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  1. Why, Get Rid of First Light ?

    I posted a new high definition Forest height map over in the resources section if anyone wants to fool around with it in the SDK. If you swap it for the existing one from the orange bar in the landscape section you'll need to select it and change the xyz from 50,50,8 to 100,100, 40 though to retain the existing size. I'm also currently working on another variation that will enlarge the edges of the landscape 500 meters bringing it up to a 2k size.
  2. Custom Heightmaps

    Forest HD - 1k Map with 8k precision level plus multiple instances of Fluvial Erosion & Complex Sedimentation Forest HD Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TtQO0FdlVVSCLqWXwxWXiBLlVReyh-dE
  3. Should mortars be lethal?

    I'd speculate maybe they're currently nerfed for balancing issues in the development process. I think most people are aware at this point they're basically battlefield ambience.
  4. Stopping Rouge Players Causing Nonstop Steamroll

    Prior version had the HAB "meatgrinder" where everyone pitched a fit about people farming them for kills. So then Devs listened and provided you a solution by making the HAB easily disabled. Now people complaining about their fix? That's hilarious. This is a behavior & communication issue not a game mechanic problem that can be "fixed" by yet another modification designed to change the herd mentality.
  5. January 2019 Recap

    I would disagree. I'm certainly no shill or sycophant for OWI and probably one of biggest shitposters of "constructive criticism" here but I've seen nothing but transparency in every step of the development process. And certainly your assertion that the product doesn't dovetail with the goals listed on the Kickstarter is patently false as they're mostly fulfilled and/or projected to be completed in the near future. Furthermore, there is an entire multitude of features and attributes that were never even mentioned or promised that have been implemented along the way as well. Also the anti-American segue seems irrelevant in the conversation especially considering you've chosen to play a game where the first main faction is American. What do you do, switch teams every time the game puts you in the American faction to show everyone your distain?
  6. Squad is dead or not ?

    Next time you see someone playing grab ass look at their role and 99% of the time you'll see they're a basic iron sighted rifleman. Now do you get it? People get bored when everyone else has the good stuff.
  7. commander?

    So the conventional Commander gets a tent with UAV, Airstrikes & Artillery. That makes complete sense. Whilst I wouldn't expect a spoiler answer its going to be really interesting & exciting to see what the equivalent abilities of the Militia and Insurgent Commander will be. Now I'm just spitballing here but what if the Insurgents got homemade propane tank mortar & rocket strikes plus a heavily armored remote controlled Garry VIED truck, that way there wouldn't be a suicide associated with its detonation? Thoughts?
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing some of the old models back as new roles are introduced to the Insurgent faction. I'd also like to see all the digicam textures on the new models replaced with standard earth tones as well for a more generic look.
  9. Ranking System?

    And can you blame them? For the most part randoms only join an open squad in order to latch onto the coveted GL, MG or HAT roles and then proceed to go feral and then scatter off in 360 degrees. You see, the game mechanic itself really doesn't do much to incentivize squad cohesion and depending on others to succeed with the exception of the medic and ammo bags being dropped. That said, I'd love to see a dynamic built into the game where the SL could toggle a proximity lock to individual players that would first warn the "free range" player to return to the SL and then if unheeded remove them from the squad.
  10. Ranking System?

    Again, irrelevant as a validation of skill or experience as hosts sit AFK in their servers in an attempt to populate them.
  11. Ranking System?

    The game allows people to sit AFK perpetually so hours in the game is meaningless and validates nothing. My opinion is leave it the way it is because any system of ranking this far along in the development process is pointless and would add yet another arcade element to the game and further degrade the realism factor. Instead, by now if you've played enough you've certainly got a group you play with or particular server you play on then most likely you've also paid attention to who is good at particular roles etc. and most likely friended them on Steam and know that their reputation proceeds them. That should suffice instead of some ersatz arcade system.
  12. Squad is dead or not ?

    People are just having fun I guess. Isn't that the whole purpose of videos games anyway? Maybe it's inevitable that's what a hybrid Arcade/MilSim evolves into apparently. If you're striving to participate in serious gameplay with valuable communication joining an ARMA3 MilSim clan where they move around in stacks might be a more appropriate fit. Until then it's people wasting vehicles, jamming music in local and spamming the global text chat with inappropriate content because there's so much time to kill in the game for most typical players.
  13. Custom Heightmaps

    North Korea Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site 8k Punggye-ri Dowload: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19IdJ2EW9DtlosN4RmCPd-yTbhSCr7ePM Chora Valley Afghanistan IRL 8k Chora Valley Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GRnbW46eSTWRkftack2UExpUIEQ_cq0n
  14. AFK's, Unassigned's & Ghosting

    So what you're saying is you think that a couple of the most basic features that form a universal foundation for any multiplayer game regardless of its genre aren't important enough three years into development to be addressed? That seems ridiculous to me. I would say that properly managing players with an internal game mechanism (especially one that is structured around the formation of squads) regarding AFK's & Unassigned should be of the utmost importance. Let me ask you this then. If addressing AFK's with an internal game mechanic isn't important then why does basically every other related game in the genre have AFK autokick built in?
  15. Squad - combined arms? Keep me informed.

    Robert McNamara would be proud...