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  1. Dude it's a casual sandbox milsim FPS not a trip to the local bouncy castle arcade.
  2. The game would definitely play different if your primary function was to first reinforce your base, keep players around to protect it and only then push out to the objectives. Kind of like reality right?
  3. Do any of the models in the game look anything like this is the question you should be asking yourself...
  4. Lmfao ...the lady doth protest too much methinks...
  5. Oh yeah. You have a point. So maybe his/her question is UE4 capable of achieving the stated goals of the developers? I'm going to say yes with the only caveat being that the huge maps with 100 players with lots of ground & air vehicles are really going to require sparse maps, high performance gaming rigs and dope ass connections.
  6. So Dox & Shame Noobs? I'm down.
  7. So... one of the unintended consequences of the decision to nerf FOB placement inside the main base or even within a certain radius of a main base is the fact that you've got no way to protect your ingress and egress anymore with machine gun emplacements. This is especially evident on Al Basrah where Strykers can just camp INS main but pretty much any map that has clear lines of sight and choke points coming out of main. I do understand that Al Basrah is going to get a remodel however unless in general main bases get a bigger spawn protection bubble and way more exits the problem will continue as players will always be going right to the edge to setup ambushes. And believe me I completely understand the original intentions of why FOBS in main bases were removed because people like me quickly figured out you could superfob the Insurgents base and fire unlimited rockets. However this was a reactive situation opposed to a proactive one in my opinion where upon basically you guys used a blanket policy to fix a singular problem that was only on one faction. And honestly none of this sh1t bothers me in the slightest because I always have fun playing Squad regardless of what happens. But I can tell you my observations are that all the main spawn raping is really having an effect on your sensitive snowflake player base because these guys are really getting butthurt about it over comms in every game I play in but again I'm just playing the game within the parameters you guys setup.
  8. Word. The more I play around with the Unreal Editor the more I'm convinced it's simply not appropriate for large open world environments full of natural looking foliage. Especially once you compare it to a game like the Hunter: COTW where they create extremely dense forests that are incredibly detailed and immersive using the Avalanche Apex engine. I've created several smaller test levels where I literally crammed a ton of trees and undergrowth using the foliage tool to try to get something close to that game and the fps went under 10. So yeah, sadly I think the Unreal Engine is more suited for smaller indoor levels like well... Unreal the game?
  9. This has to do with the native resolution of you monitor vs. what resolution you choose in the game and also if your choice is "full screen", "borderless" or "windowed"...
  10. That's crazy talk. That would literally kill the game. Seriously... Before vehicles the joke was Squad was a walking simulator game and now you want to make it into sandwich making simulator?
  11. Can you hear your own footsteps?
  12. Unreleated but I was in several games where after two cache's were destroyed the third one never spawned. After 30-40 minutes of this the servers emptied out. That's when it stopped being fun for me.
  13. You can go ahead and start programming it if you've got the time, energy & skills. All the assets are in the Unreal Editor. I dropped in an Insurgent the other evening and was looking at his parameters. Doesn't look that overly complicated assigning him a weapon. I think you'd have to program/buy the AI though as I couldn't find how that works. Moderators maybe move this thread to Mods section?
  14. The general consensus here is that the footstep audio files are correctly balanced. Therefore we can only come to the conclusion that the trouble is on your end with the level sliders in the audio settings combined with inferior headphones.
  15. There were numerous Coop VIP escort missions in the Delta Force series. That said, I don't find it applicable to Squad as it would never work. What would work and be a kick in the rear end is straight up TDM with two main bases complete with mortars & vehicles, subsequent random spawn points and a win condition based on a timer or number of kills reached.