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  1. For the sake of equality across the board as I understand it the narrative here has always been there will never be medals, ranks, buttons, pins, ribbons, uniforms, gold stars, special weapon skins of any kind or any other thing that remotely makes a particular player unique or special.
  2. Y Axis controller

    If all you do is drive or gun in a vehicle a controller is very useful. My kid and I use them occasionally when we play on the TV. And then when there are aerial assets certainly I would prefer a controller.
  3. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    Interesting. My perception is that would be another real turn off for the average player used to our instant gratification world we live in.
  4. "What disappointed me the most about free weekend." That it ended actually. New players are an asset, not a liability. I just wish every single one of them bought the game and stuck around instead.
  5. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    Wouldn't a CCP simply be the same as running over a health pack in any other fps vidjit game? I can see why it was never implemented and medics still have to give you manna and bring you back to full health.
  6. Unreal Editor Environments

    More garbage from my ghetto setup. My jungle quest has almost come to fruition. Because I've got a big family and work 10 hours a day wrenching on cars I gave up on dicking around with all my bitchin terrains and their super eye candy material instances in favor of using the vanilla landscapes and working on actually trying to go back to my Delta Force days and just be creative with the level design and all my assets. Anyways, I'm testing all my assets within the Narva environment now and getting some good results and stable framerates. I always liked the Narva lighting, sky and landscape material instance layers so I'm creating my first North Korean jungle environment using it. Maybe someday I'll get around to finishing it and uploading it to the Steam Workshop. Sorry for the choppy video.
  7. Modding - What (Free) Softwares Might I need

    If you're a student Autodesk 3ds Max Educational software might be a good choice for you. https://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/3ds-max
  8. Mini-map

    Personally I'd like to take it one step further towards complete realism and eliminate all the information contained on the map such as friendlies and friendly vehicles. All it would show is the main base and it's spawn point. Simply make it a gritty looking PDA bezel with just a highly detailed topgraphical map with the ability to switch to an satellite reconnissance photo. This would then shift the focus back to audio communication. All spawns would be back at the base where you and your team would arrange for new transportation to the front. I finally do agree with the other dude here I forget his name but this current rally/HAB pardigm needs a replacement because this Star Trek transporter system was fun for awhile but needs an overhaul. It's simply unrealistic and makes the games flow to fast and the information contained in the map is too easily abused as well. Let's put some mystery back into the game.
  9. Vehicle driver scoring.

    I'm curious if the scoring system with vehicles is ever going to reflect how many tickets you took away from the opposing team? Maybe it already does and it gets converted into your score? So in the course of a game I start to lose track after 4-5 vehicles so I'd be cool if there was a dedicated vehicles destroyed count and tickets collected counts to go along with your kills and incapicitated counts.
  10. Using the Unreal Tournament Editor for a bunch of different technical reasons I'm basically testing a bunch of the junk I either bought off the marketplace and/or stuff I downloaded for free working towards an end goal of making a weapons/skins mod or standalone original Delta Force style TDM only game. Also along with that I'm in the process of reverse engineering all the stock Delta Force 2 3d files and re-texturing them possibly using photogrammetry. Also working on extracting a few specific ambient sounds from the Delta Force series to give it that vibe. Most of the landscapes are small to medium infantry style maps.
  11. Unreal Editor Environments

    I'll have to look into how to optimize my foliage Psyrus. At this point I'm just experimenting with all three flavors of Unreal; Vanilla, Unreal Tournament and Squad. My latest experiment is turning Kohat into a completely barren battlefield map containing only bunkers, sandbags, barriers and trenches. Here is one of the firebases I'm working on. Its completely devoid of all civilian structures and assets at this point but will have some ruins here and there plus the final version will have a much lower light level, Yeho skybox and heavy atmospheric fogging to try to get the frame rates down. As these are all just experiments that are just for my enjoyment and won't likely go anywhere I don't consider them to be "mods" in that respect just fun!
  12. Footsteps

