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  1. insurgency servers

    The general consensus for quite some time now is that the game mode is extremely one sided which results in steamrolls, rage quitting and then servers getting depopulated. This is why the franchise hosts always play it safe and mostly all have the same map rotations.
  2. What's next?

  3. Ability to display flag capture radius

    With a few exceptions the diamond icon on the map pretty closely matches the spherical volume typically used in the SDK. That said, it would be nice if eventually they were all switched to square or rectangular trigger volumes that followed the edges of compounds or buildings exactly but honestly is it such a big deal? On the other hand though, I personally would like to see some verticality added in the form of flags being at the tops of the taller buildings so you actually need to go up and clear the upper floors.
  4. How Armored Combat Feels

    All of the driver and gunner views are heavily restricted in a tunnel vision keyhole fashion that seems confining and unrealistic. Your first person FOV should take up at least 100% of the width of your screen with two dark bands above and below in a letterbox fashion in my opinion. Plus, I never understood what's the deal with a bunch of the gunner views already having magnification on the normal view. Seems quite silly to not be 1x in normal view.
  5. Clearing the Air.

    Sounds like you're passionate about the game. Apply for a new server license and then poach all the other adults back to your camp and let the children sit in their soiled diapers while you host fair and balanced matches in a professional manner. Letting children be the front end of Squad is a terrible business decision and will ultimately be it's demise. Proof of this is the fact that 99.9% of the negative reviews about Squad on Steam revolve around less than satisfactory experiences of new players on these private franchise servers ran by immature individuals drunk with power.
  6. Graphic Updates

    As a former mapper in the Novalogic Delta Force games community I've personally been dabbling with UE4 on a complete hobbyist level for over 5 years now simply for educational purposes and recreational amusement. So yeah, I would still consider myself to be a complete novice however I have learned a considerable amount of information about how the program actually works. Especially about this particular subject of texture/polygon quality and how it relates to PvP replication. That said, every single time one of these "graphics" threads comes up you can easily tell who has actually used the vanilla or Squad SDK and others who are simply throwing out jargon that they Googled prior to posting. Needless to say, it's my opinion that before anyone can even have a valid opinion about the graphics quality either pro or con of Squad or any other UE4 game you should experiment with the editor for yourself and I guarantee you that your opinion would change drastically. In this respect though whilst people are correct in noticing that over the timeline of Squad the graphics quality has been incrementally degraded and then given the silly term "optimization passes" it should be noted there are much bigger issues at play here. I think the biggest problem here is that from a PvP perspective Epic Games is evolving their UE4 game engine very rapidly for their own flagship product Fortnite which on one hand is a good thing however its rapid pace is leaving everyone else in the lurch. For example, in a few weeks UE4.24 will improve open world PvP performance greatly plus add an entire assortment of other exciting features however think about it from a indie developers standpoint. By the time they're able to actually migrate their entire project over to the newest greatest version they're already a couple versions behind using an obsolete version. This must be frustrating. So yeah, download vanilla UE4 and any number of the 8k textures and high poly models that are available for free, make the absolute smallest highly detailed forest scene you can in cinematic quality, cook it off as an executable, run it and you'll be lucky if you get 60fps with an i9 RTX2080ti. Honestly this is just my opinion but Unreal Engine always has been an arena game engine and no matter what they do it will never be a true open world platform. It will still be an arena engine with a bunch of smoke and mirrors loading and unloading stuff user sees in the world meanwhile pretending that it's not by giving you a janky reach around. The dev posts on their forums from around 6 years ago are long gone now but I remember them saying this exact thing that UE4 will always be an arena engine and that UE4 PvP replication maximum number should never exceed 32 players lol. Only a voxel engine can ultimately achieve the true open world experience in my opinion.
  7. The existing system seems more than adequate to me. You simply lock the squad before you create it and then invite who you want when you want during the planning phase. Even if the server has some minimum number before you can lock certainly nobody is going to typically say anything until the planning phase is finished and the match starts and then you can just boot them as necessary.
  8. No Shadow has to go quick

