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  1. I haven't seen any complaints about it on forums but with the new update ping seems to be an issue. What used to be a 40-50 ping is now 150-200. Any way to solve this? Or is it just us?
  2. I could interview one of my squadmates who did 4 supplyruns for our superfob yestarday. Took him 20 minutes.
  3. It is also incredibly boring
  4. If you're gonna buy a machine for playing squad go buy intel.
  5. If it's a VAC ban that will stay forever. In that case you want to create a new steam account and buy it again.
  6. Talking to you @Friesen is like talking to a brick wall.
  7. In PR there was this thing that clans usually stacked on redfor side making blufor lose a lot so I think there will be more redfor wins IMO later. The game also sometimes introduces assymetric asset or map composition (in your case you are pointing out that you have no optics on a cqb map). Sometimes one team will get a mechanized section while the other team gets a cobra (Muttrah for example) or you just simply play insurgency. Third point is that since there are not enough assets in the game yet we can not even talk about game balance. You are playing an alpha game ATM and it is a lot of fun. For me at least.
  8. Funny thing is i have several thousands of hours played in BF:PR and I want it. Also the overwhelming majority wants it.
  9. No. Squad is about depleting the enemy's tickets before yours run out.
  10. You still miss the point of locked squads @Devastation . A group of friends don't want to play with randoms. Period. I already mentioned all the negatives on my posts before but there's not one thing that comes from randoms. Maybe an extra medkit if we are 5 but thats it. Add that most groups don't speak english inside their squads (that does not mean SLs don't speak english in SL channel) and you have an amazing squad experience for the poor SL that couldn't lock his squad.
  11. While what you say is true in most of the cases (except for more experienced squasd that get a positive KDA 95% of the time I'd say) I just find it very stupid to remove KD from the game. Every team has a ticketcounter and every kill is a ticket. I agree that instead of kills a better counter would be "tickets taken" or something. Also don't forget that if you kill an enemy that means that the enemy wanted to do something that got him close enough to you to kill him. He could be running to capp a flag, bring an AT to his squad after he refilled his ammo, shovel a fob or anything. Kills in this game count the most of the ticket damage caused in my opinion and they should be shown at the end.
  12. Why do ppl think that this game is not about kills? It is. The team that has more kills win the round I'd say 95% of the time (I might be talking ass so if you have better info than share).
  13. If you are trying to tell me Stepping Razor that a 5 man buddy team with 4 randoms will be more useful than my 5 man buddy team plus the other 4 doing other stuff than you are wrong. Heck I'd even say that a 5 man buddy team will do better with the other 4 dc-ing than the 9 man messy squad. Your WOT is really nice on paper but this is a game.
  14. Are you real? If we speak hungarian in our squad that makes us not be able to speak english? Huh... I must be using google translate a lot than to be able to respond to you I guess. -Randoms usually take kits without asking and sometimes it is really important to be able to pick up an AT from an ammocache. Got wiped at least once because of this. -Randoms like to teamkill ppl when they are kicked from the squad EVEN after I apologize, tell them what to do, ask them not to spawn, etc. -Randoms take up spwanpoints from your rally BEFORE you can kick them
  15. Care to explain? Have you read my little story? How does that stop randoms from joining my 6-man-hungarian squad? They harm me rahter than help. They teamkill me when I kick them, they take rally spawns away, they make me communicate in one extra channel on top of officer chat, teamspeak and my girlfriend yelling at me for playing that stupid game again.