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  1. Ridiculous accuracy.

    @Hvolute You're comical.
  2. Ridiculous accuracy.

    This guy must be given an award for ignorance, he even tries to ignore the winds effect on his point of impact and rubs it off as some mumbo jumbo. Let's have some fun. we need to first figure out the average size of a man in the united states. The average man in the United States is 5-foot 10-inches tal, and weighs 172 pounds. His shoulder width is 18-1/4 inches. Ok so the average shoulder width of a man is about 18 inches wide, let's say there is a combatant standing 300m away from you faced directly at you. And you are such an accurate shot you know for a fact you can put a round right into his breastplate and drop him. However you do not account for a measly 15mph crosswind and take the shot. Let's do the math so @Hvolute doesn't get confused. 18 divided by 2 = 9 So there is 9 inches on either side of the combatant. With the wind dope that wasn't accounted for you will MISS his ENTIRE BODY by 3.71 inches.
  3. Ridiculous accuracy.

    You are trying to play off what you said as a joke because you realize it's completely wrong. You said in the same sentence even on windy days there's nothing to worry about. So if it isn't a windy day then it must be somewhere between that and a hurricane as you stated. Where your mind thinks the wind is a problem god knows. I do know what I'm talking about. Who denied there can be cases where the wind is not consistent to the intended target? There can even be two crosswinds! The wind can even die down right as you take the shot causing you to adjust for something that no longer exists. Here is the data I could gather from the m855a1 with a 15mph crosswind Range Elevation Elevation Elevation Windage Windage Windage Time Energy Vel[x+y] (yd) (in) (MOA) (MIL) (in) (MOA) (MIL) (s) (ft.lbf) (ft/s) 300 -13.50 4.29 1.25 12.71 4.05 1.18 0.36 719 2151 Go ahead argue with this as well. Why the hell are you even continuing to reply with your ignorant dribble.
  4. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Well that explains a lot. You know you really shouldn't be arguing with me. I'm merely just the messenger of facts. And I assure you I do not suffer with narcissism just a slight case of asshole syndrome from time to time.
  5. Ridiculous accuracy.

    I own two rifles currently. One chambered in .223 remington and another in .22lr. Also a cool fact all firearms that shoot bullets are affected by wind. Use that information wisely.
  6. Ridiculous accuracy.

    A graph taken from a reliable website that covers almost all area's of shooting. Wind Drift (Inches) – 10mph Crosswind 100y 91m 200y 183m 300y 275m 400y 366m 500y 458m 600y 549m 700y 641m 800y 732m 900y 824m 1000y 915m .9 3.9 9.2 17.2 28.4 43.2 61.9 85.0 112.2 143.1 http://www.snipercentral.com/223-remington/ To be classified as a hurricane, a tropical cyclone must have maximum sustained winds of at least 74 mph The highest classification in the scale, Category 5, consists of storms with sustained winds exceeding 156 mph The National Weather Service defines “breezy” and “windy” differently, winds 15 to 25 mph are considered “breezy” and above 25 mph are considered “windy.” let's see how those numbers translate shall we? I took the time to translate the above data into a 25mph crosswind. Wind Drift (Inches) – 25mph Crosswind 100y 91m 200y 183m 300y 275m 400y 366m 500y 458m 600y 549m 700y 641m 800y 732m 900y 824m 1000y 915m 2.25 9.75 23 43 71 108 154.75 212.5 280.5 357.75 And he is only worried about wind when it's a hurricane so at a hurricanes lowest wind speed considered to even be a hurricane @ 300y that's 65 inches of wind drift and 28 inches @ 200m. It should also be noted the above data was used with the ammunition stated below. Most 5.56 ammunition is much lighter and would be affected even worse by the wind as the us armies standard ammunition is m855a1 @ 62 grains if I'm correct in saying that. I may be wrong but I don't believe I am. Federal Gold Medal match – 5.56x45mm NATO (.223) 77gr 2750fps
  7. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Meters, yeah. Why? Sorry I see your point. Yards would be correct.
  8. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Considering I've made it sort of a habit now of proving almost everything you say wrong I might as well put another nail in a false statement you have made just to make sure the correct information reaches people so they don't end up like you thinking you have a clue what you are talking about. This statement about wind not having an effect on your bullets point of impact sub 1000m is absurd and you should not listen to this pretender. A decent and quick way I've been thought to calculate wind dope is, one inch per 100 yards per 10 miles per hour of wind this will help considerably to duck the wind. 10 years of experience my ass. and to further prove my point that you are a complete pretender, disprove a single thing I've said with a reliable source. Go ahead. *SPOILER ALERT* He can't, but enjoy watching him try.
  9. Ridiculous accuracy.

    On the contrary actually.
  10. Ridiculous accuracy.

