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  1. I have to 100% disagree that it would be less chaotic. Sure, it's a pain in the ass how many SLs out there just ragequit when the match is going poorly, but at least you still have a group of guys with useful kits who can try to stay on whatever their mission was before the SL quit. If the squad is disbanded now you have up to 8 guys with no equipment, no ability to spawn on the previous rally, and no direction at all. I cannot possibly imagine how it would be easier to create a whole new squad than to just figure out who can take up leadership within the squad, even if it's not great leadership. I think a bigger issue is how we can address the problem of SLs quitting in the middle of a match. In another game I play called Blackwake, captains of ships (basically the equivalent of SLs) have to be voted in because theres only a few ships per team. To help the process, candidates have a percentage rating next to their name. The exact system that game uses wouldn't work in Squad, but I think a similar system could be useful. SLs could earn rating at the end of a round based on their overall squad performance, but they would lose rating if they were in a squad they created and they quit the match, passed leadership, or left the squad.
  2. AAV-P7/A is it in the plans

    Doubt it. US forces in the game are Army, not Marines.
  3. Dedicated Squad Specialisations? E.g.

    Yeah, it's called SLs doing their job and telling people "Sorry we are only a 3-4 man squad" and then kicking the extras.
  4. cheaters

    Speak for yourself. Bushes and rocks don't move, and none of the uniforms in the game really blend that well with the surroundings.
  5. Oh, no I didn't mean neutral flags, I meant when the enemy takes a flag and then takes the next one in line and makes the first flag uncappable through links.
  6. Leading your own squad isn't a solution. 99 times out of 100 my problem is not the squad I am in, it's the fact that half the other squads on the team are led by complete morons. They get backcapped but keep pushing up to an uncappable flag and then sit there on their asses, and when the rest of the team chews them out they blame everyone else for "not trying hard enough" to retake/defend the previous flag. Then you have the armchair generals who want to engage in massive, sweeping flanks that take them hundreds of meters from the objective and by the time they get there the fight is already lost because their teammates were massively outnumbered. Then you have the "mortar squads" which don't limit their members and decide to have 7 guys sitting on a FOB playing with their dicks while the other 2 guys mortar their own teammates. It's not a skill issue, it's not an experience issue, the basic fundamentals of squad leading are not rocket science. These guys just don't know how to play the game.
  7. cheaters

    There are very few cheaters in this game. I wouldn't say I've encountered anyone that I would definitely judge to be cheating. Just because they are hitting you and you can't see them doesn't mean they are cheating. Sometimes trying to hide in foliage is just "hiding your head in the sand" so to speak. You are limiting your view of your surroundings and believing that those surrounding you are equally limited in their view of you, when in reality they can clearly see you, especially if they are even slightly elevated.
  8. Mortar Squads & Teamplay

    The problem is SLs not managing their mortar squads and just letting them fill up. It's really not hard to put a limit in the Squad name and just open the spawn screen every 5 minutes or so and kick the people who can't read. You're wasting manpower with a 9-man dedicated mortar squad.
  9. If there is still combat going on, be patient and wait. If it is safe, the medic should be checking their map frequently, that's how you do your job as a medic. Most of this information can be gained by just looking at the map and seeing what the medics are doing, bothering them when they are trying to fight or revive other people doesn't help. And you really aren't even talking about what I'm talking about.
  10. Change in ticket bleed system?

    I see no reason to reward people for turning an objective-based game into a deathmatch. Technically, the team who has more flags is the one on "defense." If you have less flags and you are pulling back and turtling, you are clearly not the better team.
  11. To each their own. Generally when I'm doing "triage" so to speak, anyone calling for a medic gets bumped down the list even below people who are up and just wounded. I got squad members talking in squad chat and probably other guys around relaying more important information about the battle that's still going on, not to mention just plain trying to hear the noise that any remaining enemies might be making. If you have information about those enemies, that is very relevant, but simply calling for a medic is usually just extra noise.
  12. What is the purpose?

