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  1. Admin Camera

    As just a regular player are you still able to see the camera icon flying around on your map when an Admin goes cameraman?
  2. Commander Role

    The Commander role definitely needs some fine tuning. Very rarely do you see someone stick with it, especially in long Invasion matches. I'm not really sure why this is but I think people are mostly just getting bored with it now that the novelty has worn off and the role has no actual perks other than "gee whiz, look at muh destruction". First off, the name "Commander" is a real misnomer. The feedback from many different folks here has always been that unless the role actually has some teeth to it so to speak then it would be nothing more than a glorified forward observer or JTAC. Sure the Commander can tell you to do this or go over there and do such and such but honestly there's little compulsion in a public match of random players. So yeah, in that respect the narrative presented by a large percentage of users here seems to have come to fruition. Either the role title should be changed to "Controller" or the Commander should get the actual ability to demote squad leaders and effect actual change in the game. Would such a change be prone to abuse? Certainly. Of course there might be the possibility of that but considering the fact that the server licensing agreement dictates such a stringent admin presence on official servers I think such a change would be not only welcomed but actually embraced by the majority of players. To this day there are still too many people off doing irrelevant side missions that have little outcome to the match so such a change would go a long ways towards reeling in such behavior without being heavy handed so to speak. Needless to say a demoted SL would get a cool down where they wouldn't be able to create another squad for say 10 minutes but after that time period was over they certainly could not only start up another squad but they could also attempt to usurp the current Commander with a new vote.
  3. Increase Realism.

    Some ideas I have to make the game more realistic and tactical. Commander Role needs to be able to demote Squad Leaders and dissolve squads completely. Implement a pre-configured & pre-named Squad creation slot system instead of allowing users to create offensive and vulgar named squads. Increase the variations of RAAS layers and completely remove the stale and obsolete old school Boomer AAS mode from the game. First seat in any Armor that requires a crewman kit should be the gun to stop soloing. Increase all Armor & Heli ticket values drastically but completely remove their respawn timers. Implement an individual 1/2 hour cool down punishment mechanic for losing armor and helis. Gives other players a chance. Return the Rally Point to 9 spawns and make it SL and two squad members in order to create. Completely nerf sprinting and stamina with a 50% reduction. Increase individual momentum velocity after sprinting to 2 seconds of continued forward movement after key release. Implement individual sustenance and hydration requirements for survival. Your loadout will be one MRE and one canteen. Health will begin to degrade after 15 minutes with subsequent death 15 minutes later. Resupplied as build points from any FOB or vehicle. Massive lone wolf reduction. Completely remove ticket counter. Increase conventional built HE mortar lethality and radius by 50%. Completely remove all ticket bleed in RAAS. Bring back complete neutral flag blocking with the standard ratio, ergo the Rush Meta. Completely remove the FOB/HAB proximity disable. Increase user created fortifications damage resistance by 50% and also increase the dig down/away time by 50%. Give Insurgents premade VBIED trucks and cars, anti-personel mines, and a Suicide Vest kit. Add user built artillery howitzer's, mobile howitzer and an MLRS vehicle for conventional forces. Buff Militia and Insurgent rocket technical 50%. Implement MANPADS into the game. Autokick AFK players after 5 minutes. One server I play on already has this script. Make it so unassigned players cannot see the map. Also make it so only an SL can see the actual FOB. Implement the deep riverbeds/lakes/ponds like Basrah and Narva with corresponding pain/death volumes into all the maps with waterways. Add additional bridges to the maps. Any body of water will become lethal and uncrossable by vehicles or players. This would especially effect gameplay on Gorodok and Mutaha.
  4. Increase Realism.

