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  1. Squad Classic

    Certainly you could go back and cherry pick individual statements and portions of statements I've made without all the surrounding contextual sentences and then twist it into some type of contradictory narrative. By all means have at it, the English language is great for such things. Fact is, all along the timeline my constructive criticisms of the game have been pretty consistent over the years although I've evolved on a few issues here and there. However, interestingly enough many of my predictions and narratives have been spot on. The unique elements that the game had from the beginning still exist however they are heavily masked by a game development process that is trying to satisfy three different demographics, casual, competitive and of course the core PR founders. Not only that the development team got way too close and "chummy" with the community which in my opinion spoiled the sequestered creative process. As we've all consistently seen now these three sub-genres not only don't dovetail well they've actually created an oddball juxtaposition that is constantly at war with itself. The only thing that Squad has consistently done well is show negative growth and drive new people away kicking & screaming to other games for a whole plethora of reasons. That said Nightingale, I would mostly agree that the majority of you and the rest of the PR founder's did kind of get the bait-and-switch treatment however I think every single one of you being reasonably intelligent adults had to of course realized that a tiny niche mod couldn't be cloned into a for profit game and not be something different. But say for example you did get Project Reality 2 cloned in all its majestic magnificence? Do you actually think it would have been a sustainable business model without official servers for a consistent vanilla experience? I severely doubt it. The game has only survived thus far by ping ponging back and forth between patches that placate one community and infuriate another. The funny thing is you're forgetting Boomer's like me have seen this same scenario repeat itself multiple times. All it will take is a better game to come along that somewhat fills the niche and you'll see an cascading exponential playership failure and eventually the master authentication server plug will get pulled. You can't stop progress buddy.
  2. Squad Classic

    oh yeah... so predictable... ...first the old canned "no, but we have a vibrant modding community" response. Oh really? You mean the custom server browser that has only like 20 people in the entire world playing right now and they're actually just private scrimming regular vanilla maps? That vibrant modding community? The vibrant modding community that's made all kinds of content that's gathering dust on some shelf because nobody's interested in goofy Sci-fi asset swaps? Ok, sure. ...oh, and then what about the inevitable tired "but what about muh Project Reality" cow manure desperate plea for attention wedged into every single discussion like always? So predictable. Over here! Look at me! Remember me? I'm Project Reality Albatross still hanging from your neck! Exaltation please! Face it, this game has essentially thrown the baby out with bathwater. It's been in development way too long and during that journey has managed to become a bloated vapid version of what made the original game unique and interesting before the inclusion of vehicles. Choppers won't fix it either. Furthermore, now it's becoming just another lackluster fps game where the actual game development process has become too closely linked to social media Discord/Reddit drama queen festivals with the "community" which has effectively tainted the entire process. At this point deleting the official Discord channel and Reddit page would be an extremely beneficial step in completing the game as it seems to be a real distraction especially to us on the periphery who are merely observers of the grade school drama interactions. My whole point was/is that Squad is rapidly losing all of the features and attributes that made the game I bought nearly four years ago on a whim unique. The original first versions of the game had an immersive quality that has been essentially bleached out of the game. Heck, let's just focus on one specific topic and that's the quality of the textures. Back then the game used to look great with 4k textures on everything. Now it looks like a cartoon world. The whole game has actually become a meme of itself. So yeah, I'm serious. If there was a split in the development team that went off seperately and remade a completely different version of the original game, a serious back to basics, infantry only, large scale maps and cinematic textures I'd buy it and I think other folks would too.
  3. Admin Camera

    As just a regular player are you still able to see the camera icon flying around on your map when an Admin goes cameraman?
  4. Admin Camera

    What does a sarcastic statement regarding pine cones have to do with the actual topic? Bottom line, when the admin camera icon was visible to anyone looking at the map there was a certain layer of transparency safeguarding the integrity of the game. Essentially when it was visible on the map as a player you could be reasonably confident that an admin wasn't abusing the feature to "enhance" his or her gameplay. When a such an important change is made to the game it should have been mentioned in the patch notes for the purpose of complete transparency.
  5. Admin Camera

    The bigger question is why did the icon that allowed everyone to see the admin camera flying around on the map get removed in the first place?
  6. No Shadow has to go quick

    Pretty sure I've seen a server that forced medium shadows.
  7. No Shadow has to go quick

