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  1. graphic settings are getting abused hard

    The vehicle and character models in Squad look incredible especially on epic settings. I wasn't talking about those textures though only the environment itself. Back to ancient point started by the OP regardless of graphics settings nothing gives you more of an advantage than a larger hd monitor in my opinion.
  2. Vehicle Possession

    How exactly is the vehicle possession handled now across all the armed vehicles? I thought previously if you claimed the vehicle first then regardless of whomever jumped in you could press that particular function key and it would eject them from vehicle. This morning on Mestia however I jumped into the drivers seat of a rocket techie and before I could leave main another SL jumped in the gunner seat and started trolling by spamming the rockets so I push F2 and it says seat occupied. Finally while I'm reloading he bails and a random gets in the gunner seat and I'm able to eject him. I thought unless you had possession of the vehicle you couldn't get in any gunner's seat... Is this a bug maybe?
  3. graphic settings are getting abused hard

    Honestly since the switch to UE4.21 from what I can tell a bunch of the landscape, buildings and foliage textures in the game got heavily reduced in quality almost to the point of being stylized. Obviously for performance reasons. Personally I'm not complaining at all and it wouldn't bother me one bit if all the textures in the entire game were switched to over to stylized if it resulted in a performance increase. However, it seems a bit disingenuous to have low, medium, high and epic settings in the game when you can clearly look at a tree or the landscape in low, switch to epic and see zero difference in the texture. Btw, thats looking at the same thing with NVIDIA GTX 960, 965M, 970, 1080ti & 2080 video cards.
  4. Randomized Vehicle Respawns

    There's nothing "dedicated" about them waiting 30 minutes at Main for the respawn though because they're the knucklehead's that lost the MBT in the first place wouldn't you agree? I mean already the vehicle ticket costs are so low to the point of being Arcade so we might as well just completely remove their ticket cost and respawn timer as well right? And btw, whatever happened to the cooldown timer linked to you and your squad when you destroyed a vehicle?
  5. Just like fog of war was added to AAS in order to reduce the herd mentality to rush central objectives now we need to apply randomization to the vehicle spawn and respawn timers, especially the MBT's. Reason being on the maps that have the MBT's you've now seemingly got up to 8 dudes in crewman kits doing parkour and ferret dancing back at main for up to 30 minutes being completely useless. Either get rid of the cooldown's entirely or make it so you can't anticipate when they will respawn.
  6. Yep. And more people playing the previous Insurgency than Insurgency Sandstorm.
  7. Armored Recovery Vehicles

    Many times I've seen matches lost because multiple people in vehicles start messing around ramming the stuck or overturned vehicle meanwhile critical events happen on the flags that they could have possibly helped out on. With only 40 players per team it's better to just cut your losses, respawn and get back into the main action in some capacity instead of messing around with this. A better idea would be making the vehicles burn up even faster, lower their respawn times and ticket costs and refocus the fight on the objectives.
  8. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    You and everyone here else here has made some good points. That said, OWI has created a seriously unique game by combining several key attributes from several previous titles that none of the "behemoths" have thought of putting together so far. So unless one of those AAA studios figures it out it will continue to retain this consistent yet small community despite the private servers being the front end of the game. As far as Steam purchasers vs. Kickstarter backers rated on importance I would agree with you as well that their opinions matter considerably more because they were sold more than a potential game but an actual concept or vision so to speak. In theory then they would seem to be owed the PR clone they were told they were financing. Nobody should have to create a mod to make Squad into Project Reality 2 would seem to be the general consensus.
  9. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    Sales. That's all I was waiting for somebody to admit to. Certainly its a capitalist world though and OWI is free to guide their creations in way, shape or form they feel necessary in order to maximize profits above all other concerns. You can't fault them for that. Game developers have bills to pay and children to feed just like everyone else. That's the world we live in. Times change, people change and everything is constantly evolving though and I feel like they're correct to deviate away from creating a Project Reality clone despite anyone's objections including my own if it increases their profits. Honestly in such a niche subgenre it would honestly make more sense to mod ARMA3 into a PR clone because its all setup for a full Combined Arms experience with flyable jets etc, and other stuff that won't ever make it into Squad due to the engine limitations. I mean think about the concept again for a second. You're wanting to make a mod of game that's supposed to fix a game that was created based on a mod of a different game. That's hard to wrap your brain around isn't it? You might as well start over from scratch as you'll be setting up your PC in the old folks home by the time you finish something that complex.
  10. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    The elephant in the room here is the simple fact that nobody has even identified the main reason why the game itself has seemingly diverged from it's original PR's "spiritual successor" concept. Or has it? I mean what exactly do you think is the motivational factor behind evolving the game in such an opposite direction that you'd have to make a mod to "fix" it and bring it back into PR parameters?
  11. Kicked for swearing?

    There are fair, reasonable and balanced private servers available to play on that only use the vanilla Squad server guidelines however they are the minority. Unfortunately this unfair treatment of players over the last four years is the primary reason that the community is so miniscule compared to the overwhelming positive sales numbers for the game. Until OWI actually hosts official servers with a universal ruleset in order to be the ambassador and host of their own game instead of letting immature and unprofessional folks with their own personal agenda's represent their game the playership will continue to dwindle. This is truly sad considering what a great creative and artistic creation Squad has been thus far only to be completely crippled by clan cronyism, rampant admin abuse and oddball supplemental rules that actually prohibit game features like squad locking.
  12. Under water gameplay

    I'm not making any claims. I'm simply making an observation about attributes that have been programmed into the game for close to four years now and could have easily been corrected if they were deemed to be "exploits". First off, there are two kinds of "water" in Squad maps; hazardous and non-hazardous. Anything above waist level on your character and you quickly drown. Secondly, you can get into a crouched or prone position in several maps with non-hazardous "water" but then you can't see to shoot. And thirdly, regarding the placement of FOB's in "water" this has been known about since the beginning and was never been addressed despite many numerous people prior to you bringing it up so the only logical conclusion one could make is that its a feature. Anything the game programming allows should be permitted in gameplay. Especially something that's been around this long.
  13. Under water gameplay

    Are you sure it isn't a feature of the game? You've always been able to do it so by now after all this time one could come to the logical conclusion that its actually intentional
  14. Bad game culture at the moment

    Turning transport trucks into mobile spawn points is even more ridiculous than materializing from a pile of bookbags or a pillow fort. Now you got this enormous noisy mobile spawn point that everyone can hear and go destroy. Again the pacing of the matches are already much too fast and that combined with virtual immortality has turned the game into a FPH (first person healer). There needs to be a way lower TTK and real death with instagib headshots to bring this game back to reality from the fantasy world. As some other dude put it there needs to be real consequences for your actions. Rewarding mediocrity is not only unrealistic but its also really boring.
  15. This isn't some new revelation. Over the last nearly four years many people including myself have pointed out the fact that this "hybrid" game is a juxtaposition of many elements that are not only contradictory but often times cancel each other out. On one hand strict "Realism" is applied in a hodge podge fashion to things like the role selection but then on the other hand you can use a sci-fi Star Trek transporter to materialize onto planet Popanov. Personally I bought the game when it first came out on Steam and I was neither a founder or supporter so I've got no dog in the fight because I've already got my money's worth and then some however I do feel like the founders and supporters should get the PR clone (or as close as possible) they were basically promised. Everything else is icing on the cake.