    Just for the sake of communication and teamwork within the game usage of the military phonetic alphabet is a more realistic and professional than all the crude vulgarity that's typically used. I don't know how anybody could argue against that.
  5. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    I'm neither. I'm simply pragmatic considering I've got an entire bookcase filled with pretty much every boxed game ever made in the genre and then some. In my experience the lifecycle of a game like Squad typically is 3-4 years. I'm pretty sure that most people that are familiar with the game either own it by now, know about it and don't want it or have purchased it and have already refunded it. I seriously doubt that. I've seen it time and time again in PvP fps games over and over and over. The next big game comes along and makes the old one obsolete and player number drop and soon the plug gets pulled on the master authentication server then you can't even play the game especially if it doesn't have LAN support. People from every part of the community are fatigued with a game that was supposed to be finished in "12-24 months" after the Steam Early Release of Q4 2015. Once the casual vanilla population as you call them starts dwindling then all the hard work and effort put into making your PR mod will be wasted. Personally I think that you and all the other "PR Purists" who make a special point of telling the rest of us over and over how you refuse to play the game until it becomes the PR clone you believe you were promised are the real pessimist's and fatalist's. Life is short, enjoy playing Squad with your friends just the way it is before it becomes obsolete and gets replaced by the next eye candy pew pew.
  6. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    The trouble with that idea is the simple fact that the Vanilla game is realistically speaking the only version of the game that will ever get the financial support from specific communities to be a viable proposition. Ergo, even if you were allowed to handcraft an almost identical experience to PR you'd be right back to square one with super low player counts because it's in the custom browser. Look at it from this perspective. The whole thing is self perpetuating. In the vanilla game clan "XYZ" gets together the minimum requirements of 10 admin, gets server license, pays for two 80 player servers with the high performance Platinum package at $200 a month. Now they have to grow their clan in basically an Amway or Tupperware pyramid scheme based on a Discord page with enhanced roles and constant new recruitment that pays dues. The whole thing requires deep pockets, constant new recruits and an entire army of players to sit idle in servers in order to kickstart and populate them. Plus a whole lot of hype to maintain the whole process. Ironically enough if you were paying attention pretty much the biggest clan in the world had a couple of prominent Squad servers from the very beginning up until about a year ago when they pulled the plug because due to lack of interest. Recently they came back but the server has sat empty simply because they don't have the numbers to populate it. Ponder that for a minute. Now apply this formula to your PR clone mod sitting over on the dusty shelf called the "Custom Browser". You'd better have deep pockets is all I can say. Battlemetrics typically shows around 30k unique players, 3k daily peaks and 400 official servers with around 300 of them empty so you and friends would probably have better luck going to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo honestly.
  7. Commander Role

    Think about this for a minute though. An SL can remove anyone from their squad for any reason whatsoever. It's right in the guidelines. Serveral servers I play on already have rules specifically based on keeping the gameplay focused on the objectives. They'll warn you first and then if you don't comply they'll kick you out of the match. Needless to say, how is this any different?
  8. Commander Role

    Like I already pointed out but you failed to read, absolutely nothing except for the conditions laid out in the server administration guidelines. The guidelines require a pretty stringent admin presence on officially licensed servers and if you take the time to read the guidelines you'll see that admin could easy rectify any such abuse of the system if it was considered blatant hindering or griefing and if it effected the integrity of the server. Nevermind the fact that it's a small community and such excessive behavior would easy leave such a person with no place to play quite quickly. More unnecessary hand-wringing in my opinion. Either it's a real leadership role that can control the outcome of the match or it's simply a glorified JTAC role and name it as such.
  9. Aiming sucks in this game

    Maybe before your time but in v9 the M4 was like a precision laser rifle. v10 turned all classes into drunken sailors with excessive sway and now it's somewhere in between as far as I can tell.
  10. Commander Role

    One of my very first suggestions in this forum was that the game needed a melee weapon. The amount of endless hand wringing and flaming was off the charts. "It'll ruin the game" they said. "You'll have entire squads running around the entire game knifing people" they said...uh huh... Then finally melee weapons got implemented, it was a novelty for a weekend and fast forward to today and hardly anyone uses save killing a dude on a mortar just to be cheeky. The same thing applies to this idea. Again I have to bring up the stated philosophy of the game. Philosophy: "Squad" recreates the rigors of modern combat in a visceral environment where teamwork and communication are necessary for victory. Actual Game: Hey boy this is RAAS! Don't be a pussy and hesitate! Don't wait to see where the actual flags are gonna be! You gotta strike while the irons hot son! Grab that there Logi and hustle your entire squad over to the entire wrong side of Yeho and build a super Fob! Don't listen to the Commander either about retreating and bringing the only Logi back to help the rest of team because you're gonna win the game with your mortars from 3km away!
  11. Bottom line there is a contradiction between the stated philosophy of the game and the actual programming of the game itself. Philosophy: "Squad" recreates the rigors of modern combat in a visceral environment where teamwork and communication are necessary for victory. Actual Game: Screw teamwork and communication boy! That's for sissies! You don't need no SL in that armor coordinating with other SL's or even another two players to operate the gun and commander seat! Get in the action son! Drive that tank into the center flag asap and win the match for us!
  12. Every single North American server I've ever played on has had a no soloing armor rule since even before the crewman role was implemented. Needless to say, making it a server choice wouldn't any make sense then because nobody allows it in the first place and it only occurs when there aren't any admin. Simply change seat one to the weapon and be done with it already.
  13. Ok then. Reprogram the game so the first seat is the gunner and the second seat is the driver. It's not rocket surgery. In the blueprint it's simply a matter of dragging the cable to a different node and hitting the "compile" button and then updating the game. Then this facet of the game becomes standalone and doesn't require a server nanny to make sure people aren't soloing armor. How hard is that? The counterargument to this has always been "what if someone disconnects?"... ok? what if? You then work as a team to get a new driver.
  14. Since the very beginning of vehicles I've always maintained that weaponized vehicles should be programmed for a single user to both drive and shoot and then once another user entered the vehicle they both could be assigned to either seat to be more effective. The fact that the game is programmed in the first place to allow soloing just in the drivers seat alone has always seemed ludicrous to me.
  15. vehicle tickets :D

