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  1. List of active clans and communities

    Name: Einsatzkommando AdlerTag: [EKA]Link: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/28764-eka-germany-rekrutiert/Language: GermanDescription: We focus on Teamwork, tactics and the achieving of the objectivMembers: We want to have only a small Group of Members in the size of a SquadWe also play: We play several other games
  2. yea thats true. Its much better then having almost every minute a new Rally. For me it feels like this at the moment.
  3. He also said that there will be another Rally available after 10 min without dying.
  4. Suggestion speed limit key

    I see everybody has their own idea of how it should work that's ok. And i think every solution can be a great solution if it is working the way it should work.
  5. Suggestion speed limit key

    This is exactly what I meant.
  6. Suggestion speed limit key

    I was thinking about the ability to start the engine as normal so you can drive the vehicle also at top speed immediately and then when you reached lets say for an example 20 km/h you press a key and the speed does not increase anymore then. Also if you lower the speed the speed lock will be there still but if you exit the vehicle and enter it again there will be no speed lock anymore.
  7. In my opinion the ability to set a speed limit would help to work better as infantry with vehicles. Working as a Mechanized Infantry would be much easier because the vehicle could keep its speed and stay with the infantry. Am I right with that or is that in your opinion not necessary? I think so.
  8. Weapon safety

    What do you want to say with this? That it is realistic aiming at your SL while he is talking to you? For me there need to be a function to lower the weapon to get more realism into the game.
  9. Weapon safety

    For me standing always with a raised weapon in a compound without being in a firefight or beeing alert of having contact is strange.
  10. Weapon safety

    It's more realistic if you can lower weapon for me it is a must have
  11. Weapon safety

    double click a keybutton could be the solucion like in ArmA 3
  12. Topographical maps

    Also a drawing tool for SL and CO would be good so you can coordinate your assault much better. A Compass where you see all directions would be good too like in ArmA