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  1. 1 Ticket Game

    Super close game with several back and forth caps of Suburbs and Refinery with an epic finish of 1 ticket!
  2. Washougal

    Anybody else on the west coast going to Washougal this Saturday? Big points battle brewing in the 450's. Should be a spectacular race and the weather is looking mild.
  3. Cookers

    After a weekend playing I'd really like to see the FOB passively generate manna again. Albeit maybe slower this time but still crock potting away because on the bigger maps it's really cramped the fun factor of being able to drop them and come back later and get something going. Bring back the cookers please!
  4. Speed Reload suggestion

    This isn't realistic. On the the other hand if done right you can preload all 4 squad leader smokes so they quickly throw fully auto which is kind of interesting.
  5. Cookers

    Calm down. Logistics trucks only hold four people anyway. The truck is stashed in reserve as 2 players dismount and cap the first point. This then allows for future strategic FOB placements behind enemy lines off of a fresh rally. A HAB is built and then the Logi hopefully sneaks back to main undetected in a long flank. Now you see? I don't want my Logi blowing up in either situation just because we're capping or building. I'm sorry, your self-immolating Logi idea isn't logical nor is it realistic.
  6. Squad.exe - No Disk

    What you probably did was pull a USB memory stick out while Squad was loading. Put the stick back in, load Squad, say ok the the no disk, quit Squad, eject the USB stick in explorer and restart Squad. Made it go away for me.
  7. Need new PC screen

    Oh sorry. In the USA TVs, appliances and computer junk are dirt cheap. I got a huge Asus ROG gaming monitor at Fry's a couple months ago for $300.

    That's ok Gnarleus, many have tried. Seriously though dude if you go read the Wiki all this stuff is has been mapped out in great detail. That said though, there is room for a new group after the Brits are done and my vote is for the Norks or Central American Cartel and your class might dovetail nicely with them.
  9. Need new PC screen

    We mostly buy ASUS ROG equipment in our house.
  10. PRISONERS and new class: THE INFILTRATOR

    At the conclusion of this dissertation I envisioned this character that was a juxtaposition of Carlos Hathcock, JC Denton, Sgt. Schultz, TF2 Spy and the spy from Statego. Am I mentally ill?
  11. Cookers

    That makes very little sense. Sometimes we stash an empty or full Logistics Truck for the next maneuver so I certainly don't want it to self-immolate.
  12. Founder stuff

    Are there any plans for Beta crossgrade packages with additional swag/content for players like me that missed the original boat?
  13. Zylfrax791 Squad Maps

    I'm migrating all of my media over to my Steam Profile in preparation for the opening of the workshop. Here is a screen shot of my latest map "Tropical Thunder". http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198262615182/images/
  14. Daily squad

    Look for the "Total War" server based in Chicago, should be a good ping for you...
  15. 1 Ticket Game

    Lol... I saw you in that game! Ochen Kadasho! I've only had one other game and it was on the FFO server where my team won by a single ticket. Very cool mechanics in Squad. I really wish the tickets were hidden and only K/D showed though, that would really add some suspense to the game.
  16. Cookers

    I'll tell you one thing after playing this last week or so since the patch I've noticed all the Minecrafting has come to a screeching halt. Oh, and you can pretty much count on every random FOB you ingress to is going to have 1000 ammo points and zero build points so when you drop the supplies to build something you lose all the ammo points in the Logi because of the points cap.
  17. Tickets, the game mechanic

    Frankly I don't think anybody should be able to see the ticket count because inevitably after a long close match you've always got some bonehead who asks "how many tickets you guys got left" and another jerk on your team blurts it out. Such a buzzkill.
  18. Just whipped up a Multicam Taliban so anything is really possible but I think as with all the characters it would be specific to a particular class. So I'm guessing the easiest implementation of character customization would be limited to some kind of menu where you got to choose from a subset within a class.
  19. Dedicated Squads

    Again, I'm curious what your qualifications are that enable you to narrowly define what constitutes legitimate and non-legitimate gameplay in Squad?
  20. Asset Rules

    Adding additional vehicles to all the maps would help immensely.
  21. Dedicated Squads

    Thats because we're a stand off support vehicle team. Why would we be capping points when we're performing coordinated overwatch for the assault forces with a Stryker or BTR? We consistently destroy at least 3-8 enemy vehicles and get body counts as high as 48 plus often times zero deaths and BTW my "buddy" the driver is my 11 year old squeaker sitting right next to me. So yeah, I would say we contribute greatly to any team we join in an "organic and emergent" way and often times actually win the game with a final vehicle kill combined with all the other vehicles and personnel we've rekt. That said Qaiex, since you're trying to school me on how to play Squad and be a team player I'd be interested to see your credentials such as your after game screenshots of what you've accomplished in Squad and how many hours you've got in the game but I can't even seem to find your profile on Steam.
  22. Cookers

    Personally I speculate the whole logistics system is a WIP that will change periodically linked to additional assets that are added to the game however right now the maps either need more regular logistics trucks or more FOB manna...
  23. Dedicated Squads

    Qaiex my bud grim started the thread and I support his approach to breaking down specific tasks to two person locked squads. If you don't understand that this formula rekts the opposition and allows people to focus on the team winning instead of babysitting clueless randoms that join us wanting rallies then I think you might want to go take a gander at all my kid and I end game screen caps in my Steam profile. I'll let those speak for whether we're team players or not. And if locked squads isn't for this purpose then what's it for? I can point you to where the devs statements are in the 9.6 notes if you want.
  24. Dedicated Squads

    Interesting, because your perception of what constitutes the game is clearly different than the developers description of the game: "In this realistic environment, the flow of the game is dictated by the players, with organic and emergent gameplay, reigning supreme."
  25. Dedicated Squads

    Lmfao! Needless to say, I think there are people who take this game way too seriously and have forgotten that it's only just an amusing pastime and a diversion from your real life.