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  1. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    The most disconcerting part of Squad is the game itself is forever in this "work-in-progress" state where new features, classes and weapons are constantly in this odd state of ebb & flow. This piecemeal game design method is in complete opposition to the original vertical slice method where a complete game is created and released with it's main core of factions, weapons and functionality intact and then expansion packs are released later. Needless to say, until the game is actually finished with all the content included then and only then can people actually sit down and figure out how the entire system itself can be balanced. I've said it before but it bears repeating that in my opinion Enemy Territory: Quake Wars was the most perfectly designed objective based fps game ever created and it addressed many of the issues of Squad that have been talked to death here over the last 3 years perfectly.
  2. [Suggestion] Dynamic Weather

    In theory that sounds awesome however such things are performance killers.
  3. graphic settings are getting abused hard

    "Seeing" an opposing player or vehicle at a particular distance due to LOD's is one thing. Being able to get an actual projectile to contact them is another issue entirely as the blocking collision of the mesh that's in front of them but invisible from your viewpoint still exists. At the close to medium ranges where most engagements occur in Squad the differences of what a player sees regarding foliage and other objects from Low to Epic is negligible in my opinion.
  4. Map streaming could Squad use it.

    Squad already uses some flavors of level streaming from what Axton said in one of the Kamdesh Twitch streams. Just not related to the actual landscape though I'm pretty sure. That said, as far as using Unreal Engines World Composition tools to stream in entire 8k terrains full of foliage and supporting 80 multiplayers in vehicles I've read there's real issues with replication etc.
  5. Current Map Problems

    Squad maps in general simulate challenges vehicles would face in real world conditions. I myself appreciate that. Both Chora and Sumari have room for future expansion that would enchance vehicular gameplay.
  6. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    Looking at many of Tartantyco's observations over time about the flaws in the logistics & role selection system as they relate to the real world behavior of typical Squad player I've seen they're usually spot on. However, I would take it one step further and again make the point that all of these issues are directly tied to the fact that Squad can't decide whether it's a MilSim or an Arcade style game. In it's attempt to be this hybrid it has effectively weakened and cancelled out each sub-genre making the game into some kind of homogenized mess where every patch attempts to re-balance the previous balance. So for example let's say that Squad was a full MilSim game that was going to simulate a 40 vs.40 engagement of some fashion or another and also btw there aren't any Star Trek teleportation devices like HAB's or Rally Points so you either wait for a Medic or go back to the main base and wait to form up into a new squad (remember you died and are now a "reinforcement") and wait for a vehicle to come back and get you or run 2 kilometers. First of all the overly restrictive role selection system would seem to roughly meet the MilSim criteria except it's still missing a Commander and Engineer. Add this roles and give the Commander the ability to boot S/L's. Next let's look at the 4-5 vehicles you'll be utilizing. These are all the vehicles you're going to ever get in the match because remember, no Arcade magic here. You would have a full selection to choose from so you'd need to pick them wisely. Now you'll need to actually load the trucks from the armory with what weapons and ammunition you're going to want to use and remember there is a weight limit and what you take with you is very specific as well. And when you arrive at your destination you don't need to beat a shovel against a MG anybody can simply unload a weapon and place it on the ground whereupon it can be picked up and moved or placed back in the truck at a later time. Now to the actual combat. Because you've got no Arcade Rally Points or Magic HAB's the fighting will be much more cautious and reliant on medics. So analyzing this gameplay the matches will be quite short because there won't be any of these fake "tickets", instead matches will simply end based on attrition and who had the most flags. Now funtime Arcade Squad! Pick any class you want as S/L and then choose whatever you want the makeup of your squad to be. You want a full squad of Rocketeer's then go for it but just know that you'll be shit at capturing a flag against Rifleman. Remember, now your Rally Points are unlimited as well! Now for the Vic's. They have no ticket value so choose as many or few as you want and anyone can claim them because when the get destroyed who cares! But again, choose wisely because player in Vic's can't capture flags remember? So now to the Squad Arcade combat which actually wouldn't be that much different than the current gameplay just a little more chaotic because of the unlimited Rally Points with no timers. That said, Squad needs to choose one or the other instead of this hybrid that makes little sense for most players coming from other games.
  7. Separate Tickets Armour

