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  1. Is OWI getting royalties from this game when it goes on sale?
  2. Fight Night McGregor Vs, Mayweather

    It will probably be 12 boring rounds of mayweather prancing around the ring racking up his score. Professional boxing sucks.
  3. Alpha 9.6 Released

    If you have a problem with CoD style gameplay, you're not gonna like rising storm 2
  4. Asset Rules

    I was playing on your server last night, it worked better than I thought. As long as the APCs communicate with the infantry squads and provide transport, I think it's a great change.
  5. FOB ammo abuse

    what server are you 'exploiting this constantly' on? I wasn't even aware this was an issue until I saw it on the forums, but I play on NA servers.
  6. As the title suggests, I think Narva is way too small. Last night I witnessed an incredibly cheesy tactic that pretty much kills the map. I was playing on US side, and at the start of the match our three strykers immediately went south on the eastern part of the map, within 30 seconds got to the russian road that exits their main, and destroyed most of the vehicles right out of the gate (but still far enough to not be spawn camping I guess.) Of course this gave our team a huge lead and the Russian could never recover from it. It's not just that either. There's not much room to maneuver and the flags are pretty much in a straight line. It's not very fun to play on. I think the map needs to be expanded a little bit.
  7. FOB ammo abuse

    I don't think it's too big of an issue. If an SL finds a spot to hide a radio 400m away from other radios, gets 2 squadmates to place it, takes the time to build an ammo crate, and then spends 45 sec undigging the radio afterwards, the amount of effort pretty much negates the couple extra HEAT rockets they get from it. I don't really care for the idea, but it's not very game breaking.
  8. Alpha 9.6 Released

    The smoke still flares and trails
  9. Rocket Artillery

  10. gonna need screenshots of this, my man
  11. Rocket Artillery

    It may as well be removed from the game then, it's useless.
  12. Rocket Artillery

    It needs something, anything to try and fix it. Right now its practically useless. Maybe elevation info, maybe a damage buff, maybe decreased spread, maybe all 3. anything!
  13. The Dedicated Airsoft Thread

    Are those real EOtech optics on those guns? Why do people wear a ton of gear (plate carriers, jackets, etc)? How do they feel the BB when it hits them? Do most people use gas or electric guns? This hobby just came to my attention, it looks pretty fun.
  14. Minor fixes to rocket techie

    Kinda lame that the devs use "one manning it" as an excuse for the pod reset, when theres absolutely zero mechanics to discourage one manning any other vehicle. Also "suppression" being the purpose of the weapon, that's a good one. Do devs play their own game?