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  1. Progressive RAAS

    Despite the inclusion of RAAS the matches still seem to play out as a drag race by both teams to what is considered the central flag with the old "Hey! Who's getting the backcaps?" paradigm pretty much every time. This continues to baffle me because I thought the whole purpose of killing off the v9 Rush Meta was to funnel players into a predictable linear series of flag captures eventually culminating in a central engagement. This doesn't seem to be the case though as the first flags are simply considered nothing but afterthoughts until your team actually gets massacred at the central flag engagement 8 minutes into the match. Considering that, so this morning I was playing the ET:QW Campaign mode and seemingly the idea came to me. So what if the only vehicles that were available at main were transports and logistics trucks and you'd have to physically go and capture your first and second flags whereupon a randomized set of armor would then spawn in at those flags? Discuss.
  2. Teleport from main base?

    Keeping vehicles in stasis on the map can be useful for a wide variety of reasons. This is an actual feature to the game and shouldn't be negated in order to punish slackers etc.
  3. Progressive RAAS

    Once fog of war is implemented it could certainly have an effect on behavior as well.
  4. Fuel, Food & Water

    Imagine these additional elements added to the game within the existing framework. So now the Logistics truck would hold build, ammo, fuel, food & water points. Vehicles would be on a timer and would need to refuel and likewise food & water would be directly linked to the distance and speed of the player tied to their stamina.
  5. Insurgency

    Current Insurgency layers play out so predictable. 1. Watch where the defenders Logis go. 2. Hit position with mass smoke mortars. 3. Assault and destroy cache. 4. Repeat twice more.
  6. Banned From Discord

    I was a very bad boy on Steam Discussions and got banned, but I've learned my lesson. Please can I get an unban too?
  7. Fuel, Food & Water

    Thats what people said here over and over for a year and a half about the inclusion of a melee weapon in Squad as well lol... At least Fuel would be a reasonable addition. Maybe the integration of hunger, thirst and bleeding into one overall health state that could be fully replenished from a supply crate.
  8. I'd be in favor of this if accordingly there was a cap on the amount of fortifications available to build on the FOB as well.
  9. Game Mode: King of the Hills

    Is this similar to this: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Territory_Control
  10. Fuel, Food & Water

    You don't create a mortar or a machine gun in the field with a shovel either. Nor do you materialize yourself from bookbags or pillow forts. My idea was more about the consideration of an overall logistics system like IRL. The thirst and hunger would start to kick in at 30 minutes tied to your stamina and health. Its just simply a fun idea I had that I think would make Squad more realistic and unique is all. I'm perfectly aware that it would never be implemented however it does make people think about maybe enhancing the current logistics system in some way perhaps.
  11. Teleport from main base?

    Yeah like you always said those that could care less about tickets have a much greater impact on the match than those that do care. The clear solution is to completely eliminate the ticket costs for vehicles or change the method of their approval and acquisition. I can't tell you how many perfectly good matches were completely ruined by some random dudes running off with the logis and disconnecting. Bottom line, its a broken system prone to trolling & griefing.
  12. Teleport from main base?

    Of course the vehicles especially the logistics truck are more valuable within the persistent ammo paradigm. That's why it blew my mind when all their tickets got reduced to the point of being disposable. This is illogical. But this is my whole point. You can't have an A la carte system that cherry picks elements from both arcade and milsim and expect them to work together. The game has to be one or the other. Along with the persistent ammo there should have instead been a drastic ticket increase in the value of vehicles especially logistics trucks. Accordingly, this is even more of a reason for the implementation of the much needed Commander role that can oversee the distribution of asset's. Otherwise you might as well just make the game like Joint Operations and remove all the ticket costs for the vehicles also with instant respawns and just let everyone go feral because thats what they're doing already.
  13. Teleport from main base?

