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  1. Honestly after the 5000 hours I've played Squad the community is basically just like high school; Jocks, Nerds and Stoners. Jocks are the "Competitive" crowd, Nerds are the "MilSim" people and the Stoners are just the "Casuals"... If people start nagging or griefing you just leave and find another server because essentially you're an asset not a liability due to the fact that in the community there is pretty much a competition to keep servers populated and accordingly donations flowing in.
  2. Alpha 16 Released

    Great patch. Lots of great new content, assets and quality of life improvements. I especially like the new map. That said, its too bad there aren't a few official vanilla servers available in each region because as usual with every new feature the devs work hard to put in the game the private hosts again feel the need to contradict it with some hodge podge of oddball supplemental rules. I love the newest one "no more than two pilots per squad"... lol... Needless to say, the server already has a "no locked squads under 4" rule from that particular patch. You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried. Definitely Mensa members hard at work here. So not only do you have to fly a chopper but you've also got to constantly kick poor saps that keep joining your squad plus also take one of the nine available SL to SL keypads.
  3. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    That's not the point. He said there wasn't enough servers to play on however if you're inside the game browser or you click "show empty servers" you'll plenty of empty servers worldwide. For me in North America I played on =HOG= but there were also two empty American server as well. The potential to play Project Reality PvP is readily available to anyone in the world with 39 empty servers.
  4. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    WHAT? HATE SQUAD? That's blasphemy you're talking. Are you guys seriously just going to roll over and pee on yourself and make some half baked mod that only gets you remotely close to the PR2 clone you keep telling us you were promised? That's pretty anticlimactic considering what a fuss you've been making. If anything you should be getting your PR clone game and the casuals and competitive guys should have to mod the game instead of you right? Hold steadfast!
  5. A15 Survey Review

    Involving and engaging customers in an "early access" crowd funded video game development model will be looked back by future generations as one of the biggest mistakes ever made in the industry in my opinion. First and foremost in such a flawed model the game development team becomes too familiar and intimate with its customers resulting in all kinds of inappropriate behavior unrelated to the actual important tasks. (we've seen this occur repeatedly) Secondly, because the game development process is so transparent often times factions form within the game community based on trivial features and attributes which more often than not results in a schism. (again, we've seen this occur already with basically three factions, Arcade/Casual, Competitive and Project Reality fans) So in conclusion why do you think people like John Carmack, John Romero, Gabe Newell and Tim Sweeney didn't already think of this model along time ago, with engaging future customers on a personal level and begging for money? Obviously because its much more intelligent and professional to simply go get investors and/or loans and then go develop their games behind closed doors. Needless to say, I'm betting its a lot less stressful than dealing with a bunch of entitled weirdos that think you owe them a sniper role or buddy rally because they paid you $40.
  6. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    You don't have to resort to deflection as an excuse for not wanting to play PR which is a fully functional game. If you click the Dev Blog you'll see their team is currently working on several things for a new update plus if you look at their PRSPY page and click "show empty servers" you'll see there are plenty of empty servers all over the world. It says 39 servers currently. Stop making excuses and play the game you want Squad to be. https://www.realitymod.com/prspy/
  7. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Honestly all these excuses listed thus far sound like things that could be easily mitigated with funding and enthusiastic people neither of which seem to be in abundance. Why is that? I'm confused by the fact that if there's so much a huge demand by passionate PR players wouldn't they be able to organize into groups and fund their own servers? Ironically enough, before people here took the opportunity to ridicule and belittle me as someone that "didn't understand" or "didn't get it" simply because I wasn't part if the "old boys network" and yet after playing the game for and entire weekend I see a fully functional game that looks and plays just fine but is abandoned by the very community that puts it on a pedestal. I find that a bit odd and hypocritical.
  8. A15 Survey Review

