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  1. Horrible Flickering/Shimmering on ALL TEXTURES

    I will make a recording tonight! Just because you can only see the flickering in movements! Is there a config-code where you can turn off sunlight reflection on textures or something like that? As i said, in shadow areas or dark maps the flickering way loss noticeable as in sunny spots. I tried to turn AA to off and playing around with super sampling, but only 2.0x give me a good result, but i loose about 40-50 FPS....i guess its the optimization of the engine right now, because my rig runs in BF1 (100-120 +) and Witcher (60+) quite good. When i put AA to OFF, the flickering is at its strongest point tho. I gain 4-5 FPS but in loose 30-40 FPS with scale x 1.5 What option in SweetFX do u guys use ?
  2. Hey guys, ive got a problem with horrible and strong flickering on my textures in the game, especially in maps with bright sunlight! In darker maps or maps without sunlight, my whole picutre looks smooth,flawless, kinda like CSGO. Maybe a little bit aliasing and flickering of textures, which is totally normal. But when the sun starts to reflect on those objects, its like all my trees and grasses starting to dance with each other. I cant even see a difference between an enemy who is moving and those flicker parties in distance - no chance to spot...feeling like a big disadvantage, especially in bright and big maps. For example Chora,Kokan or Yehorivka in the sunny version. I cant spot anything or anyone with this issue. What is more, when i stand still, its still looks awful but nothing moves - no flickering at all. When i start moving or zooming ("breathing") , the flicker party begins. I searched and tested and tweaked for more than 20 hours by now and just cant get it right...i tried EVERY possible ingame setting, i tried 90% of nvidia control panel /inspector tweaking tips, i read hundreds of threads of people who have the same problem with flickering textures in a bunch of different games. Actually, its a common problem, but i never noticed it that hard like in squad. Somehow, i feel like my graphic card cant get AA to work right in Squad....its weird. No AA ist horrible flickering, FXAA, FXAA+TXAA and SMAA too. Smaa is the best of them, but still hard to play. JUST TXAA "freezes" all my textures, so my picture is totally smooth and chill but horrible blurry tho. My nvidia AA`s didint work either. Anistropic filtering, optimization, high quality filtering,max performance mode, single display...all of that didnt solve my problem. I even tried sweetfx, but the presets looked anything but "realistic" in my opinion and it was still flickering, just in a sharper and brighter way I cant downsample/upscale my resolution that much, because otherwise i loose my stable 50-70 FPS ingame. So, higher resolution cant do it for me. All i can afford (fps-wise) is 1.25 super sampling ingame. I really dont know what is going on. I watched tons of squad videos (even tho i know they are compromised) and 95% of them had a WAY smoother, "kinda flicker/Shimmer-free" picture - even in movements and in sunny maps. I hope you guys can help me Sorry, gotta improve my english as good as my squad graphics didnt wrote that much in a long as time, hope you guys can still understand my problem. My rig: i7 4790k 4,4 ghz evga gtx 980 4gb Vram with the newest driver (tried 3 or 4 different drivers) -> runs ingame with 1394 mhz Clock and about 2000-2600 vram, under 70° C 8 GB ram DDR3 1600 mhz Seagate HDD Barracuda (games) SSD (Windows) 850 be quiet psu ( i guess?) win 10 BenQ GL 2450 - 1080P Display 60 HZ