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  1. Oh my... I call it raping your mind I totally agree with you, old obsoletes Talibans should be replaced by ISIS new ones, and a conflict in Turkey opposing Kurdish and Turks would be awesome and realistic ; for MEC, I don't know if it would be a good idea, but you would have Saudi Arabia or Egypt to take instead of. For me, I would like to see more assymetric conflict, insurgent vs NATO/Russian or even ISRAEL ! I completely forgot them, but the actual biggest conflict and hot point in the world since WWII is Israel/Palestinian zone, and making a game about modern conflict without them would be just stupid... Also, I disagree about China faction being a non-sense : for now, it's just a cold war, both China and Japan (also many other countries) are just screaming around a table, but when all promised features in SQUAD will be given, it would be interesting to make a few maps in Pacific showing potential conflict between Japan/US and China or even North Korea.
  2. I ask for France. France is at war since 2001, and is actually currently the last european country able to protect the interest of UE anywhere in the world ; with a political and a passed-historical strenght, France is currently engaging terrorism in the closest "hot-area" where ISIS or Al-Qaeda are striking : Libya, Syria-Iraq, and, probably the most difficult and biggest challenge we're planning to do, ALL the Sub-Saharan Africa (from Mali to Chad) all alone (only with a few dutch choppers and english S-F, thx them ). Futhermore, if England is implemented, as their greatest ennemies-then-allies since about 10 centuries, it would be fair to add France after England. Remember that France is the first military engaged nation in foreign countries (after USA), and is also the country of Human Rights, Freedom to Speech, and others Universal Values, so featuring the french forces with a "Freedom day sales !" or some other advertising stuff would be nice and effective on purchase ! See what I mean. Then for "bad guys side", I ask for China. I know, the China army on a standard map or, worst, a desert Middle-East map would be weird, but China is currently one of the most agressive country, with their foreign policy with the Japan Senkaku Islands case, the North-South Koreas tensions, or overall the Pacific influence game between NATO-US-Japan and China, so including China would be also fair, for me. See what I mean again. I tell you what I think, you're free to say you agree or not, but think about it.