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  1. Grass height

    Can we please just flatten grass when we prone into it.
  2. Kill bodies. tell your boot friend to stfu, TheMinority.
  3. That got dark quick..
  4. Just a suggestion and maybe it will spark some ideas. In the urban areas My unit used to use spray paint to tag/mark buildings and areas with pertinent information (ieds mostly) or just squad graffiti showing how far the last patrol cleared or pushed out. This could be put into the game fairly easy I imagine mostly for fun or marking ieds you cannot blow up or weapons cache or friendly held buildings. The opfor could use it also with a a different set of textures more akin to their objectives. Just shooting the shit let me know what you think. Please no shill "this isnt real war its a video game" replies. I am just throwing ideas out.
  5. What job do you got?

    I am a canine handler and people call me jon:) alot of cool jobs on here but that is typical for the genre I believe.
  6. Goodbye Humvees :'(

    They served us well in conventional war ie desert storm and the beginning of iraq. After ieds became prevalent theg became obsolete, just death traps.
  7. Hit a guy with a fifty while looking through thermals to really see some awesome stuff. And yes those bullets carry alot of energy. Its like a 12g slug hitting a gallon of water.
  8. Can't wait to see the different IED models. Trash looks great. 6/yellow jugs needs more yellow jugs.
  9. 1-2 to down, depends on if they went through plate if they get back up.
  10. Getting knocked out from an explosion.

    I would really like the ringing ears and disorientation from explosions. I can't remember anyone getting knocked out from explosions. Being thrown from trucks would be neat. Rpgs usually don't have enough explosive to throw people around.
  11. Leaked PR Urban Combat Footage

    Haha that was good. Favorite part is the born to kill written on the Americans kevlar. Also that mrap driver would of just ran those things over.
  12. Animation Update - M4 mag change

    I was taught to push the mag in and then tug downward to make sure it was seated. And then bolt release. If the mag wasn't seated then you tap it. Not slam it or you'll knock rounds out of the mag
  13. AI civilians -

    It would be cool to have a few minutes in the beginning of the match of civilian cars and footmobiles fleeing
  14. M249

    Haha. Well the fabric bag comes in two sizes if I remember, 50 rounds and 100 rounds and the drum is plastic that holds 200. The nickname for the fabric bags is a "nutsack"