    Honestly, besides a few differences like the overly restrictive role selections Squad seems to be moving closer and closer to the arcadey nature of Novalogic Joint Ops especially when it comes to vehicles. That aspect seems more fun to me actually. On the other hand, I'll never understand why Squad trys to sit on the fence between milsim and arcade and yet does neither well because both modes effectively dilute each other.
  8. New Maps

    That's the whole point. Over the last 2.5 years the playerbase has overwhelming spoken by simply not playing the game past a few hours. Player retention has been a complete failure. Before the plug got pulled on SteamSpy in May it showed close to 3/4 million unique keys. Yet besides the peaks associated with version releases average daily player numbers stay between 2-3 thousand with literally hundreds of empty servers. First impressions are important. Everyone knows that. That's why it's always boggled my mind that Squad hasn't ever had a legitimate corporate front end where new players can have an unbiased and balanced gameplay experience untainted by clan cronyism, pro-stacking and blatant admin abuse. The numbers themselves don't lie. Squad playership is slowly dwindling and there is zero average player growth across the entire timeline.
  9. New Maps

    Interesting responses. However, wouldn't this be all the more reason for the company that took all the time and energy to create these supposedly "unliked" layers and showcase them all on their own official servers instead of relying on the heavily biased opinions of private individuals? I mean did anyone ever consider for a moment the fact that this lack of variation of layers and gamemodes might just be one of the main casual factors of the playership being so low? So essentially what we're saying here is over the course of the last 2 1/2 years not only has the average new players experience been often times guided by unprofessional administration such as clan stacking and cronyism but it's also been a shallow affair in which private individuals run map rotations based on their "gut" instincts?
  10. Variation of Squad Types

    Or you could just treat people like adults by removing the overly complicated class restrictions all together and let the squad leader delegate the composition of his/her squad.
  11. separate the servers is an error

    I couldn't disagree more. My position has always been that there should be an official "front end" to Squad that consists of around 20-30 balanced and fairplay servers hosted and staffed by OWI that showcase "all" the layers and that all the other private clan & mod servers should reside in the custom browser.
  12. Development - Submit your vote now!

    Yelp in Squad? No thank you. The positive reinforcement paradigm with grade school brownie buttons, gold stars, smiley faces and everyone gets a trophy has no place in a fps game. Brigading would quickly result in clans full of nothing but 5 star generals with oak clusters. As far as stats and ranking goes, after 2+ years it's really a little late to implement that. Instead, my idea is for a punishment system built into Squad where the majority of a team can vote kick people (including squad leaders) out of the match which would go a long ways towards fixing the typical nonsense that periodically crops up. I understand the typical criticisms of vote kick systems but I feel like given the length of time most matches last a balanced vote kick system would be much less of a distraction than the hindering that's occurring now in many cases. That and also bring the auto kick for TK's down to 5. Btw, map is perfect just the way it is.
  13. "Believability" of maps, realism

    Until something better comes along Kohat will always be my favorite map. That said, I don't think Kamdesh is a bad map necessarily but what I've noticed so far is all the layers have this weird linear flag layout that doesn't utilize the expansive nature of the map. Also I feel like there are far too many trees spaced way to evenly throughout the map with very little clearings or open areas. Also the sky and lighting of all the various layers seems very "off" so to speak. Couple that with the ridiculous plaid shirts and it simply feels like some area my Dad used to log in as opposed to some random place in SW Asia.
  14. Ticket Bleed

    OP and others make the point that v11 AAS matches are nothing more than TDM battles of attrition that can run the full 2 hour duration. Meanwhile, in contrast during v10 it was a whole nother crowd (myself included) pointing out that AAS was nothing but a linear drag race to the central point culminating in a decisive engagement where the winner typically steamrolled the match sometimes in less than 15 minutes. Then rewind to v9 where another group complained endlessly about the "Rush". Instead of trying to present some new unique opinion I instead offer an extremely simple solution that would require very little effort on the part of OWI and would satisfy all parties. And that solution is to include all the previous layers of each iteration in the "official" map pool, name them accordingly and then let individual servers host the map of their choosing. This could apply to the new layers as well with simple parameter changes on the flags to adjust the rush/bleed etc. Then players would have more choices of what type of match they'd want to play. Tell me I'm wrong here...
  15. There are quite a few previous threads regarding the subject of hiding ticket counts because of players on either side mentioning the numbers and ruining other people's immersion. If I recall correctly the general consensus everyone came to was switching it over to a color graduated bar HUD that would dwindle or rise over the course of the game and show red when you were down to say 20 tickets. My original position on the matter was to entirely hide the tickets and instead show a running K/D however that went over like a fart in church around here so I've evolved my opinion to the color graduated progression bar.
  16. Better ingame Maps

