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  1. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Another video just to show how difficult it is to hit targets out there. He really must be a bad shot right? Considering I can hit targets at 1000 meters offhand.... in squad that is.
  2. Ridiculous accuracy.

    I also have a 1920x1080p monitor, asus vg248qe laying around. I will check it out later today and see if it makes a big difference. Keep in mind my main monitor is a 27inch and I think the 1080p is 24inch so maybe that will make a difference. Try these settings screen sharpening = 0.50 anti-aliasing = off super sampling = 1.25x so it's actually rendering higher than 1440p though to be honest I don't notice a huge difference between off and 1.25x effects = low shadows = medium view distance = low all other options unticked. What graphics card do you have by the way? I've got a msi gaming 980 ti 6G. It's doing fine at 1440p still.
  3. Ridiculous accuracy.

    90 field of view also, I don't think you can lower it more than that anyway unless I'm mistaken. It's this monitor - https://www.scan.co.uk/products/27-asus-pg278qr-rog-swift-wqhd-165hz-g-sync-gaming-monitor-tn-2560x1440-1ms-10001-adjustable-vesa-dp
  4. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Well my reply might seem a bit off topic but the point I was trying to make is that people will miss a whole lot more often than they hit their intended target. Can you go check the two video's I made above your post? I can do this at even further ranges if required. I'd honestly feel confident to hit 3 targets in quick succession at 1500 meters offhand with the m110 and 600 meters with ironsights with the m4. I might just prove that if I have time but regardless the video's I've already made speak volumes already. Keep in mind I am not very experienced with squad anymore as I play other games in my spare time so you might as well class this as a very average aim.
  5. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Here's another video to further prove my point. And keep in mind I've only being playing this game for a couple hours in the last 6 months due to waiting for v10. I'm as rusty as rusty can be and I VERY rarely use the sniper rifle yet 1000m offhand shooting is a piece of cake.
  6. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Here's that video I was promising.
  7. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Here's a great video of the practical accuracy attainable out of an ar-15. Keep in mind this is shooting off a benchrest with a highly experienced shooter behind the gun and high visibility targets. Shooting from a benchrest is by far the most accurate way to shoot a firearm and is superior to bipods. In contrast to squad this could be done much easier and from a standing position. I will post a video shortly of me just doing that and I'm very rusty with the controls.
  8. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Your response is a perfect example why I said what I did. You unfortunately proved my point. Go ahead and take offense to that as well as I'm sure you will.
  9. Ridiculous accuracy.

    I agree with most of what you are saying however you must understand that the inaccuracy of the gun itself must be implemented to put a purpose into using more accurate firearms. For example the m110 is far superior to the m4 in terms of accuracy and knock down power yet they would perform nearly identical in game if they also used the same optics. Now I might have heard they have tried to implement correct inaccuracy of the guns in game but I can tell you immediately these guns are overperforming and I don't think it can be explained by one single mechanic. I will make a video very shortly showing what I'm talking about to everyone. Holding shift would result in sight alignment becoming much tighter but not to perfection to make a shot, with every subsequent shot needing you to hold down shift again to steady your aim. The result would be slower and and more forced precise shooting. But when I say precise I'm not saying as precise as it is right now, for that to happen you would need to be benchrest shooting and be a very accurate shot. Please try to refrain from immediately disagreeing for the sake of a dispute and try give that idea a chance to sink in as in my opinion it's very practical and would greatly improve longer range engagements.
  10. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Maybe escape from tarkov? I can't think of anything else to be honest. I say maybe because I usually use red dot sights and optics that remove a lot of the sight misalignment, hey I bet most people aren't aware you can also misalign a magnified scope.
  11. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Not true, go check the miss/hit ratio of the us army in recent conflicts. The results are staggering in terms of misses and rightly so because shooting is not easy at longer ranges.
  12. Ridiculous accuracy.

    That's recoil, It's pretty intense. Lol
  13. Ridiculous accuracy.

    I thought v10 might change the accuracy of guns but we are still cyborgs that have 100% perfect sight alignment at all times allowing us to make headshots at 500+ meters with ironsights. It's hard to even begin to explain what's wrong with the current system in game to be honest. And yeah sure you can try to use the argument of "this isn't trying to be as realistic as possible but fun". But surely it would be more fun to have small arms acting less like laser beams and more skillful to use? I mean why in the world would you need a DMR when you can stick a scope on a pistol and put a round through someones head at 300 meters every single time. Let me try to break down some things missing and in need of change in my opinion to make the gameplay better and more diverse. Focal plane - You can have just one so choose wisely, do you focus on your rear sight? Do you focus on your front sight? Do you focus on your target? Whichever one you choose the others will become blurry. What I've been thought is that you should choose the front sight as that is something you can control and you should make sure there is equal light on either side of it to ensure you have decent alignment to make an accurate shot. Sight misalignment - No one can hold a gun in perfect alignment at all times, and if they try to tell you otherwise can they show us their medals that they won in the olympics? I bet not. Holding a gun aimed at a target you tend to sway around a little and your alignment can be iffy at times with a tightness of control before a shot is made. The barrels accuracy - Completely removing user error the gun in question can only do so much. Don't quote me on this but from what I've heard an m4a1 is a 3inch MOA gun as well as an ak74n. If you want the accurate numbers go out and check it and report back. Now that accuracy is by no means bad but when you start getting out there even if you do everything perfectly and align that barrel right on your target you may miss. And let's not forget this game isn't simulating the multitude of variables a real bullet has to undergo before it reaches your target in real life. You could simulate this with even slightly less accurate groupings. Try to keep it clean and constructive with your replies.
  14. MOA of weapons in game.

    I don't know about that dude, the MOA of an m4 is averaging out at 4 inches at 100m, 8 inches at 200, 12 inches at 300. These guns feel like they are m110's in disguise. I understand MOA isn't everything btw. You have to realize, to make shooting better, you need to nail as many of the factors in marksmanship as you can, and if they haven't got the MOA of rifles correct. I'm sorry and I don't mean to sound rude but you really have to screw up hard not to get that easily achievable part done right. Surely it can't be that hard to range out to 100m and make a cone of fire in a 4 inch circle.
  15. MOA of weapons in game.

    If you are calling squad a highly realistic adaptation of what it's like to shoot a firearm I'd like you to try elaborate on that idea a bit. It's a bit comic to be honest.