    Where exactly is the function defining how footsteps sound depending on the surface material? Is that within the blueprint of the landscape material itself and if so has anyone successfully added that to a new landscape material? I really like the sounds on Mestia when you walk on the cliffs.
  13. Unreal Editor Environments

    Within the paradigm of an authentic Jungle Terrain I'm still trying to push the limits of lush animated ground foliage vs. a static and lifeless landscape. As you can see whilst it looks really decent it really kills the performance. Now the choice is reduce or remove the ground foliage within the automatic landscape material or reduce the overall maps size.
  14. Remove desert, remove Russian

    Cool first post btw... get right in there and rustle the stick around in the yellow jackets nest. Bold & Tangy. Yeah personally I never got the Russia vs. USA simulation as they'd never have a platoon level engagement in real life however it's just a game so I just go along with it and have fun. Personally after the Brits I'd like to see China or the Norks and some jungle maps. I mean lets be realistic though dude there's really only desert, woodland, alpine, jungle and urban environments on this planet... so yeah... drink more when you play and you won't even notice what class and environment is...
  15. SDK: updates and issues

    Started the SDK update before I left for work, anyone know what it consists of?
  16. How to Not Suck With Big Vehicles

    Very astute observations that validate and further the narrative that the APC's should be utilized in stand off positions by two person locked squads as opposed to shuttle buses to the central point and then ultimately burning coffins.
  17. Map loading. Server side image.

    Lol... I can see one problem already. There simply wouldn't be enough room to display some servers supplemental rules though...
  18. Mini-map

    Coming from the Delta Force community the persistent mini-map overlay on the screen was one of the features I absolutely hated. Good riddance.
  19. Limit locked squads

    It does apply to us actually because we always run vehicles so in that case the solution is to add more vehicles not limited squad locking.
  20. Timeline and deadlines.

    Interesting perspective. I love statistics but I'm confused. I asked you this previously so maybe you can help me understand. So there are approximately 29,000 members in the forum and a daily player average during normal days between 1000-2000 with a median around 1300. Logically we can conclude that all the current players this very day are paying customers and that a large portion of this forum are most likely paying customers as well right? That said, SteamSpy shows approximately 677,000 downloads of Squad. So this is the part I find hard to wrap my brain around. So Pysrus, if there's only daily maximum peaks of around 2000 individual players and less than 30,000 forum members where exactly are these other 675,000 people that bought Squad because when I get up at 4am PST there's typically a full Desmos, 7 Euro & Asia servers and 250 empty servers with nobody to play with...
  21. Limit locked squads

    I primarily play Squad with my sons in a locked squad. How does us having fun in our locked squad make your game experience less than satisfactory?
  22. So it sounds like by your own admission in public matches there's a high likelihood that squad leaders won't listen to a commander and be relegated to intelligence officer which validates my whole point. That's why it's my perspective that if the role was to ever have any teeth then the Commander would first and foremost be able to demote Squad Leaders and also control critical assets. This is why it would make perfect sense to either give the role the power it deserves and make it controllable by admins or just nerf it and make it an Intel position.
  23. We've already established through the discussion in multiple threads that it's highly unlikely the Commander role will be useful in public matches. So instead of trying to dumb it down for the potatoes why not give the role powerful functionality and leave it up to admin to turn it on or off according to the circumstances? I think everyone realizes that unless the Commander role actually has powerful tools like for example the ability to remove insubordinate squad leaders from their roles then the position is meaningless. Then on the other hand if the Commander role possessed that power certainly it could have the potential to be abused as well.
  24. Here is a simple solution: AdminEnableCommanderMode 1, 0 On public matches it's disabled and on Clan Matches and Tournaments it's enabled. You're welcome.
  25. Normal game mode is too linear

    Some AAS maps can be a bit linear. Especially when servers impose "no rushing" rules. A couple of those Gorodok layers seem to have a bit of variation because there are more flags I'm guessing. I'd personally like to see another couple layers on Kohat that utilize the unused military base and other points towards the edge of the map.