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  1. Tutorial: Generating your own minimap for Squad

    Just tried this tutorial. Followed the steps twice now and it didnt work. What i ended up with was a bunch of small pieces of my map for each grid, i.e 0,0 - 0,1 - 0,2 etc. Any idea what im doing wrong or is the "Generate Minimap" function currently broken? Edit: Solved it thanks to EliteLurker - from what I found that worked for me and another was setting title count to 1, and Tilte Res 4096, after it has map the min-map you my need to manual find it and select it as the min map texture - is hsould be in the same foldr as the map, you my want to FISRT delete any garbge that it has generated and place in the map folder

    Sorry you got that experience. Currently we have a total of 22 server Admins. Most of these are located within Europe though And from your profile pic i take it you are Canadian. We are sadly lacking American based admins! So if you feel you are up to the task of being a server admin and is willing to uphold our server rules feel free to contact Nordic (guy who created this thread) about it! Cheers!

    You should totally come chill with us on our discord too then https://discord.gg/XUcxaKP

    Yay! This will be fun!
  5. Backer Tag Redeem!

  6. Community content WIP thread!

    So I am working on a 4km map in the eastern european theater. I've managed to import the heightmap with textures! Now i just need to learn how to get the same result but with the textures i want... FML.
  7. Community content WIP thread!

    Yeah, this is what i've done. But still cant find em once i launch Squad SDK or just straight up UE4
  8. Community content WIP thread!

    Quick question! How do i go about to import them? Cause my dumbass is so far unsuccesful in doing it
  9. Giving ammo to Team mates

    This would be very nice indeed.
  10. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    Overall looks pretty neat! But I am slightly worried about the Equipment/Supplies window. But you guys so far seems to know what ya doing so hopefully it will be a a great feature and not overcomplicated or require extreme micromanagement.
  11. No audio when using steam link

    Hi! I also have a Steam link and had this exact problem. I solved it by going into the windows volume control that shows the audio settings on each program running. Unmute or turn up the Steam clients sound level and that should solve it. Atleast it did for me.
  12. Potential bug/glitch logar dawn

    Yes, they called it Static Randomizer and was first mentioned in the November 2015 Monthly update. Static RandomizerWe have also introduced a new system for randomizing buildings and other static meshes when starting a new map, greatly increasing round variety and encouraging players to adapt to the always changing tactical situation. One round it could be an open alley, the next it could be a blocked off section of wall. In the future we want to continue to add to this system and include modules like doors, windows and other elements to make the player constantly aware of their surroundings. source ; http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=62
  13. Potential bug/glitch logar dawn

    Its most likely a bug from their "RNG" system that is suppose to make small changes on the maps upon load. i.e on one game an alleway can be open to pass through and on another one that same alleway might be closed off with a wall forcing you to try something else. Whole point of it is to make small minor changes to reduce the time it takes for a map to become dull or boring etc.
  14. US Faction OP

    When im US SL i prefer to use my M9 pistol in CQB over the ACOG since i find the ACOG atrocious for upclose fighting unless im hipfiring. However. The biggest drawback for the US with the M4 is that it is absolute utter shit in full auto compared to the AK74M and AK74. Which imo evens it out alot. Also, if your getting pinned down by enemy marksman. Deploy smoke, close the gap and whack him.
  15. Music? What type, and bands you like?

    Rival Sons Red Hot Chili Peppers Black Pistol Fire Blues Pills The Answer Macklemore Movits Maskinen Den Svenska Björnstammen Looptroop Rockers Thats about it.