I think completely hiding the orange progression line in fog of war might help as well because it's way too easy for the offense to recon ahead and find the next set of caches as soon as the first set are destroyed. Overall it seems to be an interesting game mode but a bit predictable especially once you've played it a few times. Essentially it should be called "Ammo Starvation" mode because even when a good defense is set-up its super easy to surround and starve out the defenders and nuke their rallies etc.
  8. Towing vehicles. (Not the weapon)

    Honestly, I'd like to see the trend of the vehicle ticket cost and their subsequent respawn timer decrease even more almost to the point to where they are virtually disposable in order to increase the fun factor and basically eliminate vic trolling. Another person off the objective driving a tow truck seems a bit silly to me.
  9. Fog Of War

    This is probably the greatest most important feature in the development process thus far and the implementation is spot on. Good job. It completely changes the dynamics of the way the matches will play out from now on. No more "Wacky Races" cartoon meta with TKOTH massacres in the first 5-8 minutes of the match ruining everything and setting up the obligatory steamroll. High five, smiley face, gold star and two thumbs up for everyone who evolved this.
  10. Gun Sounds

    v13 M4 is the best yet. Full auto mag dump sounds like a buzzsaw.
  11. Game needs non owned servers

    Not like its an accurate benchmark for anything but needless to say the entire time I've played the v13 public testing so far I've seen zero incidences of intentional TK's or griefing. Honestly I think people that are prone to such skullduggery are much less likely to act out in official servers.
  12. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Agreed. Everything else v13 including Sonic The Hedgehog sprinting appeals to me except this odd rally system and the no instagib.
  13. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    No instagib in a fps game doesn't appeal to me at all really. Obviously I see the bigger picture which is life preservation within the paradigm of Squad's gameplay however getting headshot with any larger caliber weapons and not getting fragged is neither Arcade or MilSim. This is illogical and reeks of the "everyone gets a trophy" mindset.
  14. a new scoreboard stat for taking enemy tickets

    Personal validation and bragging rights... Great idea that's been discussed ad nauseum here simply because for example you personally can destroy 100 tickets worth of the enemies junk and win the match for your team and literally show a k/d of 0/0 with hardly any score either so you end up looking like a spode on the scoreboard. That said, within the game mechanics it simply doesn't seem feasible to implement a system that tracks an individual's tickets taken. Instead the game dynamics is focused on your teams effort collectively. I can't see that ever changing.
  15. Its definitely more of a benefit to a developer because Epic's cut for using UE4 plus being on the store is 12% as opposed to the additional Steam cut of up to 35%.
  16. New Layers

    Every single map in Squad is unique and interesting however the official existing layers are starting to get real stale and overplayed at this point. Another thing is there are areas/villages in every map that have never been flags as well. In the lull before v13 it would be nice to have a few new layers from each map with different matchups, lattices, fogging, skyboxes, lighting and vics in the meantime. Here is a list of some possible ideas I had: Map: Kohat RAAS Matchup: USA vs. Russia with tanks. Cloudy Skybox & Fogging from Mestia Map: Narva Invasion Matchup: Militia vs. Russia with T-72 and SPG techie wolfpack. Kohat purple sunset skybox. Map: Tallil Invasion Matchup: USA vs. INS except USA has to defend the Airfield and INS gets two main bases. Yeho cumulous cloud skybox. Map: Chora Matchup: USA vs. Russia with tanks. Tallil sandstorm skybox & fogging. List some combinations you'd like to see.
  17. Game needs non owned servers

    Interesting that you bring this up this evening. How ironic that in over 4000 hours in Squad over 3 years I got permabanned for the the first time on a server for simply asking what the supplemental rules were. Amateur hour honestly. That's how deep the cronyism is at this point and people wonder why there is so much competition for the dwindling population with admins begging others to "seed" their servers. Not only that this evening another returning good server got ddosed again. Strange times indeed. Now more than ever the game needs neutral vanilla servers where all users can experience fair and balanced gameplay untainted by supplemental rule sets that actually disable features built into the game.
  18. FireStorm server

    Blocking bridges with vehicle husks has been around since the very first day of vehicles so it certainly isn't a "design flaw" or "exploit" and instead would be classified as a strategy or tactic. The implementation of demolition of the husks will simply be a new counter to that strategy is all instead of having to post security on your MSR. BTW, it only takes 5 transports and 4 deaths to completely blockcade Narva at a 29 ticket cost.
  19. So essentially return the realistic damage attributes of the vehicles that the devs spent many many hours implementing back to arcade mode? Makes no sense to me. API rounds penetrate and cause fires. That's the whole idea. Next I've heard the tracks get damaged and fall off, should they stop working on that as well?
  20. Anti-material rifle

