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    Hiking, Racing, Cars, Shooting, Gaming, and Criminal Justice.
  1. Console Gamer Built PC To Play Squad

    Thanks a lot for the welcome guys! Yea, it is true though. I went out of my way and built a PC strictly in order to get access to squad. All the other games on PC are just a plus. Squad was the game changer. It an amazing game and the people in game are always helpful. I am defienetly interested in joining this community. I'm a DIE HARD gamer. I'm in school for Criminal Justice, so I got time to kill! Really looking forward to joining some communities guys!
  2. Console Gamer Built PC To Play Squad

    Ok I'll do the whole rundown for you guys! - Asus H170 Pro Gaming Motherboard - MSI gtx 970 - I-5 Skylake 6500 - Crucial 240gb SSD (Dedicated for my favorite games, like squad) - 1tb WD Hard Drive Thats the meat of the build I guess. It's all inside a corsair air 540 case. It's actually a really nice setup, being my first EVER venture into building a computer. Built it myself by watching people build them on YouTube hahaha. I got it all going to the new Asus VG245H gaming monitor with a nice mechanical keyboard and decent Logitech mouse. It runs everything at 60fps for 1080p. Which is all I need. But yea, all for squad.
  3. Hey guys! So I was originally a console gamer for 11 years. I never wanted to transition to PC gaming for the normal "To Expensive" reason. Until last year when I saw a video on YouTube about Squad. The game was literally everything I could want in a game: teamwork, intensity, strategy, voice communication, large maps, realistic gunfights and gameplay, etc. So I saved up and built a decent rig so I could finally enjoy a proper game like this. Now I play games from DiRT: Rally and Mirror's Edge to Squad and Insurgency. So I've only had steam for a few months now, I have about 50hrs on Squad, but I am new to the community. I usually just get on and play couple rounds and hop off. I'm looking forward to playing more often and getting to know everyone!