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  1. Had the pleasure to play against a hypermortarcrew on OP1stLight. They set up 2 fobs 2-300 m from the base and since the map is super small they had the range to hit everywhere. Also the supplytruck just kept running between the 2 mortarspots. It was 4 mortars non-stop pounding the other team and it was not fun. I think mortars should be removed from smaller maps like they were in PR.
  2. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    I would kick you regardless.
  3. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    The word TEAMWORK is a meme at this point to be honest.
  4. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    MP5 Still remember the muttrah matches where instead of the garbage G3 we would pick up crewman kits and cruise from house to house. Also shotguns.
  5. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    On what level am I not a teamplayer? I am usually the most talkative person on the goddamn squad radion and every single one of my buddies speak english.
  6. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Yea I'm an evil CS:GO player who dislikes TEAMWORK and coordination. Usually we join servers to we die and spam the radio so no TEAMWORK happens. No, but seriously what are you even implying with your mention of TEAMWORK. That I do not talk to squad leaders? Or what? Usually there are MAX 2-3 clans on a server with around 20 ppl, 60 are randoms doing random things. Oooooooooh gooooooooood. This is a game. All I want is to be able to play with my friends without random ppl joining into my squad and asking "Hey you guys speak english?". At the beginning my guys are polite. They tell them that next time they should check the squad that they join (Its says CLAN SQUAD HUN). After that they start shouting in hungarian, german, japanese or any non english language. After the 20th guy joins the squad that they just ask me to kick him on TS. No words. It is so that YOU don't have to join MY squad. Both of us are happy: You don't get kicked and I don't have to kick you.
  7. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    I doubt you read thru the tread.
  8. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    So 3 weeks? Maybe you could implement a "Do you really want to transer the squad leader?" button before that? Or are you guys low on research points?
  9. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    or let me lock my squads mr dev
  10. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    What am I to do than? Wait until he wipes my squad since I dared to kick him? Play hide and seek?
  11. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Just promoted a random guy to squad leader yesterday instead of kicking him from the squad. We had to teamkill him until he left the server......................
  12. Squad Free Weekend Love

    We call it rabbithunt weekend with my pals.
  13. Ping issues with .9

    I haven't seen any complaints about it on forums but with the new update ping seems to be an issue. What used to be a 40-50 ping is now 150-200. Any way to solve this? Or is it just us?
  14. Milita and Insurged don't use enough tech jeep

    I could interview one of my squadmates who did 4 supplyruns for our superfob yestarday. Took him 20 minutes.
  15. Milita and Insurged don't use enough tech jeep

    It is also incredibly boring