    There's no ranks or levels or unlocks and there likely never will be. The point of the game is to play the game because it's fun?
  13. There's also a big message across your screen when you are incapacitated saying basically "Wait for a medic or choose a place to respawn." You won't see that if you are dead. Also, you almost never should be calling for a medic. Medics can see on their screen and in their map where all the incapacitated people are, chances are the medic is helping someone else or is trying to get to you but maybe can't right away. Don't call out for one unless you are sure that they haven't noticed you, you can see which way everyone is facing on the map.
  14. American - Claymores. // Suicide Trucks.

    To be fair, none of the current forces depicted in the game actually signed that treaty.
  15. Sight picture, quality of life

    Ah... I kind of thought you understood but I'll explain a bit better: I do not have a problem with the trajectory of the projectile. I am fully aware of the fact that they are not at all top-of-the-line weaponry. It's Soviet technology, the idea is to be cheap and simple and to get it into many hands. My problem is more the fact that even insurgents tend to have the optics they came with, and even if they have ironsights they have the ability to be zeroed to different ranges. Yes, I know that this is coming in the future, and now we wrap around to my original point of why we are nerfing RPGs now instead of when we get proper sights.
  16. Sight picture, quality of life

    Oh, yeah, obviously that is the entire point of taking cover. But I just think ironsight LAT was balanced well enough before, if the vehicle crew was playing smart and using a combination of cover and distance. I have no problem with having to adjust my aim in relation to a target, but it's a lot easier to learn it as "How much above the target do I need to place the crosshair?" rather than "Which tree branch or cloud do I need to use as a point of reference so my shot lands on the thing I can't see?"
  17. Sight picture, quality of life

    I dunno, I guess I have this crazy idea that it's bit harder to hit a target when the entire thing has to be covered by the base of the weapons sights. If it's an APC just sitting in the middle of a field, that's one thing. If its a smart crew only exposing what parts they have to, you have very little margin of error and you are firing at a target you can't even see once you start adjusting for range.
  18. Sight picture, quality of life

    But the guys who want to usw Strykers as MBTs and drive them straight into the objective and moan when AT blows them up? They don't have to wait for the rockets to get a big nerf, eh?
  19. Well I haven't played BF1 since it looks like steaming garbage for gameplay, but in other recent BF games you have been able to shoot down things like this. The AC130 on certain maps isn't flown by players but you can shoot it down, same for other maps which had C130 airdropped IFVs.
  20. So are the numbers posted by 40mm wrong, then? Or are we talking about the AKM now? According to him the M4 and 74 damage and falloff are essentially identical, and that would mirror my own experience.
  21. Because you are suggesting that it is an even match where the win will always go to the person who aims faster, while I was making the point that the ROF of the M4 allows an M4 user to aim slower and still win. And, you're right, there are many other factors being brought up. Like ROF, which I keep bringing up and you keep disregarding. And if someone wants to be offended, Sahara, they can speak for themselves. There is nothing wrong with being passionate about your point.
  22. Instant Kills

    As much as it may have me crucified for blasphemy, I actually think some of the more recent Battlefields got some things right in this regard. No ability to revive players who have received massive trauma like death from C4 or direct tank shell hits, etc. I think the developers have been pretty firm on their unwillingness to allow us to execute wounded enemies, but I think tweaking when players can be revived would mostly make that a non-issue.
  23. I like how that guy says "AK-style assault rifles" and then says they are all based around the 7.62, which the majority of them are not and haven't been for over 40 years. But that's why I don't ask for gun advice from an investment firm's tech support guy If you're going to make that comparison it only applies to the AKM vs. M4, but I think the majority of players in the game are running around with the AK74 and that is all that is available to RGF. And I think that is mostly what we have been focusing on here. It is my opinion that the AKM is much better balanced against the M4.
  24. Hacking prevalence

    You could do us the same courtesy?
  25. As opposed to your "U mad bro?" argument, followed by accusing me of arguing semantics after you don't understand the meaning of several terms, which is the exact time to argue semantics. It's not a "buzzword", it's a term that is used and accepted, as opposed to "rounds until incapacitation" which is a term you just made up. And I don't respond to strawman arguments, the true fallback of those with no tenable position.