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  1. Total War | Chicago Server - Review

    I completely agree this server is not made for team play, no different than playing a battlefield game. For an example of troll behaviors that are allowed on this server Ex. Flipping a MTLB with a logistics truck is not a kickable or warn able offense.
  2. 1000 player servers

    1000 people is way too much the amount of changes that would have to be made to the base game is unreasonable. Plus the amount of computers required to host a single server like that just isn't economical. This is just silly.
  3. Vehicle flip bugs

    The crow flipped over and I was in the gunner seat when I exited the vehicle I was stuck inside prone. granted I could reenter the vehicle and then leave as the driver but just a heads up that this does happen. Also I had an issue previously with a vehicle flipping over next to a repair station and not dying after about 10 minutes we managed to flip it. The fire animation was out but getting in the vehicle caused you to take damage even though it was at full health. I have no picture for this bug.
  4. Vehicle flip bugs

    Just post any bugs relating to vehicles flipping or any bug that has to do with respawn or death of a vehicle. I will also be posting two bugs after this post.