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  1. Ticket Spoilers

    This is getting real old: "How many tickets you guys have left?" And then of course somebody on your team invariably types the accurate number into All Chat. So yeah, instead how about showing a running K/D count for each team and hide the ticket count to stop these spoilers? Better yet, hide tickets and K/D and really add to the suspense of Squad. In addition, I've seen many games where we are low on tickets and the people on my team just basically give up playing and start dicking off throwing smokes and shooting in the air and then we actually win by 20 tickets or worse lose by that many.
  2. Optimization

    Optimization. Everybody in many different threads are always bringing this word up and referencing it as some nebulous future occurrence that will eventually happen to Squad and how everything will be so great. But again what does optimization really mean? Better yet, what does it mean to you, ergo what is your perception of how "optimization" will manifest itself in Squad and you will view it on your monitor? Let me explain. The reason I bring this up is lately people are showing up and making a special point of saying EFT & PUBG does this and that better or EFT & PUBG looks better, so why can't Squad do such and such etc? Obviously these kind of questions & comparison/contrasts with other games are utilizing defective logic and are little more than a trivial nuisance. However, this got me thinking. So I dabble with the Squad UE4 editor in my free time and basically just do a lot of testing related to the vanilla maps themselves and their assets as they impact frame rates. Bottom line, first I do a control standard where I join an empty server online and then I note my average fps on a pad. Next I load the same map from the regular game in local mode and again note my fps. Then I again load the map from from UE4 in standalone mode and record my fps. (I know this is getting tedious, bear with me here) Now I delete every single asset, foliage and spline from the same map and record my fps. The results aren't really that surprising as you can imagine. On completely empty Chora, Yeho, Goro & Kohat maps I'm getting well over 100 fps. But then I did something interesting to further push the limits of my testing. Just out of curiosity I purchased all the Pure Polygons Procedural Nature Packs from the Unreal Marketplace and changed the material instance of the empty landscapes to 8k textures. Logically my fps dropped below a hundred but the landscape looks absolutely stunning especially at higher settings. So the conclusion I've come to is I'm not sure we can have our cake and eat it too. There needs to be a trade-off somewhere especially as the boundaries on these same maps will probably be increased for aerial assets. So in my mind optimization of Squad means reducing the amount of buildings, foliage & splines plus further reducing the landscape texture quality coupled with increasing the map boundaries in order to get playable frame rates. Less is more.
  3. AdminChangeMap

    I'm noticing admins on servers more and more are ending games prematurely and they always seem to be on the winning team. When questioned why in all chat at the start of the next game the canned response I'm getting is "Mercy Rule Brah"... So I'm guessing this is totally appropriate and acceptable behavior because its their server right?
  4. how to disable or modify how god-rays look?

    Actually leave the Godrays alone because they prove the Earth is flat not a sphere.
  5. Camoflague nets

    It's funny you bring up camo nets because my son just asked me last night why they weren't available to cover up FOB's and HAB's.
  6. the forgotten map

    I love that layer. Especially playing Insurgent. We take the rocket technical up to the ridge in F2 and rekt the mericans. Another tactic is drive up the river and mine the bridge and roads for even more fun chaos. Karmakut has some great videos of this particular layer that are hilarious.
  7. Rally Point

    Honestly I think its time to remove the FOB radio sound as I suggested in one of my very first posts here. It's just simply too easy to find FOB's, especially on the smaller maps. I really like the HAB's and how they're very concealable.
  8. Rally Point

    Yup. And then they wonder why nobody will populate their servers. 2FJg on the other hand uses Squad vanilla guidelines and is always full. Jeez I wonder why?
  9. Rally Point

    I concur. Leave it the way it is and move on.
  10. AdminChangeMap

    You must not have read what I posted. I wasn't referencing the game status you're talking about at all. I'm talking about admins cycling the map way prematurely. I've never seen it occur on your server though.
  11. What are you working on?

    Cool. Thank you. I'll give it a try.
  12. What are you working on?