    I'm all for a simulated relief topographical map as opposed to the MiniMap that that's generated by the SDK. That would certainly be more realistic. I wouldn't stop there however. The current map system and the data it shows simply allows people to ghost & cheat and should be overhauled at some point to eliminate this exploit.
  17. Biggest bugs (we're not talking spiders)

    I thought I was the only one seeing this. Huge sections of thick low hanging fog that looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream and when you drive through it permeates the interior as well right? Only seeing it on Goro & Yeho.
  18. "Believability" of maps, realism

    Giving constructive criticism without offering alternative solutions is an illogical paradigm. What are your proposals?
  19. "Believability" of maps, realism

    Belaya is an active forestry area with freshly cut timber, log piles and stumps. I'm not going to open both maps up and perform a forestry audit. I think everyone gets my point that a considerable amount of creative effort went into each and every map and within the constraints of the engine and proprietary game the maps appear quite realistic.
  20. "Believability" of maps, realism

    I like every single map in Squad. If you think otherwise you should spend a weekend opening every single map up in the console and explore every quadrant on foot like I have and then see if you think the same afterwards. In my opinion the maps themselves are hands down absolutely the best feature of the game and if you take the time to open them up in the SDK you can see that a considerable amount of creative effort was put into every single facet of their design. All of the maps are very detailed and highly immersive in my opinion. That said, regarding this I'd interject the expression "you can't see the forest for the tree's" when it comes to these negative perspectives about the Squad maps themselves. Furthermore, I'd challenge anyone who thinks that the maps in Squad lack "realism" or "believability" to download the SDK and show us all something better then. That said, I come from the Delta Force mapping community and I've personally spent literally hundreds of hours teaching myself the Unreal Editor and created my own maps which are on the Steam Workshop and I can personally testify "this shit ain't easy"... PS: regarding the criticisms of Belaya I can show you places deep in the national forests of Oregon where all the sudden there are entire networks of paved roads similar to this. It's done this way to accommodate the ongoing harvest, replanting and general maintenance of the forest and is more practical and cost effective than maintaining gravel roads so I can assume it's done in other countries as well.
  21. Hey what happened to 50 v 50??

    Since day one the first descriptor on Steam: "Squad is a 50 vs 50 multiplayer first-person shooter that aims to capture combat realism through communication and teamplay." Given the fact that there has never been a publicaly accessible 50 vs 50 Squad server during this last 2 1/2 years besides some random play test isn't such a statement disingenuous to say the least?
  22. null_value

  23. FOB placement

  24. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    I reread this and you made some other interesting points. That said, I don't think there's any perfect equation that you can apply to Squad that can magically address these factors you brought up. For example, within the scope of your observations the developers could do a number of things to change the overall paradigm. They could potentially create the classic Pavlovian reward/penalty system which would harness and channel people's instinctual animalistic behavior and mold them in some fashion or another. But you have to ask yourself is this what we really want? On one aspect you are correct and on another your observations are slightly incorrect though. As it stands now you're totally correct that Squad itself has no built in feature that offers "incentives" to be a good player. On the other hand, while you're mostly correct about penalties Squad does kick you from a match after 7 team kills. However, the only other penalties for bad behavior are addressed by 3rd party server host. So within your narrative what solutions do you offer? A video game is but a mere pastime... a transient diversion from our daily lives. What "incentives" could Squad (or any FPS for that matter) offer a player to give him/her a virtual pat on the head? The only system I see that even remotely would corral folks and address your points would be your standard statistics and perks system and maybe even shaming players by showing negative categories like vehicles lost etc. Just being satirical here but on the other side of the coin how about rewards? What if every month we had a CSW Tiger Blood Uber Squadie with the highest KDR, most flags capped, highest points highest everything you could think of and they get some swag like a hat/hoodie/game key?
  25. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    With little to no incentive for a couple of squads to break off and rush to block the enemies first flags anymore you'll be seeing a 40 vs. 40 frenzied carnage fest at the central flag 3-5 minutes into the game with one side getting wiped. This will be the new meta. Basically a linear racing game culminating in an overly centralized TKOTH engagement. At least v9 had strategies and tactics. From now forward AAS will be very predictable gameplay to where Squad will basically just be Insurgency or CS:GO with more players on a larger map.