    Be careful what you wish for. Forcing graphics settings will alienate the already dwindling population that's going to take a major hit on October 25th anyway. I mean jeez what do want them to do? They've already taken the most popular maps in the game Yeho & Goro and dumbed the textures down so far it's basically almost Fortnite graphics at this point just to squeeze out a few more frame rates for the potato's toaster computers.
  8. Gameplay Chaos (FOB's)

    If you think about it the RAAS mode that OWI has hand crafted is completely unique within the FPS genre. That said, within that paradigm my point is that a vast portion of the player base is used to playing games with non-stop action so when it comes to standing guard over a defense flag people become restless. Needless to say there needs to be some type of built in mechanic that keeps players engaged on the defense flag. So perhaps if the flag going neutral doesn't sound compelling enough then maybe there could be a specific task such as building a premade structure of some type such as as crucial bridge, fortification or communications array. Or even better how about there are several damaged vehicles on the flag that need to be completely repaired before use instead of having new pristine vehicles in main? Whilst it was more in the Sci-fi genre the game mode in ET:QW was basically very similar to Squad's Invasion mode except each objective required a specific role to complete and the rest of your team took on a variety of roles that then supported that goal. So for example on Valley first you had to build the bridge which required an Engineer. Of course the more Engineer's you had running up to the bridge with their pliers the better but you also had to have the other roles fighting off the Strogg that were trying to kill the Engineer's. So once the bridge got built then the big armored MPC would drop and you had to drive it over the bridge and through the tunnel. Anyone could drive it but only an Engineer could repair it so you'd have to cover the Engineer's kind of like covering a crewman ib Squad repairing his vehicle. Once the MPC reached its destination then the other role called Covert Ops had to hack the shield generator and afterwards the last objective required the Soldier to plant a shape charge to blow up the "Stroggifier". As boring and long winded as that description is my overall point is that in ET:QW it was an team based objective focused game similar to Squad where everyone understood what their specific role was and how to utilize them to with the match. On the other hand, in Squad a lot of players are clueless as to what they need to do and tend to lack a specific purpose not because its their fault really its simply a fact that the game gives players way too much freedom and very little specific tasking. Stealing a paraphrased quote from a player named backpack "Squad is basically a TDM with side quests"...
  9. Gameplay Chaos (FOB's)

    Because without the sentries in the defense flag it will go neutral in 2 minutes and the attack flag icon will simply disappear from the map. Left without an attack flag the lemmings will return.
  10. No Shadow has to go quick

    As I said before where when it comes to video settings why simply focus on shadows when view distance and gamma have much more to do with spotting enemies and their vehicles? Especially now that many maps have increased levels of fog. Case in point, on one of the Mestia layers you simply pull the TOWRAP or BMP right outside main, set view distance to low and then drop your gamma way down and you can see basically across the entire map and its nothing but barren hills through the weapon scope. People don't even know what hit them or where it came from. Plus there are many many other maps where you can tweak you video settings on the fly for a distinct advantage as well. Lets just force Epic or Cinematic settings and only people with current high end rigs can play.
  11. Nanisivik_RAAS_v2

    Canada vs. USA? Really? Who even thinks this up? Everybody even has the same Logi & Transport trucks... Ridiculous. Why even whitelist such a dumb matchup? Even Canada vs. INS would make more sense. The only thing stupider was USA vs. the British on that Kamdesh layer...
  12. Same here. Occasionally our DSL goes out and I just turn the mobile hotspot on and keep fragging no problems.
  13. Gameplay Chaos (FOB's)

    Well certainly there could be some flexibility in the number of sentries that would need to defend a flag. Perhaps 3 would make more sense so a full squad of 9 would defend. But boots in the point is the only strategy that has ever worked and AAS has always been glorified TDM with most players scattered across the map anyway. And honestly on the bigger maps large portions of the maps aren't really used but that's a whole other point. Every server I've ever played fights over the central flag until it's 20v20 anyway so that's kind of a moot point. How is that any different than the way things are now? Currently the last players in the flag might stick around for 5 minutes or so but then they bail. Now it's compulsory to stay. Not really if you think about it the other team has to do the same thing as well so it's balanced. All my idea does is get all these feral gents that scatter across the map every match back on point. AAS is the meat & potatoes of the game and probably accounts for around 95% of the entire daily gameplay so I think an overwhelming amount of the community would disagree. Not to diminish TC or any of the game modes but people simply prefer AAS.
  14. Gameplay Chaos (FOB's)