    Increasing vehicle ticket cost won't accomplish your stated goal though. I've seen a couple of squeaker noobs have their MBT survive an entire match just by sheer dumb luck and then on the other hand the next match a couple of supposedly "experienced" clan blowhards burn through a tank, multiple other vehicles during the respawn timer and then claim the tank again only to just quickly lose it a second time. Further reason to punish people by making them unable to claim vehicles again for a long time plus shame them by making the scoreboard show how many tickets they lost your team. Furthermore, make the scoreboard stats persistent as well, ergo even showing statistics for people who lose tons of vehicles and then quietly just scuttle off into anonymity by rage quitting before the round is over.
  16. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    You forgot one thing however. In the beginning of vehicles there used to be a punishment mechanic in the form of a personal cool down where you and your squadmates couldn't claim another vehicle for awhile after you lost one.
  17. Happy New Year OWI (2019 sucked)

    That's not entirely true at all. Give credit where credit is due and be honest here. I own all the COD games including the most recent version and even the biggest map in COD is still smaller than Sumari. So yeah, that's a major difference right there alone. Much bigger maps. Plus COD doesn't have AAS or RAAS gamemodes. Then on the other hand the frantic gunplay, animations & weapons in this most recent COD make Squad seem like a shooter game from 2001. So there's that. As an arcade shooter competing with all the AAA titles Squad doesn't even place in the top 20. Correspondingly as a realistic milsim fps game Squad does marginally better but still has way too many arcade attributes and elements to even consider being classified in that genre. Despite being an answer to a question nobody asked I still to this day enjoy playing Squad and all the wacky characters I've met over these past years. To me its more about the process than the result. With Squad you can kind of kick back and eat some nachos and drink a beer and yet still technically be a relevant team member which is more than you can say about COD or CS:GO with its non-stop action.
  18. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Agreed. The original game that first hit Steam was way more punishing, unforgiving and plus most of the textures were 4k so it had a realistic and organic feel to it. On the other hand though Squad is still the only game in the genre short of PR that has AAS mode plus not too long ago the innovation of RAAS. In addition, besides ARMA3 it still has large maps that allow for strategies and tactics to some extent. So in that respect it's still the only game in town so to speak. The biggest problem I've seen over the entire timeline of the game is the fact that the evolution of the game has always been this odd juxtaposition of contradictory features from both the realistic and arcade genre's that often times have actually just canceled each other out. Not only that but pretty much every major change to the game has been reactive not proactive. Rushing, HAB farming, role cheesing, buddy rally... you name it... always a reaction to loudest voices on Reddit. Plus you see things left in the game that should have been removed when other features were implemented. The sprinting speed and stamina come to mind for example. At this point honestly vehicles and deaths should just have all their ticket values completely removed considering how disposable people treat them and their lives anyway. Just make the game about the flags.
  19. Happy New Year OWI (2019 sucked)

    Anybody with half a brain can poke around in the SDK and look at the blueprints etc and see that 99.9% of the features that both the PR and Competitive communities want back in the game could easily be accomplished by simply making things called "child classes" and also duplicating map layers and then changing different attributes within those as well. And that's only with the stuff you can see. Then there is the whole entire proprietary core that's not included. So yeah, I imagine these modes could be implemented in the current game and it would simply just be another map layer with either the PR or Comp extension added to the name. That said, considering how simple and easy it would be for them to create different gamemodes and/or maps tailored to specific communities without even having to make a new game then by simply applying logic it's quite obvious that maintaining the current arcade/milsim hybrid is a conscious decision. So if that's the case then maybe it's just out of spite. Probably they're just sick and tired of a million voices telling them what to do. Ever consider that?
  20. too many hackers ruining this game

