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  1. Best Squad KD ever....

    With one of my squeaker sons driving I pulled a 41/0 out of my ass the other evening...
  2. destroyed building!?

    If you're so energetic and jazzed for an environment that has a patina about it... maybe items that have a relic feel to them or perhaps damaged walls etc. You can download all the tools to make it happen and submit you work to the mod section for discussion & approval. Just for example, I recall an OWI post about a user designed ammo crate...
  3. Squad sale on summer sales

    Pay full price the devs need 2018 Ferrari's...
  4. Get rid of the conquest game mode entirely

    Agreed. Replace it with plain old TDM that has more vehicles and unlimited build & ammo points. Several of the Delta Force series games had other modes of gameplay that would blend perfectly with Squad like TKOTH & Flagball too.
  5. Low FPS

    My oldest son just built a smoking hot custom box with a top end i7, 1080ti, SSD & buttloads of ram and it doesn't get much more fps in Squad than the ASUS ROG i7 that he handed down to me does. That said, don't spend a bunch of money thinking that higher end gear is going to translate to higher fps in Squad.
  6. Al Basrah Addiction

    ...you know, since you mentioned it a while back I loaded Kohat into the Unreal Editor then dropped in the free Dust II model & textures into it... wink wink...
  7. Get rid of the conquest game mode entirely

    Nothing will empty out a server quicker than a Conquest or Insurgency map. I've seen it time after time.
  8. null_value

  9. Reduce mortar spam

  10. Remove the bleeding due to falling

  11. Remove the bleeding due to falling

  12. Dedicated Squad Specialisations? E.g.

    Name your squad "3 person" or something like that and boot everyone that joins past three. Wasn't that easy? You're welcome.
  13. I don't think the invisible iron dome got any larger however in the latest patch they completely nerfed the ability to fight back and protect your main base and push out correspondingly by dropping fobs etc. and shooting weapons out of main. So yeah, things actually got worse with the most recent patch.
  14. "Break a round"? Every game is a different battle simulation just like in real life so I've never played a round I considered "broken". Squad is like chess in the sense that you move around your assets & people according to a specific strategy and so big decisive opening moves can either be successful or disastrous depending on the opposition's response. I've seen rounds on Al Basrah where all the members of both teams met at Refinery or Village and slugged it out for over an hour and left all the other points were ignored. So yeah, to me the expansive maps and the non linear nature of the engagements allow for unpredictable results which is the most positive asset of Squad.
  15. null_value