    I come in dead last as a sycophant, fanboy or groupie for [OWI]. However, I'm a firm supporter of capitalism, a free market economy and the law of supply and demand. Within that paradigm I'll always be supportive of them making any game they choose to make because they need to make a living like everyone else. They never once promised to clone PR only make a "spiritual successor" which has been mentioned ad nauseum. At the end of the day remember that its only just another fps video game in a long line of other similar games that have subsequently come and gone. Eventually like all the previous titles it will become obsolete and be replaced by the next greatest thing. You can't stop progress. The survey itself only reflects players that have not only stuck around but also actually knew about it from the link in the game or social media.
  9. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Isn't that something that could be fixed though?
  10. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    My question is why does there actually need to be a replacement for Project Reality when its still a game that's not only regularly updated but is also completely free to play? On Friday I downloaded and installed it for the first time ever and I found it to be a fully functional game with no errors or problems. Not only that, I was able to have all the video settings fully maxed out and the game looked decent and played with a stable frame rate. Furthermore in couple of the maps that crossed over to Squad such as Al Basrah and Fools Road I actually thought the assets from BF2 actually were more convincing and realistic, especially downtown Al Basrah. So again, am I missing something here? What exactly is the downside to playing PR? Looking at the prspy there are plenty of servers worldwide ready for you to play on so in direct terms please explain why exactly is it that if you like PR so much why don't you actually just go play it? Interestingly enough, if there is something you don't like about it then explain why it is you don't try to help out and mod the game some more?
  11. A15 Survey Review

    A couple comparison/contrasts though with JO vs Squad is the Main Base always had some type of transport available whether it was a motorcycle, buggy, apc or chopper because they were constantly respawning literally a few minutes after being destroyed or abandoned. In addition, despite the map being nearly infinite in size the actual distance between flags in the stock AAS maps were always reasonably close. Certainly running between each flag took only 5 minutes at most. The major distance in all Delta Force games was always between Main and the first objective, sometimes several kilometers. That said, in JO also the AAS flags themselves had an inner and outer zone as well. The outer ring only neutralized the flag if I recall correctly and then you had to occupy the inner ring to capture the flag and often times you had to actually be on the upper floors of a building to capture. Needless to say, I wouldn't say Squad is any more or less tactical or arcade than JO in this respect. They both just accomplished the same result of keeping players engaged in the action but utilized a different approach. As far as the original topic goes though, getting all carried away arguing about the semantics of some pie charts all seems a bit silly to me when you consider that supposedly there are over a million concurrent owners and only a little over 3000 of them actually knew about it and then actually voted. Such a poll is completely unscientific in this respect and certainly shouldn't be utilized as a basis for any decisions regarding changes to gameplay.
  12. Iron Sights

    I preferred the previous iron sight M4. I wish it was still an option.
  13. Controls not working

    Yes. I can help you with that. You need to clear them out of their bindings which by default is SL to SL comms.
  14. Squad Classic

    The whole wow classic bandwagon got me thinking. What about Squad Classic? Would you play a completely separate game that went back before vehicles and all the complicated minutiae that Squad has evolved into? A simplistic version of Squad that captured the nostalgia of the first few version? Cooker fobs, long walks, dying, more long walks? Perhaps even cherry pick all the new maps and factions but revert back to the old school game? I gotta tell you I'd pay $40 right now for it or $100 for a founders edition of Squad Legacy...
  15. Servers. (Rules/Tags)

    My dude, you do realize that since day one [OWI] has never hosted any official servers right? As such they sold you a product and not a service (jackfrags would say otherwise) so they've essentially kept their end of the bargain and owe you nothing further than a fully functional game which they have provided. That said, your less than satisfactory gaming experiences aren't the fault of [OWI] as they've taken special care to completely disconnect themselves from that side of things. How do you not see that? Certainly all kinds of shady shit is going down but that's the case with any pvp fps community so simply follow the proper complaint channels and then go play elsewhere or even start your own server. If enough people get abused and complain server licenses can and do get revoked for violating the server licensing agreement.
  16. Total War | Chicago

