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  1. Camping Main

    Yeah, this an idea I had before but everyone shot it down because they somehow classified it as A.I. strangely enough. I've mentioned this before but the G.D.F. faction and the overall AAS gameplay of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars shared a lot of similarities to Squad in that it was a team oriented objective based game and the G.D.F. roles were almost identical. That said, it had a very efficient and effective Main Base protection system that utilized an automated turret that would cut you to ribbons. In addition, all the maps in ET:QW were 1 kilometer square and each faction had a single aerial asset; Anansi for the G.D.F. and the Tormentor for the Strogg and the system worked completely fine without any need for oversight. In fact, the entire game was completely stand alone and required zero administration so Squad could eventually be programmed this way as well.
  2. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    Vanity mine protection zones in every map for a game that already was supposed to be finished 12-24 months after a Q4 2015 release most likely is an unrealistic expectation.
  3. reduce fall damage

    Wikipedia says a story is around 14 feet. So yeah, I'm pretty sure a 28 foot fall would fracture most of your bones and cause a massive brain hemorrhage resulting in a permanent dirt nap. Bleeding in Squad starts at around 5-6 feet if I recall. Considering your virtual avatar has around 70lbs. of gear on the simulated fall damage sounds correct. Just be careful and remember its not Quake.
  4. Camping Main

    As adults I think everyone understands that I'm referring to the intended playable attributes of the game and not exploits, glitching, cheating or 3rd party hacks. Making the condescending inference that I was referring to those issues simply trivializes your point as everyone understands the distinction between the intentions of the game programming and those completely separate issues.
  5. Camping Main

    How you or I feel the game should be played is irrelevant though. The Main Bases already have protection and there shouldn't be a need for additional rules above and beyond that otherwise you're basically questioning the intent and competence of the development team wouldn't you agree? I mean consider it from that perspective. If you're a private server and you feel the need to create an entire new set of supplemental rules aren't you essentially saying that the game is inadequately programmed and you with your superior knowledge and intelligence above and beyond the development team need to "fix" it for them?
  6. Anti-personel Mines

    In my opinion they should have been in the game before there were even vehicles. Certainly they would be useful for protecting FOB's as well.
  7. Camping Main

    There are three areas in any map; two protected main bases and then the playable area. Anything the game allows should be permitted to occur within the playable area regardless of whether you or I like it or not or even consider it a valid strategy or tactic.
  8. Camping Main

    My point exactly. I personally don't have an opinion about whether or not it's a legitimate strategy or tactic or not. My only position is that the game mechanic itself should make the final determination regarding gameplay not some half baked nebulous rules.
  9. Camping Main

    This is getting so old. Now we've got admins and moderators determining "intent" when a player was over a full kilometer from a Main Base past the first flag shooting enemy vehicles on an MSR as "Main Camping" and yet on another server the admins themselves and their cronies are plopping down the yellow friendly FOB marker on the enemies main and then lining up armor on the very edge of the line and shooting fish in a barrel and somehow this isn't intent... wut? As everyone knows the game has always had a built-in denial system protecting the main bases and a few patches ago it was even further enhanced with an increased radius and lethality. That said, you'd think after all that programming the issue would be completely resolved and the built-in game mechanic would fully protect the Main Bases. Needless to say, that's not the case though. If anything Main Base camping has steadily gotten worse and worse. And also it doesn't help that every single server seems to have a different set of subjective and arbitrary rules that they seemingly invent as they go such as half the distance from the first flag, 300 meters from Main or camping only allowed on Sundays with a full moon. This is an ongoing issue that needs another look and a programming change that gives the game consistency across the board for both players and admin. I mean what's going to happen once choppers hit the game? These silly superfluous rules about half the distance from the first flag or 300 meters from the Main Base aren't going to mean diddley squat with a chopper having an elevated position and extreme maneuverability now are they? Please fix this problem once and for all and make it part of the licensing agreement like squad leaders can kick for any reason so it brings a certain measure of consistency to the game.
  10. There is a help desk available on the main website under "Support". Maybe they can help you.
  11. Squad has several positive features and attributes that are completely unique in the genre like the logistics building system, the ticket system and AAS & RAAS game modes. ARMA 3 has similar large maps and a more complete combined arms system but it's PVP is only a janky TKOTH mode. That said, a proper system has yet to be put into place to support and retain new players. So while the statistics taken from Steam by 3rd parties may have shown over a million units sold awhile back that doesn't take into account how many people played the game and then got a refund. Which of course is the missing factor in any mathematical equation that would explain the miniscule playerbase numbers when compared to the supposed sales of over a million. However, with that simple missing factor missing this would explain why if you disregard the peaks in the chart which correspond to the free weekends and only consider the normals trends the stable playerbase is at around approximately 6000 which is certainly better than some similar games in the genre.
  12. Considering there are already several other game modes besides AAS that people enjoy would you also play a reverse TDM where only deaths took away tickets? This would be most useful for populating servers and competitive matches.
  13. Mortar redesign

    Players waste assets in many more creative ways than simply dropping down a simple mortar. Most recently it's players in RAAS taking all the Logis and dropping multiple useless FOB/HAB's on the east side of the map when all the flags end up being on the west side. Now everyone is completely out of position and noobs keep spawning on them and walking two kilometers because they don't know any better so your team eventually loses the match. So logically we should remove FOB's then right?
  14. Mortar redesign

    Yeah, agreed. As it stands now HE rounds are basically nothing more than background battle ambience. The smoke rounds are useful but thats about it.
  15. Skirmish Maps

    I was wondering if this idea ever got anymore traction for implementation into the game? Maybe even as a TDM Skirmish Mode especially since hardly anywhere I play even runs Invasion, Insurgency, Destruction or Territory Control maps anymore. OPFL TDM Skirmish would be sick.