    Maybe giving the existing Marksman role these attributes and also buff the rifles a bit might suffice. Honestly on the rare occasion I've played the Marksman class I thought the rifle needed a buff to one shot down folks. Honestly however there really isn't very many situations in Squad where the role you describe would even be that useful fragwise or flagwise. DF:JO had such a role and it wasn't very useful for the most part either. First of all, dudes would grab the Barret and post up on a hill and almost instantly you'd hear the distinctive loud sound and within a few minutes you'd simply run up there and backstab them. Secondly, if you were semi good at the game you'd select a secondary load out of two Claymore's and they could protect your back somewhat however they would also take the place of your ghillie suit and extra ammo so now you're more visible and only had a limited supply of 50 bmg ammo. Needless to say, due to the fluid nature of Squad there would only be a handful of locations where you could use such a role to any degree of success. Maybe the high rise buildings in Basrah and Narva or perhaps here and there on Mestia or Fools Road for example but otherwise you're going to face the same problems as DF:JO. I mean lets be realistic there are much more efficient ways to take away tickets from the other team in Squad than creeping around in the hills and going 10/0.
  21. How can I help?

    Work on the Wiki pages? They are missing tons of information.
  22. New Layers

    Devs could easily add the temporary forward spawns to the new map layers as well to get folks like you right into the action quickly. Needless to say, over this weekend things got real stale with all the NA servers running whats basically the same rotation from a year ago with the smaller old maps. Strangely enough, most have completely removed Tallil from their rotations as far as I can tell which in my opinion is the most polished and professional map in the game thus far. Simply swapping a few things around and adding some new official layers based on older maps would freshen things up a bit and keep people interested.
  23. Game needs non owned servers

    I would never make generalizations about organized groups that host the game and allow us to play. Furthermore, you should know I've personally donated a considerable amount of my own money to different groups to help defray server costs because I don't like free rides and plus I simply want to help out. That said, I would never make the hax/exploit assertion of any group simply because EAC has that end of things locked down pretty solid in my opinion. On the other hand though why on earth would you even need such a thing when there is a much greater potential for abuse of the admin camera function and plenty of other shenanigans involving ghosting etc. going on? Listen. I'll say it again. People that pay the bills have essentially taken ownership of the game and have become the defacto front end of the game. This means that for the last 3 years the combined actions of all the privately owned servers have become the face of the game and represent how the public perceives the game. I don't know how anyone could argue with that. So from a Public Relations and Marketing standpoint that seems a bit concerning to allow external parties to have complete control of the overall experience that your customers have. Bottom line, there will never be a pure vanilla experience for users that is completely neutral, unbiased and free of supplemental rules until official servers are hosted.
  24. Game needs non owned servers

    Possibly English isn't his first language but I think I understand what he's getting at. His point is because the community by and large has become so accustomed to heavy moderation that they've become very insecure when it isn't around for some reason or another on servers that typically have it. Furthermore, he thinks that if a few official neutral servers existed with zero moderation and free of supplemental rules that they would attract a certain segment of the community that wants to try different strategies & tactics without being yelled and screamed at by overzealous admin trying to guide the gameplay. Whilst I do agree with his overall position in concept I do however disagree that unmoderated servers would be functional in the current version of the game. That said, as unique and innovative Squad is the game mechanic itself still lacks a few safeguards and features that make it a standalone game. I mean if you think about it the game itself already has several attributes that make it about half way to being a standalone game. First and foremost would be 7 TK's gets you the boot and secondly the third party EAC does damage control for hacks etc. So what does this actually leave? Well, basically the remainder of the wrongdoings could simply be classified as griefing and morality issues if you think about it. Examples would be ghosting, inappropriate use of vehicles or language. I feel like all of these issues could eventually be addressed from within the game mechanic. I mean the guy is completely right about the heavy handed admin on some servers I'll give him that. I mean when you've got supplemental rules and policies that literally override actual features the devs put into the game wouldn't everyone agree that's a problem?
  25. Asymmetrical Grudge Match

    I'm really looking forward to a USA vs. INS invasion layer on Tallil with the Abrams up against whatever new gear the Insurgents will be getting. The same match up on Al Basrah as well would be a riot too. How do you think the matches would play out and will the asymmetrical match up ultimately balance out sufficiently once the fight gets back to town or will the INS be able to hold at Gas Station or the Airfield? It'll be interesting to see what an SPG Technical wolfpack can do against the back of an Abrams as well.