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  1. There is a help desk available on the main website under "Support". Maybe they can help you.
  2. Squad has several positive features and attributes that are completely unique in the genre like the logistics building system, the ticket system and AAS & RAAS game modes. ARMA 3 has similar large maps and a more complete combined arms system but it's PVP is only a janky TKOTH mode. That said, a proper system has yet to be put into place to support and retain new players. So while the statistics taken from Steam by 3rd parties may have shown over a million units sold awhile back that doesn't take into account how many people played the game and then got a refund. Which of course is the missing factor in any mathematical equation that would explain the miniscule playerbase numbers when compared to the supposed sales of over a million. However, with that simple missing factor missing this would explain why if you disregard the peaks in the chart which correspond to the free weekends and only consider the normals trends the stable playerbase is at around approximately 6000 which is certainly better than some similar games in the genre.
  3. Considering there are already several other game modes besides AAS that people enjoy would you also play a reverse TDM where only deaths took away tickets? This would be most useful for populating servers and competitive matches.
  4. Mortar redesign

    Players waste assets in many more creative ways than simply dropping down a simple mortar. Most recently it's players in RAAS taking all the Logis and dropping multiple useless FOB/HAB's on the east side of the map when all the flags end up being on the west side. Now everyone is completely out of position and noobs keep spawning on them and walking two kilometers because they don't know any better so your team eventually loses the match. So logically we should remove FOB's then right?
  5. Mortar redesign

    Yeah, agreed. As it stands now HE rounds are basically nothing more than background battle ambience. The smoke rounds are useful but thats about it.
  6. Skirmish Maps

    I was wondering if this idea ever got anymore traction for implementation into the game? Maybe even as a TDM Skirmish Mode especially since hardly anywhere I play even runs Invasion, Insurgency, Destruction or Territory Control maps anymore. OPFL TDM Skirmish would be sick.
  7. Skirmish Maps

    For the most part these maps are mostly used to populate empty servers, scrims and for competitions. That said, considering the inclusion of the buddy rally why should anyone have to go through all this whole Logi/FOB/HAB rigamarole every time? So much redundancy at this point. Also get rid of all the vics on these layers because only noobs use them anyway. Make the flag you just captured turn into your new spawn point with an ammo crate just like J.O. and leave the whole Logi/FOB/HAB paradigm for the big maps. Discuss
  8. Mortar redesign

    If we started taking weapons out of the game simply because people didn't use them properly there wouldn't be much of a game left to play. And just because somebody doesn't realize it only takes two players with a 2700/300 Logi to create an effective mortar of which you have 8 minutes or less of firing time before they get discovered and killed doesn't mean we should get rid of them either. I always like the idea of adding more weapons to the game however honestly I'd much rather see the lethality and range of the existing mortar's increased dramatically. They're only at about a 1/3 of their real range and destructive power.
  9. Noob Wants to Find the Right Server

    Good friendly staff at Total War, 56, Valhalla and Avalon.
  10. Autonomous Squad

    Personally I'd like to see the game migrate towards a place where it can played to its fullest extent by itself without any oversight just like a lot of previous titles in the same genre. Currently it seems like the game is almost there but I'd to see a few more changes to facilitate the goal of full autonomy. First and foremost reduce the TK auto kick down from 7 to around 2-3. The kick should last for the duration of the entire match as well. Accidents happen however at nearly 5000 hours of playtime I can probably count my own TK's on both hands. Players should know that the game doesn't make judgment calls it simply kicks at a particular number. 7 is way to high. Secondly, increase the main base protection radius even further on some maps and possibly even add some type of auto turrets nearby as well. Next program some form of filters to the text chat with the most commonly used profanity and slurs. This is a no brainer really and I'm surprised it wasn't implemented from the start considering today's sensibilities. And lastly reprogram the crewman vehicles to override one-manning. The first crewman in goes into the second seat and then and only then can another crewman enter the drivers seat. Obviously there can be disconnects and stranded players however that's just the nature of the game. Nobody should be allowed to solo vehicles. Please feel free to add any other ideas you've thought of that would make the game more self sufficient or if you disagree perhaps explain why these aren't sensible ideas.
  11. Autonomous Squad

    So on one hand in other threads you'd like to see the realism attributes buffed up similar to PR but in the case of TK's you prefer a more casual approach by keeping it at 7 for autokick? Did PR have a TK autokick and if so what was it's threshold?
  12. Reduction Construction cost for HESCO walls

    I'd be ok with a greatly reduced cost but with a corresponding cap on the amount of these mostly useless objects per FOB.
  13. new DLC visuals

    It depends on which setting your view distance is on. On a bunch of Mestia layers for example with view distance on low the trees and certain buildings are literally gone after about 500 meters showing nothing but barren terrain through scopes etc. Any of the larger maps with elevation changes you see this as well.
  14. Autonomous Squad