    Honestly these issues always go back to the fact that Squad is an ever evolving game thats simply trying too hard to keep sitting on the fence between arcade and milsim. The two genre's are completely incompatible and often times cancel each other out. For example, OP cites the abandonment of logistics trucks as a reason to be able to respawn without his team losing a ticket. As discussed many many times before within the same context before this would be an easily abusable system. That said, consider the trigger event of the abandoned logistics truck however. Back before they were nearly disposable they were abandoned just as often. Now its just an excuse to destroy your own assets so it respawns right away and can be utilized again. This evolution is completely illogical to me. I mean its like Arcade Lite or something. On one hand we want to placate the low attention span Zoomer generation but on the other hand we still want to keep experienced Millennials and GenX people like myself interested.
  14. Insurgency

    By itself I find Insurgency Mode uninteresting simply due to the fact that it encourages pillow fort building on a grand scale which I find tedious and boring. It would much cooler if the cache system could somehow be integrated into the last flag in AAS.
  15. Fuel, Food & Water

    Well playing devils avocate here how does the existing system of schlepping a logistics truck across an entire map to build a fob/hab or tow provide value to the game? Nobody I know enjoys driving Logi. What about the persistent ammo? Why shouldn't I have infinite ammo and respawn at predetermined spawns available all over the map? Why should there be a restritive logistics system in place anyway? Everyone should be whatever they want right, pick whatever role you want? Whole team of SAW's & HAT's seems fine right? No. The existing system is there to guide and channel players to a specific style of gameplay. I just feel like adding fuel, food and water would actually enhance a system that's already in place that requires you to plan your strategy and tactics.
  16. Fuel, Food & Water

    And honestly I've poked around in the blueprints a bit and I don't imagine it wouldn't be some game breaking change either. The vehicles would simply require an additional fuel variable and gauge plus the FOB itself would require the three additional variables to load the repair station with fuel and the ammo crate with food and water. When it came to hunger and thirst those variables would be tied into the existing stamina/health blueprint. Of course I wouldn't go ultra realistic and make user die of hunger or thirst and vehicles empty of fuel could always limp back to a repair station or main. I think it would really compliment the existing logistics system and make Squad even more of a thinking man's shooter. Even better imagine a dedicated fuel tanker truck and the resulting explosion when you ambushed one? Also the whole fuel dynamic would really have an effect on the MBT's dominating the game currently.
  17. Fuel, Food & Water

    So essentially you're saying the existing logistics system is stupid as well? Personally I think its what differentiates Squad from every other pewpew on the market.
  18. Fuel, Food & Water

    Of course I understand that vehicles can operate for many hours and have ranges of hundreds of miles. That's not the point though. IRL there isn't a magic pillow fort that stuffs your brains back in your skull or reattaches your dismembered leg either is there? Honestly if you think about it Fuel, Food & Water are actually really important supplies that are missing from the logistics paradigm. So from an overall logistics perspective just like FOB's with Ammo & Build points allow you to project power forward the realistic addition of these three items would make the system even more interesting and realistic. Just an idea to make the game more tactical and strategic is all.
  19. Sprinting speed, off body shooting and reloads

    How about you get emergency reloads but it fits into the persistent ammo framework? That way you actually lose the magazine and can only replace it at main not from an ammo crate.
  20. Teleport from main base?

    Honestly after 4k hours the whole magic pillow fort meta seems quite silly and hopefully it will go bye bye forever with the introduction of transport helis. Rallies I'm fine with but the positioning of the HAB is very very predictable at this point and never mind the fact to this day you've got a large percentage of the community who has become engrained with this backwards mentality that HAB preservation takes precedence over smart rally placement and capturing flags. Count me as a no vote for any more teleportation dynamics.
  21. Walling in a FOB in a corner with multiple Hesco's and wire for example...
  22. First off, by default all the first event tool tips are on if I remember correctly. Secondly the firing range is prominently displayed along with the browser and settings in large bold text along the top right of the main page. It couldn't be any simpler.
  23. Commo rose?

    I'm so glad Squad doesn't have it and I hope it never gets added either. The existing comms are perfect.
  24. That's incorrect. There are multiple firing ranges available from the main menu that cover basically everything in the game. Not only that, in the settings you can enable tool tips for first time events and other things. Squad is very basic, simple and intuitive. I don't understand how anyone could think otherwise.
  25. OWI went to all the trouble to give them localisation in the game so I'd just leave it that and like fuzz said just make some clone faction and call it the such and such coalition not unlike the existing Militia faction. That way you've got a faction perhaps the existing community can identify with and yet not get banned in China.