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  1. Is there a memory leak in V11?

    Unreal Engine loves RAM. I run Sandstorm with zero issues just like Squad with 32 GB, i7 4770 & gtx970...
  2. Sniper Gameplay

    I've always found it interesting that during the evolution of this game there were always these dire predictions of calamity if "such and such" happened and yet none of it ever came to fruition. Remember the good old "omfg you put a melee weapon in the game and it will ruin it!" Or the narrative that "reducing vehicle costs to next to nothing will just make it into Battlefield"... That's the feeling I have about having one sniper per team. Inevitably it will happen and it will be woven into the context of being a perk for some particular class and it will be all the rage for about a week and then just like the Marksmen class barely anyone will use it. That said, 99.9% of people like to play the roles that produce results, are exciting and get into the faces of the opponent not sit on a hillside in a bush plinking. My perspective is just like the dude driving logistics trucks for an hour to make sandbags that get blown up with a single grenade the sniper would just be yet another person off the flag however they might actually have an effect on the match in certain situations.
  3. Grenade and Mortar Blast Radius

    Wouldn't logic and common sense dictate that until all the roles, weapons and vehicles are in the finished build of the game that then and only then can the true balancing of everything would actually occur?
  4. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    Again I would say you're mistaken. The rifleman role in Squad has always been the most lethal and objective based class in the game when used correctly by highly experienced players coming from other games. Case in point, until recently there was a crew of dudes who had a server and never did anything but play the objectives with as many riflemen as possible and they would always steamroll everyone with some of their best shooters getting 50+ kills. Having more riflemen directly on the defend/attack flags will always win more matches and I doubt v12 will change that paradigm at all.
  5. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    Are we even playing the same game? Riflemen have always been the primary role that actually clears buildings and captures flags with their CQB loadout. This is true for most if not all games in this genre decades before Squad ever existed.
  6. What's amazing is the fact that Squad has such large maps jam packed with HD textured assets & landscape materials plus many projectiles and particle effects replicated across 80 players. This is all despite the fact that the Epic devs themselves have said numerous times in random threads on their own forum in the past that UE4 is an "Arena" engine with a recommended default player number of 32. I've always been impressed with that myself. In anticipation of the response of "well Fortnite does such and such" consider the fact that Fornite has much lower graphics quality and utilizes a newer version of Unreal that has most certainly evolved in features. I'm all for constructive criticism and shitposting as well over simple stuff like why its physically impossible in SquadWorld for an SL to have a shovel however when it comes to the deep complexities of Unreal Engine replication I personally wouldn't expect an answer from the devs unless I myself was willing to go through the tens of thousands of pages of documentation on the Epic website myself and have a solution ready.
  7. Regarding V.12

    From a realism standpoint I'm digging the Tokarev only for the heavy anti-tank. I'm thinking though from a weight standpoint wouldn't it make sense to make it pistol only for all the AT roles and maybe chuck in a extra couple rockets here and there into each specific loadout?
  8. Suggestion to cancel the role of Medic

    Agreed. The individual purpose of the Medic needs to be even further developed and enhanced not removed from the game. ET:QW did the class perfectly by giving the Medic the ability to revive, heal and also throw down a green smoke grenade which air dropped in a supply crate which had ammo and bandages: http://quake.wikia.com/wiki/Medic_(QW)
  9. Suggestion about sound levels

    Think about it. Having a separate slider exclusive for the internal engine sound of the vehicles would be an exploit because everyone would just zero it out so they could hear the enemy vehicles and other things like mortar locations. That's why it must remain in the channel it currently resides in. You can however turn that particular channel down considerably and raise the level of local, squad and command so you can easily hear voice chat over the motor noise.
  10. Losing Patience

    PR was a mod of an existing fully functional game whereas Squad is a standalone game hand coded from scratch. Whats not to get?
  11. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    So on one hand you establish that the SL made the squad and its to do with as he pleases and yet on the other hand in your second statement you marginalize that same SL and say that he/she isn't capable of choosing the roles for his/her squad... Which paradigm is it? We treat everyone like children and nanny them along and continue to kill off the community even more or we treat players like adults and let them make smart choices on their own and actually grow the community?
  12. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    It's interesting how your point even further validates my position that all the kits should be unlocked and available in order that the SL should be the one dictating the role composition of their own squad. Currently we still have an artificial construct that rewards mediocrity and trys to nanny players instead of a natural system that would balance itself out.
  13. WTF with the cheating over?

    In UE4 depending on your location in relationship to the directional light source particle effects can actually enhance a players view of another player not decrease it.
  14. What is really going on with Squad?

    Squad's frontage to the entire Steam gaming community consists of servers hosted by private individuals. Logically then, the purpose of free weekends is to incentivize the sale of game keys not create ersatz player counts. However, your second point is valid and was in fact verified when the player peaks of the patch matched the subsequent free weekend player peak by around a 100 +/- deviation.
  15. What is really going on with Squad?

    Within the paradigm of all early access games these days you're essentially "renting" or "leasing" Squad anyway. The term "Alpha" or "Beta" became meaningless years ago because the development process was much different back then because eventually you ended up with a physical copy of the game. In addition, most of those games had LAN support so you could still technically play multiplayer once the plug got pulled on the server browser. All of you need to stop applying this old Alpha/Beta mindset to this new EA process because all you're really paying for is a participation fee for the "experience"...