    In my opinion mines should be deployed deep in enemy territory around specific intersections, choke points and bridge's instead of being in close proximity to friendlies which is careless behavior anyway.
  15. new DLC visuals

    Fog hides the viewable models such as a tree switching over to a lower polygon version with a lower quality texture. Increasing fog allows you decrease the distance at which this occurs so it increases performance in a sense. It's fun too play with in UE4 however some of the current maps have excessive fog in my opinion.
  16. My solution from 3 years ago of completely unlocking the kits and buffing out the basic iron sight Rifleman role way up so its the ultimate CQB class instead of the disposable role that everyone simply wants to get rid of makes way more sense. Think about it. Since the very beginning through the entire process of every patch adding new kits we're still fixated on using this ersatz notion that if a squad leader could build his/her own squad it would be 8 HAT kits which is patently false. Certainly nobody's going to believe that a team comprised of 5 squad leaders with 35 HAT's would ever win a match against a normal team. Case in point, go back to when the clans were abusing the old role system by forming squads and quickly having dudes leave in order to cheese the roles before they patched it with the current role system based on math. The SL was getting the ACOG along with several other ACOG Rifleman and maybe a SAW. Everyone is unique and wants to play certain roles. Give the squad leader full control over building his/her squad A la Carte including their own role and you won't see this problem again.
  17. Please consider replacing EasyAntiCheat

    Interesting. I was just trying politely to make a sincere effort to help you get fragging again by offering suggestions that helped me with my old computer. Clearly after over a month nobody from either OWI or EAC is able to "tell you about it" otherwise you wouldn't be here asking to have EAC replaced right? Good luck.
  18. Please consider replacing EasyAntiCheat

    Well, applying logic here it has to be something unique to your computer and my older ones because thousands of other users are playing without any problems. I do know that some users here were complaining about false positives related to Windows Magnifier so that might be something to look into. Please, you never listed your system specs, what are they?
  19. In the matter of fall damage

    The fall damage is one of the many realistic attributes that separates Squad from every other FPS game. That's the "intelligent" part mentioned in the mission statement. There must be consequences for your actions.
  20. Please consider replacing EasyAntiCheat

    Weird. So no GOG, Twitch, Discord, OBS, Epic Games etc. running on startup? Just Steam and normal Windows stuff? The other thing is unless it gives you an actual EAC pop up window how is it that you're coming to the conclusion that EAC is the actual culprit for any problems you may be having? You can't throw the baby out with the bath water. Without some form of anti-cheat the game would be unplayable.
  21. Please consider replacing EasyAntiCheat

    Honestly, try uncluttering your computer and completely lock down all the background applications that load in background by default and see if this makes a difference.
  22. Please consider replacing EasyAntiCheat

    You're correct. Nothing "basically" about it though Epic Games has owned EAC since 2018. One thing I've noticed on my newest computer that isn't loaded down with all kinds of background processes is I haven't had a single EAC false positive or anything of that nature at all.
  23. Autonomous Squad

    Since I started this thread I reckon the main protection zones have seemed to have been strengthened more. Might just be my imagination but if you're in a vehicle and you charge into it you will go into orbit. If you're on foot it seems quite deadly as well. I don't see the necessity of any more supplemental rules for this concern. That said, I still think the ability to solo heavies should be completely disabled and a TK auto kick should occur at 3 during a match in my opinion.
  24. Autonomous Squad

    So the unofficial narrative I've always heard regarding why the game still permits players to one-man the heavy's is that say for example the rest of your crew disconnects leaving you solo you can carry on and go back to main etc. To me this has always seemed like an unfinished and broken feature of the game that requires constant admin supervision and nagging of players who are just trying to have fun. That said, what if all the armed vehicles were reprogrammed so that you could drive, simultaneously aim and operate the weapons and then in a complimentary system as soon as another player entered the vehicle it would return to the normal system which of course is fun as well? Wouldn't this be the best of both worlds? Not only that but honestly what if it was a feature where there was an entire dedicated squad one-manning most of the armor? I mean at this point you already see with the inclusion of MBT's almost half the team dicking around in vics way off the flags so what's going to happen once choppers are in the game? Logically the game will become unbalanced because it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out that if your entire team goes infantry you'll have considerably more people on the flags.
  25. No Shadow has to go quick

    I think it depends on the particular map and faction as well though. On a densely vegetated green dominant map like Gorodok or Skorpo the Russians have a distinct advantage regardless if they're in the shadows or not compared to USA OCP Scorpion that sticks out like a glowstick pretty much everywhere. Again though, I'll ask you what about all the other video settings that can be tweaked to enhance viewing enemies at medium to long ranges? Forcing just shadows seems illogical to me without considering the rest of the settings. Then you're going to start excluding all the toaster PC's which I'm fine with however it will reduce the player base.