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  1. September 2018 Recap

    the feature in graphics tap " fully load texture " is on by default which causes me frame drops and if i tuned off it would give Honorable graphics
  2. September 2018 Recap

    need discord invite plz
  3. Alpha 10 Public Test

    no just crashs, i dont think its a memory issue as v9 never crashed even with background applications open
  4. Open test V10 feedback, bugs

    my game shuts down to desktop randomly but i couldnot make moret than half an hour straight without crashing , i have not had any issue inside the game btw yu cant place IEDs on vehicle anymore it will behave strangely ad wont move.
  5. Alpha 10 Public Test

    acrually your wrong , i am playing no less than 50 fps on epic i dont think ram is problem
  6. Alpha 10 Public Test

    can you address my problem plz , i have not seen many complaining of such issue, oh its you Odin , i am with arabic team
  7. Alpha 10 Public Test

    hi, i just want to report a very annoying bug , my game crashes to desktop after about 10 minutes of palying and some time one minute of joining a server , its unplayable for me specs: ram :8 gig cpu : 2500 i5 vid: evga gtx 1060 sc
  8. Caliming vehicles are some times stupid

    Did anyone read what i have wrote???? You could easily kick him out once you hit that F2 button...and only alt least for gun seats so he wont be going any where...alot of other situations with tachi..i was out of ammo in op first light and a tachi bear me ...two US soldiers coming in i saw them and did nothing ...and there is freakin dushuka besides me This is not tactical nor is it real
  9. Caliming vehicles are some times stupid

    Actually thats reality. ..if you gonna do reality you need not to be picky...having a gun besides you and be able to use it its just not reality and also not fun at all ...it ruins the ****in game...also they could easily make it only useable when the no member of the squad in the vehicle...the other day i was driving the logi and the SL was not speaking english fast enough he needed to spell the words so i had enough and left but i still drive the logi that he claimed and want to deliver the supplies...my teammate was anasshole and changed positions to driver and i got kicked,,,, short story your wrong buddy they cant just take it and never let it go...actually your talking like 1/10000 players of squad know how to actually operate a tachi...they just drive it to be destroyed or leave it in the middle of map...go bother some one else
  10. I hid from humvee next to a spg car i couldnot do shit because it was claimed or i needed approval of course no body listens, so atleast make the guns useable without need of approval or claiming ...thanks alot
  11. Syrian conflict(Factions,maps)

    i am syrian i strongly support that
  12. territory based game

    hi guys this is my first suggestion, the game looks awesome , but i find it really ruining the FOB thing when you have no line of action , like real world you would know a specific directions from which you wont be expecting enemies , what i suggest that each base you control has a territory once you capture the flag the base name it, that amount of ground space allocated to the base be marked for your forces and you will be able to build FOBS and fortifications in it , like COH2 territories that in my opinion wil make the game more intense and stratigic than having some one wondering in a car to build a fob behind you and each time you advance you will be worrying that some one is spawning behinf you like controlling that base made nothing than winning tickets, i mean its cool to have this type of game , it will make more firefights and defending bases more crucial and organized
  13. Few settings options

    Yes that what i have but , why did they eliminate the abillity to mode settings more , ireally could use of some moding plus when i open engine ini i find my res on 1280 x 720 ... I have a 1600 x 900 monitor how do i know if the resin game is correct ?
  14. Few settings options

    Hi , i recently bought squad , and when i want to tweak settings a bit i only get very few options not like what i read here, there is no shadow quality nor there is texture vram or quality , just shadow , foliage, effects, view distance ( low med high epic ) nothing more why is that ?