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  1. SL Experience Requirement

    I have never at any point in this thread expressed support for a system which requires a certain amount of experience before one is able to squad lead. I am merely taking part in a discussion regarding the problem of SLs who are unprepared to do their job.
  2. m203 sights are completely useless

    I agree that we shouldn't be able to pull some Call of Duty pistol swaps in <1 second, but currently switching between rifle and GL is like you're pulling out a new weapon, which is why I was wondering if it had something to do with a limitation of the game. All it really requires is a bit of a change in how you are holding the rifle, if you were surprised by an enemy you would very easily be able to switch back to shooting the rifle without juggling it around.
  3. m203 sights are completely useless

    On that point, are there plans in the future to make it so that switching between GL and rifle is faster, or is that some sort of engine limitation/intentional balance decision?
  4. More server options

    I'm all for giving server owners every option under the sun to mod their own servers, but I think any variation from default should make a server unlicensed. It will turn into a circus if every server is running different rules and different kits.
  5. Vehicle Warfare Map Discussion

    Ummm, why do you assume that everyone is going to be sad if they aren't in vehicles? I'm looking forward to some new maps and a new style of play, and I intend to spend as much time as possible shooting my rocket into tailpipes >_>
  6. I'd have to disagree. I think the responsibility should be on the defenders to place the radio in a place where one lone man cannot simply dig it up safely without others covering him. If you leave your FOB totally undefended so that one guy can stroll up and dig it, that is a tactical blunder on your part. Similarly, if they are able to dig it out from under your noses then you are failing to defend it or you have placed it poorly.
  7. You literally just defined "knockdown power" aka "stopping power" (COMPLETELY different from hydrostatic shock, which is COMPLETELY different from circulatory shock which is what people mean when they say "shock" in relation to injuries) and rebranded it as "rounds until incapacitation" to tell me I'm wrong. That's precisely what "knockdown power" means, your ignorance of the term is your own problem. Then you copied and pasted some stuff you found on google that has nothing to do with what I said. I do not need a primer, and you have not followed firearms since you do not even know these basic terms.
  8. SL Experience Requirement

    Fair enough, but I do not appreciate the implication that I might complain a bunch in chat about SLs orders or that I might do what I want over a simple difference of opinion and not a matter of hard fact. I do not think it was unreasonable to have assumed that a larger portion of that post was directed at me, but if I have misinterpreted you than I apologize.
  9. SL Experience Requirement

    Actually you were because that's the only situation I have brought up. Otherwise you are just making baseless assumptions about me, sweetheart.
  10. SL Experience Requirement

    In the specific situation I quoted, the game was already in progress and creating a squad would have been pointless with everyone already in squads. By not creating a new squad, I was literally being more useful. I already explained this, try to keep up.
  11. SL Experience Requirement

    Pure. Nonsense. I've said it before and I will say it again: at least 80-90% of squad leading can be learned as a member of a squad. Communicating and organizing with other squads isn't rocket science, it's just a gigantic pain in the ass to listen to. You have no control over what they do, so it's simply a matter of understanding the language they speak and hoping they all do what they are supposed to. The rest is mostly FOB placement and small unit tactics, neither of which requires you to be SL just to see with your own eyes what works and what doesn't. Most of this stuff is basic common sense unless this is your first ever video game. It's not asking much for people to have some idea what to do.
  12. SL Experience Requirement

    I know simply because I am not a fool. I do not have merely a fraction, as I can see just as much of the map as the SL can. If there is a flag that must be taken or defended, and it already has a FOB to provide reinforcements for that fight, and that FOB is located in an area where it will continue to provide reinforcements even if the objective is entirely overrun, and the SL is building a FOB that much too far away to provide those reinforcements and is much too far away to attack the next flag and is much too far away to defend the previous flag, I can say with absolute certainty that is a useless FOB and will help precisely nobody do anything.
  13. SL Experience Requirement

    And normally I would agree. In fact just today I had a match where some squaddies were totally ignoring SL orders and when one of them got an attitude and said "You're not the boss of me" I told him that the SL is in fact the boss, that's what SL means. However, they were ignoring orders that were in the best interest of the team simply because they did not like the idea of someone telling them what to do. Everything I do, I do for my team.
  14. SL Experience Requirement

    But suggesting I should be kicked for putting my team before one man's stupid strategy is a defense of that strategy, whether you choose to call it such or not. I'm not going to have someone else waste the valuable kit by listening to him. If he chose to kick me it would have been his choice and I would not have resorted to TKing or whining in chat like so many, but I will not be less useful than I can be.
  15. SL Experience Requirement

