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  1. Interesting. A few nights ago I was on the 2fjg Al Basra only server and my team (Americans) played the entire round without a single FOB and won. I was really quite surprised as the server was completely full. I think the idea of trying to populate a particular server is a myth. People just naturally gravitate towards a familiar name like Thunderdome, Legacy or 2fjg.
  2. My oldest teen just finished his sick build with a 1080ti and Squad looks the same as his other box with the 970 or my 965m plus no real increase in frame rate either. Maybe once the game is optimized they can bump up some of the eye candy in Squad. Certainly the engine is capable of it.
  3. Please what exactly are they? I understand the 30mm, 20mm, 50 cal. & Rockets for sure can inst-kill you but the sniper rifles on both factions can kill you dead in one headshot can't they right?
  4. Its like bugging your mom when dinner will be ready. Not a good idea. Apparently its still classified as "Alpha" so maybe you should be asking when will it be a "Beta" game first huh? Its all good though. The game keeps getting better with every update and the devs listen to user feedback so I've already got my moneys worth and anything further is just icing on the cake.
  5. I'm aware that they have direct control observational control over all official servers and the ability to debug and troubleshoot etc. but I'd never heard that they've collected stats on every single game key. Where did you hear that and do you have a link to this information? I'd be interested to see that.
  6. In order to have persistent stats you'd need to have official servers hosted by OWI and I don't see that happening anytime soon.
  7. All headshots are instant kills as far as I've seen. And there will never be gibbing or fragging in Squad unfortunately.
  8. But you're making the assumption that the devs weren't already aware of the potential for players to place FOBs along the edge of the water aren't you?
  9. Squad is a game based on realism with current events and factions and not some fantasy world though.
  10. Pure speculation here of course. Lets say hypothetically there were currently several Kinetic Bombardment Satellites otherwise known as "Rods From God" in geosynchronous orbit around 100 miles up above North Korea right? Now lets imagine what a single 39 ton solid tungsten arrow impacting Pyongyang at Mach 10 would do huh? How about a dozen of them right? Considering Low Earth Orbit is 100 miles up and the terminal velocity of Mach 10 is around 7600 mph thats a reaction time of roughly a minute. Now imagine the Trident II specifications. With a conventional 65 ton warhead it has a terminal velocity of Mach 24 or 18,030 mph and is right off the coast in a sub.
  11. FOBS and HABS are perfect. It seems to me that the radio got quieted down a bit which is an improvement and overall the system is fine the way it is until the inclusion of helicopter transport at some point if thats included in the finished game.
  12. You can always open up your NVIDIA control panel and turn Digital Vibrance up to 100% and if thats not enough enable NVIDIA settings and start messing with the color channels and make it look like Cream Disraeli Gears if you want some saturated colors.
  13. Exploit? There are built in restrictions for FOB placement already in Squad and placing a FOB underwater doesn't appear to be one of them.
  14. In the past people downloaded and played beta games for free and were essentially guinea pigs to see how smoothly things run and later on they bought the finished game. Fast forward to 2017 and now we the public pay up front to test alpha games lol... Honestly that map looks absolutely boring and it would be much better on Kohat or the other big maps. Anyway guys knock yourself out.
  15. Sounds like you need to just relax, adapt and chill. After 1200 hours I figured out different scenarios depending on the situation. If you have an inexperienced squad leader you can typically get the better weapons and just go off on your own little killing spree unnoticed while he's making mistakes and getting yelled at by the other squadmates. On the other hand, if you have some micromanagment milsim nerd calling out your every move I'm OK with that and I just do as I'm told for the whole game no matter what happens because maybe I can learn something. And if all of thats too much I just start my own squad "Dirty Tricks Inc." where the only rule is you must be having fun capping clowns and destroying stuff. You'd be surprised how well even inexperienced players do when they're scattered across the map with little oversight. Plus when your squadmates are all over the map they can give you critical recon and intel. If I were you I'd adapt to the people in the game because you'll have more fun.