    Yeah that tree is a bit off in the color of it's bark and foliage. I'm going to tweak that later with Squad materials for continuity. There are also many variations of that deciduous tree with additional branches and vines. Also the map will be considerably darker with shadows and I'll raise the fog level back up. In addition, I'll be putting in a waterfall and a few stone buildings around the map. I gotta get my ducks in a row and apply for a thread in the mapping section for a full presentation of the map. Also, do any of you know how to create the minimap you see in the game?
  13. Unassigned player classes

    Ahh yes, the classic *** move at the beginning of the game starting a squad and then picking the HAT when it appears then kicking everyone and locking the squad... priceless...
  14. Suggestion about the game

    Agreed. After cooker FOB's were nerfed you can paralyze the other team by actively patrolling supply routes to destroy the limited amount of logistics trucks and win the game. However, you get very little credit in the game for this just your own personal satisfaction.
  15. Some ideas coming from a rising storm player...

    After playing Squad for over a year with 2000+ hours in the game I've come to the conclusion that OWI's strategy of straddling the fence between being a super realistic nerdy milsim vs. a tactical arcade style shooter doesn't really appeal to the core Steam demographic of teen to early 20's dudes with expenadle cash. Not sure why either but numbers don't lie. That said, it's probably time from a business standpoint to chose one or the other, take it that direction and market it as such otherwise eventually fade into oblivion like another teamwork based game that I achieved 5 star Supreme Commander in; ETQW but the master authentication server got shut down a few years back.
  16. What are you working on?

    Oh I was messing around and cranked it up to epic for the screenshots which my video card can't quite handle. As far as the heightmap goes it may well be a little bigger. Anyway I've got to start over from scratch as I discovered I made a major error. Mainly it's just kind of a proof of concept map that I keep refining.
  17. What are you working on?

    I've spent a lot of time recently working with my new procedural packs and creating original landscapes from terrain party. Previously I had taught myself the engine by dicking around reverse engineering the stock maps every which way from Sunday but I've come to the conclusion that "nuevo mapas" is the way to go in order to make something that interests me and may or may not, irregardless interest others. Plus the fact that I'm trying to make maps constrained at 63x63 for better performance. Anyway, I spent a lot of time looking for interesting unusual terrain on Google Earth and came to the conclusion that one of the places we visit occasionally to fish and camp called Newberry National Volcanic Monument which has a very interesting layout very conducive to an infantry only map for Squad. Needless to say, I grabbed the 10 meter heightmap from terrain party and resized it smaller to accentuate the terrain and this is what I've come up with. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newberry_Volcano
  18. Animations for Entering and Exiting Vehicles

    Whilst I press "F" I reach over and grab another Bud from my mini fridge next to my puter and imagine some exotic vehicle enter/exit animation. You should try it... plus it will save the devs a ton of busy work...
  19. Al Bashral - Bridge Blocking

    Mods please merge this with other 3 "bridge blocking" threads?
  20. Unassigned player classes

    Incorrect. Squad has team text chat.
  21. The transport/logistics choppers should be equivalent to the trucks and only have defensive flares. Typically most players aren't interested in doing logi runs so those choppers would be mobbed the first week and then no different afterwards. On the other hand attack choppers and tanks should be worth considerably more tickets and should be difficult to requisition because of their power differential. That said, it should be a system similar to the HAT where there needs to be a certain amount of full squads however there would be an additional criteria where only squad leaders can claim and drive/pilot these vehicles and furthermore an additional two squad leaders will need to click and approve the requisition as well.
  22. Rally Point

    Devs have the rally situation fine tuned perfectly. The whole system is actually quite brilliant to be honest. I say leave it alone and move on.
  23. Unassigned player classes

    I've got no problem being part of a functional squad but I like playing with qualified serious people who want to get high K/D's and humiliate and crush the opposing team with decisive strategies and tactics but this only accounts for 10% of the thousand or so people that play Squad everyday. For that other 90% of public players I find most them to be juvenile, short tempered and completely unskilled at the simple nuances of Squad not to mention the fact that numerous people seem to have an overwhelming obsession about sharing vivid descriptions of their deviant sexual practices throughout the course of the games. So you still wonder why I play lone wolf or locked squads with my sons when I can get them to play? Its not that hard to understand.
  24. Unassigned player classes

    Often times when I do want to play Lone Wolf I do start a squad but keep the rifleman class so I have a shovel to dig FOB's and I still can put markers down.
  25. Unassigned player classes

    Numerous times I've been unassigned and got 30-40 kills by slowly crouch walking and proning behind enemy lines. Plus I've dug up countless FOB's and shot Logi drivers out of their trucks and players off their mortars. So how was I useless and hurting the team?