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  1. Remove kill count from end/score screen

    I would also rather get more stats than less stats. And yes, number of revives I'd agree would be quite great. But that doesn't mean "the more stats the better", or that some stats can't skew the gameplay for the worse instead of for the better. It is probably the case though that a lack of any other stats skews things, and focus on k/d is over the top because it's virtually all there is. But still, while we can't have stats like "spotting a target for a friendly to kill", "effective communication", "suppressing the enemy", "denying the enemy an AOA", and so many others, it'd be good imho that the ones showcased would be the ones that promote teamwork and objective play. Rather than that a dude sitting on a hill in an irrelevant area of the map, who in effect may even help the enemy because the will die from there and then respawn close to an actually relevant area. You get it? You clearly don't, as I've never got picked on. Why making assumptions just for the sake of it. Maybe I do grossly over evaluate the impact of the numbers, yes. But of course I don't think I do. Especially, indeed, when it's one of the only tangible things to check out at the end of a match. The score more people don't understand anyway, and whether the team won/lost has no sway over one's individual performance. But man, look at those killz. And this is exactly what I mean... People are stat and number-chasing by nature. Hence the number of grinding/leveling-up bullshit games out there, those numbers get people hooked on good. If you put a number on it, people will think that that's the important bit and they will chase it.
  2. Remove kill count from end/score screen

    I don't know where you took that "because" from. Those two clauses are unrelated. I don't care about kills. Full stop. I have nothing against other people knowing theirs. Full stop. Now a different thing: I don't think everyone should know everyone else's k/d, given the reasons mentioned in the op. In short, it's not because I don't care for them (though I don't), but because I strongly believe it's detrimental to gameplay without adding much if any benefit in return. Maybe (as said) for the SL it would have a benefit, but I still think paying attention during the match and knowing whether a guy was coordinating with the team, suppressing, capping the flags, communicating, etc., has more bearing over his quality as a player than having a 20/0 k/d while sitting alone in a useless corner of the map.
  3. Remove kill count from end/score screen

    I really don't see the point and I couldn't care less about mine. But fair enough if the end score would show my k/d only to me. No reason to show it to anyone else, or to show anyone else's to me.
  4. Simple as. Leave the number of deaths and the score, get rid of kills. That would stop some who are overly focused on getting kills or good k/d only to brag about it. Keeping only the number of deaths would be more an incentive to survive rather than just keep respawning to try and get more killz. It would also stop shaming the medic (as I saw just yesterday) for having a low k/d. Dude was busy the whole match getting everyone back up and gets shit at the end because of low k/d. If at all, leave the number of kills only for the whole squad -- if not only for the whole team.