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  1. LOW FPS

    Good morning everyone . Since the last update my fps dropped drastically to 30 or 20 when turning the character down to less than 10 is unplayable. Sorry my english use google translator My computer - Intel I3 4170 3.70 GHZ - 16 GB DDR3 Gskill - Asus B85-PRO GAMER - GTX 970 MSI 4GB Anyone having the same problem ?
  2. I think it's great. But I'm the only one who thinks they should put Flush bullets to mark enemy positions. And in the future the night maps with night vision USA. Vs Russia would be epic. Sorry for my google translate
  3. B3LIC Gameplays

    I leave a fraction of a game a few days ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZG6zRrA1Y0
  4. GTX 1050 ti Review Squad

    I with a gtx 970 msi I run epic graphics of 40 players down I think there is the problem. From 50 players up they start to lower the fps in a sting and it does not change for more that you modify the graphs in options.
  5. Fps issue

    Passing the 40 players begin the problems, could be solved over time?
  6. I wanted to know if in the future there would be conflicts in concrete. It would be great Chechnya war on a map Soviet style buildings, you could also add some conflict in Africa, it would be great to have different scenarios and factions in squad like Israel, Germany, Great Britain, France because it meets all the requirements of simple Quality graphic cooperation and realism. Different styles of play like intercepting car bombs in a certain time would be very unique, among others. Will airplanes and helicopters be added in the future? , I hope your answers and suggestions from other users. Which program are used to make the mods and edit maps. Greetings and excellent work
  7. Fps issue

    I already said in another post the problem I have with fps. Not only me but many users I realized that you get to the same point in the field of shooting works perfect more than 60 fps in epic graphics. In multiplayer happening the 20 players begins with problems drastic descents of fps passing the half hour is aggravated more and more until arriving at a totally unplayable point it is not solved nor leaving it in low maintains the same amount of fps. Another mistake that came to me yesterday while I was in the humvee my character gave a 360 degree turn back and stood looking at the seat ( google traductor )
  8. Help fps gtx 970 msi

    If that also I think an i3 is not the best to play but the theme is that in multiplayer I have to download the graphics medium or low and still no improvements
  9. Tengo un problema con los fps Que consiga Demasiado baja un Alrededor de 30 o 40 alguien le SUCEDE A Usted? En el campo de tiro lo juego en gráficos épicos con todo activado y va bastante fluido, pero en el modo multijugador camina como mierda PC SPECS: - INTEL CORE I3-4170 3.7 GHZ - MSI GTX 970 4GB - 16 GB G SKILL - WINDOWS 7
  10. Hello everyone and sorry for my English. To me in particular it does not bother me in the screen but if it could and would be original that with some key the soldier walks with the weapon pointing downwards. And not always pointing forward