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  1. I give you valid tactics to defeat or counter rushes and you simply act like a child. This is why you lose. Grow up.
  2. Yeah, it's a real shame for the people with quicker reactions and better aim to win firefights. It's almost like having skill provides some sort of competitive advantage. How awful.
  3. No, teams who get captured blocked are bad. It's one squad, fight them with 2+ squads which you absolutely have in the area and push them off. Rush them also and force a stalemate. They're not doing anything you can't counter or replicate, you lose because they are a better team.
  4. Yeah it definitely seems like some people lost some rounds while on some bad teams and they are salty instead of stepping back and looking at this objectively. There is nothing that gives rushers an inherent advantage. They can get a FOB up quick? You can get one quicker. If they rush and they hold you at that first flag, you are witnessing a superior team beating an inferior team fair and square. It's that simple. What's the point of finding effective strategies if we're just going to nerf everything and turn the game into a formulaic slog from A to B to C to D?
  5. People would just find a way to abuse it and have a dozen HATs and LATs all running around. I imagine that's why you don't even get a basic rifleman kit when you leave a squad, they don't want people using it as a quick way to refill their ammo and grenades. Maybe with the new inventory system there will be ways to solve these issues.
  6. I guess I have just seen different scenarios play out. Most people I see will give up SL very quickly if someone else steps up and most will quickly quit the squad if the SL isn't talking or dropping rallies. Most of the time they'll even look for an admin to get them kicked. I just don't want to lose my kit every time some guy pusses out midround and quits without saying anything.
  7. No, it's a perfectly valid strategy that your team should be using as well. And if an enemy squad can get to one of your first flags before you do and hold it against most of your team, your failure should have consequences.
  8. Remove the bleeding due to falling

    Remove the carcinogenic qualities of OPs posts. But seriously, internal bleeding is still bleeding. And actually way the hell worse.
  9. How to change maps in Firing Range mode.

    You may also be interested in AdminAllKitsAvailable and AdminDisableVehicleClaiming which will pretty much remove all the restrictions which might prevent you from practicing with whatever you want.
  10. I have to 100% disagree that it would be less chaotic. Sure, it's a pain in the ass how many SLs out there just ragequit when the match is going poorly, but at least you still have a group of guys with useful kits who can try to stay on whatever their mission was before the SL quit. If the squad is disbanded now you have up to 8 guys with no equipment, no ability to spawn on the previous rally, and no direction at all. I cannot possibly imagine how it would be easier to create a whole new squad than to just figure out who can take up leadership within the squad, even if it's not great leadership. I think a bigger issue is how we can address the problem of SLs quitting in the middle of a match. In another game I play called Blackwake, captains of ships (basically the equivalent of SLs) have to be voted in because theres only a few ships per team. To help the process, candidates have a percentage rating next to their name. The exact system that game uses wouldn't work in Squad, but I think a similar system could be useful. SLs could earn rating at the end of a round based on their overall squad performance, but they would lose rating if they were in a squad they created and they quit the match, passed leadership, or left the squad.
  11. AAV-P7/A is it in the plans

    Doubt it. US forces in the game are Army, not Marines.
  12. Dedicated Squad Specialisations? E.g.

    Yeah, it's called SLs doing their job and telling people "Sorry we are only a 3-4 man squad" and then kicking the extras.
  13. cheaters

    Speak for yourself. Bushes and rocks don't move, and none of the uniforms in the game really blend that well with the surroundings.
  14. Oh, no I didn't mean neutral flags, I meant when the enemy takes a flag and then takes the next one in line and makes the first flag uncappable through links.
  15. Leading your own squad isn't a solution. 99 times out of 100 my problem is not the squad I am in, it's the fact that half the other squads on the team are led by complete morons. They get backcapped but keep pushing up to an uncappable flag and then sit there on their asses, and when the rest of the team chews them out they blame everyone else for "not trying hard enough" to retake/defend the previous flag. Then you have the armchair generals who want to engage in massive, sweeping flanks that take them hundreds of meters from the objective and by the time they get there the fight is already lost because their teammates were massively outnumbered. Then you have the "mortar squads" which don't limit their members and decide to have 7 guys sitting on a FOB playing with their dicks while the other 2 guys mortar their own teammates. It's not a skill issue, it's not an experience issue, the basic fundamentals of squad leading are not rocket science. These guys just don't know how to play the game.