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  1. I agree even if it's just purely cosmetic for now. the Stryker looks pretty bland
  2. Has there been a May Wrench update yet? Can't find it if there is
  3. Once vaulting mechanics are in, I don't really see what the point of a jump button would be anymore, especially if the height is decreased.
  4. Well there's documentaries focusing on the war in Afghanistan (Restrepo, Korengal.) Not exactly a movie (its a miniseries) but Generation Kill is one of the most entertaining modern war productions I've seen, and probably the most like "Squad" in that it focuses a lot on the relationships and dynamics of a Squad and Platoon. Would highly recommend.
  5. Those female GIs and black nazis
  6. why was my "lol" deleted
  7. My source was their email newsletter :^(
  8. Someone was working on a mod for it. It would probably be OP at this stage of the game, same reason we don't have 30 mm HE rounds I guess.
  9. Gameplay video and the kickstarter launches tomorrow. This is the first project I'd consider backing.
  10. I don't think Brits vs. US will be possible (except for the 4th of July special)
  11. Pretty sure they're going to redo optics eventually. US forces need acogs as the standard, and I imagine they'll give Russians something as well.
  12. NICE
  13. lol everytime the "It's not supposed to be PR!!!!" card is used its to excuse it being worse than PR.
  14. Maybe not now since there's just APCs, but once more assets are added yeah we definitely need a crewman kit. Would be a bit silly (and a headache for the team) if random members of infantry squads grabbed tanks and such. I'm interested to see how they'll be handling helos. Have they said any word on whether or not they're adding a pilot kit? Structure is fun