    Guan what the heck is wrong with you buddy? Why can't you simply understand OP's logic? I mean after Sweeney and Newell get their cut plus Trump and Trudeau's taxes the devs still have extra millions lying around, "shedloads" in fact. They need to be paying EAC way more extra to get a handle on these egregious hackers, that's totally obvious to me. I mean even if comes down to it and the devs need to all sell their Ferrari's down at Carmax tomorrow to stop these out of control hackers then so be it. Something must happen immediately if not sooner. Sacrifices must be made.
  21. too many hackers ruining this game

    You're barking up the wrong tree. Go complain to EAC. https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/ EAC which is owned by Epic Games provides the anti-cheat service and they're in a continuous non-stop battle every single day against these people not just with Squad but many other games. Do you really think all this is something new? Are you really that naive? How come an old cruster Boomer like myself thats been playing these games since 1998 can understand these simple concepts that seem to confuse you?

    Quite a few versions back had a obnoxiously high respawn timer for giving up whilst incapacitated. All this did was encourage people to go afk to make a sandwich, have a quick smoke or even take the dog out for a crap. Seriously. More than a few times I've had people tell me that when you'd ask them where they went. So yeah, this is not a feature you want in any video game imho. That said, there does need to be a punishment method in a game where supposedly life has value and you're expected to wait for a medic. However, currently there is no such mechanic. In the current version it still rewards the team that plays footloose and fancy free with their respawning because they can still have zero medics and just shooters flash mobbing the point. It's honestly quite obnoxious that a supposedly tactical game can be played like an old school Conquest shooter with successful results. Case in point, a match on Friday evening on Yeho the one tryhard squad that kept pushing all the flags off of nothing but rally points eventually won us the match by around 60 tickets but the SL went 9/23 with the rest of his squad having similar k/D's. Then the guy is bragging about how he is "best squad"... Honestly he wasn't wrong on one hand however is that how a "tactical" game is supposed to work? I don't think so but what do I know?
  23. Jets

    A lot of good points about the subject of fixed wing aircraft have been made irregardless if the OP was only chumming the water with the whole "I vaguely remember kickstarting this turd." thingy. Nice try. 5 stars on Yelp for the effort though. Too bad forums in general have become basically obsolete and nobody really cares anyway. This just goes to show you that you can really see the "Squad Fatigue" in people that have stuck around this whole time. All you "Diehards & Tryhards"... Lol! I gotta say that overall if you were or a founder or simply just a Steam drone like myself that bought the game when it first came out after this many years it almost feels like time has become dilated in a sense. If Squad was a city it would certainly be Las Vegas with millions of visitors staying for a weekend but only a few really stubborn folks sticking around and living here. I'm all for fun fun fun and certainly flying a jet could be a blast but I really don't ever see a proper way to put that square peg in the round hole short of some half baked mod.
  24. am i only one who hates the 3d menus ?

    Going from from synchronized calisthenics with a generator sound to some saggy pants rear end and two warp speed choppers seems a bit odd to me as well but then I remembered "oh yeah, it's Squad"... That said, a more simplistic home screen would be a welcome addition.
  25. Jets

    idk. Sounds boring to me in comparison to even the first few versions of Squad that hit Steam. At least those first version had an organic and tactile feel to them. Now it just seems like a race to cram as many toys and gadgets into the game whereupon strategy & tactics are simply an afterthought. Quoting my friend he said the game has become nothing more than TDM with side quests. The biggest overall problem I still see in the game to this day is it's nowhere near being as punishing and unforgiving like it was in the beginning. There is basically no personal penalty for dying or losing assets now... shampoo, rinse & repeat. Lose a chopper, no biggie its just 5 tickies and another will spawn in a few minutes anyway. Through no fault of its own the game has pretty much evolved into another arcade Joint Operations with tickets. That's all fine and dandy but don't fool yourself into thinking that forcing some ersatz jets into an 8 square kilometer square map and then adding a bunch more junk to balance it out are going to somehow increase the depth of the gameplay.