    Locking the gamma slider is simply a trivial annoyance when NVIDIA GeForce Experience allows the user full customization.
  9. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    There's nothing "pessimistic" about pointing out the simple fact that the first mod that got whitelisted by the development team has been completely and utterly blacklisted by the private franchises that actually host the front end of the game to the general public. It's simply an observation of an occurrence. It's also not "pessimistic" either to point out the fact that with every patch the development team takes a lot of time and effort to create many different and unique layers and yet the only thing that gets hosted for public consumption is the same old rotation across pretty much all the popular servers. What's the point of even having Destruction and Insurgency modes in the game if nobody is going to actually host those layers? Compared to pretty much every other similar previous title in the genre which had officially hosted servers to me it's always been incomprehensible why you'd want nothing but a bunch of private individuals representing the face of your company to the general public. So yeah, again it's not "pessimistic" to go read that 99.9% of the negative Steam reviews always make reference to a less than satisfactory gaming experience related to the server hosts and yet typically praise the game itself. OP is correct about somebody lacking care but its certainly not the game itself.
  10. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    What good is whitelisting when the clans are basically the front end of the game and all just run the same stock "popular" layers of each map over and over? Needless to say, over the last three years only around 20% of the stock layers of the maps ever even get publicly hosted so essentially a bunch of the devs hard work making different layers and modes is a complete waste of time because after each version they all get wiped anyway and nobody ever got to see them let alone play them other than checking them out in the console. Not only that, you pretty much don't even get to see the first whitelisted CAF mod which is absolutely amazing. Half of the CAF mod team is devs anyway and yet over this long holiday weekend not a single one of the popular NA servers even have any of the maps or layers in their rotations. In theory mods and whitelisting sound "sexy" yet the Steam Workshop is already full of stuff people put a lot of creative energy into that's simply gathering dust.
  11. 100 Player Servers

    @ZXD_Leeis right you know. The game has been around for over three years now. A hobo could have literally collected a dollars worth of cans a day and have an i9-RTX2080ti by now.
  12. Types of Squads?

    In Squad AAS there are only two types of squads; squads with members inside the flag and squads with members outside the flag. This is because as a game Squad AAS not only incentivizes but it actually lures players off the flag to do all kinds of wacky side missions that have little to no bearing on the actual outcome of the match. Certainly these things can be fun but Squad AAS always favors the team that avoids these diversions and instead focuses on surrounding and capturing flags at any cost including having little to no medics and basically just constantly respawning and flash mobbing the flags. Until the BP is actually removed and an exponentially progressive respawn timer for giving up is implemented Squad AAS will essentially remain sequential TDM with side quests. That was the beauty of Joint Operations AAS. It actually incentivized the entire team to stay focused on capturing the position because once your team took full possession it became a spawn point and ammo resupply. In this sense JO AAS was a much more shallow game because you didn't typically have people off scattered across the map doing mortar/tow fobs, fob hunting or any number of other dubious endeavors.
  13. Unplayable after few mins

    Strange. I have basically the same rig as you and I'm not suffering any such problems. Just an hour ago after the patch I'm getting a stable 120+ fps. Not only that, but there are 3 other computers in the house with GTX970, GTX965M and GTX1080ti all running the game just fine. With v16 my game used to crash on every map rotation whilst everyone else's didn't but that's over now with v17 as well.
  14. Tactical Ladder

    Devs said buttloads of times the game is supposed to be about RA units not high speed low drag operaters, hence no Barrett's, portable Mini-Guns, Milkor's, SCAR's and all kinds of other exotic specialized equipment. MARSOC has a dog there too, should we put a first person dog role in Squad too? Maybe also CIA role with blue jeans, khaki fishermans vest and silenced H&K Mark 23? The skies the limit.
  15. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    Jeez. So much doom and gloom. The game is still unique and fun. Also the game is now 99.9% fully functional which is more than you can say about a lot of games in this day and age. Plus now it's essentially evolved into the game that ragingdeath, laughingjack and I came from originally so it's even better in that respect for us. I'd personally hoped for a more serious, gritty, unforgiving and way more realistic experience given the origins of the game but I'm not so ignorant to see that only about 500 people in the world would actually want to play something similar to the ACE3 mod in ARMA3. That said, youth belongs to the young. Turnover is good for business. Forums are nothing buggy whip factories now with some millennials and boomers arguing over trivial nonsense anyway. After 3+ years of basically flatline growth all that's left is keeping up the hype on YouTube, Twitch, Reddit and Discord thus increasing the possibility of making something that appeals to a younger generation with disposable income.