    What is discernible misalignment exactly? Discernible by the shooter looking through the sights? Or what actually matters, grouping of shots and placement. I'm highly skeptical if you actually know how to shoot correctly in real life at all. You don't just fix sight misalignment on the fly unless it's getting out of hand and having adverse effects on your shot placement, then there is correction needed but you cannot just keep fixing it until it's non existent. You seem to perceive sight misalignment in only two ways, absolutely none or the shooter is suffering with parkinson's disease. And again you are incorrect the iron sights in game are modeled in a 3D environment so there is actual depth between the rear and front sight that can be visually perceived. I do not see how the drawbacks of a monitor adversely affects this. Not only that you can actually perceive sight misalignment in a 2D environment as is displayed in the picture below. You are just trying to bring two pieces into their correct place. You know I'm actually not going to continue discussing this anymore, you have made far too many false statements that anyone with knowledge on the subject can immediately disprove. I hope this doesn't bring you any distress and enjoy the rest of your day dude.
  11. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Incorrect, there is usually always a certain degree of rear and front sight misalignment when in a standing or crouched position that's natural, that is an irrefutable fact. You can try refute that all day if you like OR you can try back up that claim by a reliable source. Or you could just show us your gold medals that you won at shooting contests or the Olympics that I'm sure you must possess with your perfect non correctable shooting techniques. What part of holding shift reduces sight misalignment "to simulate a concentrated accurate shot" as well as the already implemented zoom do you not understand? Do you need it translated into some other language? You do realize in some weird way we actually agree with each other. I just want the process of becoming more accurate a manual job instead of a "wait 3 seconds before your gun stops sending bullets out of the barrel at unreal angles like csgo". Who are you arguing with in relation to missing because of user error? WHO? Also again you are incorrect, you can miss a shot because of many other reasons a big one called WIND. The point you are trying to make is that if the rifle/ammo is only capable of 3MOA then you are doing something wrong if you aren't making 3 inch groups @ 100m regardless of your stance. Anyone that understands marksmanship is laughing their asses off right now. And again your ignorance is present here in regards to the solution I presented "holding shift". Why won't you just comprehend what I've said? This will all become infinitely more productive when we at least understand each other. Right guys if you can't pick up a rifle and hit man sized targets @600m regardless of stance you are doing something wrong, and if you can't pick up a DMR and hit a target @ 1200m you are doing something wrong as well. Why don't you post even a single picture with a group size you shot. show me some paper at 100m.
  12. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Incorrect, the fact I'm hitting the targets is because I'm giving correct elevation or zero correction to land hits on my intended target. It doesn't actually matter if I hit or miss what I'm shooting because of incorrect point of impact or the target moving out of the bullets path. What I am proving is that you can literally eliminate all muzzle movement by holding shift regardless of the weapon and stance, this also translates into multiplayer as it's using the exact same mechanics.
  13. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Having invisible mechanics is not a good idea, it should be visually shown what's happening otherwise the player will not know what's going on. There needs to be some slight rear and front sight misalignment to simulate natural shooter error, just a small natural amount of it. They should also remove the ability to completely steady your aim by holding shift and instead just lower the amount of sway but not to 0% like it is now, just a small reduction with the zoom already in game. Another good idea would be to add slight movement to the sight picture in a breathing motion to simulate the shooters natural breathing. Laying in prone should not eliminate all sway either, it should again just lower the sway motion. Use of bipods or if they ever had to ability to rest the rifle on sandbags or cover should significantly reduce sway to let the shooter achieve the shots I've shown in previous videos. Remember these are all subtle little things that add up together to make a more accurate depiction of small arms use.
  14. Ridiculous accuracy.

    What kinda mouse do you have? I know some mice have a hard time moving pixel by pixel. There are so many variables. Oh shit that's right. now that I think about it I want a map on the moon with zombies! Also a Donald J. Trump character model for squad leader! Oh I want one of these AAT's from star wars because why the hell not? To hell with immersion! To hell with gameplay!
  15. Ridiculous accuracy.

    That's not what I was speaking about at all. It's what you were referring to about the 600m/1500m shooting and not 300m/1000m. I never stated the video was 600m/1500m. I said I bet it would also be possible and I have at a later time proven that as you can see. You took it completely out of context. Absolutely nothing that I have said has been inaccurate and I've proven that. Also if you are not a shooter wouldn't it be better if you kept your ears open considering you lack knowledge on the subject. You know that's a good way to learn a thing or two .You shouldn't be throwing around words like "it's only 300m" because anyone who actually shoots and isn't some pretender knows how hard that is. For example even 600m offhand shooting with a scoped rifle like the m110 would be considered VERY difficult. A scope will magnify all of your movement and wobble and be a mess to deal with. I'm sorry if I come off as a bit rude I don't intend to I'm just a veteran of having to listen to ignorant peoples bullshit and I choose to ignore anyone that shows the beginning signs. I don't have the time or energy to go back and forth with people who don't want to listen, comprehend and respond properly or have a progressive conversation. PS I did actually explain what it was that you took out of context previously but it was in response to someone else "Hvolute". It's on the 2nd page.