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  1. Mouse tracking issues

    Please list your system specifications, monitor size and screen resolution.

    TKOTH was a staple game mode through all of the Delta Force series. That said, once AAS was included in Joint Operations the majority of the community favored that mode most likely because it offered a more varied and interesting experience. Doesn't that tell you something right there? TKOTH is a step backwards and I guarantee you even if there was some miracle and it was officially put in the game along with TDM, CTF and Flagball nobody in this relatively small community would play any of these game modes. TKOTH is a waste of time.
  3. car bomb question

    The whole topic is kind of chemtrail silly. There are many other games that are way over the top compared to Squad when it comes to the PC vortex. Bottom line, think for a minute. You can't program a ticket based game to actually encourage wasting tickets which is what you do with a IED strapped to yourself or driving a VBIED. Over the course of a match such activities whilst majorly fun could really add up ticket loses which isn't a direction to take the game. Besides, once the Commander role is implemented with its capabilities then there will need to be a corresponding asymmetrical option for the Insurgent's like barrel bombs mortars, ied drones and improvised rockets.
  4. Ping or No Ping

    There was absolutely nothing wrong with the ping but from what I personally saw it didn't take long for people to use a macro on it so it ended up being this massive flashing biohazard ring... Isn't that the reason it was removed because it was being abused?
  5. On the topic of rallies and such from what I've seen most people seem to be overwhelmingly against the "buddy rally" feature. This is understandable as it seems to actually reward players that make bad choices with their rallies in the first place. I mean if you're going to reward somebody it should be the offense instead that pushed the flag and burned the rallies in the first place. To the victor go the spoils right? Truth be told for a game that is centrally focused on RAAS/AAS there is an awful lot of gameplay outside of the flag boundaries farting around protecting fobs/habs. Suffice it to say the spoils of taking a flag should be that the victor gets to spawn in on it just we did in Joint Operations AAS game mode. Certainly that would keep people more focused on the actual flags instead of being a hab nanny.

    Yup. Deleted v12. I'd rather mess around in an empty v13 server or in the console than play anymore v12 because it crashed so much. V13 is way more stable, looks better, sounds better, plays better and gets a way better frame rate.
  7. Ping or No Ping

    "Different views"? I thought there was only one reason for its removal because it was being glitched/exploited... Other than that it seemed pretty benign to me.
  8. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Honestly from a performance standpoint v13 is way more stable and runs much better than v12 which for me had been plagued for the last couple weeks with many many random disconnects, buttloads of crashes to the UE4 window and even a couple of blue screens crashes. With v13 I only had one UE4 crash before the first hot patch and zero since then. I actually uninstalled v12 because its not even worth the hassle anymore.
  9. Towing vehicles. (Not the weapon)

    In theory might be the case however the reality is 99.9% of the time players aren't "careful" with vehicle's because A. They're having fun or B. They were being cautious however they got ridiculed into bringing the tank in close and got it blown up. Either way, because of the long respawn times I often see 3-4 crewman doing parkour around the main base for 20 minutes in order to reclaim their "precious"... Now we're right back again to embecmom's mantra that players that could care less about ticket losses have more of an effect than those that do. Might as well just take tickets and respawn timers out of the equation completely and bring back the vehicle claim penalty for the individual and squad. Bottom line you lose a Abrams or Bradley you're done claiming vehicles for the rest of the match.
  10. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    In Squad a one person locked squad sneaking around "Lone Wolfing" can literally be devastating and also play a decisive role providing key intelligence and also taking away enough tickets to literally win the match for their team. That's one of the intrinsic qualities of the game that is often overlooked. I could make an entire Powerpoint presentation of personal examples of my experiences but suffice it to say a when a single savvy person can steal 40-100 tickies from the other team in my mind Charlie Sheen winning right there. Hopefully the JTAC Commander role will expound on this paradigm.

    ...tkoth was cool in 2002 but RAAS with fog-of-war offers a much more interesting and unpredictable gameplay experience that most players enjoy more.
  12. I would agree that after playing quite a few rounds of Destruction it tends to favor the offense. Too many times the defense is simply playing catch up. Not one time playing did I ever see the defense hold the first or second sets of cache's. That said, the strat of the defense super fobbing one of the last cache's closest to their main seems to work reasonably well allowing time to fortify it. I think completely hiding the orange progression line in fog of war might help as well because it's way too easy for the offense to recon ahead and find the next set of caches as soon as the first set are destroyed. Overall it seems to be an interesting game mode but a bit predictable especially once you've played it a few times. Essentially it should be called "Ammo Starvation" mode because even when a good defense is set-up its super easy to surround and starve out the defenders and nuke their rallies etc.
  13. Towing vehicles. (Not the weapon)

    Honestly, I'd like to see the trend of the vehicle ticket cost and their subsequent respawn timer decrease even more almost to the point to where they are virtually disposable in order to increase the fun factor and basically eliminate vic trolling. Another person off the objective driving a tow truck seems a bit silly to me.
  14. Gun Sounds

    v13 M4 is the best yet. Full auto mag dump sounds like a buzzsaw.
  15. Game needs non owned servers

    Not like its an accurate benchmark for anything but needless to say the entire time I've played the v13 public testing so far I've seen zero incidences of intentional TK's or griefing. Honestly I think people that are prone to such skullduggery are much less likely to act out in official servers.