    Whilst you're technically correct to disband your squad as the [OWI] ruleset takes precedence stating "squad leaders may kick for any reason" next time consider the ramifications of everyone losing their kits. Now appeal on their Discord and keep on fragging brutha!
  17. Squad Classic

    Politely you're incorrect. All kinds of people in the founders list have recent ARMA3 videos on YouTube including but not limited to bluedrake.
  18. Squad Classic

    Certainly I would agree. The law of supply and demand always wins. That said, you guys would probably have better luck making a Project Reality clone mod in ARMA 3 because the entire combined arms framework is already in place with AAS and Domination game modes available. Plus the ARMA 3 community seems to be much more interested in serious tactical gameplay.
  19. logistical trucks and fob radios

    The groups of people I typically play with can win most AAS/RAAS matches in a hasty fashion without a single FOB/HAB simply by spawning off well placed Uber Rally's plus supplying ammo off of various vehicles. That said, the game should be hardcore & punishing to make you have to think. The core community wants brutal realism not the watered down snowflake prior version. Even the current version is much too forgiving. Leave the disabled Logi the way it is.
  20. Rally Point

    Its just a simple field in the parameters of the flag in the lattice of the SDK. Every neutral flag used to be blockable by having at least one more person in the control radius zone like it should be in a sporting man's game. Now millennial baby's get a perfectly heated bottle, warm tummy rub and a gentle burp with only needing one to capture. The new system was only implemented a few patches ago because of a tiny minority of server owners that were running "No Rush" servers cried loud enough which was ironically hilarious in retrospect because then subsequently the leading one got his license revoked. So yeah, with a few mouse clicks it could be reimplemented easily. Its really boring and linear to not have this risky yet rewarding tactic available as an option.
  21. Rally Point

    *HAB Disabling *Ticket Bleed *Rush Meta (prior to v10) *Persistent Ammo *Non-Medic Revives *Buddy Rally *RAAS All these factors plus a few more minor ones are constantly working against each to make for some very strange AAS matches. The only thing that makes reasonable sense at this point is RAAS. Think about it. A few patches ago prior to the reimplementation of ticket bleed you could use a strategy where you super fobbed your first flag and drew the enemy in. Sure they would gain tickets for capturing flags but this was offset by the fact that you wouldn't lose a bunch of tickets by attrition. Then go back to v9 where you could rush the enemies second or maybe even first flag and stall their advance out for quite some time, maybe even the whole match. Both of these scenarios made for interesting and unpredictable gameplay. What we have now however is dumbed down linear gameplay designed for the low IQ snowflakes that pissed and moaned enough on Reddit that they got their way. RAAS is the only mode that is even playable at this point because HAB disabling has ruined Invasion gameplay as well. I'm not even going to mention TC, Insurgency or Destruction because they don't even appeal to me and are hardly in anyone's rotations anyway. To recap. No - HAB Disabling No - Ticket Bleed Whatsoever Yes - Rush Meta Yes - Persistent Ammo Yes - Non-Medic Revive No - Buddy Rally Yes - RAAS only (remove AAS from the game entirely) This will make some interesting matches again.
  22. Rally Point

    On the other hand though what's the point of even having user built defensive fortifications in the game to keep people out of a flag if a couple players can disable a HAB merely by their proximity? Just another one of the oddball contradictions where certain features of Squad fight against each other.
  23. South America oficial server - Please!

    "Bail Bans" Wow! Sounds horrible! Thank G_d nothing like that kind of cronyism and extortion is going on up here in NA... It's all Free Bubble Up and Rainbow Stew up here...
  24. v9 was as close as Squad ever got to Arcade gunplay and even that would be considered way over on the periphery of the classification considering it still lacked numerous standard Arcade features. Currently the only Arcade features in the game I would even consider Arcade are the Quake/Unreal Tournament sprinting speed, the unrealistic encumbrance, the fantasy teleportation devices (HAB's & Rally Points) and perhaps maybe even the ammo bags but even that's a stretch.