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  1. Any chance of a modding wiki?

    Oh I don't get that vibe at all. Nor do I need their validation either as they're working day & night to finish the product and keep their promises. This would be like thinking the assembly line worker at Ford who installs the dashboard and seats cares about the turbo mods some speed shop out in California is doing on the new Mustang. No, instead I was simply referring to the community in general as they will be the ones driving the demand for your particular map, laser pistol or character model. That said, honestly I don't believe it has anything to do with the innovation or quality of any particular mod people are creating as everything I've ever seen is very cool. More so it has to do with the actual teen demographic of the main player base. Go look at the Steamspy numbers, on average only around 1500-2000 unique people in the entire world play Squad per day and that's with school being out. I'm not knocking the game itself but that's honestly a very small number. Face it, you're modding a completly unfinished Alpha game that's basically a mod of another game. Doesn't get anymore cvlt than that bro. Once the game is finished and increases in popularity maybe interest in mods will be there but for now I could care less as I find working with the UE very therapeutic & relaxing. Especially since once I finish converting all the maps over to North Korea and making a matching character set my next project will be full gore and gibs for Squad
  2. Vietnam War Poll

    Yeah on Squad Modding Discord. Yeho is the biggest map I think, I wouldn't go any bigger than that. I visualized basically just the citadel, river, city and a little of the surrounding area.
  3. Zylfrax791 Squad Maps

    The mortar pit overlooking Chakar Kot in my Kohat Tropical layer conversion:
  4. Any chance of a modding wiki?

    The only thing not really covered at Unreal is the proprietary game logic of Squad and you'd need to teach yourself that stuff. I poked around in it a bit and its C++ I think so knock yourself out there unless your wife is software engineer like mine. Everything else is documented but the challenge is you need to actually read all of it so we just all kind of share information and educate each other the best we can. Honestly my personal feeling is even once the Steam Marketplace opens up all the unwashed masses will for the most part just continue to play the stock maps anyway. But there's nothing wrong with learning the Unreal Editor as many games use it.
  5. Zylfrax791 Squad Maps

    WIP Yehorivka conversion to the top secret North Korean Chonhung-Ri military base.
  6. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    Actually, I can potentially see "Ammo FOBS" being yet another feature the devs made for the game that some server will make a rule against...
  7. Zylfrax791 Squad Maps

    This Sumari conversion will loosely resemble the Bukchang Concentration Camp in central North Korea. Mosque area will be the main HQ buildings and the other points will be various barracks etc. There will be plenty of guard towers, trenches, bunkers and barb wire around the perimeter of the base.
  8. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    Previously you only had to wait around less than 8 minutes for the FOB to accumulate enough manna for an ammo crate and if you were kind of lingering around the area it would build up all kinds of points for other junk so I don't see the rub really. Bottom line the whole fob thing got nerfed... I'm not sure why you don't understand that.
  9. Zylfrax791 Squad Maps

    God no. I'm not that smart. Maybe one of these days. Those windows with the little boxes and cables connecting them scares me to death. No, they were made by an art student named Jacob Norris from PurePolygons.com I'm gonna get his Seasons pack with all the conifer trees plus ice/snow next. On the subject did you guys happen to notice there are some snow assets in the editor?
  10. Zylfrax791 Squad Maps

    WIP on my Sumari jungle conversion layer:
  11. My kid and I did some testing recently in the current patch and a point blank burst from either an M4 or AK in the face will completely kill you every time.
  12. Supplemental Rules

    This is simply an educational database of additional server rules I've found and absolutely not a discussion topic regarding the subject itself pro or con. Mods please delete anything that is not educational and adds to the database. As Squad evolves we've seen that different servers have applied supplemental rule sets and guidelines on top of the internal rules built into the game and the vanilla OWI guidelines. Here are the main ones I've found thus far in no particular order and not applicable to any one distinct server, just simply listed to familiarize yourself with plus know what you might expect entering an unfamiliar server. Its always a good idea to check the servers rules before playing there. In addition, if you choose to update the list I've started please don't quote what I've posted and add rules that way. Instead, copy and paste the list and add numerical lines in order to keep the topic clean and understandable. Supplemental Rule List 1. No one manning APC's. 2. To claim an APC you must name your squad APC. 3. To claim a Logistics truck you must name your squad Logistics. 4. No rushing first flag. 5. No rushing first and second flags. 6. No locking squads. 7. No locking squads until 4 members. 8. No locked one man squads. 9. No mines within 300 meters of main. 10. Do not camp main. 11. There may only be 1 APC squad. 12. No pings over 250. 13. You can camp main but only after all flags are capped. 14. 15x15 only fight over center objective. 15. 16x16 only fight over center objective. 16. 20v20 only fight over center objective. 17. No FOB/HAB destruction below 15x15, 16x16 & 20x20 in order to populate the server. 18. Only vehicles specifically designed as suicide vehicles by the game designers (i.e. bomb cars) may be used as such. Placement of explosives on vehicles and using them as suicide vehicles, intentional ramming of enemy vehicles to suicide, etc is prohibited. 19. Players may not abuse the game physics for vehicles to continuously run over enemy soldiers. 20. Vehicles that have both a driver/pilot position and a primary gunner position must be crewed by 2 players with the proper kits to operate those positions at all times. If a crewman is killed or is lost via disconnection from the server, the driver is responsible for returning the vehicle to the safety of the main base immediately. Vehicles may not be one-manned from the main to pick up a second crewman or pilot. 21. Vehicle assets may be assigned to a specific squad only through the orders of the commanding officer. If there is no commanding officer, vehicle assets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 22. Players may not take a vehicle currently in use by another squad. Once a vehicle has left the main it is considered to be in use and permission must be received from the squad that took the vehicle or the commanding officer before another squad may take that vehicle.
  13. Vietnam War Poll

    That bridge wouldn't be a problem to make with existing meshes in the industrial folders. Just very time consuming. Its all those buildings with the curved roofs etc. that worry me.
  14. Vietnam War Poll

    Cool, Unadilla MX got rained out temporarily... The problem I see though is that central citadel area with all the canals has so many buildings and most of them look nothing like the assets available in Squad.
  15. Vietnam War Poll

    Throw together a quick .raw file height map and upload it somewhere and I'll mess with it right now.