    I wouldn't consider it "dumbing it down" but instead "smartelligent programming"... Think about it for a second. How is it that little kids can understand TF2 Control Point game modes and yet in the typical pubbie Squad match 99.9% of the time as soon as a flag is captured everyone bails quicker than a one night stand with Lindsay Lohan?
  15. Get your shit together (rant)

    I'm just trying to offer you helpful solutions to get you fragging again is all. I think the help desk is still open for a few more hours and if not maybe some friendly folks over in the official Discord channel can help you.
  16. Gameplay Chaos (FOB's)

    That's a great idea in theory however it simply just reverts the AAS game mode back to Joint Operations PSP (progressive spawn points) which promotes stale repetitive gameplay not unlike Squad was before the HAB override feature was implemented. Typically flags are lost because nobody is interested in defending which is why my idea of making defense flags go neutral unless a full 9 player squad stays in the capture zone until the next flag is captured would force compliance. So even if there isn't a single enemy in the defense flag you would start to lose the flag right away.
  17. Get your shit together (rant)

    If you're a software engineer then you'll understand that the only logical solution would be to document your specific problems and then contact the OWI help desk which is linked in the menu bar on the main page. Hopefully they can get your issues resolved and get you playing again. Good luck.
  18. Nanisivik_RAAS_v2

    Oh right. I forgot. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Bacon
  19. Nanisivik_RAAS_v2

    Lol! Canada and the USA are allies. The whole premise is just silly is my point. Such a matchup even deviates from the stated authenticity and realism mantra's listed in the Kickstarter. Very cool map otherwise even though finding a server that's hosting it is a rare as hen's teeth.
  20. Abandonded Vehicle Alert for Commander

    Commander and several air crewman are simply going to add to the vehicle crewman that are already off the flag. Naturally the clan meta that will certainly evolve right away will be no commander, vehicle crewman and air crewman and simply have more bodies on the flags with strategic rally placement. They will be winning all the matches while everyone else fiddles around with the new gear off the flags.
  21. Please add vehicle Flip or Recovery function

    My observations have absolutely nothing to do with reasoning. I'm simply saying that based on the fact that since the very first vehicle they've always been programmed to get stuck in ditches, high centered on logs/stumps/rocks and flipped over on inclines just like in real life. How is it so hard to understand that the game is intentionally programmed to make you understand that going off road can have unintended consequences? Especially when you can go look at all the parameters in the SDK and see that with a few simple mouse clicks vehicles would never get stuck and if they flipped they would self correct.
  22. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

    I really liked the CAF package from the start but this first patch has made it even better. Outstanding work. The Nanisivik lanscape is much smoother allowing for easier cross country travel and the updated landscape textures look seamless & realistic with no visible tiling. The new map looks good as well. Hopefully I can find a server running Manic and Nanisivik this evening as people still aren't that jazzed about those maps it seems.
  23. fall damage not realistic

    I'm not the one making the assertion that the fall damage in the game isn't realistic, that was you remember? That's fine if you want to deflect by saying you're incapable of Googling what 14 feet converts to in the metric system, you don't understand how tall one storey typically is throughout the world, you mysteriously somehow can't post videos on YouTube and I simply should search YouTube myself to prove you right. That's no problem. However, none of those things validate your assertion though. I still maintain that the fall damage is not only modelled correctly but the resulting bleeding and bandaging is the best system available. Until you and the other previous five or so people that have made similar "fall damage isn't realistic" posts actually make videos of yourself jumping from high places with 70lbs rucks and rifles I'm going to trust the advisors that helped make the game.
  24. Please add vehicle Flip or Recovery function

    Considering the fact that the way the vehicles interact with the game environment since day one hasn't changed significantly the only logical conclusion anyone could come to is that the programming is intentional so as to simulate realism. Essentially the player is being conditioned to stay on roads but learn that leaving them has significant risks as well. IRL you're not going to be bushwacking cross country with the majority of the vehicle's and if you did you'd certainly have the potential to get stuck in a ditch, high centered on a log or flip your vehicle over on an incline. Honestly, if you look at the parameters on the vehicles and the collisions of assets on the assets in the maps with a few mouse clicks you could be driving around like Michael in GTAV driving up the side of Mt. Chiliad but is that what you really want from this game?