    I am not talking a difference of tactics, I am talking basic knowledge of the battlefield. And I was not running off on my own, I was supporting other squads who were actually engaging enemies in territory that mattered. I am not going to sit and watch 9 guys in the middle of nowhere build sandbags for absolutely no reason, and your steadfast defense of terrible SLs is frankly disappointing.
  16. SL Experience Requirement

    How do you know they are all noobs, though? Just the other day I was playing Al Basrah and our SL decided to build a FOB at that southern bridge that runs east/west, the very last one you come to if you leave Insurgent main and go west. It was plainly clear based on the current conditions of the round that the better choice was for us to support the defense on Courtyard as they had a FOB in a better position. I could tell the SL was very set on his plan of putting a FOB there, so I took my AT kit and started drifting toward courtyard because I could hear a humvee over there. When the SL asked why I was moving away, I told him that the fob being built was not going to have any value and that I was going to attempt to actually hold objectives and do things which will win us the match. His response was "This is the meta for this map, it has been forever, you don't know anything about how to play the map." After 5-10 more minutes of building constructions and MGs and such, he finally orders the rest of the Squad to courtyard. We push them off it, continue onward, win the round, and not a single person spawns at the FOB he built. Long story short: there are plenty of "experienced" SLs who think they know a lot more than they do. If they are a new SL and they are willing to learn, it's all gravy.
  17. SL Experience Requirement

    Some of it is just semantics, but a milsim like ARMA for instance goes to great lengths to really simulate all the tiny details like exact bullet physics, whereas Squad has massive drop on marksman rifles because it is a realistic shooter that also takes game balance into consideration. I guess you could maybe put it into the "tactical shooter" genre, but I feel like that is a label traditionally for infantry-only games. Squad is somewhat unique in this regard.
  18. 30mm AOE?

    It wouldn't be too hard to implement, would it? Since we already have bullet penetration as a mechanic it seems it would be easy to just have things like RPGs project a sort of "damage cone" through barriers, depending on the type and thickness of material. But I don't design games so I don't know.
  19. Vehicules damage system

    The other day I just barely nipped a hummer on his turret with a HAT because he was sitting behind a wall, and I was thinking that it was a bit unfair for the entire thing to be OHK'd from that, even if I do support the general idea of a OHK-capable AT weapon. By the time heavy armor gets introduced I think it will become pretty necessary to have damage areas, so that even LATs can quickly destroy or disable vehicles if they are smart and accurate, and to allow vehicle drivers to position themselves to their own best advantage.
  20. SL Experience Requirement

    I'd just like to address the "If you don't like it then YOU lead a squad" argument. It's not always that simple. Some people don't make good leaders. It's not about skill or knowledge or experience, it's just that you need certain qualities and a bit of charisma to get guys to want to follow your lead. When I am in a Squad, I try to act as an adviser to the SL. I do not backseat squadlead, I do not argue with the SL, but I try to give them tips and offer positive suggestions. I am a quieter person over comms, I do not use them for chatter or anything that isn't important information that needs to be shared over comms, and I have found that people tend to get the impression that a quiet SL is an SL who doesn't care or isn't paying attention and they feel like they aren't being led properly.
  21. How is the cheating?

    That's utter nonsense. RoK was already pretty much destroyed by cheaters BEFORE they implemented EAC, and then when they finally did the amount of cheaters plummeted and I just spent some time playing it the other week and didn't see any cheaters anymore. EAC isn't some magic shield that totally destroys cheats, part of it is being a competent programmer who doesn't create an extremely vulnerable game. Codehatch proves time and time again that they are not competent.
  22. How boost supply drivers motivation ?

    I'm always down to drive a supply truck. Of course, it's that same attitude that means I'm usually playing a role that my SL doesn't want to give up. I guess they give points now for doing runs? When I first got the game I spent a whole round doing runs and ended up with 0s across the board, but it was all worth it for the win and it was awesome just seeing the FOB getting bigger and bigger and bigger every time I came back. I'm pretty sure you could have seen that thing from low orbit.
  23. What's up with the community?

    Hey, I knew Cpl. Booboo, he was a good man. Loved his country, loved bananas.
  24. Agreed, I hope the handling and gunplay get some love. One of my biggest problems when I first started in Squad was un-learning my Insurgency habit of pressing right click and having my sights come up no matter what I was doing. I still sometimes get wrecked in CQB because I right click too quickly after sprinting and my sights don't come up, but sometimes it also leads to some funny hipfire kills.
  25. I'm a bit wary of some of the concerns I listed in the other Medical System thread. I guess I'm just not sure if slowing down the game is the end result I'm looking for, but my most played game is Insurgency so what do you expect. I just worry about rewarding defenders for the ability to die and respawn easily while the attackers are being revived by medics just to stagger around full of holes.