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  1. I personally think the maps opening up exactly where you left them and also zoomed in as well is a great feature. The previous system of snapping to your position and losing your zoom level drove me crazy. The solution for you might be to leave the maps zoomed out at all times maybe.
  2. I've only got an i7-4770 and GTX 960 however I have 32 GB of Ram which UE4 loves so it runs most maps butter smooth at med/high details.
  3. More tickets, longer games

    I personally enjoy the longer matches. I'm completely fine with 2 hour matches. However, I've noticed after an hour the younger players literally get fatigued and start asking about tickets and complaining about admin needing to roll the map. Honestly I'd cap all the AAS layers at exactly 1 hour just to keep the overall community engaged. Anything above an hour is simply way too much for the average persons attention span.
  4. Alpha 12.1

    Camo netting is still obscuring Stryker drivers view and clipping into interior.
  5. Map Starting tickets

    Unfortunately that's not the case. The time period is simply a value entered into field and then the map is compiled. An admin at any time can simply roll the map so isn't that essentially the same thing?
  6. Armor Penalty

    Certainly it doesn't automatically mean the crew was bad. I've lost vics many times over 4k hours but it was typically after pitched battles where I took away more tickets and as always I was trying to be conservative and cautious. That said, in your opinion when does it actually mean they're bad though? After they cook off the second one or third one like I've already seen occur many times over the course of numerous matches? Honestly it doesn't matter to me one bit it just seems a bit odd for the game mechanic to punish the entire team by rewarding careless behavior like embecmom has pointed out in numerous different threads related to the futility of medic revives being cancelled out by noobs wasting vics.
  7. Armor Penalty

    Exactly. Some other system is needed to reward success and punish failure. As it stands nobody is bragging about losing the Abrams or T-72 let alone even fessing up to it. If you just happen to have the map open and notice it doing spirals and then wink out you yourself can be cognizant that your teammates just lost it otherwise you probably won't know because of the action. The only other solution would just go full arcade and remove all ticket loss from vehicles, drop the respawn period to 5 minutes and then make increase the flags size and ticket win/loss values plus reintroduce bleed again.
  8. Armor Penalty

    Well, by the time the MBT actually leaves main and gets into the AO the existing penalty has already expired. How does that make sense? Couple that with the fact that once the MBT gets destroyed the folks that lost it are waiting the 20-25 minutes back at Main in vulture hover mode around the empty spawn spot. How is that efficient or fair?
  9. Here come the girls

    I sent the link to bella, false prophet and bunnaayy.
  10. Armor Penalty

    "They" Exactly my point. And how is anyone else on your team supposed to get a turn and get their "experience" when [YOLO ARMOR] squad keeps getting rewarded for not communicating with their other squad leaders and foolishly wasting the MBT's? I don't know what the current vehicle cooldown is but the game already previously punished you for you losing a Stryker or BTR based on a set time period. All I'm saying is based on the fact that the tank takes much longer to drive out of Main and get into the action the cooldown should be based on a numerical value not set time period. With MBT's it should be "One And You're Done." Admins on one NA server I play on are already mandating this btw so it's not really my idea but like every other feature I think things should be built into the game not have to be enforced by active admin and supplemental rules.
  11. Armor Penalty

    So the standard modus operandi now is quickly form an armor squad, lock it at 3, windsprint to the MBT's first, rush to the central flag and then recklessly get your turrent blown off, respawn at main then wait for the armor to respawn by doing parkour and target practice for 20 minutes all the while acting like you're "entitled" to the next MBT "cuz we're the Armor squad bruh". This doesn't seem correct. Losers shouldn't be rewarded they should instead be penalized. Once you lose an MBT you should be locked out of the Crewman class in order to give others a chance.
  12. Add a startup procedure for Helicopters

    I fly fixed wing IRL and honestly I don't think this is a good idea at all. Simply making the rotary assets really difficult to fly should suffice.
  13. I'd much rather be on a team that keeps losing all evening to a clan pro-stack than one where the same clan is split up and inevitably "chatting" with one another in a 3rd party communication applications.
  14. Please help with looong load time

    Could be, but if it is its more related to the dumpster fire EAC trash. Make there are absolutely no other processes running in the background when you start the game and load servers.
  15. Why I dont want Helicopters

    Choppers worked out just fine in the Delta Force series. They were disposable with a 5 minute cool down and if I remember correctly there were typically like 2 Blackhawks and 2 Loaches at the Main Base. Embecmom's key point that ticket counts are always going to effected more by those that could care less about them than those that do care them are going to probably necessitate a complete removal of all ticket values on vehicles eventually. Instead, in it's place there should be much larger ticket rewards and penalties for flags gained & lost in AAS. This would accordingly bring back the focus to the flags which is where it should be anyway. It's simply much too easy to capture flags at this point. Seeing the fact that the central flag always seems to be the instinctual drag race destination then maybe we should just build on that and actually remodel it into the nexus flag by making it's radius much larger, increase tickets won/lost, and also increase the amount of physical boots-on-the ground players needed to capture it. This would force the entire team to coalesce on the main flag instead of being scattered like hay seeds in the wind across the map. Hand in hand with this making the choppers difficult to operate and utilize correctly should discourage the average noob from trolling them. I flew the Anansi and Tormentor in QW:ET a lot and John Carmack really did a great job programming them as they were quite difficult to fly in normal mode and then there was an even higher level of complexity available by enabling "Advanced" flight controls. Along with this the MBT's should be even more difficult to drive to decrease the noob trolling. When things are difficult and make you look stupid that should suffice.