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  1. MOA of weapons in game.

    I don't know about that dude, the MOA of an m4 is averaging out at 4 inches at 100m, 8 inches at 200, 12 inches at 300. These guns feel like they are m110's in disguise. I understand MOA isn't everything btw. You have to realize, to make shooting better, you need to nail as many of the factors in marksmanship as you can, and if they haven't got the MOA of rifles correct. I'm sorry and I don't mean to sound rude but you really have to screw up hard not to get that easily achievable part done right. Surely it can't be that hard to range out to 100m and make a cone of fire in a 4 inch circle.
  2. MOA of weapons in game.

    If you are calling squad a highly realistic adaptation of what it's like to shoot a firearm I'd like you to try elaborate on that idea a bit. It's a bit comic to be honest.
  3. MOA of weapons in game.

    Most of you guys clearly don't understand MOA, it's not bullet drop. And I want to see replies from developers, the m4's are not realistically using correct MOA in my opinion.
  4. MOA of weapons in game.

    Just curious, are all rifles in game laser pointers like they appear to be or is there realistic deviation, what's the MOA of the guns in game currently?
  5. Performance questions

    I'm not trying to increase performance, just curious if someone has similar spec's and can comment if they get the same. If I wanted to increase performance the cpu being upgraded to a newer generation i5 or i7 would achieve that.
  6. Performance questions

    Just curious if my system is working at its full potential. mid-end game of 46-54 fps I5 3570k @ 4.2ghz - 212 evo with aftermarket cooler master jetflo 120 fan gtx 980ti MSI GAMING 6G - core clock hits around 1380mhz 16gb corsair vengeance 1600mhz ddr3 drive the game is installed on is a WD black 500gb resolution is 1440p, all settings are set to epic besides a few things like bloom etc, no supersampling. Lowering settings doesn't seem to change fps either, even up to 1.5x super sampling the fps stays the same. also, it happens rarely but sometimes my game will completely lock up for about 3-4 seconds and my hdd spins up really loudly. Final question, what is windows audio device graph isolation? Should it be running all the time?
  7. Sight misalignment

    Usually developers are less keen on working on something if they already made changes to it already, that's my belief, wrong or right. I rather bring up the topic before changes are made to maybe influence it to a degree as to what could be offered off the bat. If there is no sight misalignment then we are still going to see this phenomenon of assault rifles far outperforming their true capabilities, there is a reason why people bring heavier and longer barrels that are cumbersome to chuck around. Know there is a reason for everything, one tool can't do all jobs like in squad. So to just give some advice on the topic to work with, the m4 in game should have an MOA of around 4 inches at 100m, sight misalignment should be added until breath is held down and over time accuracy is increased with a short but plentiful time to fire off one round with good front and rear sight alignment. Retaking another accurate shot should be spaced out. M4's should not be taking peoples heads off at 600+ meters. Result? More authentic and immersive battle performance. I should add, with some of the developers I've seen on the forums.. they are already fully aware of what I'm speaking about. So hats off.
  8. The OP stryker.

    Good to hear, very curious as to what awaits. Maybe some inspiration from warthunder ground forces?
  9. Sight misalignment

    Yeah I know things will be worked on but just because I take a look under the hood of my car that is having engine problems doesn't mean I'll have it working the way it should be. I'm just putting out some food for thought. I don't think there has been a game that has proper sight misalignment implemented and that's actually a massive deal when you think about it. The easy part is implementing how accurate the guns actually are without user error. I believe for the m4 it's around 4MOA.
  10. The OP stryker.

    Thanks for correcting the errors on the vehicle but no the penetration values are correct, and sorry... no stryker is deflecting any heat rounds unless at extreme angle or cage protection. I dare say even with the cage protection the stryker is in trouble. And yes it does matter where the round hits the vehicle, but in this game it uses some cheap HP system so area that is struck and angle does not matter, if a stryker takes a direct hit in the back of the vehicle from an rpg7 the crew and vehicle is out of the fight.
  11. Sight misalignment

    I've seen that video but what I'm talking about is sight misalignment at all times and true accuracy should only be possible in a prone position holding your breath, standing and shooting is far far far far too accurate in this game. The engagements end too quickly unless you are literally hiding behind cover the whole time. Reaching out and touching someone should be rewarding,, not expected.
  12. The OP stryker.

    You use the reason gameplay > realism, yet 4 rockets to a lightly armored vehicle is not fun nor does it make sense. If you are dumb enough to get shot by an rpg then you should suffer a consequence.
  13. The OP stryker.

    Stryker armor coming in at a whopping 14.5mm Heat coming in with a penetration level of 500mm. Stryker is hit.... hit again.... hit again..... .. hit again? ALRIGHTY THEN. PS I've just learned all lightly armored vehicles behave this way. Surely this cannot be working as intended?
  14. Sight misalignment

    I believe this is something that should be implemented, one of the hardest and biggest skills to learn is sight alignment when using firearms. Sight alignment in short is the relation between your front and rear sight. Currently in squad your sight alignment is always 100% accurate regardless of any movement "you can do 360's and have fairly if not perfect front and rear sight alignment", something that in practice is not even possible all the time as when you breath and move anything that will have an effect. Now you may be thinking this is not possible to simulate in a game but bare with me and give the idea a chance. I believe your sight alignment should be very unpredictable while moving in any direction so that it better reflects the inaccuracy of making such maneuvers. When you stand still there should still be a degree of sight misalignment as that is natural from breathing and general twitching and fatigue of your arms. In a prone position the sight misalignment should be very minimal but still present however there should be a way of reducing the sight misalignment in all the above mentioned ways from holding your breath, the longer you hold your breath the more accurate the shot, and depending on your position the accuracy should be more quickly gained. Now you may be asking why take on such a task of adding such a feature? Well let's be real, anyone who has ever fired a weapon is immediately greeted with this problem and realizes how big of a deal it is, EVERYONE. The firearms in squad are currently far overperforming in terms of accuracy and hit/miss ratio's and I believe this is one of the primary reasons for this. And before anyone get's this all mixed up, scope sway or weapon sway is not a replacement for this, they should compliment each other.
  15. I have an issue right now where only 1 of the skins is functioning correctly, the insurgent rpg shows the sand colored skin but the russian rpg's are not. Why is this happening?