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  1. So are the numbers posted by 40mm wrong, then? Or are we talking about the AKM now? According to him the M4 and 74 damage and falloff are essentially identical, and that would mirror my own experience.
  2. Because you are suggesting that it is an even match where the win will always go to the person who aims faster, while I was making the point that the ROF of the M4 allows an M4 user to aim slower and still win. And, you're right, there are many other factors being brought up. Like ROF, which I keep bringing up and you keep disregarding. And if someone wants to be offended, Sahara, they can speak for themselves. There is nothing wrong with being passionate about your point.
  3. As much as it may have me crucified for blasphemy, I actually think some of the more recent Battlefields got some things right in this regard. No ability to revive players who have received massive trauma like death from C4 or direct tank shell hits, etc. I think the developers have been pretty firm on their unwillingness to allow us to execute wounded enemies, but I think tweaking when players can be revived would mostly make that a non-issue.
  4. I like how that guy says "AK-style assault rifles" and then says they are all based around the 7.62, which the majority of them are not and haven't been for over 40 years. But that's why I don't ask for gun advice from an investment firm's tech support guy If you're going to make that comparison it only applies to the AKM vs. M4, but I think the majority of players in the game are running around with the AK74 and that is all that is available to RGF. And I think that is mostly what we have been focusing on here. It is my opinion that the AKM is much better balanced against the M4.
  5. You could do us the same courtesy?
  6. As opposed to your "U mad bro?" argument, followed by accusing me of arguing semantics after you don't understand the meaning of several terms, which is the exact time to argue semantics. It's not a "buzzword", it's a term that is used and accepted, as opposed to "rounds until incapacitation" which is a term you just made up. And I don't respond to strawman arguments, the true fallback of those with no tenable position.
  7. I have never at any point in this thread expressed support for a system which requires a certain amount of experience before one is able to squad lead. I am merely taking part in a discussion regarding the problem of SLs who are unprepared to do their job.
  8. I agree that we shouldn't be able to pull some Call of Duty pistol swaps in <1 second, but currently switching between rifle and GL is like you're pulling out a new weapon, which is why I was wondering if it had something to do with a limitation of the game. All it really requires is a bit of a change in how you are holding the rifle, if you were surprised by an enemy you would very easily be able to switch back to shooting the rifle without juggling it around.
  9. On that point, are there plans in the future to make it so that switching between GL and rifle is faster, or is that some sort of engine limitation/intentional balance decision?
  10. I'm all for giving server owners every option under the sun to mod their own servers, but I think any variation from default should make a server unlicensed. It will turn into a circus if every server is running different rules and different kits.
  11. Ummm, why do you assume that everyone is going to be sad if they aren't in vehicles? I'm looking forward to some new maps and a new style of play, and I intend to spend as much time as possible shooting my rocket into tailpipes >_>
  12. I'd have to disagree. I think the responsibility should be on the defenders to place the radio in a place where one lone man cannot simply dig it up safely without others covering him. If you leave your FOB totally undefended so that one guy can stroll up and dig it, that is a tactical blunder on your part. Similarly, if they are able to dig it out from under your noses then you are failing to defend it or you have placed it poorly.
  13. You literally just defined "knockdown power" aka "stopping power" (COMPLETELY different from hydrostatic shock, which is COMPLETELY different from circulatory shock which is what people mean when they say "shock" in relation to injuries) and rebranded it as "rounds until incapacitation" to tell me I'm wrong. That's precisely what "knockdown power" means, your ignorance of the term is your own problem. Then you copied and pasted some stuff you found on google that has nothing to do with what I said. I do not need a primer, and you have not followed firearms since you do not even know these basic terms.
  14. Fair enough, but I do not appreciate the implication that I might complain a bunch in chat about SLs orders or that I might do what I want over a simple difference of opinion and not a matter of hard fact. I do not think it was unreasonable to have assumed that a larger portion of that post was directed at me, but if I have misinterpreted you than I apologize.
  15. Actually you were because that's the only situation I have brought up. Otherwise you are just making baseless assumptions about me, sweetheart.